100% Shadows By Day Hunters By Night / Chapter 11: Episode 11- Secrets

Chapter 11: Episode 11- Secrets

As I walk beside Cole I wonder about everything. Why this all happened to us? Why me?

"Wonder what food they will have here." He says laughing.

I smile looking up at him. "Maybe eyeballs and dead human flesh!"

We both laugh as we approach two double doors.

"Shush!" A guard to the right of the door yells at us.

We look at one another.

Fine. Be that way!

We enter the room. Both amazed how big the room was. Tables upon tables. People everywhere. Some looking normal to others looking freakish.

"OVER HERE!" A man yells from one of the tables.

I notice it was the boy from earlier, Daniel.

We both walk over to him. A row of foods sat in the middle of the table.

"Sit!" Daniel makes room for us.

We sit down looking at the delicious foods. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

I see a huge chicken in front of me. Wow that looks good! My mouth watered.

"Go on! Dig in! Everything you see you can eat!" Daniel smiles at me.

I nod and cut a few pieces off. I take a bite. "Soo good!" I say out loud.

Cole smirks. "Someone is enjoying their food." He also takes some chicken.

"What? It is!" I say with a mouthful.

"Don't you know manners?" Morgan says as she looks at me across from the table.

Of course she sits across me. I smile. "Yes. Yes I do." I take a huge bite and chew just to annoy her.

She rolls her eyes, turning to Cole. "So pretty boy."

He looks at her.

"What'd you do before all this?" She starts to make a salad.

He swallows his food. "Well, really nothing. I was in school and a brother and son to a small family. Oh! And a best friend to this dork!" He nudges me.

I smile.

She groans. "Awesome story."

"What about you?" I say glaring at her.

She smiles as she leans forward. "I was a hunter for my family. I never went to school. I learned everything I know from my parents or from mistakes."

I give her a dirty look. "I bet that was nice."

"Oh it was.." She stares at me.

We glare at one another before Cole interrupts us.

"Sorry to cut this short but why can't you two get along? I mean its the end for earth and we all die soon. So why can't you both just be somewhat nice to one another?" He looks back an forth to us.

I sigh. "You're right."

Morgan stands. "I'm going to bed." She walks off. Leaving her untouched salad.

"Welp." Cole grabs her salad and starts to put it on his plate.

I watch him. "Really?"

"What?" He smiles at me.

I roll my eyes smiling. "Weirdo."

"So..Daniel. Do you guys ever leave this place?" Cole asks.

Daniel frowns. "No. Not since all this has happened."

I nod. "I'm sorry."

He smiles a little. "It's alright. Not your fault."

I notice a symbol of something on his now uncovered hand. "What's that?" I ask.

"Oh that. It's nothing but a old tattoo that I haven't removed." He covers it back up.

That marking. Iv'e seen it before. But where? I think to myself as I chew on the chicken.

"So you say that you haven't left this place since earth right?" Cole grabs another piece of chicken.

Daniel nods. "Yes."

"So does that mean we will never see the outside of this world?" He looks at him as he chews.

Daniel sighs. "Maybe...I lived here my whole life. Nothing really special about outside."

"Oh okay." Cole sighs. He stares at his plate as he eats.

I'm happy he is taking his mind off things. I know how hard it is for him not to want to hit his dad. "Cole?"

He looks at me. "Hmm?"

I smile. "When you want to talk about it. I'm here. Okay?"

He sighs but smiles. "Thanks."

I nod. "Anything time. I promise"

Cole looks back at Daniel. "Hey, I also wanted to know if-"

"Shut it!" Daniel stood. "Stop asking so many damn questions!" He walked off angry.

Cole looks at me but I stare at Daniel.

What is wrong with him?

"I just wanted to ask him if we had to pay for all this..." He shakes his head.

I keep looking at the doors Daniel left from. I frown. I need to know if he was alright. And what the hell was wrong with him. I stand. "I'll be right back." As I walk away I hear Katy and Brandon walk up to Cole.

"Oh hey guys!" Cole says smiling at him.

As I close the door behind me I soon hear two people talking. I notice shadows on the ground from one of the corners. I dash behind a few boxes stacked in the hallway. I listen in.

"I wanted to tell her!" A male voice shouts.

Another but deeper speaks. "I know. I know. But we can't blow this! We need to make sure we can trust her before we let her in."

"But what if-"

A slap can be heard.

What the heck is going on? I peek around it. Looking at the shadows. I try to make out what they looked like.

The deeper voice sighs. "Listen, we can not mess it up. If we do than years of work would be for nothing! And if they find out they will continue this work that will just keep distorting this world!"

"When do you think the right time will be?" The lower voice asks.

Deeper voice sighs. "Get her to trust you first. Than we'll speak about if we can trust her."

I hear foot steps. I dart out of sight. I breath heavily.

"Wait!" The lower voice walks behind the other.

Man I want to peek but I'm too afraid to get caught!

"What?" The other answers.

"Never mind.." The lower one says as he sighs.

The deeper voice walks away.

The other walks away as well.

I let out a sigh of relief after a few minutes. Who were those people? And what girl are they talking about?! I stand.


I freeze. Crap! I slowly turn around and see Daniel standing there.

He looks at me confused. "You okay?"

I swallow hard. "Yeah. I'm fine!" I try to hide my nerves.

"C-can I show you something?" He asks looking at the ground.

I nod. "Sure!" I blurt out loud. Crap!

"Actually I'm still hungry so I'm going to-"

"Please. It'll only take a moment." He says pleading.

I sigh. "Okay?"

He quickly grabs my hand and runs. He drags me down the halls.

Where was he taking me?! I hope not to my death! I begin to sweat. Please don't let me die!

As we pass through the halls I notice all the doors. Each having a symbol on them. All different colors. All different symbols. We stop at a door that is at the end of the hall.

Daniel lets go of my hand. He looks passed me.

I can guess he was looking for others.

"Listen, what I'm about to show you you cannot tell anyone! I repeat! Tell no one!" He looks at me with a strict face.

I nod. What was he so serious about?

He opens the door.

Bright light shines through. Blinding me a little.

He pulls me through.

When the door closes I begin to see again. I see buildings but destroyed. I look at the sky. A grayish color. No clouds. "Where are we?" I ask looking at him.

He smiles. "Well this is the roof." he walks around.

"What did you want to show me?" I stare at him. He was acting strange.

"Well, you know your power right?" He looks at me.

I nod. "Yes. To heal." Was he going to take my power?

He didn't say anything for a moment but than out of nowhere he bursts into laughter.

"Whats so funny?" I ask nervous. So what if my power was healing!? It was awesome!

He stops laughing. "It's not cause it's healing.." He pauses. "It's because that's not your only power.."

I stare at him. "What..what do you mean?"

He smiles. "Right now..." he begins to walk towards me. "They can only detect only one right now. Do you know why?"

I swallow hard.

"It's because-" He begin's to say when three soldiers walk through the door.

"What are you two doing up here?"

I look at Daniel.

"We were-" Daniel starts to say when Clyde walks through the soldiers.

"Just leaving" He looks at us both. He grabs both our arms pulling us fast back inside. He stops halfway through the hallway. He turned to face us. "Daniel, you need to go back to your mother. She is very worried."

Daniel walked past him.

I watch him but soon look at Clyde.

Clyde doesn't speak until Daniel was out of sight. "What do you have to say for yourself?" He looks at me.

I sigh. I wish I knew what Daniel was going to tell me!

"Well?" He glares at me.

This man has some nerve! He doesn't get to be angry at me! I look up at him. "Excuse me?"

"You missed your first half of training." He crosses his arms.

"Oh...I didn't know." I smile nervously.

He turns around. "Next time, don't be late" He walks away.

I slowly walk to my room. I open my door. I lock it behind me before turning the lights on. I groan as I look around the room. Last time I was in here something breathed on my neck. Just as I was thinking something grabbed me. I go to scream but the person covered my mouth. I quickly bite their hand causing them to scream in pain. They let me go. I quickly turn but at I do I see nothing there.

"Don't even think about it."

I soon felt something hard hit my head. Everything soon went black.

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