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Lord of the Blazing Frost

Author: Vahone

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Chapter 1: Asgard

Asgard the golden city of the gods, the true home of the Asgardian. The city stood upon the a massive floating landmass, with multiple nebula making up the cloud and sky. Massive statue of ancient Norse warrior, stand guard over the city. The giant building, shine under the star, as its scarped the boundless cloud. The golden city glitter marvelously with the star above, painting a fantasy like picture. Far beyond the city, a glowing brides of seven color, pulsing continuously. At the center of this master piece, stood a giant golden palace. The palace make up of inter locking tube, seem grand yet mysterious at the same time.

Down in the glorious street, people of all color, dressed in medieval clothes. They happily working with decoration, and flags, like they are setting up a festival. The people happily chatting with one another in these joyous atmosphere, quietly hoping, anticipating. The soldier responsible for patrolling the street, walk stoically between houses. Their eyes glowing with vigilance, this was undoubtedly the busiest days of their life. Their golden armor glinting under the sun, as their sword dangling from their hips. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Inside the golden palace, guards walking about inside the hallway. The maid that was suppose to do work for their noble lords, scamper about, secretly gossiping. The guards walk pass this maid, their stoic face shown no emotion, but theirs eyes betray their thought. The nobles are also gossiping, their eyes rolled about quickly, as they discussed about politic and marriage. Everybody seem to be active today, everybody but one.

Inside the throne room, a man sit on the golden throne. His raven black hairs falls across his face, wild and untamed. His golden eyes radiated power and might, a powerful image couple with his hair. His beard was well trimmed, and pitch black like the boundless night sky. His golden armor failing to hide his muscular framed, as they bulge outward. His tan skin seem like bronze, as they exude unmeasured amount of vitality. His aquiline nose fit perfectly, as they gave him an intelligent, but savage look. His right hand was holding a golden spear, as if its was a part of his body. His left hand you can see splotches of ink, suggesting him more of a scholar. However the grove on his left palm seem to disagree with the conjecture. On his broad shoulder, two crows perched in their spot, their eyes glinted cunningly.

The man was contemplating, his hand twirl the spear in a circular motion. His concentration was disrupted however, by the screams of his wife. He slowly closed his eyes, his expression was dark and grim. The screams was getting louder and longer, making it almost unbearable to him. Finally, after a few hours, a newborn cry rang out all over the castle. The man stood up, surprising his bird companion. He dashed madly toward the sound of crying, a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.


Harold was shooken awake from the pain of his birth, it was an unbearable pain from the knowledge he received. His cry clearly reflected the pain deep inside, as it shatter the drinking glass in the midwife hand. That has clearly shaken her up a bit, but he does not care one bit. He just want this pain to go away, however it just keep on increasing.

The day that cultivator give him a choice for reincarnation was supposed to be the best day of his life. After all he was even given two wishes, TWO. However, he got a bit greedy, he has asked for a user interface, and the mixed bloodline of a Kryptonian and Asgardian. How stupid he was to think that there were no consequence. There was always consequence on this kind of thing, luckily he choose to forego the lazer beams, and all the other jazz that Superman have. Elected on only having the human body power up, to ease the pain. Luckily indeed, because he would not survive otherwise.

"Well, since I'm here already, lets check my stats."


Name: ????

Age: 1 minute 30 seconds

Race: Royal Asgardian/Kryptonian

Str: 10

Agi: 10

Dex: 10

Sta: 10

Vit: 10

Int: 15

Wil: 20


Pyromancy Levels: 1

Cryomancy Levels: 1


"HOLY SHIT, where did those skill come from?" Harold yelp out in surprise. He was utterly stunned, was that the reason why his pain increase so much. However, the surprise only last a few minute. As he was rocked to sleep, he forgot about everything and just sleep.

In his surprise state, his mother has picked him up in her arms. Thought that he was about to cry, she gently rocked him back and forth. Her gentle singing, and constant rocking seemed to have work, as the baby fall into a deep slumber. She smiled gently, it has been too long since she was able to be reunited with her child. When her oldest, got banished by her own husband, she has refused to speak with him for 800 years. Now, her wounded heart was finally started to heal again with this little one.

Out of the corner of her eyes she saw her husband standing by the door. His golden eyes glowed with excitement, as he carefully approach her. His spear floating beside him, also vibrate with excitement, happy for its master. Smiling at her husband antic, she quietly call him over. She then carefully transfer the newborn to him." Have you decide a name for him yet, my dear?" she ask gently not wanting to disturb this serene moment.

Her husband still fully focus on the boy, let out a silent chuckle."Yes, I think I'll call him Halfdan, Halfdan Odinson"

Vahone Vahone

Hey guys...

Hope you enjoy the novel.

Feed back always appreciated.

The stats of an average human is 5, in case you want to know.

See ya next time.

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  • Godslayer66


    Thanks for the chapter

  • Antalo


    also totally keeping this in the library

  • Antalo


    barely a minute old already outclasses Olympian level athletes fkin go asgard

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