63.33% Love Yourself: Wonder / Chapter 18: Chapter 17

Chapter 18: Chapter 17



Called Micha and Danica to Yeonae as they ran towards her excitedly.


Said Yeonae to Hayden, Micha and Danica as the group hug.


Asked Danica to Yeonae unbelievably as she look at her with wide eyes.


Asked Yeonae to Danica as she crosses her arms and raise her right eyebrow as she looks at Danica.


Answered Danica to Yeonae's question confusedly.


Asked Micha to Yeonae as she looks at her innocently.


Answered Yeonae to Micha's question while she smiles at her.


Said Danica as she hug Yeonae again.


Said Yeonae but didn't finishes her sentence. She then sighed and smiled.


Said Yeonae as she hugs Danica back.


Asked Hayden to Yeonae suddenly.


Said Yeonae to Hayden as she lets go of Danica.


Asked Hayden to Yeonae.


Asked back Yeonae to Hayden as she looks at him puzzled.


Answered Hayden to Yeonae's question.


Said Yeonae shyly to Hayden but Willow caught their attention.

"I'm so glad you came!"

Said Willow to the seven as she walk towards them at the entrance of the restaurant.

"Thank you for your farewell party for us, too, ajumma(auntie) Willow."

Thanked Yoongi to Willow as the seven of them bowed to her. Willow just smiled at them.

"Oda(Come), oda(come)! You guys can sit wherever you want."

Said Willow to the seven as she guides them.

"Thank you again, ajumma(auntie) Willow."

Thanked Jimin to Willow as he bowed again even if Willow cannot see it.

"I'm the one who should thank you. Thank you for encouraging our starshine to reach for her dream."

Said Willow as she faces the seven, bowed and then smiled at them.

"No need to thank us, ajumma(auntie)."

Said Seokjin to Willow as he shake his hand and smiled at her.

"We're happy to help a friend."

Added Namjoon to what Seokjin said to Willow. Not so far away from where Willow and the boys were standing.. Danica, Micha and Hayden looks at the seven with wide eyes and then looks back at Yeonae.


Said Hayden as he looks at the seven once again and then looks back at Yeonae.


Asked Micha to Yeonae unbelievably as she looks at her with wide eyes.


Answered Yeonae to Micha's question as she caress her nape.


Yelled Danica to Yeonae as she crossed her arms and then pouts at Yeonae.


Asked Micha to Yeonae. Hayden suddenly looks at Micha with wide eyes because of the shock and then looks at Yeonae with wide eyes, too. Yeonae looks at Hayden and then looks at Micha.


Answered Yeonae to Micha's question to her as she shook her head and giggled.


Replied Micha as she hugs Hayden tightly and Hayden's face turns from shocked to relieved real quick. He then hugs Micha back.


Asked Danica to Yeonae once again as she clings on Yeonae and acted like she's crying even if she isn't.


Said Hayden to Danica while he's still being hugged by Micha and caressing Micha's hair.


Yelled Danica as she let go of Yeonae and crossed her arms and pouts once again.


Called Namjoon to Yeonae as the seven of them walks closer to Yeonae and company.

"Namjoon oppa(older guy/brother *female to male*)!"

Called Yeonae to Namjoon as she hugs Namjoon amd he hugs Yeonae back.

"I'm happy that you can come with us tomorrow~"

Said Taehyung excitedly to Yeonae as Namjoon and Yeonae lets go og the hug.


Asked Micha to them shockingly as she looks at them with wide eyes and let go of her hug to Hayden.


Asked Danica to them shockingly too as she looks at them with wide eyes and an open mouth.


Said Hayden to Yeonae as he walk towards her and give her a hug.


Said Yeonae to Hayden, Micha and Danica as she hugged Hayden back.


Shout Danica to Micha as she shakes Micha as if she's just a maracas to her.


Asked Micha referring to how Danica shakes her or maybe Yeonae's flight with BTS tomorrow. No one knows.

"The two of you should stop over reacting."

Said Hayden as he lets go of the hug and looks at both Danica and Micha who is now hugging each other and acting like they're crying even if they're not.

"This is my cousin, Hayden."

Said Yeonae to the seven as she points at Hayden.


Greet Namjoon to Hayden as he smiled at him and wave his hand like a child.


Said Hayden while he's looking at Namjoon with wide eyes as he points at him.


Answered Namjoon to Hayden's question as he smiles at him again.


Replied Hayden to Namjoon as he smiles back at him.


Called Taehyung to Yeonae as he walk towards her and then hugs her. Yeonae hugs back.

"We're so glad that you're allowed to come with us!"

Said Taehyung to Yeonae while they are still hugging.

"I'm so glad, too."

Replied Yeonae to Taehyung as she smiles while they're still hugging each other. And then suddenly, Danica interrupted.

"Don't touch our Yeonae, Taehyung oppa(older guy/brother *female to male*)."

Said Danica to Taehyung as she made them let go of the hug.

"Huh? Wae(Why)?"

Asked Taehyung to Danica as he looks at her confusedly.

"She's already belonged to someone."

Answered Danica to Taehyung's question as she places her arm across Yeonae's shoulder. But Yeonae quickly remove Danica's arm annoyingly from her shoulder.


Asked Yoongi as he looks at Danica with his usual face.

"Someone who cannot come here to say goodbye to her."

Answered Micha to Yoongi's question as she looks at Yeonae sadly.


Asked Jimin to them worriedly as he looks at Yeonae who's now looking down the floor.

"We're sorry to hear that, Yeonae."

Said Seokjin to Yeknae as he walks closer to her to hold her hand but Yeonae quickly looks at them and smiled weakly.

"Mwo(What)? D-Don't be. Gwaenchanayo(It's alright)."

Said Yeonae to them as she smiled at them sweetly. All of them just looks at each other.

"And that is why we made a plan."

Said Danica to break the silence in their atmosphere. Yeonae looks at Danica with wide eyes and saw Danica smiling at her.

"Danica! How could you!?"

Said Yeonae to Danica as she hits her on her arm.

"What? We all know that Jaeho is one of the really important persons in your life."

Answered Danica to Yeonae's question while she's still smiling at her as she caress her arm that Yeonae hit.

"Niga shireo(I hate you)!"

Shout Yeonae to Danica as she hugs her and started crying.

"Nado saranghae(I love you, too)."

Replied Danica to Yeonae as she hugs her back and caress her hair.

"You're really lucky to have them as your friends, Yeonae."

Said Yoongi to Yeonae while he's looking at her and then smiled.

"Don't tell me that you guys are in it, too?"

Asked Yeonae to them as she lets go of the hug and look at the seven.

"Remember when we go shopping with Danica and Micha?"

Asked Jungkook to Yeonae as he walk towards her and wipe her tears on her cheek.


Answered Yeone to Jungkook's question as she nods.

"We told them that we want to help you reach for your dream to be an idol."

Said Hoseok as he walk towards Jungkook and Yeonae and smiled at her.

"We also told them that we're going to Chicago once you're allowed to come with us."

Added Jimin to what Hoseok said to Yeonae.

"And we told them that you won't make it if you can't say goodbye to Jaeho."

Said Danica as she places her arm across Yeonae's shoulder once again.

"That is why.."

Said Hayden but didn't finished his sentence and then looks at Micha who's looking and smiling at him.

"We came up a plan."

Finished Micha in Hayden's sentence and then looks at Yeonae and smiled happily.

"Gamsahabnida(Thank you)~ Thank you very very much~!"

Thanked Yeonae to all of them as she started crying again.

"Aww~ Ulji ma(Don't cry), Yeonae."

Said Jungkook as he pat Yeonae's head while he's now having teary eyes.

"Geumanhae(Stop it)! You're making me cry, too and you know damn well that I hate it!"

Shout Danica to Yeonae as she started crying too and hold Yeonae's left arm.

"I can't... I'm... so happy."

Said Yeonae to Danica while she's still crying and smiling. Micha became teary too and hugged Hayden. He just messes Micha's hair and smiled.


Shout Seokjin to them to make them stop crying.

"Seokjin hyeong(older guy/brother *male to male*) said 'STOB IT'!"

Said Jungkook repeating what Seokjin said as a few tears fell from his eyes. All of the chuckled because of Jungkook and Seokjin.

"Stop acting adorable."

Said Yeonae to both Jungkook and Seokjin as she wipe her tears and smiled at them.

"Am I not adorable, Yeonae?"

Asked Taehyung to Yeonae while he's acting cute in front of her. Yeonae giggled.

"Of course you are adorable, too, Taehyung oppa(older guy/brother *female to male*)."

Answered Yeonae to Taehyung's question and smiled at him cutely.


Said Taehyung as he smiles back at her while blushing.

"I'm happy that you made it."

Said Willow to someone from afar and that caught everybody's attention once again.

"Is Yeonae going abroad?"

Asked Sehui to Willow while she's smiling at her.

"Ne(Yes). Tomorrow."

Answered Willow to Sehui's question while smiling decently.

"I'm happy for you guys~! You have a daughter who's going abroad!"

Said Sehui to Willow happily as she hugs her. Willow smiles and hugged Sehui back.

"Where is she going?"

Asked Jihun to Willow while he's looking at her blankly.


Answered Willow to Jihun as she smiles at him sweetly.

"Is she going there alone?"

Asked Sehui to Willow worriedly as she looks at her with wide eyes.

"Ani(No). She's going with BTS."

Answered Willow to Sehui's question.

"A-re they here, ajumma(auntie) Willow?"

Asked Jisun to Willow shyly as she stutters.

"Yes, Jisun. They're talking with Yeonae and the others right now."

Answered Willow to Jisun and then smiled at her.

"Oh my god! I'm a fan!"

Shout Jisun excitedly as she holds both her cheeks and started jumping.

"And so is your ajussi(uncle) Jeonhyeon."

Said Willow to Jisun as she giggled. Jisun suddenly stopped jumping and then looks at Willow with wide eyes.


Asked Sehui, Jiwoo and other members of the Lee family except Jihun and Jisun to Willow with their wide eyes. Jisun on the other hand, ran quickly towards Yeonae and the others.


Called Jeonhyeon to his wife because of the embarrassment he's feeling at the moment.


Called Jisun to Yeonae happily.

"Jisun eonni(older girl/sister *female to female*)!"

Called Yeonae to Jisun as she hugs her. Jisun hugs her back.

"Bogo sipeo(I miss you)!"

Said Jisun to Yeonae as they both let go of the hug.

"I miss you, too!"

Said Yeonae to Jisun happily. But then, Jisun quickly fix her appearance.

"Introduce me to BTS, please!"

Said Jisun to Yeonae excitedly as she jumps up and down again.

"Are you an ARMY?"

Asked Yeonae to Jisun.

"Ani(No). Duh! Ne(Yes)!"

Answered Jisun to Yeonae as she shake her as if she's like a maracas.

"Alright, alright. Guys, meet Jisun eonni(older girl/sister *female to female*)."

Said Yeonae to the seven as she points at Jisun.


Greet the seven to Jisun and then smiled at her.

"I think I'm gonna faint. Catch me Yeonae."

Said Jisun to Yeonae as she touches her chest.

"Just let Yeonhun oppa(older brother/guy *female to male*) catch you."

Said Yeonae as she step away from Jisun.

"Annyeonghaseyo(Hello)~! It's nice to meet you guys in personal! Can I have a picture with you?"

Asked Jisun to the seven after she greeted them happily.


Answered Yoongi to Jisun.

"Of course!"

Answered Hoseok to Jisun happily.

"Why not?"

Asked Namjoon to Jisun and then he smiled at her.

"Yiiiiieeeeee! This is the best day of my life! Danica take us a picture!"

Said Jisun to Danica as she reached out her phone to her. Danica took Jisun's phone and press the camera button.

"Hana(One).. Dul(Two).. Ses(Three)!"

Said Danica as she took a picture of Jisun with BTS.


Called Jihun to Yeonae all of a sudden and out of nowhere. Yeonae quickly looked at him disgustingly.

"Jeori ga(Go away)."

Said Yeonae to Jihun angrily and then walks away from him. But Jihun quickly hold Yeonae's wrist.

"I just wanted to apologi--"

Said Jihun as he looks at Yeonae helplessly. But Yeonae removed Jihun's hold on her wrist.

"I said go away."

Repeat Yeonae of what she said to Jihun earlier as she looks at him angrily.

"But I wanted to apologize to y--"

Said Jihun as he tries to hold Yeonae's hand but she quickly avoids it.

"Not every apology deserves forgiveness, Jihun. You disgust me."

Interrupts Yeonae to Jihun as she looks at Jihun's hand that tries to hold her hand.

"Ya. I'm trying to apologize here."

Said Jihun to Yeonae as he started to lose his temper.

"Then don't. I'm not gonna accept it anyway."

Said Yeonae to Jihun as she turns around and walks away from him again.

"Why you..!"

Said Jihun as he tries to follow Yeonae furiously.


Called Jungkook to Yeonae suddenly as he ran towards her amd smiled, making Yeonae to stop.

"Who is this?"

Asked Jungkook to Yeonae as he looks at Jihun curiously.

"Someone I disgust the most."

Answered Yeonae to Jungkook's question.

"Ga-ja(Let's go). I'll show you something~!"

Said Jungkook to Yeonae as he places his arms across Yeonae's shoulder as they both walked away from Jihun.

"Who is that guy?"

Asked Jungkook to Yeonae as soon as they are far away from Jihun.

"He's the son of the Lee's. Owner of the listed companies."

Answered Yeonae to Jungkook's question.

"Why do you disgust him the most?"

Asked Jungkook to Yeonae again.

"He's the reason why I cannot be seen with Jaeho when my parents are around."

Answered Yeonae to Jungkook's question sadly.

"I'm not gonna ask you what happened. Let's just have some fun, okay?"

Said Jungkook to Yeonae as he tries to cheer her up and touch her chin. Yeonae giggled.


Replied Yeonae to Jungkook joyfully.

"Where'd you guys go?"

Asked Taehyung to both Jungkook and Yeonae as soon as they come near them.

"Somewhere around this restaurant."

Answered Jungkook to Taehyung's question that makes them laugh except Taehyung himself.

"Very funny, Jungkook."

Said Taehyung to Jungkook as he crosses his arms. Jungkook just continued laughing. Meanwhile...

"You will be mine, Yeonae. Whether you like it or not. Besides, we're already arranged by our parents."

Said Jihun to himself from afar while he's staring at Yeonae.

••Few Hours Later••

"Uhm.. ajumma(auntie) Willow. We'll get going now."

Said Jimin to Willow as he looks at her shyly.

"Jin-jja(Really)? Be careful, okay?"

Replied Willow to Jimin as she smiles at him sweetly.

"Can uhm.. Can Yeonae, Danica, Hayden and Micha come with us?"

Asked Jimin to Willow shyly.

"Sure! Right, sweetie?"

Said Jeonhyeon to Willow as he appeared from nowhere.

"Huh? What?"

Asked Willow to them confusedly.

"We just want to show them in our dance studio."

Said Jimin to Willow happily and then smiles at her.

"Just tell them to come home before dark, okay?"

Said Jeonhyeon to Jimin as he hold his wife's hand and smiles at Jimin.

"Gamsahabnida(Thank you), ajussi(uncle)! We will!"

Thanked Jimin to Jeonhyeon and then he bowed to both od them and quickly ran towards Yeonae and the others.



Complained Danica to Yeonae from the very back seat of the van.


Replied Yeonae to Danica while she's giggling at the back seat of the van.


Shout Danica to Yeonae as she crosses her arms and then pouts.


Shout Yeonae to Danica and the she points the ceiling of the van.


Said Danica to Yeonae sarcastically and then pouts again.

"That was easy."

Said Yeonae as she stares blankly at the windshield of the van.

"What was easy?"

Asked Jimin to Yeonae curiously as he looks at her.

"You guys getting my parents permission."

Answered Yeonae to Jimin, who is sitting beside her, as she looks at him.

"Yeonhun oppa(older guy/brother *female to male*) helped us convince ajussi(uncle) to let you say your farewell to Jaeho."

Said Micha to Yeonae from the very back seat of the van.

"Mwo(What)!? Appa(Dad) knew!?"

Asked Yeonae to Micha shockingly as she looks at her with wide eyes.


Asked Micha to Yeonae cluelessly.

"Don't tell me that you forgot that only ajumma(auntie) Willow forbids you to see Jaeho."

Said Danica to Yeonae as she looks at her with her poker face.

"Oh my goodness. I did."

Said Yeonae as she touches her head with both her hands.


Said Danica to Yeonae as she looks at her with her sassy look.

"Sorry to interrupt you guys but.. someone's following us."

Said Seokjin who is driving the van while he looks at the rear view mirror.


Said Hayden when he saw the car that was following them.

"Argh! That guy always manage to make my blood boil!"

Yelled Danica furiously while she's looking at the car that is following them.

"It's time for plan b."

Said Taehyung from the center seat.

"Mwo(What)? There's plan b?"

Asked Yeonae to them cluelessly.

"Yes. And that means you'll give your clothes to me."

Answered Danica to Yeonae as she looks at Yeonae with naughty eyes and a smirk.

"Noh mi-cheoss-oh(Are you crazy)!? Are you out of your mind, you dummy!?"

Asked Yeonae to Danica as she looks at her furiously.

"Relax! They have extra clothes for you."

Answered Danica to Yeonae while she's still smirking at her.


Asked Yeonae to Danica furiously once again.

"You take off your clothes in front of us~"

Answered Danica to Yeonae's question while she's teasing Yeonae with her smirk.


Shout Yeonae to Danica furiously.

"Danica's out of her mind."

Said Yoongi who is sitted between Jungkook and Taehyung at the center seat of the van.

"See!? Even Yoongi oppa(older guy/brother *female to male*) thinks that you're out of your darn mind!"

Shout Yeonae to Danica furiously as she points Yoongi.

"Ok, then. Let's make Jihun follow us and then watch your moment with Jaeho and tell a wrong story to ajumma(auntie) Willow. AGAIN."

Said Danica to Yeonae sarcastically as she threw another sassy look at Yeonae.


Said Yeonae sounding defeated by Danica.

"Why are you being so shy!? You have a great body shape!"

Said Danica to Yeonae trying to convince her to accomplish their plan b.

"So you expect me to take off my clothes in front of them?"

Asked Yeonae to Danica as she points at BTS.


Answered Danica to Yeonae sassily.

"I'll let it slip this time because of Jaeho. But! The next time you make me do this, you'll be joining me too!"

Said Yeonae to Danica.


Said Danica excitedly. Yeonae started taking off her shirt dress.

"You have a great body shape indeed."

Said Hoseok to Yeonae while he's looking at her. And Yeonae completely took of her shirt dress.

"L-ook away p-lease."

Stuttered Yeonae to Hoseok as she covers her body with her shirt dress.

"M-ian hamnida(I'm sorry)!"

Stuttered Hoseok to Yeonae as he quickly looks away from her and look at the windshield instead.

"Don't be shy, you dumbass!"

Shout Danica to Yeonae.

"You have courage to say that because you're not that one who's taking off her clothes who is surrounded by guys!"

Shout back Yeonae to Danica while she's still covering her body.

"You're going to show it off anyway when you become an idol."

Said Danica as she tries to take Yeonae's shirt dress from her.

"Shut up."

Said Yeonae to Danica while she's not letting go of her shirt dress.


Stuttered Taehyung as he reached out an oversized gray hoodie and short shorts to Yeonae. She quickly took it from Taehyung while her face is turning red.

"Gamsahabnida(Thank you)~"

Thanked Yeonae to Taehyung and both of their faces turned red as a tomato.


Said Danica as she finally take Yeonae's shirt dress from her revealing her body once again, making Yeonae blush even more.

"You wear it, Micha."

Added Danica as she gave Yeonae's Shirt dress to Micha. Yeonae quickly wears the oversized gray hoodie.

"So what's the plan?"

Asked Yeonae to them as she now putting on the short shorts.

"Hurry up before we reach your stop."

Said Seokjin to Micha as she change clothes while Hayden is covering her.

"Both Hayden and Micha will go down from this van. You should hide there, Yeonae."

Answered Namjoon who is sitted at the passenger's seat to Yeonae's question.

"You and Micha can be mistaken as twins because of your body shape, height and hair color. I once mistaken her as you."

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Added Namjoon to what he said.

"But the only left thing to do is to arrange Micha's hair so that Jihun thinks that Hayden is escorting you towards Jaeho."

Said Danica to Yeonae.

"That's brilliant! Who thinks of that idea?"

Asked Yeonae after the praises the idea.

"Me, of course!"

Shout Danica as she raises her head and acted so proud of herself.

"It's actually it's Namjoon hyeong(older guy/brother *male to male*) but he told us to let her take the credit."

Whispered Jimin to Yeonae. She looks at Namjoon.


Asked Yeonae to Namjoon while she's still looking at him.

"I noticed it when we're at the mall."

Answered Namjoon to Yeonae's question as he looks at her in the rear view mirror.

"Good luck."

Said Danica to both Micha and Hayden as Micha finishes changing her clothes.

"But how will they go home?"

Asked Yeonae to Danica.

"Yeonhun oppa(older guy/brother *female to male*) will drive Jaeho's car and he's already waiting there at their stop."

Answered Danica to Yeonae's question while she's now fixing Micha's hair.

"You guys are genius!"

Shout Yeonae to them happily.

"We're here."

Said Seokjin as he stops the van and Yeonae quickly bows her head down to hide. Hayden opened the door at the back of the van and hop out of the van then hold Micha's hand for her to get out of the van carefully.


Shout Danica to Micha as she wave her hand.

"You won't come?"

Asked Hayden to Danica as he places his arm across Micha's shoulder who is standing beside him.

"My parents will kill me if I stayed too late. Besides, they will take me home, right boys?"

Answered Danica to Hayden's question and then she looks at the seven.


Answered Taehyung happily.

"Of course!"

Answered Jimin confidently.

"Be careful!"

Said Danica to both Hayden and Micha as she smiles at them.

"You guys, too!"

Said Hayden to them.

"Now, go, go, go!"

Said Danica to both Hayden and Micha. Hayden quickly closed the door at the back of the van and escorted Micha towards Jaeho's car. And Seokjin started driving once again.

"Nice acting!"

Compliment Hoseok to Danica as he looks at her and smiled.

"Thank you!"

Thanked Danica as she bowed at them.

"He stopped following us!"

Said Jimin happily as he points at the back of the van and they all cheered up.

"Do you guys wanna meet Jang Jaeho?"

Asked Yeonae to the seven joyfully as she tries to stop her smile.


Answered The seven happily. Yeonae giggled because of them.

"Next stop.. the usual."

Said Danica to them and Yeonae looks at her touched.

"Aww.. Danica~"

Called Yeonae to Danica and they both hold hands.


"This is beautiful."

Said Yoongi while he's now walking towards the bungalow at the top of a cliff.

"How did you guys even know this place?"

Asked Taehyung to both Yeonae and Danica as he follows Yoongi.

"Long story."

Answered Danica to Taehyung's question and then smiled at him childishly.

"Yeonhun oppa's(older brother/guy *female to male*) car."

Said Yeonae as soon as she sees her older brother's car.

"Jaeho and Yeonhun oppa(older guy/brother *female to male*) change cars only for today to make you meet him without any distraction."

Said Danica to Yeonae. She quickly ran towards the bungalow and didn't hesitate to go inside. Yeonae saw Jaeho standing at the balcony.


Asked Jaeho to Yeonae as soon as he turns around to see her.


Called Yeonae to Jaeho while she's froze at the door.


Called Jaeho to Yeonae happily and both of them ran to each other and hugged.

"Bogo sipeo(I miss you)."

Said Yeonae to Jaeho as she started crying and hugs Jaeho tightly.

"I miss you, too."

Replied Jaeho to Yeonae and then he kissed her head and hugs her tighter too. And then BTS and Danica finally arrived.

"They look so perfect for each other."

Said Jimin while he's smiling because of Yeonae and Jaeho.

"You think so?"

Asked Danica to Jimin while she's looking at Jaeho and Yeonae.


Answered Jiminnto Danica's question while he's still looking at Yeonae and Jaeho.

"But what if I tell you that they aren't together?"

Asked Danica to the seven while she's still looking at Jaeho and Yeonae.


Asked the seven to Danica shockingly as they look at her with their wide eys.

"I don't know. They won't tell us their actual relationship."

Answered Danica to them as she shrug her shoulders and stared at Yeonae and Jaeho while smiling.


Asked Namjoon to Danica as he stares at Jaeho and Yeonae.

"Ne(Yes). Sometimes I just thought that there's something between them but then Hayden always say to me that if ther is really something between the two of them, they'll tell us in no time."

Answered Danica to Namjoon.

"Did you guys already tried asking the both of them?"

Asked Hoseok to Danica as he looks at Yeonae and Jaeho.

"Micha asked Yeonae but she didn't answered her question directly. In fact, she gave us her damn nonsense logic. Again."

Answered Danica to Hoseok's question and then giggled.

"Then let them be. People needs privacy."

Said Yoongi while he's looking at Yeonae and Jaeho and smiling because of them.

"Tell that to Jihun."

Replied Danica to Yoongi and then she chuckled.

"What happened between the three of them?"

Asked Namjoon to Danica as he looks at her curiously. Danica looks at Namjoon and smiled.

"Sorry but I don't have the right to answer that. It's their story. Not mine."

Answered Danica to Namjoon's question and then looks back at Jaeho and Yeonae who are still crying.

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