41.71% Lone_Wolf / Chapter 78: Princesses

Chapter 78: Princesses

Jason waited until Maya finished her drink and looked at her.

"How is it?"

Jason asked as he looked at her finishing her drink

"Ya, it's good"

She answered as she wiped off the remaining juice on her lips with a paper towel.

"Good, now let's talk about what you have to do"

"I am all ears"

"I want you to go to the palace as a tourist and act like one, try to take pictures around the palace, see if there is something weird about the palace"

"Why do you want to investigate the Royal Palace?"

"I think it is somehow involved in the disappearance of the tourists, I will also come with you, we will investigate separately and try to find out as much as possible without being suspected, I hope you can do that much right?"

Jason asked her.

"Of course, I am great at blending in the crowd, if I was an assassin I would have been the greatest of them all"

"I believe you, you can go back now, we will meet each other tomorrow at the palace, and remember don't ask anyone about missing people"

Jason gave her one final warning.

"I got it, Mr. Jason, don't worry, from now I am not a journalist, I am just a regular tourist who is here on a vacation"

Maya said and stormed out of the room, as she did Sara walked in and looked at Jason.

"What are you planning to do?"

She asked, she has no idea what is this man is trying to do, what does he want to achieve, she knows one thing and that is this man in front of her is scary.

Jason on the other hand just wants to have fun by solving the mystery behind this supernatural phenomenon going here in this city.

Jason looked at Sara and smiled.

"You know I just want to have some fun, that's all"

Sara didn't believe him one bit, this man would kill a person without even thinking for a second, how can she trust even a word he says.

"I can feel that you doubt me, but I really don't care what others think, having fun is now my number one priority"

Jason said and looked at her lips.

"What are you waiting for? Didn't you say you will even be my personal slave, get to it"

Jason doesn't care how Sara feels, she may be useful for him in the future but now she is just a burden and he doesn't like to carry a burden, at least she can be used like this before they live the city.

Sara gritted her teeth but she has no other choice, she undressed and got on her knees to please Jason.


Inside the Royal Palace, two young women were sitting next to each other as they keep staring at the chessboard in between them.

These two women were too beautiful, if they just show their faces in public they would attract everyone's attention, it is not just their face, their whole body seems to be perfect.

They are the two princesses of the palace, both are exceptionally beautiful and not a single person can tell who is more beautiful than the other.

"Lisa, it's your turn to make a move"

The one who seems to be the older of the two talked and smiled at her younger sister.

"Sis, wait a minute I am still thinking what to do"

"Take your time, I want to see what's your next move"

The elder sister said again and looked at the side of the room.

In the dark corner of their room seems to be a chair and on that chair is a middle-aged man sitting motionless on it.

"Father, can you bring us something to drink?"

The elder sister said, the middle-aged man who seems to be lifeless suddenly stood up and walked towards them.

His face is the same one Jason saw in the coffee shop, but here he looked like a puppet, he bowed down to the two sisters and walked out of the room.

"Hehe father is so obedient"

Lisa said and giggled, she finally made a move and called a check.

"Oh you got me there but it's still not over"

The Elder sister said and covered her king with a pawn.

"I can't beat you Emily Van Shzelco"

Lisa said and pushed the chess board away.

"Haha, you always get pissed when you can't win"

Emily laughed, she had successfully protected her kind and Lisa's king became vulnerable whit out her queen, if she pulls it back, it will become an endless loop of back and forth.

Soon their father who seems to be the king came back with a tray and on that tray seems to be two glasses filled with a drink.

"Thank you father, you can go back to your place"

Emily said and took the two glasses from the tray and gave one to Lisa.

"Thank you"

Lisa said and took the glass from her sister's hand and started to drink it.

Emily also did the same when they suddenly felt something.

Their eyes widened and both of them looked down.

"Why are they becoming so restless"

Lisa asked.

Emily frowned as she emitted a weird aura which passed through the floor and entered into a very dark room.

She soon lifted her head and looked at her sister.

"A Soul-leech just died while the host seems to be still alive, the Soul-leeches we have are getting restless to take over that body" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Elimy explained to Lisa.

"Oh, how did it die?"

"I don't know, its rare for a Soul-Leech to die while its host is still alive but not impossible"

Emily answered

"Let them go they will go and find the one and take control of that body"

Lisa said and laughed sadistically.

"Hehe, my sister is just like me, always want to see others suffer"

Emily said and put on sadistic smile on her face as well.

"Hehe, of course, I am your sister"

Lisa said and got up from her chair and went and sat on Emily and they suddenly started to kiss each other very passionately.

Emily waved her hand and suddenly a door which was never before present on that floor suddenly appeared and opened, suddenly a large number of Soul like creatures rushed out of that small door and flooded the room.

While this happened Emily and Lisa kept kissing each other while fondling each other's breasts.

The Soul-leeches soon got out through the windows of the room and headed straight towards the hotel where Jason is staying.


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Comments (13)

  • Mask


    Hmm, a Yuri/Incest couple surrounding by lot of leech’s, I think already heard of this hentai!!!

  • Erik_Medina


    I want to see MC torturing the princesses real good! 😈😈😈

  • DragonBoyEx


    Really?? That kind of mix and coinidence is actually a thing??😵😵

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