45.45% When the Empress Counterattacks / Chapter 10: Her Past (2)

Chapter 10: Her Past (2)

I let my personal servants dress me up for I am going to see my father first before tailoring my plan.

The atmosphere in the Serenity Palace was currently very gloomy and tense as the servants noticed the restrained anger of their mistress.

And they knew the reason why.

First Rank Minister Bai was held captive and was in the jail.

They watched as Imperial Noble Consort Bai leave the Serenity Palace.

They sighed in relief because Imperial Noble Consort's aura just now was so suffocating and scary. Their master was kind to her servant, she rarely got angry. But when she is angry then you will know how a graceful and gentle woman in power must not be angered. Especially their mistress.

Remembering the spy female servant's from other concubines side's result of being caught by the mistress, who was nearly poisoned the mistress. They can't help but shiver.

I keep my pace as fast as possible, I must know what really happened to father.

The guards guarding in the Prison Hall saw a very beautiful woman in a grand white robe. They didn't hesitate to bow down and greet and opened the gate for here as they knew already know her reason for coming here.

Who would've never knew and heard of it. Everyone's mouth was basically spouting and talking about it.

"Greetings Imperial Noble Consort!"

Even if her father was locked up, they just can't be rude to her as she is a high rank consort even rivaling the Empress's influence and power in the harem. And more importantly, she is heavily favored by the Emperor as everyone knew.

I just merely nod and enter the clean yet awful place.

A clean Hall doesn't mean that it was not smelly.

I walk in a minute before seeing that figure.

There, in a more cleaner cell was a very familiar figure, my father. He is wearing a green robe that was disheveled and his hair also. He didn't have any wound but his once handsome face seemed aged by ten years. And his eyes was in so much pain that make my eyes teared up a little bit. My father's eyes and face will always be seen as bright and smiling but now, it was only emitting loneliness, anger, and betrayal.

I hurriedly walk in his direction seeing his state.


I cried out, making the lonely figure who was in dazed earlier awoke from his thoughts.

"Little Lan, why are you here?"

His soft voice always calms me down even now, it is still effective.

"Of course to see you father." I spoke in a spoiled tone, in front of father, I am still the little girl of the past.

Then his considerate words that always cares about me was heard again.

"But this is not a good place for you."

"I don't care father, as long as I can see and talk to you about what happened."

The atmosphere became somber in the instant I said this.

It was followed by a complete silence until a heartbreaking voice was heard.

"Why did he do this to me, little Lan?"


"We are brothers... we promised in the heaven that we must not harm each other."

"I trust him... but... he broke it."

It was my father's. His every words became fainter and fainter until the last sentence.

Everything's cleared to me now.

Last night father received an invitation from her sworn brother, Song Zheng into their secret place. They are the only people knows that place. And in the letter, Song Zheng stated that father should not need to bring a guard as they would bond alone. Father truly trust his brothers to his heart hence he come alone. Father arrived at the place and there.

The place is a huge cave but was made by father and Song Zheng a haven when they will met and bond. It has the basic necessities. There he saw his brother.

At first, they chat normally then played a chess. Until father noticed his brother in an anxious state, his sworn brother tried to hide it but he can perceived it, just by looking at him.

He asked him what's wrong but Song Zheng said a word that was unexpected and unrelated in the topic. My father has a hunched but his trust overruled his judgment that night.

"Sorry brother."

Until it was too late. Father didn't even realized how he lose consciousness.

Then he just woke up in the morning here in the prison cell. Hearing the accusation of the masses. He was too shocked that he was unable to move in a minute. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

And the only thought in his mind was...

'How did he do this to me?'

"Father, don't worry I... will save you and clear your name."

Father just sadly smile and said.

"Don't let your mother and brothers know about this, they will be returning tomorrow from the temple. Don't let them come here and stop them from returning within four days."

"I will father."

'Song Zheng!!! How dare you hurt my father!!!'

FairyofFrost FairyofFrost

Here is the second part of Bai Xiu Lan's past and the next chapter will be the final part of it.

So guys, don't be impatient. Our MC's journey in modern world will start soon.

Please vote and comment if you like this chapter. Hehehe!

Lovelots! - FairyofFrost

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  • naluforlife


    I really really feel like punching the face of that bastard and beat him to death. ' Sworn brother ' seriously just go to hell. That guy doesn't deserve to be the FL's father's sworn brother. By the way thanks for the update author. Can't wait to see our heroine in action 😁

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