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Chapter 21: Chapter 20

~MAY 19 ; HOTEL~

At the lobby of the hotel in New York City...

"Here's the video I wanted you to edit."

Said Suyeon to a young man with a laptop as she gave Taehyung's phone while she's sited at the chair in the lobby.

"Is this the famous Yeonae-ya singing?"

Asked the young man with a laptop to Suyeon as he looks at her while taking Taehyung's phone from her while sited in front of Suyeon.

"Ne (Yes)."

Answered Suyeon to the young man with a laptop.

"I'll do my best."

Said the young guy to Suyeon as he connects Taehyung's phone to his laptop.

"Gamsahabnida (Thank you), Minseong-a."

Thanked Suyeon to the young guy, Minseong.

"Where is she by the way?"

Asked Minseong to Suyeon while he's busy with his laptop.

"Somewhere with the boys."

Answered Suyeon to Minseong's question as she takes a sip from her coffee.

"I hope they're having fun."

Said Minseong to Suyeon, still busy with his laptop.

"I hope so, too."

Replied Suyeon to Minseong as she took another sip from her coffee.


Meanwhile at a mall in New York City...


Said Yeonae while carrying a lavender sun dress decorated with purple flowers and looking at it with sparkles in her eyes and a smile on her mouth.

"Then let me buy it."

Said Namjoon to Yeonae as he walks towards her from somewhere the store.

"A-ni (No)! I- can buy it myself, Namjoon oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Stuttered Yeonae to Namjoon while she's shaking her head.

"But I want to buy it for you."

Said Namjoon to Yeonae as he pouts at her.

"And I want to buy it myself. I insist Namjoon oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Replied Yeonae to Namjoon with a sweet smile on her face.

"If you say so..."

Said Namjoon to Yeonae while smiling.


Called Taehyung to Yeonae while he's carrying a nude color capelet (an outerwear/jacket).


Said Yeonae as she looks in Taehyung's direction.

"Try this~"

Said Taehyung to Yeonae as he gave the nude colored capelet to her.

"Aaahh! This is so cute~!"

Said Yeonae as she took the capelet from Taehyung while she's still holding the lavender sun dress.

"Go on~ Try it~ I want to see it on you~"

Said Taehyung to Yeonae excitedly while pushing her gently towards the fitting room.

"Okay~! Just hold this for me."

Said Yeonae to Taehyung excitedly as she gave the lavender sun dress to Taehyung and then ran towards the fitting room.

"Who pick this?"

Asked Taehyung to Namjoon who's standing near him.

"Yeonae-ya picked it."

Answered Namjoon to Taehyung's question proudly and happily.

"We would be great buddies~!"

Replied Taehyung as he holds up the lavender sun dress to take a look at it while smiling.

"Is it okay?"

Asked Yeonae to them shyly as she walks out the fitting room with head down.

"It suits you well~"

Answered Taehyung to Yeonae's question as he walks closer to her and then fixes the capelet Yeonae's wearing.

"You look okay in every clothes."

Answered Namjoon to Yeonae's question as he comes closer to them and smiles at her.

"Let's buy it!"

Said Taehyung to Yeonae while holding her hands and moving her hands up and down the air.


Replied Yeonae to Taehyung happily as she giggles while letting Taehyung move her hands in his own will.

"Look at me!"

Said Jungkook to the three of them while wearing a bucket hat and sunglasses as he walks towards them.

"Aaahh! Who are you!? Where's Jungkook oppa (older guy *female to male*)!?"

Said Yeonae to Jungkook while acting scared and shock.

"Ya! It's me!"

Replied Jungkook to Yeonae as he removes the bucket hat and sun glasses.

"Who are you!?"

Asked Yeonae to Jungkook shockingly as she covers her opened mouth with her hand while looking at Jungkook.

"Jeon Jung----!"

Answered Jungkook but Taehyung quickly covered Jungkook's mouth.

"Shut it!"

Said Taehyung to Jungkook while still covering his mouth.

"People will come at us when they knew!"

Said Namjoon to them while whispering as he looks around the store.

"I'm just playing with you Jungkook oppa (older guy *female to male*)~"

Said Yeonae to Jungkook while giggling cutely.

"Hahahaha! Nice one, Yeonae-ya!"

Said Taehyung to Yeonae as he lets go of Jungkook's mouth and then high five with Yeonae.

"Let's try different styles!"

Said Yeonae to them out of the blue while sounding and looking excited.

"What... kind of 'different styles'?"

Asked Namjoon to Yeonae puzzled. And then a little later...

"OH MY GOD! You look so gorgeous!"

Shout Yeonae to Namjoon as he walks out of the fitting room wearing a blue wrap dress while wearing a short black wig.

"Geumanhae (Stop it)~"

Said Namjoon to Yeonae as he acts girly in front of the seven.


Compliment Seokjin to Namjoon while laughing with his iconic windshield laugh.

"You look innocent, Namjo-- I mean, Namji nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*)!"

Said Jimin to Namjoon while staring at him.

"You make me flatter~"

Replied Namjoon to Jimin as he acts all girly again.

"Hahahahaha! Suits you well, Namji nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*)! Hahahaha!"

Said Taehyung to Namjoon while laughing so hard at him.

"Then you go change next!"

Said Yeonae to Taehyung as he pulls him towards the fitting room.

"Mwo (What)!? Ani (No)! Ani (No)!"

Said Taehyung to Yeonae while shaking his head.

"Go change!"

Said Jungkook to Taehyung as he helps Yeonae bring Taehyung into the fitting room by pushing him.

"Okay, okay! Stop pushing me!"

Said Taehyung to them as he enters the fitting room when his ears turn red.

"Try this~"

Said Yeonae to Taehyung as she gives him a cloth and a wig.


Shout Jimin to Taehyung as he walks out the fitting room wearing a red drop waist dress while wearing a blonde long hair.

"You're very beautiful, Tae nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*)!"

Compliments Jungkook to Taehyung while smiling at him so widely.

"J-in-jja (R-eally)?"

Stuttered Taehyung to Jungkook as he started blushing.

"Beautiful and sexy!"

Added Hoseok to what Jungkook said.

"Geumanhae (Stop it)!"

Said Taehyung to them as he covered his face with both his hands. Talking about looking cute and beautiful at the same time.

"Tae eonni's (older girl/sister *female to female*) blushing!"

Teased Yeonae to Taehyung as she points at him while smiling endlessly.

"I'm changing my clothes back!"

Said Taehyung as he walks back the fitting room but Yeonae quickly pulled him to make him stop.

"Ani (No)! Were going to take pictures later wearing these!"

Said Yeonae to Taehyung as she pouts at him and looks at him with puppy eyes.


Asked Taehyung to Yeonae unbelievably as he looks at her with wide eyes.

"This is a memorable memory!"

Answered Yeonae to Taehyung as she tried to convince him.


Replied Taehyung to Yeonae defeated.

"He's so cute~"

Said Jungkook out of the blue and Yeonae heard it making her walk towards him.

"Do you like him?"

Asked Yeonae to Jungkook while she's smiling widely.

"Ne (Yes). Wait what? Ani (No)! Aniyo (No)!"

Answered Jungkook to Yeonae defensively as he looks at her with wide eyes.

"Don't deny it~"

Replied Yeonae to Jungkook as she continues to tease him while poking his arms, still smiling like a kid.

"I like him. But only as a friend!"

Said Jungkook to Yeonae defensively as he stopped Yeonae poking his arms.

"Hahahaha! Someone's being defensive~"

Continued teasing Yeonae to Jungkook as she now pinches Jungkook's cheek.

"No I'm not!"

Replied Jungkook to Yeonae as he crosses his arms and then pouts while glaring at her.

"Hahahaha! This is the first time we saw Jungkook act like this."

Said Hoseok to Yeonae while laughing.

"Jin-jja (Really)?"

Asked Yeonae to Hoseok shockingly as she looks at him with wide eyes.

"Ne (Yes)."

Answered Yoongi to Yeonae's question while giggling.

"Who's next?"

Asked Seokjin to all of them curiously.

"Jungkook oppa (older guy *female to male*), you're next~"

Said Yeonae to Jungkook excitedly as she pulls him towards the fitting room.

"Mwo (What)!? Wae (Why)!? Why me!?"

Asked Jungkook to Yeonae while he's trying to escape.

"It's because... you like Taehyung oppa (older guy *female to male*) as a friend."

Answered Yeonae to Jungkook's question while she's still pulling him.

"Ya! Is it wrong!?"

Asked Jungkook to Yeonae again.

"Hmm... Aniyo (No). But we want to see you wear something next~"

Answered Taehyung to Jungkook's question excitedly while smiling.

"Alright! Alright! Stop pulling me!"

Said Jungkook to Yeonae as he walks himself towards the fitting room.

"Can't wait~"

Replied Yeonae to Jungkook excitedly and then she bites her lower lip to stop herself from smiling.

"Ohohoho! Is that really you, Jungkook?"

Asked Hoseok while laughing at Jungkook as he walks out the fitting roon wearing a blue bouffant dress while wearing a medium length brown wig.

"Geumanhae (Stop it)."

Said Jungkook to Hoseok seriously as he glares at him.

"Hahahaha! He's pissed! I mean 'she' is pissed!"

Said Seokjin while laughing and pointing at Jungkook.

"Neo jeongmal gwiyeobda (You are very cute)~"

Compliment Namjoon to Jungkook while giggling at him.

"I like you, too, Jung-ie!"

Shout Taehyung to Jungkook trying to tease Jungkook too, like Yeonae. And that made Jungkook blush.

"Jung-ie's blushing!"

Said Jimin to them as he points at Jungkook who's face is as red as tomato.

"So cute~!"

Said Yeonae while shaking Jimin's arm because she can't take anymore cuteness from them.

"Aah! You've seen enough!"

Said Jungkook to all of them as he ran towards their back to hide.

"Why is he so cute?"

Asked Yoongi while smiling.

"Ooh~ I want to see Yoongi oppa (older guy *female to male*) next~"

Said Yeonae joyfully while smiling like a child.

"I'm next then."

Replied Yoongi as he gladly walks towards the fitting room.

"Oh my... he really looks like a girl..."

Said Seokjin as Yoongi walks out from the fitting room wearing a black A-line dress while wearing a short black wig.

"Let me add a little touch."

Said Yeonae as she walks towards Yoongi and place a gold hairpin on the wig.


Said Yeonae as she finished and walk backwards to see Yoongi with a better view.

"Can I have your number nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*)?"

Asked Jimin to Yoongi being so hopeful and happy.


Answered Yoongi to Jimin's question with his usual poker face.


Shout Yeonae to Yoongi.

"You go next, Yeonae-ya."

Said Yoongi to Yeonae as he walks towards them.

"After you guys finished."

Replied Yeonae while smiling awkwardly.


Said Yoongi to Yeonae as he moved his eyebrows upward and downwards.

"Yeah! You go next, Yeonae-ya!"

Said Taehyung to Yeonae as he pushes her towards the fitting room.

"Here's the clothes."

Said Jungkook as he gave the clothes to Yeonae inside the fitting room.


Said Namjoon to Yeonae excitedly.


Asked Namjoon to Yeonae as she walks out the fitting room wearing a lavender hoodie and denim jumper pants while wearing a black cap.


Replied Yeonae to Namjoon as she points at him and acts all boyish.

"I bet you will look fine in every clothes you wear, Yeonae-ya!"

Compliment Seokjin to Yeonae while smiling and clapping.

"Aww~ Gamsahabnida (Thank you), Seokjin oppa (older guy *female to male*)~"

Thanked Yeonae to Seokjin while smiling widely.

"Wear some more~!"

Said Seokjin to Yeonae as he took some clothes and tries to give it to Yeonae.

"Ani (No)! You go next oppa (older guy *female to male*)!"

Said Yeonae as she rejects the clothes that Seokjin is giving her and pushes him towards the fitting room.

"Mwo (What)!?"

Asked Seokjin to Yeonae shockingly.

"Hurry up! Then next is Jimin oppa (older guy *female to male*) then Hoseok oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Said Yeonae to them as Seokjin enters the fitting room.

"Sexy, Jinnie nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*)~"

Said Hoseok to Seokjin as he walks out the fitting room wearing a red shift dress while wearing a long scarlet wig.

"You look more girly than I am!"

Said Yeonae to Seokjin as she touches her cheeks because of the shock that Seokjin gave to her.

"Beautiful Jinnie nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*)!"

Said Jimin to Seokjin while smiling.


Said Seokjin to all of them and then he strikes a pose making them laugh and happy.

"I'm next!"

Said Jimin as he ran towards the fitting room making them look at him.

"He's excited."

Said Yeonae while staring at the fitting room.

"You can tell right away."

Replied Yoongi to Yeonae while he's arms are crossed.


Said all of them to Jimin as he walks out the fitting room wearing a yellow sun dress while wearing a short blonde wig.

"You look like a girl Jimmie!"

Said Taehyung to Jimin while Jungkook is laughing his ass out.

"I don't want your number."

Said Yoongi to Jimin while his arms are still crossed.

"You're mean!"

Replied Jimin to Yoongi as he pouts at him then crosses his arms too.

"And last... Hoseok oppa (older guy *female to male*)."

Said Yeonae and then Hoseok walks into the fitting room.

"You look like my ajumma (auntie)."

Said Yeonae to Hoseok as he walks out the fitting room wearing a black shift dress while wearing a short black bob wig with a hairpiece on it.

"Ya! How could you say that to me, Yeonae-ya!?"

Asked Hoseok to Yeonae furiously while the others are laughing so hard because of what Yeonae commented on Hoseok.

"No, really... you look like my ajumma (auntie)."

Answered Yeonae to Hoseok with a straight face and the others are still laughing their asses out.

"Let's just take a picture before Suyeon nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*) call one of us."

Said Yoongi and then he chuckled. And they all compress together and then Namjoon raises Yeonae's phone.

"Hana (One)... Dul (Two)... Ses (Three)! Smile~"

Said Namjoon as he pressed the capture button and took a photo of them.

"One more~ Let's do wacky poses!"

Said Yeonae to them joyfully.

"Hana (One)... Dul (Two)... Ses (Three)!"

Count Namjoon as he took another photo of them doing wacky poses. And after they took a photo, the boys quickly change back their clothes and then Yeonae took her phone from Namjoon excitedly.

"I love it~!"

Said Yeonae as she looks at the photos in her phone.

"We looked ridiculous."

Said Yoongi as soon as he sees the picture of them in Yeonae's phone.

"But we have fun~"

Said Yeonae to Yoongi as she looks at him and then smiled at him, making him smile back at her, remove the black cap on her head and then messes her hair. Yeonae's phone suddenly rang and saw Suyeon calling her.

"Suyeon eonni (older girl/sister *female to female)."

Said Yeonae as soon as she answers the phone call.

"Jin-jja (Really)?"

Asked Yeonae to Suyeon joyfully making her cover her mouth.

"Gamsahabnida (Thank you)~ Thank you so much!"

Thanked Yeonae to Suyeon as she bows even if she can't see her bow. And the call ended.

"What is it?"

Asked Jungkook to Yeonae curiously.

"What did Suyeon nuna (older girl/sister *male to female*) told you?"

Asked Taehyung too.

"They finally released my first video in wetube!"

Answered Yeonae to Jungkook and Taehyung's question happily as she started to jump around.

"We're so happy for you!"

Said all of them to Yeonae as they express their support to Yeonae.

"I can't wait to watch it!"

Said Yeonae excitedly still jumping around the store.

ib0nnnnnnn2oo2 ib0nnnnnnn2oo2

A/N: If the WORDS or PHRASES are being CAPITALIZED, it means that they are ACTUALLY SPEAKING IN ENGLISH at that time.

I'm terribly sorry for making you guys wait for this chapter! I've been busy with school these past few days and I'm trying my best to finish this chapter.

And please rate and vote my story. If you have any suggestion that can help me improve my work, feel free to comment, too. Thank you very much! Lots of love!

Be whoever you wanna be, your only limitation is yourself.


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