88.88% Lord of the Blazing Frost / Chapter 8: Reinforcement

Chapter 8: Reinforcement

Halfdan roared loudly in pain, his hand grabbing the sword, trying to break it. The sharp edge of the blade leave multiple lacerating wounds on the inside of his palms. Enraged at the failed attempted at removing the golden blade, Halfdan started elbowing the Queen of Angels. The consecutive forces from his blows created air waves that pushed back everything around him.

One of the blow hit the old hag right in the face, stun her enough for Halfdan to get out of his predicament. Clutching his wound, Halfdan looked spitefully at the woman. Normally, a Kryptonian should do find against stabbing however, Halfdan has not fully grown so most of his power has not reached their maximum potential.

With a hefty grunt, white mist started to form around his right hand; the hand itself crystalize into a blue substance. Multiple small beams of pale blue energy condense together, forming a collective whole. The energy soon blasted out of Halfdan hand, freezing whatever he aimed at. The gaping wound in Halfdan stomach was no longer there, replacing it was a massive patch of pale blue colour.

Halfdan slowly stand up, the wound does not plagued him anymore. As he risen to his feet, he carefully observe the Queen and her golden sword. She is dangerous, anybody who was able to fight with Odin and leave to tell the tale was dangerous however, she is also full of exploitable weakness. She is currently enraged wich make her powerful, but it also make her stupid; within anger she cannot find rational and will fall for basic tactic.

Feeling his chances rising again this woman, Halfdan started to curled his fist. His keen, penetrating mind whirled to life, as multiple battle scenario played in his mind. After finishing his battle strategy and tactic, bot of his hand slowly lit up. In this battle he will have to use his trumped card against this woman, trumped card that he have secretly train up for years. Seeing that the Queen is waiting for him to make the first move, he obliged.

A massive glacier burst outward from the Hall of Valhalla, shattering the ceiling above. Anything around 5 meters radius of the area is covered in a white mist. Underneath this blanket of thick mist, streams of fire and sound of slashing can be heard. Halfdan is weaving around the Queen attack, dancing around the mad woman. Her continuous assault is sluggish and stagger about but still deadly nonetheless.

Halfdan's hands curled into fist as he punched forward, streams of fire gushing outward from his fist. Using all his limbs and joints, Halfdan continue to keep his distance and damaging the Queen. Halfdan was like a Firebender, controlling the flame like an extension of himself. However, his flame was quite weak, doing almost nothing to the Queen except annoying her.

Seeing the ineffectiveness of his firepower, Halfdan changed strategy. Switching from the more evasive firebending, he started to use the more clash heavy based Icebending. Forming gauntletts, armour, and weapons from the element. Manipulating the weapons to stab the Queen, while Halfdan used his superior strength to fight against her. This prove to be more effective as this forced the Queen back a few steps.

Combining both element seemed to be the most effective. With the rigid ice and the overpowering fire, Halfdan slowly but surely pushed her back. With torrents of ice armour punches at close distance and fire streams at far distance, the gap in their skills is slowly being closed up.

The Queen sensing that Halfdan still has not fall, roared out in anger. She hold her blade upward, and slashdown forcefully. The air hissed and wailed as her sword cleaved everything apart. Hurriedly dodged away, Halfdan avoided the fatal blow. However, the compressed air that her blade generated cut into Halfdan; shattering the full body ice armour that cover Halfdan.

A deep gashed from his shoulder to his already wounded stomach can be seen. The massive wound bleed profoundly, but Halfdan does not have enough energy left to heal it; his ice amour has cost him a lot of energy, especially the one that protect him from more damaged by the compressed air. To make matter worse the gaping hole in his stomach is once again open from all the fighting.

As he lied down on the floor, Halfdan quietly look at the place where Aldrif is currently sleeping at. With his super hearing, he can still monitor the little one. A small depressed smile crawled up on his face as he look at the place. Halfdan slowly turn his heads to look at the Queen, an unyielding gazed on his face. As he see her stagger toward him, he slowly turned the top of his head toward the Queen.

"FOR ASGARD, FOR THE GLORY OF ODIN." He bellowed furiously.

With the last bit of strength his feeble body could muster, Halfdan launched forward. His entire body shoot like a bullet, ramming into the Queen one last time.

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However, the Queen was ready for the sneak attack. She caught him with one hand and slowly raised him up. She want to see the terror in the little boy face, she want Odin to see the terror in his son last moment. She never got what she wanted, instead of fear the boy laughed loudly. Immediately followed the laughter, he spit in her face; his bloody saliva covered her face.

Enraged at his bold choice, The Queen of Angels started to slash and lacerate his battered body. However, she did not get far in that action either. A loud boom can be heard as a pillar of rainbow colour light slam down in Valhalla. Out stepped a one eye man, holding a golden spear; an eight legged horse followed after him.

"LET GO OF MY SON, YOU WHORE!!!" He roar furiously. His one good eye shine in a blue colour light, radiating an imperial might.

Vahone Vahone

Here's your chapter for today.

Next time the stat sheet will be reveal.

Sorry for the horrible fight scene, as you can tell I'm not a good writer. Worry not though as I shall improved.

As always have a good one. :)

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  • Antalo


    and thus the cliffhanger sits for a week or so hehe

  • Blue_Water


    Thanks for the chapter ! :)

  • BoyWonder369


    Your a good writer so have some confidence. Also love the story.

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