55.55% Lord of the Blazing Frost / Chapter 5: And So, Its Begin...

Chapter 5: And So, Its Begin...

A little boy of four years old can be seen standing in the training area. His long black hair flow with the wind; flutter about like black smoke. His skin is deeply tan; a bronze glows glazed the surface. His eyes a bright orange; peering into the dept of the void itself. On his skin, multiple cuts criss cross the body; bringing with it a warlike savagery.

He's facing four adult male; all dressed in golden protected amour. Each warrior have a different expression on their faces; some were filled with rage; other filled with contempt. The only similarity between them is the serious gazed they gave off. Each were holding his personal weapon, eyeing up the child in front of them.

The boy in question is quite relax. His eyes gazed at his adversary before, simply move on. His breath was calm and quite; no sign of nervousness before a battle. If people do not recognized who the boy is, they would've thought that he was just taking a stroll. The only giveaway of him being a warrior are his eyes; shining brightly in an malicious orange glows; threatening to tear everything apart.

The warriors stop sizing up the little boy; their hand tighten around the blade. Moment later, they all pounce forward; with their weapons raise high. Their savage expression demonstrated the might of an Asgardian warrior; brimming with killing intent.

The boy greeted them in kind. He madly dashed forward at an unparalleled speed, kicking dust off the ground. The wind around him howled madly; pushing and tearing anything in his path. It only taken him a minute before a loud 'CRACK' rang out; pushing everything behind him backward.

The warrior have lost sight of their opponent amidst the confusion. They only have a moment to notice the boy before they got pummel into the wall. Their limp body lodged into the wall, edenting the wall with holes.

The boy in question just stood there quietly; looking about at the destruction he just have caused. A tired sighed escape from him. This was the fifth time that he had overpowered his opponent. He have to be extremely careful around people, if not he might accidentally kill them.

His hybrid genes have give him exponential power, but at the cost of harming those around him. The explosive growth of his power has given him quite the headache; the two genomes mixed too well together, forming a supergenes of sort. He shuddered from the thought of gaining power equivalent to the Odin-Force; would he then be considered mortal?

Another sighed escape from Halfdan, he had to be careful now; especially with the birth of his little sister Aldrif. As he was about to check his status, his mother carrying Aldrif, goes into the arena.

"You have gotten stronger again my son." Frigga voice resound through out the arena. Her head twisting about looking at the carnage her son has created."Much, much stronger."

"You flatter me, mother" Halfdan replied with a sweet smile. He was currently playing with Aldriff; her little hand keep curling around his finger. A sweet smile flashed across Aldrif's toothless face, making him wanting to protect her.

"Your father has summon you, dear child" Frigga, having to interrupted the moment, felt horrible."I would not want to keep him waiting."

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"Alright mother, I'll be on my way." Halfdan said sadly. he slowly curled back his finger, hoping his sister will not noticed. He turned around quickly, trying not to see her face.

As he briskly walking toward the throne room, maids and soldier bow to greet him. This was another part he still not used to yet. In this world, he was royalty; and as such, expected to act like royalty. Halfdan however, was a simple guy before reincarnation; four years was not enough time to get used to the act.

He stop in front of the golden doors; with a mighty heave, he pushed them aside.

Odin, look down at him from the throne above. His one golden eyes shine brightly; while the other hums softly with a blue hue. His gripped on Gungnir tighten ever so slightly. A deep frown set on his face.

"What do you see?" His voiced thundered outward, rocking the golden throne room. He ask his son, while carefully look at the map bellowed.

"Movement...lots of movement." Respond Halfdan. He carefully studied the moving maps laid out before him. His eyes caught on to the swirling mass of clouds on the myriads of different realms.

"What do you think those movement are, Halfdan?" Odin question his son yet again, this time a dark frown cast over his face. Rumbling of thunders could be heard; ringing out from all over Asgard.

"War..." Halfdan replied with a nervous tone. A scared glint shine on his eyes before dissipated instantly.

"And so, its begin." With a majestic boom; Odin declaration vibrated across Asgard. Turning the cogs of war.

Vahone Vahone

Hey guys...

A shorter chapters than usual, it has been a hectic week.

However, I'm finally back. Next chapter the war begin.

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  • Vahone


    It is also stated that in the comic Frigga is actually a Vanir, daughter of Freyr. That is also the reason why Loki, in the comic and movies, stated that he learn magic from her. The war of Vanir and Aesir are also represented in the Marvel universe, but with a lot of changes fact. Enchantress however, are a Aesir witch if I'm not mistaken. Correct me if I'm wrong on that last statement.

  • Vahone


    You're right in the fact that Frigga and Freya are different goddesses in Norse mythology. It is also true to the fact that Freya is a Vanir and her father is Njord. However, in Marvel loopy land, Freya and Frigga is the same person. Therefore by following the comic that Jack Kirby and Stan Lee created, and with some changes of my own, Frigga and Freya is the same person I'm afraid. This does not mean that you are wrong however, it just meant that Comic book and Norse Mythology is vastly different. An example of this would be the fact that Thor is a ginger in many historical sources, but is a blonde in the comics.

  • Vahone


    Sorry not blonde, it suppose to be oak brown in the comics. It was blonde during the 70s wonder what happen?

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