59.09% When the Empress Counterattacks / Chapter 13: Her Past (5)

Chapter 13: Her Past (5)


'How did it end up like this?!'


Memories with my father flashed into my mind.

The way he coax me when I'm in my tantrums.

His doting expression when he look at me.

His gentle smile.

His hug full of security.

His bright smiling face.

My father... Was gone.

He was gone just like that.

I can't see his laughter again.

And I let it happen. It was my fault for being weak and slow.

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"Father, you--- you said that you won't leave me right? Right father?"

"Father, you're not dead right?"

The people present look at this scene with complicated expressions.

The always noble looking and calm Imperial Noble Consort is now crying endlessly, anguish and pure heartache can be perceived in those pair of beautiful and captivating eyes. Aura overflowing with a mournful and air of misery.

Then they look at the person she held in her embrace. The bloodied figure was a man without head but she was hugging it tightly like it was the most important thing in her life. She didn't mind the blood gushing from the figure's neck, staining her snow white robe and her stunning yet pale face, creating a unique taste of beauty. If you look closely you can see a head within her embrace, covered carefully by her wide sleeves.

Not far away from her was another five human bodies covered by an all black outfits. But what shocked them was that, all of them was a already... dead. With a hole in their left chest.

They continue to observe but was startled when one of them shouted.

" Greeting Your Majesty!"

Without a thought they also kneeled and greet with practiced moves.

"Greetings Your Majesty!"

A Man in his thirties then appeared in the not so huge prison cell. He is wearing a golden robe embroidered with ferocious black dragons with a thick golden belt hugging his powerful waist.

His looks can be considered as above average, but what can make him different from others was his authority filled and majestic majestic aura. His eyes like those of swords, so sharp and body tingling. His every steps seems like a mountain suffocating the people around.

But Imperial Noble Consort Bai was still crying with no reaction about the arrival of the most powerful and respected person, the Emperor himself.

I was just planning everything last night with Rose. Our plan wall be executed at the day of the judgement, tomorrow. But all things was completely useless now.

The very person I want to save...died. Because of my miscalculation. The enemy didn't plan to take the case at the court, but rather to kill directly.

I really underestimated the enemy this time. I was too careless.

'Song Zheng! Very good!!!'

Then a realization hit me.

Father was even betrayed by his sworn brother.

A figure of an elegant young master surfaced in my mind. A person I also trust the most, Song Zedong!

I grew up together with him. We we're like a true siblings. He secretly helps me when I have a problem. I secretly discussed with him about my decisions. I even tell him about my relationship with the underground City. He knows that I'm connected with the city but that was all he knew. He didn't know where power I belonged to but this small knowledge of him about it was also an advantage in their moves and schemes. And a disadvantage of mine. He was an ambitious youngster together with his ambitious and fox like father, there is a huge possibility that he was cohorts with his father. Realizing this, pictures of my interactions with him appeared.

'Why did I not realize this sooner?!!'

There are couple of signs that tells me his insincerity and that maliciousness.

I thought I am already clever enough.

I thought I was grown up already.

'Still, I was just a fool.'

I was so foolish.

A person's ambitious and greed for power can really changed a person completely.

The once innocent and protective child in my mind, turned into a cruel man. I didn't even realize his changed... Until now.

"Protect your mother, little Lan."

My father's last words before dying rang in my mind like thunder.

'Yes! My mother and my brothers are in danger now!'

The puzzle in my mind was solved now. After thinking about everything and patching the incidents.

They killed my father early because they already know my relation with the underground City thus, they can somehow predicted how my planned was, involving my connections.

'Song Zedong! You really hid your fangs really well!!'

'Just you wait!!!'

FairyofFrost FairyofFrost

Really sorry for not updating for a week.

But here it is! The second to the last chapter about Bai Xiu Lan's past.

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    ungrateful bastards

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    Ugh I really really hate the song family how can they do this!!! I really feel like strangling them with my own hands😠😠😠 I really really feel bad for FL..... By the way thanks for the update author can't wait for the next one.....

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