100% Missing Wings / Chapter 1: Radiant Apologies
Missing Wings original

Missing Wings

Author: Saena_bun

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Chapter 1: Radiant Apologies

I looked straight as I put away books from the cart into the shelves. Suddenly, I heard the voice of a boy breaking off his relationship without losing his resolve. Vivid, clear and cold words cut deeper than any knife as his reason was the most terrible against her fragile heart.

"I'm seeing someone else… A-and I think I'm in love with her. "

"Oh god… "

As a moment of silence passed between the couple, her saddening gasp broke through the air in the library as she cried over his betrayal.

"It's over… Goodbye. Ashley… I hope you live a great life…"

The boy then stood up and left Ashley in tears as she cried her eyes out in her seat.


Passing by Ashley an hour later, I finished putting away a stack of new books and found her fallen asleep over the table with red, puffy eyes.  

"Hmm… "

Resting my warm wool sweater over Ashley out of consideration, she suddenly pulled my arm and we fell onto the floor.

Stretching herself over my body, she suddenly hugged me as I was unable to break free.

"Hmm! "


After almost an hour had passed and I had fallen asleep while pinned in my position. Her clover scented hair made me feel at ease as her soft, bare skin was warm to the touch when she brushed her cheek against my own. Our breaths gradually came closer to one another until our heartbeats became synchronized.  

Opening my eyes to her soft and delicate face, she mistook me for her boyfriend and began talking in her sleep.

"Hmm…why… why'd you go… "

A single tear touched down on my cheek and rolled down under my eye as if it were my own.

"Sorry… I'm sorry… Don't leave.  "

Blinking, I felt her weight carried more than just her body mass as if I could feel the uncertainty of what became of her complicated life.

Shifting herself, my arm came loose and I managed to break free. Standing up and stretching as school had long since ended, I began cleaning up while I shut off the lights was getting ready to close up.

Afterwards, I woke Ashley up from her sleep.

"Hmm… huh? Who are you? Wh-where am I? Where's Jaden?! "

Her sudden memory of earlier resurfaced and I could see it on her face, she was filled with sadness. Standing up and gathering her things, she dropped her phone over the table and slammed her arms in frustration. Turning around, she smiled and saw me waiting beside the door as I held it open. Collecting herself as she left the library, I turned to lock the doors.  

Stopping in front of me, she turned around and asked me for my name. Standing in silence as I couldn't look her in her eyes, I remained quiet. Turning and walking a few steps away, I felt a rush of adrenaline flow through me and as a result, against my better judgment, I ultimately spoke out softly as helplessly as I could.

"M-Mika..! "

Stopping in her tracks, she turned around and smiled lightly as she found something amusing. Walking back to me under the lamp from over the door, she smiled while tilting her head and held my hair as she took out a leaf.

"Mika… huh? "

Nodding lightly, she chuckled and lifted her head as she asked me why I bothered waiting for her as she slept. Uneasy and refusing to use my voice any further, I looked away from her gaze as she shook her head and held my face between her hands.

"Hey… I'm not gonna hurt you. You can talk to me, you know. "

Bidding my lips, I failed to speak as time passed as the uneasy feeling in my chest did not let up. Ashley yawned and in a burst of courage, I held her hand and took her back to my apartment.


Walking inside and heading to my room, Ashley stared around the apartment.

"Wow… I take it this is where you… live? "

Looking around as she noticed I kept a clean living space, she walked into the bathroom while taking off her clothes.

"Ugh… I could definitely use a bath, you mind… "

Frozen as I stared at her beautiful pure brown eyes, she smiled and nodded while continuing to the bathroom.

After her bath, I gathered my things to go after her and when I emerged from my room, I found her fallen asleep on the couch while wearing the set of clothes I handed her earlier. She had also finished the cup of hot tea I left for her after she was done taking a bath. Bringing her a warm blanket and lifting it gently, she touched my hand as our eyes met.

"Thanks… you know… for not abandoning me back at the library.  "

Knowing what she said earlier when she was still asleep, I sat down beside her and softly began humming her a sweet song my foster mother used to sing to me before I fell asleep every night for week until I was sent back after her unfortunate passing.

"Thank you… Mika."


The next day, I woke up found Ashley had already left the apartment as I noticed the set of clothes she borrowed last night on the couch. They were neatly folded as I looked out from my room.

Standing up, I got ready for school as I headed into the living room. A golden shine caught my eye as I spotted a small hairpin with a rose pink flower crest on the tip. It must have belonged to Ashley, so I hoped to return it to her at school.

Happy as I had a reason to see her again,  I couldn't contain my excitement as I prepared breakfast and changed into my uniform. Leaving the apartment in a rush I happily went to school with a soft smile on my face.

Taking the train and boarding off half a mile from school, I passed a famous dessert shop where I would regularly buy a sugarless piece of bread and brew a sweet tea for the road. Picking up my order, the generous shop owner offered me good luck as she smiled while on my way out.

As I reached school, I lightly smiled when I spotted Ashley talking with her circle of popular friends. Grinning, I was about to head over to return her hairpin until I overheard their conversation.

"Again… That girl is nothing but creepy. "

I stood still as I continued to listen in to the conversation from behind the stone pillar at the gate.

"Don't be a total idiot… I mean, Mika may come off as strange… but, I know she's a good person at heart. "

"Really… you really think that. "

"What?! "

Ashleys tone suddenly changed as she heard about my past.

"Not to burst your bubble, Ashley, but, That girl has had nothing but death follow her around. "

Clenching my sweater, I wanted to jump in and stop them, however, if I did that, Ashley would hate me for sure.

"What do you mean..? "

"You really don't know… well, that girl was born without real parents. It's said she was abandoned at a totally, creepy haunted house where her parents were supposedly crashing at. Until the neighbors called in a disturbance late at night, the police arrived and found her alone on the living room floor inside a demonic pentagram. "

Shaken by my memories of being bullied over the years because of my strange background, I fleet helpless as I listened to them talk about my past.

"Really? When was this? "

Ashley's friends then began giving her detailed information as everything they said was true to a degree.

"Sixteen years ago… it was on her birthday, too. "

Shocked by the facts Ashley went on to question whether it was true.

"Wait…  "

Cut off as her friends continued as if they were talking about the latest trend.

"Oh, get this. Ever since she was put into the foster care system, I heard almost every adoptive couple or parent that took her in would bring her right back the next day… "

"Those rumors about her inability to talk were supposedly because of what happened to her when she was taken in by a sweet old couple when she was five. "

Gasping as they even knew about my condition, I wanted to move but my body was frozen stiff. Ashley then thought back and probably realized I didn't talk much.

"Inability? Now that you mention it… she was kinda quiet… What happened? "

Sharply closing my eyes as I feared remembering what caused my inability to talk to other people would swallow me there and then.

"They say a serial killer killed both her adoptive parents when she was nine… Ever since then, she had been in and out of the foster system more times than the days in the month. "

"Wow… I never would have guessed she was a girl with such a terrible past. "

"Ashley, they say if you become friends with her, you'll end up being cursed and lose both your parents or something. "

"Why are you asking us about that cursed girl in the first place, Ashley? What, are you going to be her friend or something? "

Clenching my bag behind the stone pillar as I waited for Ashley's response. A moment passed until she finally gave an answer that caused me to loosen my grip.

"Pfft! No! Who would ever want to be friends with such a weirdo. "

Disappointed, I exhaled a breath and turned around as I walked past her and her friends as they whispered about my arrival. Not paying attention, I bumped into someone and continued walking as I looked away from Ashley and her laughing friends. Failing to remember to give back the hairpin, I headed inside. I walked calmly while ignoring their painful remarks about my past with a blurry vision as I headed into the bathrooms.  


Locking myself in one of the stalls in the girls bathroom, I heard the class bell ring while girls came and went. Hiding myself as I felt my tears roll down my face and depressed I couldn't feel my face move to the make the proper expression to fit my mood, I cleared my eyes and read a book I memorized a week before.

After almost an hour later, Liah, a young school counselor in her early twenties, found me in the stall as she kicked the door down. Resulting with one of her heels breaking, she stared at me as I cleared my face in suspense.

"There you are, my walking, sleeping beauty… come on, I'll cook you some noodles in the science room. "

Taking my bag and my hand, she took me to an empty science room where she had set up a small pot of water over a flame.

"Alright… while it cooks, let's let me talk, hmm… So! What's up? I haven't gotten a call from your homeroom, pain in the butt teacher in a while, mind my surprise when I heard it was you… what happened? "

Smirking uncomfortably as I decided to write it down on paper, I remembered the hairpin and wrote down it belonged to Ashley. Humming as if she found something of interest, she smiled and nodded as she took on my request in giving Ashley her hairpin. Taking it out and handing over to her hair her, I felt a slight wave of relief as I didn't have to face her again.  

"Listen… I'll do this, you just cheer up okay. "

Looking at her with a light smile, she stood up and handed me a cup of hot noodles.

"Hmm… Don't forget to fill out the form for the librarian position, Mika. I need it by, Thursday.  "

Nodding, my smile slowly grew as the thought of new books arriving today had washed away the anxiety from today's earlier incident from my mind.


Walking across campus as I opened the library doors, I headed to prepare for the arrival of the new shipment of books. After a while, the shipment arrived and I signed as I was the only one who spent time at the library, which brought me comfort.

As the delivery man left, I began stacking and organizing the new addition of books into the shelves. The moment I was finished, I held my stack of copies and rushed over to an open table where I lifted my legs onto the seat and smiled as I picked up the first book.

"Hmm! "

Opening the book, I slowly began to touch my lips with my thumb as it was a habit of mine that I couldn't break ever since my childhood.

After an evening of complex and interesting stories and information, I slowly began falling asleep until I finally took a light nap after closing the last book.


Waking up around the end of school work, I coughed and felt a splitting headache. I had caught a cold as I felt my own cheeks and head were burning.

Putting away the books I took out, I cleaned up and closed the library under lock and key. Turning around, I bundled up in my sweater as I made my way home under the setting night sky.  

Finally reaching my apartment, I ended up collapsing on my couch. Getting up a half hour later, I drew a bath where I went straight to bed shortly afterwards.

Waking up the next morning still feeling sick, I made myself breakfast as it was a Saturday. Sitting down and eating, I grabbed a change of clothes and left my apartment as I headed to a public library in another city. I enjoyed going there whenever they received new shipments of books. Nothing on this world would ever stop me from acquiring knowledge, even if I had a splitting headache.

Half the morning later, I arrived at my destination and walked in with a mask on my face. Enjoying the rest of the day reading by myself, I made my way home after the sun had already set.

Getting off the last bus, I walked to my apartment where I closed and locked the door. Not long after, I relaxed the rest of the evening away with a refreshing bath and then sleep.

The next morning, I slept in and relaxed a little more as I had exhausted myself the day before.

Laying down in my bed on a Sunday, I put a cool towel over my aching head. My body felt terrible from my stubborn and reckless pursuit of books. Sleeping through rest of the day, I slowly recovered up through to the next morning.

Waking up and still not feeling myself, I texted Liah as she had forcibly given me her phone number when we first met. Texting her that I was still sick to attend school, she read my response, but didn't reply back until a half an hour later, she appeared at my front door with every kind of convenience store medicine possible.

"Mika! Oh?! My poor sleeping Princess! How could I have been so blind. You'll need all your strength to get better and come back into my life… I mean school… "

She then tended to my every need for the rest of the day as she told me she called off work without hesitation on her way to my apartment… Which was strange as I didn't even tell her my home address.

Waking up hours later in the middle of the night, Liah had left a note beside my bed that there were sandwiches she made in the fridge. Standing up, I heading to the kitchen, I took out the sandwiches she made and ate then as I was starving.


The next day finally came and as usual, I got ready for school. Leaving my apartment at a hundred percent, I noticed the vacant apartment beside mine, had finally acquired a new tenant. Walking past the movers, I made my way to school and arrived ahead of time as usual.

Passing through the gate, I around now that I knew how Ashley really felt about me. Spotting her, I subconsciously looked away from her gaze. Walking past her calmly, I heard Ashley's voice apologizing for bumping into another girl close behind.


Following Ms. Mavas teachings as class was eventually dismissed for lunch. Staying behind as I focused on my schoolwork, my assignment meant for the week was finished by the time lunch half over. Standing up an handing it in, I left the room and headed straight for the library.

Arriving at the library, I opened it up and began re-organizing the inventory as I maintained my duties as leading librarian. Even though not many students came to use old fashion books now that Internet and computers were a thing, I was quite content I had the entire place for myself.

Startled when a girl walked up behind me and spoke with such a loving voice, Iet turned and gazed at such a beautiful and stunning girl. I was lost in her honey, golden brunette hair and sweet, light blue eyes as she radiated the whole room.

"I'm looking for a book… Oh! The one in your hand, that's the one I was looking for!  "

When she smiled, I froze stiff as if she had paralyzed me with only her beauty. I handed her the book about easy to use recipes and desserts as she waved me off with a smile.

Shrugging the incident off, I continued tending to the books as I thought about what to read for the mean time later.


When school ended and I got home, there was a knock on my door the moment I walked inside.

"H-hello… "

Looking up, I met the gaze of the same, gorgeous girl from the library.  She smiled awkwardly while tilting her head. She then continued to say she was my new neighbor. Lifting my head, she lightly introduced herself and waved as if it was all she wanted to say.

"I'm Mia Kimako… It's a pleasure to meet you. "

Before I could invite her to have some tea, she quickly left as she remembered she had something cooking and simply wanted to introduce herself. Not long after she gave me her name, she stared uncomfortably until she remembered me from the library.

"Oh! You're that cute librarian from school! "

Flustered, the idea of having a beautiful girl from school call me cute, seemed almost like some dream come true. A stunning princess had arrived as I looked at the beautiful girl in front of me. Suddenly nodding, she smiled and told me she was gals I was her new neighbor.


Not long after my bath, I layed down in my room while reading a book as I skimmed the material at the library from the next city over. Smiling and crying lightly at certain parts, I finished in due time and fell asleep until early morning.

Opening my eyes to a knock on my door, I woke up and collected myself as I headed to see who it was. Opening the door and seeing the dark blue sky as it was still to early for school, my new neighbor was shivering in her pajamas as she told me she had locked herself out of her apartment by accident. Forgetting what her pin number for the lock on her door was, she asked if she could wait in my apartment until someone came and reset the lock on her door.

Letting her in, she stood inside awkwardly as I followed the general protocol for when a neighbor in distress comes into my house. A short passage I picked up on a book that held some rather informative information on etiquette and reliability for healthy relationships popped into my mind.  

Setting down a cup of tea on the table, she grasped her white, rosy pink hands and blew on the lid as she took small sips. Fascinated by every little thing she did, I shook my trance and looked at the time on the clock above the kitchen cabinet. Standing up and preparing breakfast, the girl finally asked for my name as she wanted to thank me for helping her out.

Unable to speak, or rather, not wanting to, I took out a pen and notepad as I proceeded with writing down my name.

"Oh… Mika. Well, It's a pleasure to meet you Mika. "

I poured the egg omelettes on the plates on the table as the rice cooker finished with a ding.  

Sitting down, we began to eat as she thanked me for the food and elegantly ate every single bite. Amazed as she was the first girl I had seen who did not care for calories and or complain about how it will make her fat. She had truly become my ideal hero as she enveloped everything any girl would want to be.

Receiving a call on my phone, I answered and heard Liah shouts from across the other end as she demanded to know who was in my apartment. Surprised by how she knew, Mia overheard and took my phone while speaking as if we were close.

"Hmm... Hello. This is Mia, could you call Mika back after we enjoy our breakfast, please. Thanks. "

She then hung up and continued eating her breakfast casually as she handed me back my phone with ease. Staring at her with sparks in my eyes, I looked down and smiled lightly while continuing to eat my breakfast.


As I got ready for school, Mia pouted as I walked into the living room while she was wrapped in one of my towels on the couch.

"Sorry, I took a quick bath and borrowed one of your towels. I hope it's okay… "

Smiling as to reassure her I had no problem with it, she smiled and continued.

"I wanted to go to school today, now at least I can make it before lunch starts. Thanks again, Mika. For letting me use your phone to call the landlord and someone come to have my apartment unlocked. "

Nodding, I washed the dishes before I left as Mia went back outside to wait for the technician. Telling her by note that she was welcome to stay in my apartment and wait, she smiled lightly as she shook her head. Turning around, I left my apartment as he waved me goodbye.


After an hour, I reached the school and headed into class as I waited for the bell for lunch to ring.

Hours passed as I was packing up my things for lunch to soon start. Standing up after the bell rang, I began heading to the library while ignoring the crowd behind me. Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice as when she shouted my name from across the hall, I turned to face Mia as she waved and smiled while breaking through the crowd.

Asia approached dome with open arms as she was about to hug me, Liah suddenly pulled me back and argued over me with Alice about being in my apartment.

"What's it to you? "

"Hmm! If you must know, Ms. Mika and I are like sisters. "

("Huh… ")

As they began to argue over who was going to take me first, I slipped away from them and headed to the library for some peace and quiet.


"Ugh… Mika! Make it so I'm not board… "

Mia and Liah both ended up following me to the library as neither would leave the other alone with me. However, they still continued bickering like an old married couple.

"You don't get to talk to her, shush! "

Their attention suddenly shifted to the book in my hand as I registered it into the system.

[How to make the person you love become yours with three easy and simple steps.]

I looked up s both Mia and Liah were glaring at the book in my hand.

"Its mine! "

"Not if I get it first! "

As they took it, they ended up playing an intense game of hide and seek as they fiercely tackled the other until the bell rang. I headed back to the front desk as both of them needed to head back to their class and work. Staying behind as I didn't have to return to class as I was exercising club duties in the library, my weary breath echoed as I sat down in my chair.


As school ended, Mia and Liah sat down at a table while braiding each other's hair as if they were sisters waiting for their mother to come off work.

In a sense, I thought that's what they were doing until I realized they were still gunning for the other to lower their guard.

"Ugh… when is Mika going to go home? "

"Easy, Mika is a good girl who puts all her energy in maintaining this librarys image. "

"Hmm… "

After my sweet sounding hum, both of them gazed at me as I had responded in my own way.

"No fair! How come she gets a, 'hmm! '?! "

"It just means she is more comfortable around her big, sis. "

"No… "

As time passed with Mia and Liah's silly antics, I finished up and noticed I was all packed and ready to go.  

"Yes! Let's go home, Mika. "

"Ugh… No, she's coming with me back to my place for a sleepover. I can't trust her to you, you might do something indecent if I leave you alone with her. "

"Wh-what?! N-no, I would… yeah, I probably would, but! In my defence, how can I not resist her?!  "

I felt a shiver run down my back as Liah and Mia stared at me at the same time with lewd intentions.


Closing the door to my apartment, Mia and Liah insisted on sleeping over. Having bought groceries from the convenience store, they set it down on the then kitchen table. They then sat me down in the living room as they wanted to prepare dinner for me.

As time passed, I could only hear as they made a mess of things in the kitchen while arguing.

After they both finished an hour later, I was then seated in the kitchen table as they presented their dishes.

"I made a perfect, hot and homemade noodle soup with a taste of my tender love as your big, sis! Hmm! "

"Try mine first, I made a western dish, a health serving of, hamburger. "

Liah then lightly scoffed at Mia as she leaned to present her dish first. Slurping the noodles, I only heard Mias resentment as I ate Liahs first.

"What! "

"Oh, nothing… its just that… Mika here is a vegetarian. "

Slamming her hands down on the floor, Mia held a defeated look as she closed her eyes and heard Liahs triumphant laugh, echo in the apartment.

"Hmm! "

Out of consideration for her hard work, I ate Mia's hamburger as she looked at me with such soft and caring eyes. Standing up and taking the empty bowls to the sink, they both stared in silence as I finished both plates while they were chatting.

"She enjoyed mine the most… "

"No, she enjoyed mine more.  "


Upon cleaning the dishes with, I made dinner for the both of them both of them as they were hungry as well. Afterwards, I went into the bathroom and soaked in a steamy bath while they finished up in the kitchen. I then suddenly began hearing whispers from behind the bathroom door.

"You move… "

"Can't see anything… "

Opening the door to find two perverted monsters, I sat them down in my room and locked them inside for their indecent behavior. After my bath, I went to bed as Mia and Liah spent the night in the living room. Sleeping, I woke up hours later as Miss fave as well as Liah:s were fast asleep on either side of my bed.

The next morning, I fleet heavy as Mia and Liah were both cuddling close on either side from me.

"Hmm! "

Breaking free, they woke up as I began to prepare for school. Not long after, me and Liah waited outside in the cold for Mia as she locked her apartment door.

Arriving to school as a group, we drew everyone's attention as Mia and Liah struggled to stand beside me.

"You knock it off… "

"No, you! "

Making my way towards class, I sat down as Mia and Liah continued on with their day in separate parts of the school.  

Holding my pencil, I went on with the day as I usually did until lunch came and I accidently dropped my pencil. Leaning down to pick it up, I saw the shoes of a girl and as I looked up, my surprise when I saw it was Ashley sent shivers down my spine.

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Surprised and not thinking straight, I ignored her as I walked past her until she abruptly grabbed my arm as she scolded me for being cold.

Mia suddenly appeared and put herself in between me and Ashely as she began scolding her for scolding me.  

"Who are you? "

"I'm Kaname, Mikas best friend. "

Taken back by Mia used her last name to make a remark, I felt a split second of joy and fear at the same time as people were staring at the commotion. Ashley looked surprised by what Mia said as much as I was and exhausted a deep breath as she calmed down to speak until Mia cut her off.

"Oh… What does the most popular girl in school want with my sweet, Mika? Come to bully her like your friends did before?  "

Ashley was just a surprised as I was when Mia told her that I was bullied by her friends. I was more surprised by the fact that Mia knew I was being bullied and realized ever since last week, the bullying had stopped.

"Its nothing like that! I would never-"

"You mean like what you told your group of stuck up friends… I was walking across the street at the front of the gate when I came across Mika standing behind a stone pillar… She was listening to your messed up conversation. "

Shock and guilt shot across Ashleys face as well as my own for not telling her. In that moment, she looked at me while I hid my gaze from her as I was embarrassed to look her in the eye.

"What's going on here? "

Liah surprised us as she walked up to stand beside Ashley. She then asked her to accompany her to the her office as she had gotten a call from her mother.

Turning to look at us both, Ashley looked around and quickly left the room as Liah exhausted a slight sigh of relief. Shocked by what had just happened, I felt terrible for making Liah hand her the hairpin instead of me doing it myself. I thought that if she believed her real older sister gave her the hair pin, there wouldn't be any worry on her parrot for leaving things the way they were.

It was wishful thinking that I allowed myself to believe I could start a friendship with a girl who is above the standard and become friends with a cursed girl like me.

Suddenly, I was shocked by a sudden peck on my cheek by Mia. The entire classroom gasped almost simultaneously as I blushed uncontrollably.

"The longer you stay pouting, the easier it is for me to catch you while your guard is down, Mika. "

Turning to face her glistening blue eyes, I was suddenly swept away as she took my hand and headed for the library. While she took charge, I suddenly felt the breeze roll through her hair and as I inhaled her sweet, rose scented smell, the world suddenly looked a little brighter than it had ever been before.


Saena_bun Saena_bun

A smile is only its brightest when shared with someone close at heart. At least, that's what I believe.

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