77.77% Lord of the Blazing Frost / Chapter 7: Queen of Angels

Chapter 7: Queen of Angels

Ocean of dark, ominous clouds swirls and float over Asgard; like a shadow or a curse that has been cast on the entire realm. The howling winds that accompany the storm, batter the golden walls. While the cold rain flew downward like iron arrows; like a steel spear, the water beads scraped on Halfdan's cheek.

Halfdan was standing on the balcony that look out toward his silent kingdom. At the announcement of war by his father, Asgardian pour out toward the battlefield like a flood. There enthusiasm for the war effort has dried up Asgard once cherry atmosphere; leaving a cold empty shell behind. He survey the golden city, and simply sighed; a tired and melancholic feeling washed over him.

The feeling was cold, desolate, and despairing; it clung on Halfdan's body and slowly dragged him down. However, it only lasted a moment before disappearing. Aldrif, the little bugger, has always find a way to cheer him up. This time she has decide to get his attention by cooing and making cute faces at him. To her merritts, it does work like a charm.

A slight smile hung on his face, as he look at Aldrif. Halfdan inhaled sharply before walking inside the castle. The rain was getting colder, and he does not want Aldrif to get cold. He think back to the event that was about to happen. His little sister will get kidnapped by the Queen of Angels, and stab through the heart by her. Separated from her true family.

With the War of Angels beginning, Aldrif separation from her families is drawing closer. Thinking about his new happy family, Halfdan hand slowly clenched up. Bone cracking sound can be heard from his tiny fist, demonstrating his strong feeling about the subject. Soon enough, his hand loosen up and he return to normal. In the dark corner of the hall that the shadow cast, Halfdan's eyes shine ever so dimly; a cold menacing light.

It was months upon months of the same routine; eat, sleep, train, repeat. Halfdan only source of entertainment come from Aldrif; who was growing steadily by the days. News about the warfront was regularly delivers, story of dark and grimms battle recounted through words. Everyday, people would await the news, hoping for their loved one safety. Some breathed sighed of reliefs for today, other not so lucky.

Streams of maimed warriors return from the frontline filled up the Bifrost. As more warriors come back, more supplied was sent to the frontline; a game of trades where there were no winner.

Life was grimms for the Asgardian, and it was about to turn grimmer.

It was during the early hour of the dawn, when the Queen of Angels came. She was swift with her attack, destroying the Royal Guards Battalion. The sound of fighting wake up Halfdan from his slumber. Understanding the situation, Halfdan rushed toward the place of fighting; hoping that it was not to late.

The area was quite disturbing, with torn up corpses of noble Asgardian warriors litters the ground. While the Queen stood tall in the middles of the massacre, a smile was on her face. She look around a little before noticing Halfdan; a smile spread out from her face.

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"So you're Odin's bra..." Before she even finished her question, Halfdan has already ram her through multiple wall. The pairs flew violently toward the houses down below. A mighty 'BOOM' rang out as a crater formed in the center of the golden city. The Queen stood up groggily, she did not expect Odin's son to be the first one to attack. It seem like unlike the old bastard, his son sense of honour has not yet formed.

A black blur shot forward from the broken building. It burrow through multiple building and once again rammed the unpreare Queen. The angel shot back yet again however this time more prepared than the last. The Queens legs dug two trenches on the road, as she tried to hold down the blur. Before she can even register that she has stopped the moving object, Halfdan has already kicked her away violently.

Like a hurricane, Halfdan pressed onward with the attack, not letting the Queen a moment even to breath. His flurry of attack and devastating power, leave the Queen unable to defend herself. Enraged at the thought of being beaten by a five years old, the Queen quickly flies high toward the sky. Once above the cloud, she looked down at the little boy down bellow.


Halfdan merely look at the crazed woman. He slowly bend downward, his eyes never leave his prey. As if he had finished preparing, Halfdan leapt high above the clouds before grabbing the crazed Queen. Making sure that he bound her arms, Halfdan started to dive head first with the Queen back down to the ground. The screamed of the crazed woman was shrieking, but Halfdan never let go.

Soon enough, they both land head first inside the golden palace. Dust and debris filled the area as Halfdan groggily stand up, he look around trying to find his opponent. Something sharp stabbed Halfdan through the stomach, as he screamed out in pain. A golden bladed with ragged edges has impaled through his body.

Behind him, a brown hair winged woman stood up. Her eyes dyed deep red with a berserker's rage.

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    MOOOOOOORRRRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the novel, please don't drop it.

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    Thanks for the chapter

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    Why hasn't he even trained his Cryro and pryo powers

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