35.29% Love Yourself: Wonder / Chapter 11: Chapter 10

Chapter 11: Chapter 10


"Hyeong (older brother/guy *male to male*) can you tell eomma (mum) that I'll just visit Yeonae at their house, okay!?"

Shout Jihun to his older brother, Jiwoo, while he's fixing his hair in front of the mirror near the main door of their mansion.


Shout back Jiwoo to his younger brother, Jihun.

"Can I bring Wonhyeon-a, too?"

Asked Jihun to Jiwoo.

"Does he know?"

Asked Jiwoo back at Jihun. Wonhyeon suddenly showed up and make Jihun carry him.

"I told him earlier."

Answered Jihun to his older brother.

"Okay. Be careful!"

Said Jiwoo to both Jihun and Wonhyeon as he walks towards his car while still carrying Wonhyeon. Jihun opened the door at the passenger's seat and made Wonhyeon sit there then he buckled Wonhyeon's seatbelt and closed the door. Jihun then walk around his car and opened the door at the driver's seat, he then sits there, closed the door, buckled his seatbelt and start the engine of his car and drove away.


"I miss Yeonae nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*) so much!"

Shout Wonhyeon all of a sudden inside the car while Jihun is busy driving. He just chuckled because of Wonhyeon.

"Me too, Wonhyeon-a. Me too."

Replied Jihun to Wonhyeon while he's still smiling while driving.

"Why does Yeonae nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*) doesn't visit me much these past few days samchon (uncle)?"

Asked Wonhyeon to Jihun as he pouts and look at his uncle Jihun.

"I don't know Wonhyeon-a. That is why we're going to visit her at their house today."

Answered Jihun to his nephew, Wonhyeon while he's still smiling non-stop.

"I just miss playing with Yeonae nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*)."

Said Wonhyeon to Jihun and continued pouting.

"Don't worry. Yeonae will play with us."

Replied Jihun to Wonhyeon as he parks at the front of the Yoo's Residence.


Jihun quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of his car then he ran towards the passenger's seat door, opened it, unbuckled Wonhyeon's seatbelt, carry Wonhyeon and closed the door. Jihun ran towards the gate of the Yoo's and press the doorbell.


Shout Yeonhun to his youngest sister, Yeonchae while he's cooking a snack at the kitchen.

"WHY ME?!"

Asked Yeonchae as she walks down the stairs pissed off.


Answered Yeonhun to Yeonae.


Groan Yeonchae as she stomps towards the gate and opened it.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)~"

Greet Jihun to Yeonchae while he's smiling at her. Yeonchae looked at him with shock and she froze.


Shout Yeonhun from inside of their house. He quickly walked out to look who it is and he saw Jihun carrying Wonhyeon. He froze but he gets back to his senses quickly and walk towards Yeonchae.


Said Yeonhun to his youngest sister, Yeonchae while he holds her shoulders to calm her down.

"Come on, Wonhyeon-ie. Let's play a game."

Said Yeonchae to Wonhyeon. Jihun puts Wonhyeon down and then Yeonchae quickly hold Wonhyeon's hand and walk with him inside their house and towards her room.

"What are you doing here?"

Asked Yeonhun to Jihun pissed off while he's blocking their gate.

"Oh. I came here to see Yeonae."

Answered Jihun to Yeonhun while he's still smiling. Yeonhun glares at him.

"You dare see Yeonae-ya after what you have done to her life? Well, you've got some guts. People like you should live in hell and die over and over and over again."

Said Yeonhun to Jihun as he getting into Yeonhun's nerves. Jihun's smile fades away and looked at Yeonhun with his poker face.

"Geumanhae (Stop it), orabeoni (older brother *female to male*). I'll talk to him."

Said Yeonae so suddenly at the door while she's looking at her older brother, Yeonhun. Jihun's smile came back as soon as he sees Yeonae. Yeonhun backs off from the gate and let Jihun enters their house. Jihun quickly takes a sit at the left end of the couch and looks at Yeonae who's still standing at the door. Yeonhun walk towards her after he closed the gate.

"If you want me to accompany you, just to make su--"

Said Yeonhun to Yeonae but she interrupts him.

"No need. I need to face my fear sometimes. If I shout you can interfere between us."

Interrupts Yeonae to Yeonhun. He just sighed, pats Yeonae's head and walk towards the kitchen to continue what he's cooking earlier. Yeonae walk towards the other chair at the right side of the couch and sits there.

"Yeonae, I missed you so mu--"

Said Jihun but Yeonae interrupts her too.

"Why did you do that?"

Asked Yeonae to Jihun while she's looking down the floor.

"What do you mean?"

Asked Jihun back at Yeonae. She secretly clenched her fists because of her anger towards Jihun.

"Why did you do that?"

Repeats Yeonae of her question to Jihun earlier.

"Telling ajumma (auntie) Willow that you're seeing with Jaeho in Jisun nuna's (older sister/girl *male to female*) birthday?"

Asked Jihun back at Yeonae but she stays still, looking down the floor and stayed quiet.

"You know that I love you. And I did that because I love you. I did that to protect yo-"

Answered Jihun to his own question that Yeonae did not answered but she quickly interrupts him again.

"Protect me? Protect me from what? All you have done is hurt me, harm me and now you're saying you did that to protect me!? You're out of your mind."

Interrupts Yeonae while she's still looking down the floor and secretly clenching her fists.

"What!? After all that I have done for you!?"

Asked Jihun to Yeonae pissed off.

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Challenged Yeonae to Jihun. He just groaned because he cannot give her any answer.

"I did not 'hurt' nor 'harm' you! Jaeho did! How many times do I have to tell you that!?"

Asked Jihun to Yeonae as he clenched his fists too.

"And how many times do I have to tell you that I'll never love you back, huh? Eolmana (How many)?"

Asked Yeonae back at Jihun while she's still looking down the ground and still secretly clenching her fists.

"But... I just did that because... Because I'm jealous."

Answered Jihun to Yeonae as he unclenched his fists. Yeonae laughed in sarcasm.

"Jealous? What kind of jealous? Is it the 'she's-my-friend-too' kind of jealous or is it the 'she's-my-girl' kind of jealous?"

Asked Yeonae to Jihun while she's still not looking at him.

"The second one."

Answered Jihun to Yeonae's question. Yeonae chuckled in sarcasm.

"You're not even my boyfriend. You don't have the right to be jealous like that because I'm not yours and I will never be yours to tell others that I'm some kind of a darn property that you own. I'm a person, not a thing that belongs to you."

Said Yeonae as she finally looks at Jihun. But she looks at him full of anger, rage, hurt, disgust and fear. Jihun looks at Yeonae. You can tell by his face that he's very worried at Yeonae, but when you look into his eyes... all you can see is darkness, emptiness, loneliness and nothing more.

"Just calm yourself down, Yeonae. Don't say nonsense things. I know you love me and that is enough for me."

Said Jihun as he tries to calm Yeonae down.

"I said I don't love you! I hate you!"

Yelled Yeonae to Jihun as she hits the chair that she's sitting on.

"When will you ever accept it to yourself that you love me, huh!? Eonje (When)!?"

Asked Jihun to Yeonae as he tries to come closer to Yeonae but Yeonhun quickly blocked his way and pushed him back at the couch.

"Get out! Get the hell out of our house!"

Yelled Yeonhun to Jihun as he points the door that is widely open.

"But I'm sti--"

Said Jihun to Yeonhun but he interrupted him.

"I said get the hell out here! You're not even welcome in here at the first place!"

Yelled Yeonhun to Jihun once again while still pointing at the door. Jihun gets up, fixed himself and walk towards the main door.

"Just bring Wonhyeon-a to me at the car."

Said Jihun to Yeonhun and continued walking towards the gate and hops into his car. Yeonhun quickly faced Yeonae and kneeled in front of her. Yeonae quickly hugs her older brother, Yeonhun. He hugged he back.

"Gwaenchana (It's okay). You were very brave to face him like that. Jal haess-eo (Good job)."

Praised Yeonhun to Yeonae as he tries to distract her because she's easily distracted. They both let go of the hug. Yeonae looks at her older brother as she sniffs.

"Y-you really think so?"

Asked Yeonae to her older brother, Yeonhun. He nods.

"Ne (Yes). I'm so proud of you."

Answered Yeonhun to Yeonae as he smiled at her and wipe her tears. She smiled back at him.

"Thank you so much orabeoni (older brother *female to male*). Thank you very much. I don't know what I should do if you're not here with us."

Thanked Yeonae to her older brother, Yeonhun and then she hugged him once again and then let go after a few seconds.

"Yeonae nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*)!"

Called Wonhyeon happily to Yeonae as he ran towards her to give her a hug. Yeonae hugged Wonhyeon back.

"Why are you crying Yeonae nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*)?"

Asked Wonhyeon to Yeonae as the both let go of the hug. Yeonae just chuckled at Wonhyeon as she wipes her tears.

"Because she's sick, Wonhyeon-a."

Answered Yeonhun to Wonhyeon's question as he pat Wonhyeon's head.

"Get well soon, Yeonae nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*). Let's play together soon!"

Said Wonhyeon to Yeonae and then he kissed her forehead. Yeonae smiled at Wonhyeon and mess his hair.

"Let's play together as soon as I get well."

Replied Yeonae to Wonhyeon as she hugs him once again and let go after a few seconds. Yeonhun carries Wonhyeon and walk towards the door.

"Bye-bye Yeonae nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*)! Get well soon!"

Said Wonhyeon while Yeonhun is now bringing him towards Jihun's car.

"Are you okay, Yeonae eonni (older sister/girl *female to female*)?"

Asked Yeonchae to her older sister, Yeonae. She looked at her younger sister and nods.

"I'm okay now, Yeonchae. Thank you for taking care of Wonhyeon-ie."

Thank Yeonae to her younger sister, Yeonchae.

"NAH. You should thank orabeoni (older brother *female to male*) for making me do it."

Said Yeonchae to Yeonae. That makes her laugh at Yeonchae because of her response.


"Good bye, Wonhyeon-a."

Said Yeonhun to Wonhyeon as he buckled Wonhyeon's seatbelt.

"Bye-bye Yeonhun Hyeong (older guy/brother *male to male*)!"

Replied Wonhyeon to Yeonhun and wave at him. Yeonhun just smiled at Wonhyeon.

"Have a safe trip home."

Said Yeonhun to them and finally closed the door then stood at the front of their gate. Jihun started his car's engine and started driving away from the Yoo's residence.


"I bet you guys are hungry."

Said Yeonhun so suddenly when he goes back in their house. Yeonae and Yeonchae quickly looked at him and ran towards the kitchen. Yeonhun just laughed because of his two younger sisters.

"What did you cook this time, orabeoni (older brother *female to male*)?"

Asked Yeonae to her older brother, Yeonhun while both her and Yeonchae is now sitting at the counter waiting for their older brother's dish.

"Who wants lasagna?"

Asked Yeonhun to both Yeonae and Yeonchae as he teases them with the smell of the lasagna. Both Yeonae and Yeonchae sniffs the smell of the lasagna and got hungrier.


Answered both Yeonae and Yeonae to their older brother, Yeonhun. And finally, he gave them the food and the three of them eat the lasagna in peace.

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A/N: If the WORDS or PHRASES are being CAPITALIZED, it means that they are ACTUALLY SPEAKING IN ENGLISH at that time.

Please rate and vote my story. If you have any suggestion that can help me improve my work, feel free to comment, too. Thank you very much! Lots of love!

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