22.72% Naruto: Fanfic a clever Naruto / Chapter 5: Chapter 5 - The Uchiha incident

Chapter 5: Chapter 5 - The Uchiha incident

"Shikaku you may go" Hiruzen

"Hai, Hokage-Sama" Shikaku Nara

The 3. starts writing a letter to Fugaku Uchiha, (the Uchiha clan-head)

At the Uchiha Clan meeting

"Fugaku, we need to gain more power within Konoha, the young are getting restless" multipule of the Clan elders

"I know, but the reason i brought you here was to discuss this letter from the Hokage"

--Letter starts--

To the Uchiha Clan

We can propose an aggerment and let the clan get more power within Konoha, but for that to happen we need to know that the Uchiha Clan is innocent, and with that the Yamanaka Clan will help us look into your memories and see what happen through your memories.

I will be waiting on a reply before the months end.

The 3. Hokage

--Letter ends--

"What do you think elders?" Fugaku

"If we truly are innocent then we have no reason to refuse" Uchiha Elder 1

"But if we do that, many if not all our secret's are known to the Hokage and Yamanaka" Uchiha Elder 2

"I'll write to the Hokage that we accept on the condition that only the clan head and top elders of the Yamanaka Clan can see our memories, if the were to say anything about our secret's, we want the individuals who tells them, that they shall be banish for the leaf, Fugaku Uchiha, Clan Head" Fugaku

"Is this fine" Fugaku

"We agree on your choice Clan Head" majority of Uchiha Elders

A week later at the Uchiha Clan meeting hall

"I'm honored for your offer Hokage-Sama" Fugaku

"We're pleased as well Fugaku-Dono" Hiruzen

"We shall keep your memories sealed within our hearts, Fugaku-Dono" Inochi Yamanaka

"Well then please procced, Inochi-Dono" Fugaku

"Excuse us them" Inochi

after 30 mins

"they are all innocent Hokage-Sama" Inochi

"That great news" Hiruzen

"I have invited the council as well as all of you here today, In the Hokage tower meeting room, where we will discuss of the Uchiha future" Hiruzen

"Then we shall gladly come Hokage-Sama" Fugaku and Inochi

"Then we will see each other later this evening gentlemen" Hiruzen

At the same time at the Uzumaki Compound

Shadow Clone Jutsu


"almost there, just an hour more and I should have it down" Naruto

An hour later

A perfect clone stands tall and prideful with it's creator

"It's time for ichiraku ramen!!" Naruto and Clone

the jumped and highfived with the clone dispelling.

Before he could go he was pulled into the mindscape of the Kyuubi

"Hey kid, where did you get that fur chakra paper?" Kyuubi

"ohhh, your interested Kyuubi?" Naruto

"That chakra paper wasn't a defect one"Kyuubi

"Then what does it show us then?" Naruto

"oh, look whos interested (giggles)" Kyuubi

"Of couse i am, that isn't normal" Naruto

"your'e certainly right about that kid, the only one who has done it was my father" Kyuubi

"Your father you say" Naruto

"Then it's definitely a long time since it's seen" Naruto

"Well thank you for telling Kyuubi" Naruto

"Depending on ablities you may be lucky to get my summoning scroll" Kyuubi

"Your summoning scroll must be powerful if you need to get that fur on chakra paper" Naruto

"Of corse they are, they are my descendants so they'll naturally be strong" Kyuubi

"But Kyuubi why where there then 2 types of fur?" Naruto

"you'll see if i give you the scroll" Kyuubi

"Okay, and thanks again Kyuubi, you are pretty fun too talk to Kyuubi" Naruto

"don't ty and succercoat my kid" Kyuubi

"No need, See ya" Naruto

"till next time kid" Kyuubi

At the Hokage meeting room later that day

"I'm glad all of you could come" Hiruzen

"Just cut straight to the chase Hiruzen" Danzo

"Then i shall, please come ind Uchiha's, Shikaku and Inochi " Hiruzen

"What are you trying to do Hiruzen?" Danzo

"I'm saving Konoha from civilwar" Hiruzen

"Calm down gentlemen and women" Fugaku

"We are coming here to prove our innocence of the Kyuubi attack 4 years ago"

"I swear of my and my clans loyalty to the Leaf that we didn't find anything related of the Uchiha elders or Clan Heads involvement in his attack" Inochi Yamanaka

"We have written our demands on the paper here" Fugaku

The demands included thier old compound, and more involvement in goverment affairs

"To stop a civil war and wars with the other villages this is nothing in comparison" Woman Elder

"I certainly agree" Male Elder

"Then i believe we have an agreement" Hiruzen

"We glad that it came to this" Everybody else (- Danzo a little pissed cus he don't trust Uchiha)

Later that week the Uchiha went back to their old compound and Fugaku was praised widely in the Uchiha

LeDutchman LeDutchman

from 18/4 to 22/4 im on holidays so i probably won't write much if anything, and after that im starting with school again so probably won't get to write much, just so you guys know why there arn't coming many chapter's, in holidays and weekend's i'll try to write as much as possible but school comes first

Hope you guys like the story so far


Comments (12)

  • areyouamouse


    should kill danzo off though i hate him

  • Peace12345


    Glad there is no massacre, always liked Itachi and Shisui.



    Thanks for the chapter and keep up the great work appreciate it. 😁👍

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