71.42% Harry Potter and the Demigods / Chapter 5: Knockturn Alley

Chapter 5: Knockturn Alley

The mother and son duo continue to navigate across the wizarding commerce area. They've found a variety of shops that sell equally diverse products. Valkorion, took his time to look around Diagon Alley; to read about its and to experience the wizarding lifestyle first hand, was an entirely different story. His tiny head keep on twirling about, trying not to miss the smallest details.

Vasenya, by this point, has focus entirely on the floating parchment infront of her. A giant, black quill was floating beside her; and as she buy different products, she slowly scratch something off of the parchment. This routine has continue on for about three hours, before dusk arrive and she decide to stop.

Looking quite satisfy at her shopping list, Vasenya slowly rolled the parchment back up. Her hand slowly touch her purse; there was still a hefty amount of Galleons inside. She started to carefully look around; multiple floating bags are dancing around her, trying to get her attention. While little Valkorion has started nod off to sleep, his little head bobbed up and down.

Vasenya move her hand through the boy dark auburn hair; that has wake him up a little. With a tiny stretch, his tired, gray eyes look at her. A tiny yawn escape from him, as he tried his best to stifle it. Vasenya has a wry smile hang on her face; through his mature and quiet demeanor, she has forget that Valkorion was only five years old. The boy is going to find all of this boring.

"Hey mum, are we done yet?" In the midst of another yawn, Valkorion ask his mother. Today has been an eventful trip, albeit a tired one. Right now, Valkorion just wanted to go home and sleep.

"One more thing dear, then we will finished with the shopping." Vasenya replied lovingly. Her eyes has never left the quiet child, as she ruffle his hair."However, we will not find the shop here in Diagon Alley. We must travel to Knockturn Alley for this final item."

"Knockturn Alley? Isn't that where people obsessed with Dark Magic goes too?" Valkorion ask his mother naively, inside he was bursting with excitement. Knockturn Alley, this was one of the places that he wanted to go to the most, he did not expected to goes there today though. It was interesting to see the dark side of the Wizarding World.

"Yes. It is a dangerous place with a lot of bad peoples, so stick close to me. Okay?" Vasenya speak to her son in a very serious tone. Normally, she would not want her baby boy twenty five feets near the place. However, since they were already here, it's better not to delay buying the necessary. Beside, she was capable enough to destroy most scums Knockturn Alley; so nothing to worry about in this trip.

"Alright." Valkorion answer his mother question with a serious tone. He knew Knockturn Alley was dangerous to children like him, so he was planning on following his mother every commands.

With an affirmative answer from her son. Vasenya took the boy hand and navigate the busy commerce streets. Soon enough, she reached Gringotts again; the bank was awfully quiet than before, well as quiet as Gringotts can get. Cutting through the center plaza, she started to head north. Soon enough what greeted her was Knockturn Alley.

True to the rumors, Knockturn Alley is not a pleasant place to look at. The sign of the area was made out of ebony wood, cold and dark. The cursive letters was originally gold, now faded and dusty. The pointing hand that were at every sign in the Wizarding World were skeletons; hollow, cold and dark just like it namesake.

The entrance to the place was a dark, twisting alleyway; burrowing through the massive houses that has blotted out the sunlight to this depressing alley. The cobble roads are not taking care off very well; with pieces jutted outward or sink bellow. The weather in London does not help with the advertisement either; the ground is filled with pothole holding dirty, murky water; while the wall is battered by the elements.

The houses and shops inside Knockturn Alley reflected the atmosphere of the place as a whole. Most of them were plastered with black paint, while some in a dark shade of gray. The blacken wall of the Alley have multiple yellow patches, all from the old newspapers that has been clipped on the wall. The building bulge outward hideously, or caved inward. They all stood leaning, like a gust of wind has blown them tumbling all over.

The business inside also amplified the infamous reputation that the place has earned. With each of the business looking more shady than the last, it is no wonder that the place has been a brewing hole for vermints. With most of them being lit up by ghostly green colour light, or cold amber glows, the business here does know how to set the moods.

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Aside from the terrible decoration of the place, the magic also made up a portion of the infamous name. Unlike the mainstream magic that has been dedicated toward Britannia, and used by the Wizarding World of Great Britain for century. Magic here come from a more diverse background; reason partially come from the British colonisation.

Most commonly seen magic here is Voodoo; with multiple dedicated shops around the area. It is not hard to figure out why multiple branch of Voodoo magic is here in Great Britain. However, they're a main staple of Knockturn Alley, bringing in the most business. There were multiple shops that sell shrunken heads, or Voodoo dolls; emphasizing the more dark practice of the magic.

There were also many large stall on the Gypsies magic; their stall were moving wagons, possibly because of their nomadic lifestyles. Their magic was more on the divination style, as the chance of a seer appear in their races is higher than any other. With tarot cards, crystal balls, and hexes and jinx, there magic undoubtedly are very powerful and potent.

There are even a Gu shop here. Gu are poisonous spirits that can be use to kill, or in black magic. The practice of rearing Gu was so bad in Southern China, it was banned century ago; with most practitioner hunted down and executed. Although the risk are high, the reward was also quite sweet; a successful Gu could sell for hundreds of Galleons, mainly because of their sure kill way.

Vahone Vahone

Hey, sorry I haven't upload in a while.

The past two weeks has been hectic, and I know I should not use it as an excuse.

However, I'm back to normal and will be uploading again.

As always leave critical comment down belows to help me improve my writing.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Comments (3)

  • WolfLord


    Can't wait to find out which God his father really is.Thanks for the chapter on a good story

  • CaCao


    Good choice to introduce GU magic ... I hope you can introduce other cultures and magic from other continents ... it was one of the many things that were missing in the world of Harry Potter!

  • Hwanje


    Shoot, bro I need moreeeeeee u got me hooked

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