Chapter 1: prologue

''Where the hell am I?''

''And Who am I?''

''Yes, i kind of remember my name is Ender. Hummmm

All I know is being on my way to the kibgdom of Erelos a Live Action Role-Playing game and all of a sudden a flash and nothing.

Yes yes I remember, we were driving in the night and then in a turn a truck got in our way and hit us.''

''I wonder if Scorpio and Aerandir are all right?''

''Well, so that's what the afterlife looks like. dark and empty? Not what I expected. I hoped at least they were cute girls and boobs or maybe being invoked in another world or reincarnate.

As long as I'm here I could have at least been send to hell, it seems the sexy succubus are to die for. ''

Waiting patiently for a time that seemed to last an eternity, suddenly a presence could be felt and a voice of an old man could be heard.

(???) ''Hello young man'' said the voice

(???) ''I have the privilege of announcing to you that you have been chosen by chance from among so many others to have the chance to start a new life somewhere.''

(???) ''I want to tell you that you still have the choice, you can go into the afterlife and rest eternally or even be reincarnated in your world but with your memory erased. ''

(???) ''I offer you here three choices, first to go to the other side, second to start from scratch in your original world without memory of your current life or third to go to a world of your choice with three wishes. ''

(Ender) ''OK that's nice but who are you exactly? ''

(???)"Oh yes I forgot, I am one you can refer to as a god"

(Ender)"ok and what about the people who where with me in the car? ''

(God) ''Unfortunately you were hit hard so none of the three of you survived"

(Ender)" and do they have the same chance as me? ''

(God) '' No, I understand that you may be upset but you have to make a choice. If you choose the first option you have a good chance of seeing them and the people you have lost in the past. ''

(Ender) '' No, that's fine, I'll choose the third option. But I'll have a question about the wishes. Can i ask for everything I want without exception? ''

(God) '' Yes and no, yes you can ask what you want but there is a limitation like for example, you can not wish to get something that will make you more powerful or invincible directly when arriving in the other world. a wish to break the balance between the forces or blow everyting by setting foot in the world will just count as a lost wish.''

(God) 'Also the rules prevent me from letting you choose 100% where you will land instead I can ask you which world you choose? It can be a world of fiction as you call it where you come from though I'm going to have to roll the dice to find out where and when you will arrive in this world and in what or who.''

(Ender) '' Ok, hummmm there are too many choices I don't know what to choose.''

(God) '' you can name me 6 and I would throw a 6-sided dice to find out which one might make it easier. '

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(Ender) '' so I'm going to choose Hummmmmmmm,

1- solo leveling


3-highschools dxd

4-highschools of the dead


6-Monster Musume

(God) "and let's see, ah a 3 then it will be Highschool dxd.

Okay, I'm going to roll the dice to find out where and when you'll get into this world.

Let's see if i got 1,2 or 3 it'll be transmigration and 4, 5, 6 is reincarnation.

I got 2 then it's transmigration.

Then 1,2 or 3 in a new body similar to your old one or 4, 5, 6 in the body of someone from this world. Let's see even 4 then in a body of a selected person of this world.

Ah yes man or woman,well you will remain a man.

Then let's see if I can get all the names of the people of this world in a vase and there you go. Hummmmm rather lucky after all you got Issei hyudou.

and at what time you will you start.ah it'll be 2 weeks before the beginning of the original story. ''

(God) ''So, for the wishes, what will they be?''

(Ender) ''My first wish is for Scorpio and Aerandir , the people who were with me in the car, can appear here while also having the chance to choose among the same choices I had''

(God) '' Hummm! Ok I see.And though it may be so.On the other hand I cannot grant them any wishes unless you prefer to give them yours. ''

Before Ender appeared his two companions they were explained the same things as for Ender they were quite surprised but did not take it too badly they began to discuss together the wishes that remained to Ender and the fact that he was going in the dxd universe. after debating Ender decided to make the wishes.

(Ender) '' I want for all three of us to get the gamer abilities of Han Jihan in The Gamer.''

(Ender)''I want us to get a shop system where we can sell and buy everything that exists (skill, object, creatures, etc…) in all the universes of fiction whether it be games, book, movies, series, etc...''

(God) ''OK so now both of you want to go to the same world as Ender or another? ''

(Scorpio) '' NO dxd is not for me, I prefer a medieval world. '''

(Aerandir)" 'I also prefer to leave on my side too, but is it possible for us to contact each other? ''

(God) '' Yes as long as you are into the friends list of each other you will be able get in contact. but if your are in different worlds you can only do by written message and response time may not be immediate. I'm adding you and your friend to each other list. '' (God)'' Good Ender, now everything is settled I will send you into the universe of Highschool dxd.

Good trip and life this life fully this time ok. ''

scorpiodarksky scorpiodarksky

as for Scorpio and Aerandir i will write two other story about them.

Comments (3)

  • KittenSnips


    You gotta listen to the people author-sensei

  • KittenSnips


    I recommend keeping contact with the other 2 limited until important points on their adventures so that way you can mix it with your other stories easier. Also thanks for the chapter and can’t wait to see where it goes next update

  • Rodolfo


    Thanks for the chapter, more chapters pls!!

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