72.97% Taming The Las Vegas Playboy (18+) / Chapter 54: Don't Judge A Book By Its cover (2)

Chapter 54: Don't Judge A Book By Its cover (2)

Wirata put the plate of aromatic Jasmine rice with the omelet on top in front of the boss. She poured orange juice in a glass and put it next to the plate. Stefan started to eat with no more talking.

"So, hm, about my stepfather's debt. As you know he has also owed Bernardo. When you say you are going to zero it. Does it mean you will include Bernardo's?"

Wirata took the opportunity to ask him to make it clear so that she could plan the next step.

Stefan stopped eating and glanced up.

"Why? If I don't include, what will you do?" He wanted to know what she had planned in her head. He wouldn't let her know that he had already talked to the bastard Bernardo about it.

"Well, if you don't. I will ask for my twelve months salary in advance to pay him off. Because John only has less than a month to find the money. You said you would give me 5 times more, so I've calculated already and it will be enough to pay Bernardo off."

Wirata said with a smooth tone. Adult to adult talk.

Stefan listened. She was very quick at calculating the benefit she would get and gaining. Stefan had never failed to detect this tendency in any woman. She wasn't different than the others. Money always had the power to change people's attitude and could buy people's pride if the price was right.

Feeling edgy and disappointed to know that she's not different than the rest, Stefan put the spoon down and drank the juice. The tall figure stood up.

"I don't want to talk about money anymore. Let's go, Summer. "

The dark voice said to Wirata and called Summer. The puppy looked at him and then turned to look at Wirata. He walked to her and licked her calf. Wirata picked him up and put him on her shoulder. The boss looked at them and turned his back, stormed out of the kitchen.

Wirata sighed. Well, it's only the first day. There were 364 days to go yet so she wouldn't let herself to feel down too much with his swinging mood.

"He's crazy. Sometimes he behaves like a baby, just like you, little guy."

She murmured to the puppy.

"Arf!" Summer made a noise and put his nose to her neck. This behavior reminded Wirata of the person who just stormed out of the kitchen. He liked to do this as well. Obviously, he must copy her Summer!

Wirata looked at the time. It was 4.20 p.m. Since she was in the kitchen, she might as well cook something for dinner. She didn't know what Ben and James wanted to have. There was still a lot of stuff she bought which needed to be cooked.

"Do you need help, Miss?" Ben's voice came and the tall good-looking bodyguard walked in, James followed. Wirata smiled at them.

"You must have read my mind. I was thinking about what you two want to have for dinner tonight."

Wirata put Summer down and the puppy didn't hesitate to run out of the room. Wirata guessed he was running to his crazy daddy!

"He's in the fitness room, Er, Summer, do you know where it is? " James shouted behind the puppy who disappeared from the door. That made Wirata blink and turn her eyes to look at him. James smiled politely. Wirata then thought James must think Summer could understand him, just like his boss!

When she turned to the fridge, Ben and James looked at each other and made a silent laugh. They thought Miss pretty Wirata didn't realize that her gaze was following the puppy and stared unblinkingly. It was like she's trying to see beyond the wall, wanted to know the other person's whereabouts.

"He's in the fitness room, Miss. The boss usually spends an hour in there when he is home. Before dinner." Ben explained. Wirata then nodded. She recalled that she had to ask them about the boss's daily routines.

"Could you please write down his routine 24/7 for me?" She asked Ben.

"I will. It isn't quite a steady and stable schedule though, he's very flexible."

Ben put it that way rather tell her that the boss normally liked to do what he pleased with no care attitude about the schedule. But at least Stefan did have rough timetable about his office work. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The good thing was the Mackenzie family had run deep root in their people's hearts. The generations of the MC enterprise had been standing tall and running as smooth as silk because of the royalty of their own people.

"Thanks. Well, what would you like to have tonight?" The soft friendly voice asked the bodyguards. Wirata thought she would stay with them for one year so better be friends than enemies. They seemed okay, in fact, they were a lot better than their boss!

"Up to you, Miss. We can eat anything." James answered.

"Your boss just had rice and omelet but he didn't eat a lot. So I think he's still hungry." Wirata said. She took his food and keep it. The omelet was half left, and she wouldn't throw it away. Stefan would have to finish it later. She had a good point about not throwing food away and would stand on it firmly.

The three started to prepare ingredients. Wirata asked them to wash vegetables, peeled, and so on. They did everything she asked them to do. They helped and talked, carrying on light topics and she laughed when James and Ben said something funny.

"In fact, he is a very good boss. He's got a big heart."

Ben said when they referred to the boss. Wirata pulled her face.

"He's cruel and got a sharp tongue."

Wirata spoke her thoughts out loud.

"Well, it's his style, Miss. Sometimes, he doesn't mean what he says." James amended for his boss.

"I've heard he a brutal man. He must have killed a lot of people because he is a mafia god, right?"

"Oh, no. It isn't true, Miss. It is not what you think. About killing. He doesn't kill, just protect himself when necessary. That's all. He's a good-hearted man, Miss."

James continued to protect his boss. Wirata thought they were his men so it must be their duty to protect their boss's reputation. But Wirata didn't have to believe everything they told her. Time would prove everything at the end.

Comments (5)

  • cheriebelle_cutar


    Thank you so much dear author...

  • Srikeawfha_Alpach


    This is the time when Wirata and Stefan to learn each other. Stefan thought Wirata like other women whom Stefan slept with. In the same time Wirata thought Stefan to be a brutal man.

  • suntuki


    Nice to hear that the family glory comes from devotion, out of good relationship with their men. Great family

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