34.48% The charming wizard prince / Chapter 19: chapter 19 swimming

Chapter 19: chapter 19 swimming

Lilith and Rose looked at me for a while. I didn't understand what was going on, but I knew I need to keep looking sad.

Its like when you were a 4 year old and your mother was giving you a spanking. You had to look with a pleading gaze so that your mother felt bad for spanking you.

" You really are an Idiot" Lilith said with a cold look that began to soften a little.

" Y-yes you are really an big idiot" Rose added in with a shy face.

" So you guys have forgiven me!?" I said with hopeful eyes. Lilith an Rose were silent but they both nodded slowly.

"Yaaay!!!" I said with a lot of joy.

"Isn't that great little Dante" Jenny said.

"Dante your panties are showing" Louise said.

" Big sis Louise you p-p-pervert" Dante said with a scared look.

Everyone was looking a Louise with a weird expression.

One hour later...

We boys already dressed back to normal.

"Ah feels refreshing being a boy again!" I said with a big smile on my face.

" Lets never talk about this again" Romeo said while Northen an Malcolm agreed with him.

" Is it really that bad Romeo I thought It was a little fun to do. ( "Oh god don't make him do that again" people Don't worry guys it is only a one time thing" author said with an evil grin).

" Oh shut up you don't have a little sister, so you wouldn't understand, my Image is forever broken in front of my sister" Romeo said with a sad look.

" I'm sure it will be fine" I said trying to cheer Romeo up.

" Where are we going by the way" Malcolm asked.

Northen and Romeo were also looking at me. " Oh right I forgot to tell you. We are going to the poolzone to have fun because of what happened to us. I thought it is a great way to cheer us up" I said.

"The poolzone we don't even have a swimsuit why would we go there?" Romeo said.

" Don't worry I got us prepared" I said with a proud look.

" Okay but with our punk looks we are going to be the center of attention" Romeo said with a worried look.

" Romeo Is right you and Romeo look unique and what about the crazy blond chick what if she is there" Malcolm said.

" Don't worry she would not go to the poolzone after what had happened between us and about the attention thing I'm sure it is going to be alright" I said.

" Oh boy I sure hope so" Northen added.

We arrived at the dressing room of the poolzone....

"Here is your swimsuits" I said and I pulled out my wand out and shouted" Appeario!". Four swimsuits appeared with four different colors. We went In the dressing room and we put on our swimsuits.

I had a purple swimsuit on, Romeo a red one, Northen a blue one and Malcolm an Orange one.

" We look fantastisch " I said.

"Lets go Swimming" Malcolm said with excitement. We also looked excited , We finally started to slowly cheer up.

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"Wow look at that" Malcolm said and he pointed at a gigantic water slide that was floating in the air.

"Yep this is definitely a magic hotel" Romeo said with glittering eyes.

We went In the waterslide and It was amazing the water in the slide was so fast that some kids were schreaming as if they were dying.

We landed in a large pool and then we were swimming around for a bit.

" Has somebody seen my swimsuit!" A fat boy said who looked very nervous. He was hiding in the corner of the pool.

We all knew what had happened. We didn't want to approach him but Northen could not leave a helpless boy alone and he said " So what is up buddy everything okay?" Northen said while not trying to laugh.

" No I have the worst luck first I crushed my pet with a luggage. I even tried to give it cpr and now I lost my swimsuit The boy said while he was crying, people started to look at us.

" What a luck huh" Malcolm Thought.

" I hope he won't join my dorm" Romeo thought.

" He tried to give his crushed pet cpr what the fudge" I thought trying not to think about it.

Northen smiled wryly and said

" Is there anything I could do for you".

"Well you could try to look for my swimsuit" The boy said while snikking.

Northen turned around with a pleading look and said " can you guys help me out please".

I signed and said " Fine"

We went searching for like 20 minutes and I couldn't take it anymore and said " Oke that is it scannario".

I can use scannario without a wand because it was a reguirement of my mom. The poolzone became clear to me I finally saw the swimsuit It was stuck in the giant floating waterslide.

"Guys I have found it" I said.

"Really where " The boy said.

"Its stuck on that Giant waterslide" I said.

The boys face went pale and said" What am I going to do!"

Then Romeo got an Idea , and he pulled his wand from the dressing room.

" What are you going to do?" I asked Romeo.

"You will see" Romeo said with a smile and then he shouted "pulliosus!".

The swimsuit came to our direction, but the swimsuit was followed by other swimsuits. that was ripped off from the people of the floating waterslide island.

We heard different kinds of schreams everywhere some where from women other were from men.

Our faces went pale we could already imagine the consequences, if we got found out for example Angry wizards with wands will be chasing us.

So I said to the kid "what is your name"

He said " My name is mortar aires".

I was thinking mortar what kind of name is that and then i said" Listen Mortar take a swimsuit and then run for your life.

We four boys then ran for our lives ,while mortar was putting his swimsuit on.

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