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Chapter 95: Discussion 2

Sona frowned upon hearing Shiroe. "So you are saying, Zern Crystal is not a safe?"

"Yes it's not. The crystals brings impending danger it needs to dispose immediately." Shiroe said while cupping her chin with her hands.

"I think it's not possible. Opposing Ellen Zern is not a good idea." Sona suddenly said.

"Sona is right Shiroe, the influence of Ellen Zern is global. There are many people behind her." Reina followed Sona.

Shiroe then squinted her eyes as she sighed. "That's really troublesome... However, we can't let the virus spread. It hurts my Shido, there is no way I would ever forgive it."

Sona and Reina fell silent. They also knew that opposing Ellen Zern whose influence is so massive that mlst of the people in the world is supporting her. If they tried finding fault from her, it's the same as seeking trouble.

But, the rage inside their hearts cannot be suppressed easily. Thinking their love ones is in danger cause them to think reckless ideas.

"Shiroe is right, how could we just stand here and do nothing. Our love ones is in danger, there is no way there is nothing we can do." Sona agreed to Shiroe. Her frown deepened as she think of possible ideas to tackle the situation.

"As for Shido there is no neer to worry about him. He had already a plan in mind. Shiyuki has the most problematic situation right now, because her mind is already corrupted from the virus. No matter how I tried to purify the curse it's still keeps coming back. I think the only way is to extract the heart." Sona revealed something that shocked the two mage.

"You mean with your level 10 magic you could not purify it?" Sona said as she look at Shiroe intently.

"Yes, It's true. I've never thought that the curse is too powerful." Shiroe nodded to Sona's questioned.

Shiroe already told them that she was a light grimoire. For her who specializes in Purification couldn't purify the curse from the crystal heart there is no way Shiroe could accept the reality. However she knows that there is a sky beyond the sky... Shido taught her that she shouldn't think like a frog in the well.

Shiroe thinks that the culprit of the virus is level 12 above. After all, Shiroe can purify curses one level above her current level. She kind of regret wasting her time inside her personal space and did not think of increasing her strength at all.

"A level 10 Shiroe could not purify the curse, doesn't that meant that the mastermind behind the crystal is stronger than Shiroe." Reina said but her face paled despite being submerge in hot water.

Sona listened to Reina and responded. "They should be level 12 above... Looks like our enemy is too powerful to deal with."

Sona clenched her hand into fist as her brows creased. Shiroe stayed silent as she tried to think a plan inside her mind.

Fuuka who stayed silent this whole time spoke up. "Ano, What is this level are you talking about?"

Reina answered Fuuka's question."Ah, that is how mages measure their strength. If a mage has one elemental magic that means they are level 1 mage. So if they reached the peak of their elemental magic reaching new level, for example, A level 1 Fire magic would level up to level 2 however that does not meant the mage is already level 2 mage. We classified a mage by their number of their Elemental attributes. So if a mage has 2 type of magic they are classified as level 2 mage. But, the classification has it's flaw. Just like Shiroe, She only had 3 magic attributes. Mainly Light, Space-Time and Unique magics. In mage society shiroe should be a level 3 mage. Shiroe would be labeled as Level 3 mage or Magic level 10 mage, if we combined these two categories then we would came up Level 3-Grade 10-Mage... Do you understand now Fuuka?" Reina lectured Fuuka who listened to Reina carefully. Unbeknownst to them Fuuka is getting dizzy by the hot water.

Mages has strong bodies even they we're level 1. A hot water is nothing to them but for Fuuka who is just a normal human. Sitting in the hot water for a long time can cause severe heat illness or nausea.

Shiroe eye is sharp so sbe notice that Fuuka is at her limit. So she said. "Girls we should get out now. Let's discuss this again once we done changing."

Sona snapped out from her thoughts as she nodded her head. "Let's do that. I swear even if our enemy is too strong I can't let them get away with this easily. Hurting my sister is unforgivable."

Reina helpled Fuuka getting out from the hot water as she pulled the dazed Fuuka out from the hot spring. Reina helped fuuka change into yukata.

If shido saw these four women in a beautiful yukata, He woul be very pleased to see them.


"Kana-nee, You trust me right?" I said to Kana.

Shido drag Kana for a talk, pulling her wrist as they walked through the hallwat. She got confused why her brother is so secrecy, but stunned when she heard his question.

"Of course I do. You are my precious brother after all." Kana gave me a sweet smile that could melt my heart but I know it's not the time for that.

"Thank you Kana-nee... I love you so much." My expression softened as I leaned towards her, giving her lips a peck.

"Shido you're so bold." Kana said with a teasing smile.

I didn't respond because we arrived in the location I prepared earlier. I feel ike I miss something.

"Ano, I think you've forgotten I'm with you."

Ah! Of course how could I forgot about her. Sakaki Akane, the young nurse. She also gave me her precious first time, I feel like I'm a scum for forgetting her.

"Oh sorry Akane, My mind is in mess right now." I apologize to Akane. Then added. "I will compensate you later on."

Bowing my head to Akane.

"No no no, please don't do that. Shido-san please don't treat as if I'm a stranger." Akane said with a saddened face.

I suddenly felt prickly on my waist as saw Kana pinching me. I look at her confused.

"Stupid Shido, Is your mind still working? Do you realize what you just said." Kana whispered.

Ah! Arranging my thoughts properly inside my mind. I then found the problem, that made me clicked my tounge but my action was misunderstood by the two. Akane's eyes moisturized as tried to hold back her tears while she felf pain in her heart.

Kana was ready to lash out but I stopped her by saying. "Kana-nee there is no time to waste... Akane I'm very sorry for treating you like that. I promise I will give you an explaination later. So please don't cry... I also want you to be brave because I need your strength later."

I snaked my hand around Akane's waist as I pulled her closer to me. Using my other hand to stroke the side of her face as I look at her softly. Then planted my lips to her's.

Akane's heart warmed up. The pain in her heart earlier lessened. She was then puzzled as why Shido need her strength.

Separating my body from Akane. I turn my attention to Kana. "Kana-nee, Take this."

Kana unconsciously grab the folder on my hand. She didn't realize where the folder came from but she was still thinking what is happening to me. Why did her brother who acted stupid earlier has an air of confidence sorrounding him now.

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry seeing Kana's reaction. I kind of guessed what she is thinking. "Kana-nee without further ado please take care of me. Read the folder first. I'll entrust you with my body. Questions is for later."

I summoned a trolley in front. Ignoring the shocked face Akane. Unceremoniously laying my body down on the trolley bed. Without wasting time I cut off my concsiouness leaving my body in the care of my sister.

Kana snapped out from her daze as she hurriedly opened the folder, she found a paper with instructions inside but what shocked her the most.

"Heart transplant." Kana read the line written on the paper. She wanted to ask Shido but when she saw him laying on a trolley bed she didn't know how to react. She grab Shido's wrist, checking his pulse she found it's normal.

Kana continued reading until she read the last line. "Kana-nee I know you will find this situation weird but please don't hesitate. I know you are a smart girl, I bet you already know that something is up. I will answer all your question after the surgery.

P.S: Please don't be angry."

Kana frowned as she stayed silent for a whole minute then released a heavy sigh. She turn to Akane whose face was filled with shocked and confusion. "Akane, Work!"

"Y-Yes!" Unconciously Akane responded. Snapping her in her daze.


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