85.71% Harry Potter and the Demigods / Chapter 6: Leola Arbutus

Chapter 6: Leola Arbutus

Valkorion look bewilder at the shop around him. Never has it occur to him when reading the book, that there are different part of the world with different magic. J.K.Rowling was so focus on the Magical World in Great Britain, that it's always seem like magic only existed in Britain. Of course, she did started on expanding her universe with the introduction of MACUSA. However, with the intricate history of North America and Great Britain, it's quite hard to differentiate between the two.

However, he really is here, in the Wizarding World. With its own magical culture and history, there will be different magic from different culture. Valkorion, who was fully enjoying the magical experience, was going to learn all about them.

Vasenya feel a slight resistance from her arm. She whip around quickly, trying to find the problem. Out of the corner of her eyes, she notice her son smiling goofily. His chubby cheek was flushed red with excitement, as a mischievous glint flashed from his eyes. He was looking at all the foreign magic, while a devilish grins expand across his face.

Horrified, Vasenya pull him away with great pace, hoping to conclude her business faster than before. She will not let her baby boy get corrupted by those bunch of vermins.

They continue to walk on the dark, twisting road. Many eyes from the locals were trailing them, some were trailing Vasenya herself. However, all it took to scare them away was a glare from her, albeit the magical red dagger she hold in her hand does help with quickening the process.

They continue travelling the twisted, dirty alley for a while. They've not stop until they came to the shadiest of area, the Knockturn Slums.

The Knockturn Slums is what often describe as the worst of the worst. Pureblood does not often goes through here because of the smells. While evil wizard does not come here because there were nothing that could be of use to them. It was a gathering place for useless Squibs, who has no jobs and no future prospect; who still idealistic hoping for a chance that will never come, a chance for them to be wizards or witches.

They've occupied what used to be the main plaza of Knockturn Alley; now a gathering for hobos. The massive fountain that used to spill oils, were now dried up and broken. Blithering idiots now covered the main plaza, putting their hands out for some Knuts. At last, they will get no sympathy from the wizard kind, as the civil movement for Squibs Right has not happen yet.

The duo only lingered there for a few seconds, before moving onward. They took the path on the left, heading toward the East Side of Knockturn Alley. They continue to travel for a while before stopping in front of a large structure.

It was a grand brick building; looking a lot like a hotel from the early 20s. Painted black in colour, just like everything else in Knockturn Alley. On tops of each levels of the multitiered building, a living gargoyle can be seen looking about or chatting with its neighbour. Each of the gargoyle was different however, they all adopt a mobster attitude; quite fitting with the building.

The board that's hanging outside the building was make out of magical dogwoods, making the letter run around. The gilded golden letters still shine like it was painted yesterday; showing all of its glory. It was quite hard making out the name of the place; all because of the word was bouncing around. However, the sign read Arbutus Family's Auction House.

Vasenya push the door to go inside, little Valkorion followed right behind her. They both were somewhat blinded by the light coming from the main hall. Furnished with at least eight crystals chandeliers and many candle holder, the light giving of the place was simply blinding.

The building floor was made out of marble slabs, that has been cut and brought here from god knows where. While its fluted golden French decor was all but too much for the eyes to handle. Its many colour glass windows serve no other purpose than to make the place look more grand and imposing. While red silk curtains dropped down on the ground like waterfalls.

The only interesting things were the painting from the roof. However, most of the resident of these painting has decided to roam about the auction house, leaving empty scenery behind. The interior of the building was not as grand as Gringotts, nor does the painting seem as interesting as the moving giant statues. Nevertheless, there is a certain charms in the building that Gringotts will never have. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Valkorion was soon distracted however, by a woman that was screaming at presumably her employee. She look alot like the muggle film actress, Marilyn Monroe. Her platinum blonde hair, and purple eyes give her a dignitive air that only someone of noble birth could've gotten. She was wearing a silk gown that were embedded with diamonds. Her white fox skin coats seem soft and supple as the winds blow gently over the coat.

On her dainty hand, a diamond ring sit proudly in position. After she finished at berating her employees, she noticed the mother-son pair standing by the door. With a wave of excitement cover her face, she started to strutt at high speed across the crowded hall. Her back swaying lusciously, sending men in to a frenzy.

Her eyes turned in to glimmering crescent moon as soon as she saw Vasenya. She hurled forward clumsily to hug Vasenya; of which she reciprocate in kind. She plant to kisses on both cheek of Vasenya, while she hold Vasenya hand extremely tight.

"My dear Vasenya, it has been so long. You have not even bother to respond to one of my letter, yet you dare to show up here. It doesn't matter, I welcome you with open arm anyday sister." She smile brightly, as she dangle from hugging Vasenya. As she was swinging about, she noticed little Valkorion.

"Hello, little Val. I'm your aunt Leola Arbutus, but you can call me auntie Leola." With a bright smile, she introduce herself to Valkorion.

Vahone Vahone

Whew, finally chapter finished.

I was rushing to get this out quite a bit.

Here's your chapter of the day, and as always hope you guys enjoy.

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