2.77% Lillian Rose The Contract Wife / Chapter 1: (Chapter One) "Lillian Rose Is Born"
Lillian Rose The Contract Wife original

Lillian Rose The Contract Wife

Author: HdoubleC

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Chapter 1: (Chapter One) "Lillian Rose Is Born"

The skies started to darken as a wave of grey clouds came rolling in. They Covered the sun and cast grey shadows over the horizon. Winds begun to pick up and gotten stronger as debri flew through the air. The snapping and cracking sounds from the trees can be heard as the winds toss them around. The small stream splashing and rushing against the winds. Causing water to spray over the banks and on the land. Animals hid for cover from above and below. The temperatures dropped fast and the breeze carried the sound of thunder in the distance. A strong smell of rain came and swept over the land with the breeze as the the rolling thunder started to come closer. Faint sounds of windows being closed and patio doors being shut. Two middle aged men stood on a deck that looked over the open land. Speaking business to each other and watching the staff getting ready for the storm to arrive. A young woman approached the two middle aged men. Announcing her arrival she cleared her throat. The one middle aged man slowly turned towards her and gave her the okay to speak. "Mr. Jones, your wife is prepared for her delivery. The midwife and nurse's are set up and waiting. Mrs. Jones is already five centimeters dilated and going natural. Your oldest son is by her side waiting for your arrival. The other two boys are helping Miss. Anna with finishing up the babys room." The young woman bowed slightly as she spoke. Mr.Jones nodded his head in reply to her and waved gently for her to leave. Mr.Jones turned back towards the middle age man. He can see that he's looking off into the distance in deep thoughts. "Mr.Santino..." Mr. Jones said as he broke the mans focus. He looked away from the view and towards Mr Jones. "We shall continue our terms and conditions with the contract three days from tomorrow. I had Miss Marie set up a guest room for you and your wife. Along with a second room for your children that connects to your room." Mr. Jones continue to speak. He extended his firmly built powerful arm to lead the way. "I have dozens of brochures set up in your guest room, to enjoy your stay here while we wait to finish our contract to combined our businesses." Mr.Jones said to Mr. Santino. The gentle man gave a business smile to Mr.Jones and nodded in agreement. They continue to talk as they walked down the main hall in the mansion and to the dining room. Once they arrived they noticed the chef had the food prepared and was waiting for their arrival. Mr.Jones smiled as he greeted Mr.Santino wife along with her children and had them seated for dinner. "Mr. Jones are you not dinning with us?" Mr. Santino asked Mr.Jones. He smiled at Mr.Santino and shook his head no as he spoke. " No Sir. I'm going to help my wife with the rest of her labor and delivery. Please enjoy the dinner and desserts that my Chef has made!" With that being said Mr. Jones Slightly bowed then turned towards the dining room double doors and left. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Mr.Jones walked into the delivery room and straight to his wife bed side as she was breathing through her painful contractions. Once he was beside her he gently laid his left hand on his wifes hair and bagun to pet her softly. He took his right hand and slipped it into her hand. Mrs. Jones allowed his hand into hers. Soon as Mr.Jones arrived She felt more comfort and begun to relax a little more. As the contractions started to get worse with pain. She started to squeeze his hand to let him know when it happens. Mr.Jones knows she can do this with out him. She can do everything or anything with out him. But he refuses to let her do it alone. He continued to make her feel comfortable through the contractions the best that he could. Mrs. Jones looked over to the window for a distraction and noticed the storm in the distances has finally arrived. The thunder booming made rumbles through the empty hallways and rooms. Lightning striking and brightens up every room. The sound of rain pouring down on the roof and windows. Mr.Jones looked at his wife as he noticed the concern in her eyes and gave her a soft kiss on her forehead said. "She knows how to pick a perfect time to make her grand entrance. I promise nothing will happen during the storm." He moved his hands into position to help her push. Mrs.Jones gave him a slight smile as she rolled her eyes and continued to breathe through her contractions. "Alright Mrs. Jones the baby is crowning now. When I say push, you push and count to ten inside your head. Once you reach to ten stop intill i say push again and repeat. Understand?" The midwife said to her. She nodded her head and squeezed her husband's hand. Lightning stuck as thunder followed behind. She look up towards the ceiling waiting for the contraction to come. "Alright Mrs.Jones now push!!!" The midwife said. Mrs.Jones started to push and started to count inside her head. Feeling the stretching of her walls thats being widen by the head as the baby was being pushed out. "Alright you can stop pushing now Mrs.Jones." She rolled her eyes and took long deep breaths to ease the pain. Having a baby head stuck in a small narrowing passage is extremely painful and very uncomfortable. As soon as Mrs.Jones went to say something she begun to feel the extreme pain again. Mr.Jones placed his hand back on her hair and wisper in her ear. "Hang in there Hun. Just a few more pushes and she'll be here." He Continued to stroke her hair but Mrs.Jones didnt feel any ease with his help. She felt the pain get even worse and started to feel the contraction. Not waiting she started to push before she was even told too. She push harder this time, hard enough so she can hurry the pain up to end it. She Didn't count but instead she held her breath and waited to hear any sounds from anyone. A few moments later a small cry broke the room tension. Mrs.Jones can hear her baby cry and she feel all her emotions collide at once. Wanting to cry herself in relief with the baby. "Alright Mrs.Jones!.. Just...One...More push!!!". She Didn't wait any longer and pushed for a final time. She felt the pain suddenly disappeare and a small beautiful blue eye baby girl was placed in her arms. Mrs.Jones started to cry for joy with relief and begun breast feeding her. Mr. Jones leaned over gave his wife and his new born daughter a kiss.

Mr.Jones went to gather his Three sons to see their mother and to meet their new baby sister. He found Marcus First in the hallway outside the room studying up on his math. Victor was helping Hector with his science homework Towards the end of the hall. Mr.Jones call to the two boysdown and had them go into the delivery room. "Children.... I would like you to meet your baby sister Lillian Rose Jones!. She will be the last born to our family. She's the one that can end this bloodly war from getting any worse! Your jobs are to help raise her of her surroundings. To teach her martial arts and protect her from those that will try to harm her. She will learn every we know with education, our business and the job of a house wife with being a mother..." He said to his children with a low firm tone. The three boys nodded in a understanding and took turns holding her. They noticed she had a head full of wavey dark brown hair. That her eyes are bright blue like the oceans and her lips were full like a movie star. They could smell the baby wash they used on her and see her wrinkly hands and feet. When it was Marcus turn to hold her, he cradled her and she fell asleep with in seconds. He held her for Several mintues and took in the little sleeping beauty appearance. Shortly after his father had him give her to his mother for her feeding. Marcus looked at his dad and said. "Father... She will be a handful of trouble some as she gets older" Mr.Jones smiled at Marcus and held his face. "And thats were the three of you will come in to always be there for her when she needs it. As she has chosen you to be her guardian " Mr.Jones replied back to marcus. Marcus looked into his father's eyes and nodded his head. He got his brothers and headed to bed. Mr.Jones Looked back at his wife and seen she had a extremely worried face. She knew of the contract that her daughter was part of. The contract that can stop alot of bloodshed between many business rivals. she knew how ruthless and cold hearted the others are. She feared for her daughter future. Mr.Jones himself frown at Lillians future knowing his only daughter life is on the line. She was the key to saving both families, both business and many of others lives and blood shed between rivals. He glanced out the window and seen the storm came to an end. He noticed the skies were clear as the moon was high in the sky. full and bright with the stars shinning around it. All they can do is teach her what they know to survive through this.

HdoubleC HdoubleC

Hey guys! Im super totally sorry. last few days I was figuring this writing out with this app that i messed up alot. I was also a little excited bout writing that I wrote to quick and left out alot of details. i re-wrote chapter One. please enjoy you reading and let me know ;)

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    I can't wait the next chapter. Pls write it.

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