36.36% GBF: The End Of The Road / Chapter 4: Chapter 4:

Chapter 4: Chapter 4:

Eclipse's wolf looked more muscular than a year ago. He was covered in scars, including one over his face. That one seemed old. It was the one that the monster gave him.

Eclipse didn't seem to recognize me, he led us to the council house. An extra room was added, a jail cell, just a single jail cell.

He guided us in and shifted to shut and lock the door. Dylan looked directly at Aspen, "Do you know him?"

Eclipse looked at me, as if he recognized me but didn't remember who I was.

"I have no idea who he is," Aspen explained as she looked at me instead of Dylan. She wanted answers.

Answers I couldn't give her.

"Blaire, bust down the door like you did when we kidnapped you," Dylan said.

I shook my head, "Bad idea."

"Why, what's bad about the idea? We can leave!"

"Because these people aren't like us."

My radio clicked in my ear.

"Carla, hey we've got prisoners for trespassing. We wanted to know if you knew one of them. A brown wolf by the name of Aspen apperently. She's got powers like Eclipse had." Henry explained

I ignored the message and sat down on the floor. An hour went by before Henry actually came to question us. First Aspen was questioned. Then Dylan. And finally they came to get me.

"Come on," Henry ordered, "Your turn."

I nodded and walked out. He guided me to the conference room where he sat me down. He set me down at a chair and attached my handcuffs to the back of the chair.

I didn't fight back, it was obvious that nobody recognized me.

Cleo, Charlotte, Eclipse, Gena, and Henry sat down in chairs infront of me. Eclipse stared intently at me, as if he was trying to remember where he knew me from.

"What's your name?"

Was I going to tell them they've handcuffed their mother?

I slowly shut my eyes and reopened them.

"Your name! What is it?" Gena snapped.

I looked up at them, "Did Aspen tell you her name?"

They all nodded.

"Did the guy?"

They nodded.

"Good for them, they've learned nothing," I said with an eyeroll.

"Okay well why are you here? Why were you trespassing?" Cleo peacefully asked.

"That's classified," I answered in a monotone voice.

Cleo got in my face, "Listen here punk, you're going to answer the questions or we're going to make you."

I looked over at Henry, "Your border control sucks, by the way. What happened to having civilians volunteer?"

Henry sat back in his seat, "How do you know about that?"

"I've been in and out a few times."

Cleo sat down in her seat.

Charlotte let out an annoyed growl under he breath.

"So you're the masked murderer that comes in every so often and kills someone?"

I shrugged.

"Answer the question." Charlotte growled.

"That's classif-"

My answer was interrupted by Charlotte right hooking the left side of my face.

I ran my tongue over my teeth to make sure they were all still there. A metal taste flooded my mouth. She busted my jaw.

"Rude," I answered with a smirk.

"Answer the questions or we'll have no choice other than to keep doing that," Cleo peacefully explained.

Charlotte looked at Henry, "Too bad Liam's not here to hug of death her."

I shook my head, "You speak torture like it's a day to day thing."

Everyone shot their heads at me.

"Too bad you don't have your lion here to torture me, she's really the only person who would." I smirked. I knew if I angered then enough then I'd have a chance to escape. I didn't want to be in this town. Lucky for me I know everyone's trigger points.

Charlotte's facial expression hardened. She was furious.

Henry was getting antsy too.

Gena and Cleo had enough of the situation by now.

Eclipse was still staring at me.

"Are you gonna let me out of these cuffs or am I going to have to let myself out?"

"You're going to answer questions or we're going to make you." Henry urged.

"Listen," I growled, "You've said that twice and you're no closer to finding out who I am than you were before. You might as well let me free because I'm not going to answer any of your questions."

Henry had enough. He grabbed me by my throat and shoved me into the wall. The whole chair was lifted off the floor. I smiled at him, "What are you gonna do? Kill me? Let's see how well that goes for you."

Eclipse stood to his feet. His whole body structure shifted from confusion to anger. I'm screwed if Eclipse gets into this.

He grabbed Henry by the collarbone and chucked him over the table. I used my power to snap the cuffs and took off for the door. My arm was grabbed. Then my other. I was whipped around to face Eclipse. I had to look up to see his face since he's a foot taller than me.

He looked down at me. His body language was tightened like he was angry but he was starting to tear up. Eclipse pulled me into the hallway and slammed the door shut. I could see Aspen and Dylan in the jail cell a few meters away.

Eclipse pulled me into a tight hug.

"Don't you ever leave again," his voice cracked as he whispered. He tightened his hug and cried into the side of my head. He was too tall to tuck his face in my neck like everyone else does.


"No, Carla, plea-please don't ever leave," he cried, "It's been so hard here without you. I've been looking for you everywhere."

"I know Eclipse, I've seen you."

"I've seen you too," he answered, "I didn't know it was you."

He slowly pulled out of the hug and just looked down at me. Several tears openly rolled down his pale cheeks.

"Trying to grow a beard huh?" I lightly laughed, trying to change the subject. He had a short scruffy beard trying to grow.

His expression didn't change, "Please don't tell me you're leaving again."

I looked down at my shoes to avoid the question. He softly used his hand and lifted my face up to look back up at him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Please don't tell me you're leaving again," he repeated in a more pained voice.

"I'm just here on a job," I answered as I turned my eyes so I wasn't looking up at him. I slowly closed my eyes and opened them again. I was trying really hard to blink past tears. This is why I left without telling anyone.

"Then let me come with you and I'll work with you," he urged.

"No Eclipse," I put one of my hands over his and looked up at him, "They need you here."

"But I need you here," Eclipse's voice cracked over the tears, "I've already lost everyone else, please don't tell me I have to lose you twice."


"Carla I can't lose you twice, you're my best friend. Please don't leave."

"I'm going to work this job and then I'm going back to my house."

"This is your home!" Eclipse tried to shout through tears but just sounded more pitiful.

"It hasn't been since they left. It will never be home without them. Home isn't a place, it's the people. This isn't my home! This place reminds me too much of them."

"You dont think that hurts me?" Eclipse shouted, "You don't think I want to break down every time I walk past their bedrooms? Every time I look out back? They were my friends too Carla! I miss them as much as you do!"


"You're the last person I have left, nobody else here cares about one another. Everyone was connected to you but Liam, Nathan, Carter, Kathy, and Madelyn were the only ones that were really friends with each other. Gena, Cleo, Charlotte, and Henry are really only connected to you. Henry and Charlotte have a weird sibling vibe going on like they hate eachother and the only time anyone smiles anymore is when you've contacted them."

I looked down at the floor, "Eclipse I'm leaving after this job."

"You never let me say goodbye," Eclipse sighed.

"Because if we said goodbye then I knew it would be the last one and I didn't want to face that reality."

"Carla I was awake that day, I couldn't move but I was awake. You said goodbye to everyone. Why didn't you let me say it back."

"Because I thought you were dead Eclipse."

"Why did you say see you soon?"

I closed my eyes and had a flashback.

When I reopened my eyes Eclipse was looking at me like I had five hundred heads.

"Because I had a plan to bring everyone back."

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