29.41% Love Yourself: Wonder / Chapter 9: Chapter 8

Chapter 9: Chapter 8


The doorbell rang at the Yoo's residence. Willow opened the gate and saw her nephew, Hayden.


Greet Hayden to Willow and then bowed.


Greet back Willow to Hayden and let him in.


Asked Willow while both her and Hayden enters the house.


Answered Hayden to Willow. She just nods and take a sit at the couch. Hayden go up the stairs and saw Yeonae's door was open and he saw her who's laid down on her bed then he knocks at Yeonae's door. Yeonae takes a look at the door while she's lying on her bed.

"Why did you go here without even texting me first?"

Asked Yeonae as she sit on her bed. Hayden just walk towards Yeonae's bed and take a sit, too.

"I'm just gonna ask you a favor."

Answered Hayden to Yeonae. She just sits closer to her cousin, Hayden.

"Hmm.. I wonder what would I get in I in exchange?"

Asked Yeonae to Hayden as if she was teasing him to buy her chocolates.

"I'll do everything for a week. Just please.. Please comfort Micha."

Answered Hayden to Yeonae. Her facial expression quickly turned from teasing to being awfully concerned.

"Wae(Why)? What happened? What did you do to her?"

Asked Yeonae to Hayden a little bit furious. Hayden just looks at Yeonae then look down at the floor.

"I.. I broke up with her."

Answered Hayden to Yeonae. She looked at him with wide eyes.


Asked Yeonae to Hayden unbelievably. He sighed.

"I can't fight anymore. I'm tired of fighting for us. It's just.. Too much for me."

Answered Hayden to Yeonae as he touch his forehead with both his hands.

"There's no 'too much' when it come to love, Hayden. There'll never be 'too much' in love."

Said Yeonae to Hayden while she shook her head looking at him.

"But we've been fighting for our relationship for too long. And her parents.. They are against me  of being Micha's boyfriend. After all those years proving them that I'll be worth of Micha, they never listened. They never pay attention."

Said Hayden to Yeonae. Then suddenly, a tear fell from his eye. Yeonae caress his back and he started crying.

"What did Micha said?"

Asked Yeonae to Hayden as she continued caressing his back just to comfort him.

"She told me to hold on. She told me that we're almost near our happiness. She told me that we're almost near from proving her parents that I'm worth of her. She told me that we're almost near. Huh.. Almost.. Such a harmful word."

Answered Hayden to Yeonae as he continued crying and letting it all out. Yeonae sighed.

"Maybe it's better this way. Maybe she'll find another man who will never give up on her. Maybe she.. Maybe I broke her heart so severely that she couldn't love anymore. Maybe.."

Added Hayden but he cried even more after he said those things. Yeonhun suddenly appearedin Yeonae's room.

"Do you guys want some water?"

Asked Yeonhun to both Yeonae and Hayden. She just nods as an answer on behalf of Hayden. Yeonhun just walks down at the stairs, go to the kitchen and took a pitcher and two glasses for Hayden and Yeonae.

"Stop thinking negative thoughts, Hayden. It'll just worsen your heart break."

Said Yeonae as she tries to calm Hayden down. He shook his head.

"I can't. What if Micha became depressed because of our break-up? What if she feels numb after that? What if.. What if.."

Said Hayden as he continued to cry. Yeonae doesn't know what to do anymore, that's why she decided to hug Hayden from his back. Yeonhun appeared again, carrying a pitcher and two glasses.

"What happened to Hayden?"

Asked Yeonhun to Yeonae as he placed the pitcher and the glasses at the bedside table.

"He broke up with Micha. And now he can't stop thinking about her or what will now happens to her."

Answered Yeonae to her older brother, Yeonhun as she let go of her hug to Hayden. Yeonhun sits at the floor in front of Hayden and then he hold Hayden's shoulder.

"If you always think that proving Micha's parents that you are worth being her boyfriend, then you need to think again, Hayden. Proving someone that you are worth it only makes you look so desperate and unloved. If you want to work things out with Micha, then think of the things that makes you both happy and contented. Think of the things that you love about her. Not the things you need to prove to her parents. I know that you've been fighting for your relationship with Micha for almost 2 years now. But it was only the start of the obstacle in a relationship. Just hang in there, okay?"

Said Yeonhun to Hayden who's now stopped from crying. Yeonae just sighed in relief.


Answered Hayden to Yeonhun then he wiped his own tears. Yeonhun smiled at him and tapped his shoulder.

"Be strong for the both Micha and you. We're always here to support and comfort you both."

Said Yeonhun as he stood up and filled the glasses with water. He then gave the glass of water to Hayden and the other one to Yeonae.

"Gamsahabnida(Thank you), Yeonhun hyeong(older guy/brother *male to male*)."

Said Hayden to Yeonhun after he drinks the water then smiled at Yeonhun. He smiled back at Hayden.

"If you guys needed anything, I'll be in my room."

Said Yeonhun as he walk towards the door.

"Oh, and Yeonae."

Called Yeonhun to Yeonae. She just looks at him with wide eyes.

"Go outside and inhale some fresh air. You too, Hayden. You need it most."

Said Yeonhun to both Hayden and Yeonae then finally walks towards his room.

"You heard what he said. Let's get out and inhale some fresh air."

Said Yeonae as she got off from her bed, take the pitcher and walks out of her room. Hayden just stood up and then followed Yeonae.

"You're gonna go outside wearing that short shorts and an oversized t-shirt?"

Asked Hayden to Yeonae as they put the pitcher and the glasses at the counter.

"Mwo(What)? We're just gonna go at the play ground."

Answered Yeonae to Hayden as they walk now towards the main door.

"Yeah, right."

Said Hayden to Yeonae as they close the gate after they got out of the house and walk towards the playground, which is a little bit far from Yeonae's house. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


"So.. What's gonna happen next?"

Asked Yeonae to Hayden as they walk. He just shrug he's shoulders and pouts.

"I don't know. Maybe I need some time alone right now. You know.. Just to think this through. I don't wanna make another decision because of my temporary emotions."

Answered Hayden to Yeonae. She looked at him then looks away then shrug her shoulders.

"Heh. Good for you."

Said Yeonae as she smiled while looking down the ground.

"Do you think Micha will let me be her boyfriend again if I asked her?"

Asked Hayden to Yeonae as he looks at her.

"Hmm.. I'm not sure. But if you already know that she really loves you, then trust her. No one can answer that question but only Micha herself."

Answered Yeonae to Hayden's question as she looks at him then smiled like a child. He smiled back. But he only gave her a weak smile.

"You can have all the time you want just to think it through. And also, always remember what Yeonhun oppa(older brother/guy *female to male*) told you earlier."

Added Yeonae to what she said to Hayden. He just chuckeld then looks down the ground.

"What would you do if you're in my shoes?"

Asked Hayden to Yeonae while he's still looking down the ground as they walk.

"Hmm.. Maybe I'll hold a little tighter, fight a little longer and think about my partner's feelings a little bit more. But I don't know if I could really do that if that kind of situation happens to me in reality."

Answered Yeonae to Hayden's question. He let out a heavy sigh as they finally reached the play ground.


"It's a good thing that there's no kids in here, huh."

Said Yeonae as she tries to cheer Hayden a little bit.


Said Hayden as they walk towards the swing and takes a sit there.

"You know.. I was thinking.."

Said Hayden to Yeonae as he held on the chains of the swing.


Asked Yeonae to Hayden as she swing.

"What if I changed my mind? What if I finally let go of Micha? What would happen? But what if I go back to her and fight for our relationship again? What if I hold a little tighter? What if I fight a little longer? What if I think about Hwachae's feelings a little bit more? Will Micha's parents finally accept me? Will they give me the blessing to be their daughter's boyfriend?"

Asked Hayden continuously to Yeonae. She quickly stopped swinging and looks at Hayden.

"Just take it easy you dummy. Take one step at a time. ONE AT A TIME, OKAY? ONE. AT. A. TIME."

Answered Yeonae to Hayden.

"You're too advance to think that kind of stuff. Just be happy about the present because you could change the future in every decision you make."

Added Yeonae on what she said to Hayden and continued swinging.

"But what i-.."

Asked Hayden to Yeonae but she interfered.

"If you let your anxiety control over you, you'll never feel the happiness you deserve."

Answered Yeonae to Hayden as she stopped swinging again and then hold Hayden's hand for a second.

"But do I really deserve to be happy?"

Asked Hayden to Yeonae as he looks at her with sad eyes. Yeonae's eyes got teary seeing her cousin being like that makes her heart break.

"Of course you do. Everybody deserves to be happy. Even Micha and you deserves to be happy, too."

Answered Yeonae to Hayden's question as she caress Hayden's back, smiled at him and then a tear fell from her eye as she smiled.

"Please don't cry for me, Yeonae."

Said Hayden to Yeonae as he wipe her tear. Yeonae just hit Hayden's arm.

"Aya(Ouch)! What's wrong with you?"

Asked Hayden as he caress his arm that Yeonae hit. She just crossed her arms and then pouts.

"Why wouldn't I cry for you? You're my cousin and the best cousin I've ever had! So don't say that nonsense! You're saying nonsense! And now I'm saying nonsense, too! Thanks to you, dummy!"

Yelled Yeonae to Hayden as her tears fell down from her eyes. Hayden just giggled.

"Stop being like that, kiddo. It doesn't suit you well."

Said Hayden as he finally starts swinging.

"You're my closest cousin and you knew damn well that it suits me pretty well! So don't you dare say that it doesn't suit me well because you always see me being like this and you always told me that me being like this really suits me well!"

Yelled Yeonae again to Hayden as he continued swinging, giggling and ignoring what Yeonae is saying. Yeonae just smiled quietly.

"Hey! Geumanhae(Stop that)! You're making yourself more ugly than usual, Yeonae!"

Shout Yeonhun so suddenly. Yeonae looked at him with wide eyes while Hayden stopped swinging and looked at Yeonhun too with wide eyes.

"An-dwae(No Way)! How'd you know we're here?!"

Asked Yeonae to Yeonhun as he walks closer to her and Hayden.

"Hmm.. I wonder how, too?"

Asked back Yeonhun to Yeonae then he looks at Yeonae then move his eyebrows upward and downwards. Yeonae suddenly had flashbacks of all the moments she's begging her older brother to accompany her at the play ground. And then her face turned red because of the embarrassment.

"Dakcheo(Shut up)."

The only answer Yeonae said to Yeonhun. Hayden just laughed because of Yeonae's reaction. And Yeonhun looks at Hayden.

"So.. What's your decision?"

Asked Yeonhun to Hayden as he went at the back of Yeonae and Hayden to push them at the swing.

"Maybe I just need some time to think this through."

Answered Hayden to Yeonhun as he keeps pushing both Yeonae and Hayden at the swing.

"Love is not a game to be played. You just gotta let your heart decide for your happiness."

Said Yeonhun to Hayden. Yeonae just looks at her older brother confusedly.

"Since when did you became a love guru?"

Asked Yeonae as Yeonhun pushes her too hard.

"When Jisun and I both fell in love with each other."

Answered Yeonhun to Yeonae's question. Hayden and Yeonae looked at each other with wide eyes and then looks at Yeonhun.


Asked Yeonae to Yeonhun shockingly. Yeonhun looks at both Yeonae and Hayden.

"Oh. Did I say that out loud?"

Asked Yeonhun to himself as he stopped pushing Yeonae at the swing.


Asked Hayden to Yeonhun.

"When we're still teenagers. I remember when I confessed my love to Jisun. Since then we became a couple secretly."

Answered Yeonhun to Hayden's question. Hayden looks at Yeonae who's now smiling big time at Yeonhun.

"Please don't use it to blackmail me."

Whispers Yeonhun to himself, hoping that Yeonae doesn't heard it.


Said Yeonae as she get up from the swing and jumps around the play ground because of the happiness she feels for her older brother, Yeonhun and Jisun.


Asked Yeonhun to Yeonae unbelievably. He and Hayden just looked at each other then looks back at Yeonae.

"Jin-jja(Really)! I can't wait when eomma(mum) finds out! She'd finally stopped forcing me to like that darn Jihun back!"

Shout Yeonae so happily as she dances. Yeonhun just stayed quiet, looks at Yeonae then looks down the ground.

"Please don't tell eomma(mum) nor appa(dad) nor Jisun's parents nor Yeonchae. Please."

Begged Yeonhun to both Yeonae and Hayden.


Asked Hayden to Yeonhun.

"Both our parents have big plans for us both and we don't want to disappoint them. I envy you, Yeonae."

Answered Yeonhun to Hayden's question. Yeonae looks at her older brother confusedly as she walk towards him.


Asked Yeonae to Yeonhun as she stood in front of him.

"Because you have the guts to fight for someone really important to you. When eomma(mum) was judging Jaeho in front of you, you always stood up for him. Even though he's not around. I wish I had guts like yours, too."

Answered Yeonhun to Yeonae's question. She just hugged him.

"Someday you will, oppa(older brother/guy *female to male*). Someday you will and I'll support you."

Said Yeonae to Yeonhun. Yeonae and Yeonhun let go of the hug, pulled Hayden to stand up from the swing and they had a group hug.

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A/N: If the WORDS or PHRASES are being CAPITALIZED, it means that they are ACTUALLY SPEAKING IN ENGLISH at that time.

Please rate and vote my story. If you have any suggestion that can help me improve my work, feel free to comment, too. Thank you very much! Lots of love!

Be whoever you wanna be, your only limitation is yourself.

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