78.94% Lonely love / Chapter 15: Just shocked...

Chapter 15: Just shocked...

Mi was surprised to see xiu sitting on the couch and had a coffee mug in his one of his hand and a mobile in other she thought that he would have gone to office to see what's going on when he saw Mi staring at him he said

"I know where you are going but i have completed that work of yours" he was calm unlike yesterday when he learned about what Mi was up to she said

" What are we talking about?" she thought that he was saying about her work in the office but was confused when she saw the expression of xiu changed to anger. Xiu said cutting her thoughts

"About the complaint..." she was shocked to hear from him she was like somone splashed cold water on her face bit regained her poster and crossed the halfway and sit in front of him Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

" What happened xiu you seem serious?" Xiu was furious that she didn't say him about what was happening with her all past 2 years he said calmy

" I went to the cabin again at night and saw some letters when i was searching about something that can relax me " he stopped kept his mobile and coffee cup on the table and asked Mi

"Do you who is Minah? If yes then why haven't you said anything about it yet to me? I know you are worried about jin's safety but risking yours is not good i dont know what happened between you two but i know fact that you love him this letter cleared all my doubts " he stopped himself from saying any thing more than that because he was having a hard time to tell her this he felt useless . Mi saw the hesitation in his voice and said

" I am Minah. " after hearing this xiu was not shocked or surprised he said

" I know its you.." This time mi was shocked she thought no one knew anything about Minah or Mi she asked him

"How did you know?" Xiu handed her , her birth certificate and some documents about her past and said

" I thought we were friends Mi i really thought that you are friend but i think i am not your friend after all" Mi was taken aback by his words she felt that she may cry she saw Xiu standing and walked in his room and was leaving she could not stop herself and ran to block his way

"Xiu please dont leave i really consider you as my friend not only friend but my family Xiu please let me explain if you would know about this they would try to torture you and i dont wanted that i would do any this to protect the one i love please Xiu don't leave " Xiu felt overwhelmed and a quiet tear rolled out from his eyes seeing Mi having tears in her eyes and was really sorry for what she has done he dropped the bag on to the floor which smoothly landed and took Mi in his embrace and huged her he was sorry for her that she was going through a lot from past few months when they parted he said

" I have taken back the complaint that you filed against xing bowe and i am done with my work today you are not leaving this house today i have given the staff a holiday today and you will not be disturbed when you rest so lets have our breakfast" she smiled and talked toward the dining table it was not too big nor too small it was perfect for 6 members to sit have their food comfortably as they completed their breakfast Xiu helped Mi with her tablets and they sat on the couch watching their favorite show funny comedic after a while Mi got a call from the office Xiu was angry because he said every one to not disturb them but it seemed important. Xiu pulled her phone from her hands literally and answered the call as long was on a vacation Mr. Lu was taking her calls and running errands for her as her father was in the office taking care of other things Mr. Lu was not shocked nor surprised when he heard Xiu voice on the other end he said with a smile

"Mr. Xiu i wanted to talk to Ms. Mi about today's meeting she messaged me she would be here" as he was saying this Xiu showed annoying look at Mi and said to Mr. Lu

"Sorry Mr. Lu Mi is not going to attend the meeting today please postpone it for another day" Mi was expecting this she thought that she could smooth talk him like every time she does but it didn't worked this time. Mr. Lu said with a firm tone to Xiu

" Mr. Zhao is waiting for her for half an hour Mr. Xiu she need to come although she didn't knew that her meeting was with Mr. Zhao when i said her about a meeting she just said yes without asking much details" Xiu thought of an idea and said

"Ok Mr. Lu send them to the mansion say them that the meeting will be conducted in Chen mansion please." Mr. Lu said the same to Jin and he agreed to meet her in chen mansion as he just wanted to know how is she when he heard Mr. Lu talking to some one but not Mi he felt that she didn't wanted to meet him but when he was asked for meeting at Chen mansion he agreed his secretary was having a hard time believing that The Mr. Zhao was ready for the meeting after waiting for almost an hour he would always deal with the people who were right on time and he would cancel the deal if the other party is behaving very rude he thought something was wrong with Jin. Jin took Yin with him to the mansion saying his secratory to go to the office when he entered in the mansion he saw noone inside no staff no maids only 2 bodyguards at the gate he was greeted by Xiu

"Welcome Mr. Zhao and sorry that this meeting has to be done in the mansion rather than the office" he had a friendly tone when he greeted him on the other hand Jin was having no expression on his face.....

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