84.07% Lone_Wolf / Chapter 132: Back To The Police Station.

Chapter 132: Back To The Police Station.

The meeting has come to an end and soon the four representatives go back the way they came, now only Charles and Anuka are left in the room.

"My Lady, should I look into this Lone Wolf?"

"Yes, look into it, no matter what happens, find out who this is and what he wants, if he is some useless greedy man just kill him and bring the Blue Silvers back to me"

"Yes, my lady"

Charles bowed at her and walked towards the door.

"Charles, wait, don't kill this man even if he is greedy, he has stayed anonymous for so long and no one has found who this person really is, he might be more capable than we think, bring this man to me"

"Yes, my lady"

Charles said, bowed once again and left.

"Lone Wolf, are you just some man who got lucky or are you up to something that no one is expecting, only time will tell, may our paths intertwine and we meet as friends and not enemies"

Anuka said.

She is not a person who will look down on someone who is weaker than her, she doesn't even look down on an average human as she knows there might be something that only that person is capable of doing.

Seeing that this man named Lone Wolf has already caught the attention of beings that are only below the Vampire Emperor and the Beast Emperor, the two strongest beings in this world, this has proven his worth to her.

She is weaker than the two emperors but her words hold even more power than theirs.

Now she has to wait and watch as to how things unfold and if the Demons really do appear this Lone Wolf might be her next Arther.


While this all is happening, Jason is busy doing things that don't matter much, like having sex with Vanessa on his bed.

Vanessa has become addicted to sex with him, she goes to her work and comes back straight to Jason's house just to sleep with him, but when he doesn't want to he sends her off, Jason realized that even if these women are crazy over him they don't seem like mindless fools, they are still capable of thinking, its just that they are addicted to sex with him.

It's not only Vanessa but few chicks Jason slept with in the past few days, since he has nothing to do right now he just enjoying his life and sleeping around with women, as that what he usually does in his free time.

Suddenly his phone rings and he makes Vanessa finish and give her a full load in her mouth, he then looks at his phone, its from one of his minions.

[Boss, something bad has happened, few of our men got into a brawl with a new gang which seems to have taken over one of our old territories, the police came in and arrested all of them]

Reading this message Jason sighed, he has to these work on his own as he cannot let others find out about his relationship with other people around the city, he already has enough gangs who eye for his territory, he really doesn't care about them but he would never let anything bad happen to the men who work for him unless it is out of his control.

That is why his minions respect him and will follow him to the deathbed if they had to.

[Ok I will be there in half an hour]

Jason texted him back, he looked at Vanessa who has finished cleaning up his dick.

"I will be going you should go to your home, or you can stay here its already night"

He said

"I will stay"

Vanessa said and licked her lips.

Jason nodded and put on his dress and walked away, as he got out he looked at the red car parked in front of him (It looks like a Ferrari SF90 STRADALE), it's one of Derry's car, it looks sporty but Jason doesn't like too much of a sporty look, he likes things that are like him, things that are good but doesn't stand out too much, like his old destroyed car.

"I think I have to buy one, I am not short in the money"

Jason sighs and gets into the car and drives off towards the police station, Jason had to admit that this car is way faster than his older one and more comfortable as well, he arrived at the station before his estimated time.

He got out of the car and looked around, the same old usual police station with the same old police officers.

When some of them saw Jason walked into the station they started to sweat, they know how scary this man is and even their chief is scared of him.

Jason soon walks into the main office and sees few policemen doing their work, he sees one of his minions talking and laughing outside the cell while his other minions are inside laughing as well.

Seeing Jason they all wave at him.

"Boss over here"

Jason nods at them, then looks at the cell next to it, it also holds many people all bruised up and beaten, seeing this he could tell that his minions must have won the brawl and he nodded in satisfaction.

Suddenly a fat man in a police uniform walked in. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Ah, brother Clark how are you, I hope you are treating your wife all right"

Jason laughed and approached Officer Clark, seeing Jason Officer Clark almost had a heart attack but he calm down.

"Oh, brother Jason welcome, how are you doing these days, I hope you are doing fine"

He put on the fakest realistic smile he could put on his face and welcomed Jason.

"I am doing fine, courtesy of your great skills our neighborhood is peaceful"

Jason said.

"That's good to here, hahahaha"

"Hahahaha, by the way, can you let go of my boys, their mothers must be really worried about them"

Jason said and pointed at his minions, his minions smiled and waved at Clark.

Clark just swallowed his anger and put on a smile.

"Sure, anything for your brother Jason, you just ask and I will do it for you. Hey let them go"

Clark ordered one of his men to open the door of the cell, Jason's minions came out laughing and walked out of the station after saying their byes to Jason.

Jason smiled and looked at Clark.

"Brother Clark, you are the best brother ever".


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Comments (8)

  • CapGrizzlyBear1203


    When you continue to blackmail someone with a video that doesn't exist + a **** ton of badassery + supernatural = Jason Born (No, not that Jason Bourne)

  • zains1234


    No, he was blackmailed with video

  • Tesseis


    Clark foi chantageado no capítulo 03

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