50% When the Empress Counterattacks / Chapter 11: Her Past (3)

Chapter 11: Her Past (3)

The night descends, covering the world in a complete darkness but a beautiful silver moon hung into the sky, making the darkness lighten a little.

The moon's faint light captured an elegant and tall figure, base on the body proportion, it was a woman.

The woman was wearing a simple black robe. The upper part of the robe is rather tight, outlining the woman's beautiful curves. The skirt flows from her small waist to her creamy white feet with a black cotton shoes. Her face cannot be seen clearly as it was covered by a black semi translucent veil, only showing her pair of phoenix eyes, that emits a seductive yet cold and terrifying charm.

You will be captured by her but one cannot touch or... the result will be dire.

A dangerous beauty.

A beauty that one cannot be offend.

She gracefully jumps on tall trees from trees , like a butterfly searching for food in a hundreds of flowers.

She was heading in a certain direction that only a little of people have knowledge about.

The woman is of course Bai Xiu Lan.

After knowing all of the information from father and the investigation of my people, the only person I could think of who can help me... is 'that' person.

The person who taught me the arts of seduction. She can be considered as my master.

Actually when I was still a palace maid, I accidentally saw her in the palace's library when I was sneaking in the middle of the night to read, that I always do, my night routine.

After I enter, I saw an injured woman in white thus, the blood in her chest area is very noticeable. She was beautiful, but not that much. The one that makes her stands out in the masses is her exotic allure, her whole body is screaming of a very tempting and inviting charm that one cannot possibly to ignore. Her face was very pale, like that of a sheet of paper, due to her injury but her uniquely stunning and menacing aura, didn't diminish at all.

An aura of an expert killer.

Then a series of heavy footsteps can be heard in the silent palace, and there is also some of them who are coming in the direction of the library.

The woman, although weak managed to pull me and hide me together with her in a dark corner where possibly people can't see.

The footsteps entered the library and searched the place, I take a peek and saw a dozens of muscular soldiers.

The soldiers only search for a minute before going out.

The woman withdraw her hand covering my mouth after they left.

Everything happened too quickly that I did not recovered for some time. I was so nervous and afraid. Nervous that the soldiers will find us, and afraid if this woman will kill me.

Clearly, this woman was hired to assassinate someone of a high rank in the palace and the only person I could think of who can dispatched those dozens of soldiers is the Emperor.

I was lost in a moment until a chilling voice entered my ears.


Her voice was soft yet domineering and full of killing intent.

I don't know what's in my mind that time that I help her carry, that she herself didn't reject in my very small and shabby maid courtyard and treat her wounds.

She stayed in my courtyard for three days before she decided to leave.

Before she left, she asked me something and warn me to not tell anybody about what happened, if so my life will end, threatened her.

"Thank you for saving my life. I owe you one so please state your payment."

I was stunned by her directness and straightforwardness.

A thought run in my mind that time.

' If she was here in the palace , then she can capture the Emperor's attention and will surely be favored. She was also an expert in martial arts.'

So my answer was simple.

" Teach me martial arts and how to lure a man!"

She was surprised first then a hint of understanding flashed in her eyes, her sexy red lips curved into a devilishly bewitching smile.


Hence, every night after that incident, she will come into my courtyard and she will secretly bring me somewhere in a secluded place and teach me a lot of techniques in both arts. She also requesting a payment so I gave her my savings in the last five years.

In our interactions, I gained knowledge about a lot of things about the different people living in an underground city. She also introduced herself as a part of that underground and secret city.

She is called 'Bloody Rose' in the pugilistic world. She got quite of fame there. She is one of the top killer there.

After two hours or so, travelling through the trees. I arrived in a small silk and jewelry shop. It was located in a more secluded place than other shop so it didn't gain any attention. Only a single lamp was placed in both side of the shop.

I entered and a simple decorations welcomed me. Inside really looked like a normal jewelry shop.

There is only a single person sitting in a chair, wearing a shopkeeper uniform.

It was a small and unassuming middle aged man with average facial features.

He just looked up to me and simply nod, that I also answered with a nod.

I walk in the direction of a familiar door, the storage room.

I entered and what came into site is a bare room with only a small huge brown door.

I opened it, and a very different place welcomed me.

A place produced with dangerous, treacherous, bloodthirstiness, killing intent, terrifying and ice cold aura.

This is...

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The Underground City.

Where proficient and professional killers reside.

FairyofFrost FairyofFrost

Oppsy! I didn't expect this our MC's past will be a little bit longer than I expected.

Next two or three chapter will be our MC's experience in the past.

I hope you will continue to read and

join Bai Xiu Lan in her story.

Please vote, comment and write a review if you like this novel.

Thank You and Lovelots! - FairyofFrost

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