70.58% Love Yourself: Wonder / Chapter 23: Chapter 22

Chapter 23: Chapter 22


Early in the morning in Suyeon and Yeonae's hotel room while they're in a hotel in Rio de Janerio...

"I hope Yeonae achieve her dream to be an idol."

Said Minseong who is sitting on the bed to Suyeon as he took Jungkook's phone from Suyeon and connected it on his laptop.

"Me, too, Minseong."

Replied Suyeon to Minseong as she took a sit beside Minseong who quickly started editing Yeonae's video.

"She really has a beautiful voice."

Said Minseong to Suyeon while he continued editing the video in his laptop.

"She sure is. And maybe one day, when she finally become an artist... her music can change the world."

Replied Suyeon to Minseong as she becomes hopeful for Yeonae's future and then smiled.

"Does she started writing her own songs?"

Asked Minseong still continuing editing the video.

"Aniyo (No). But she already wrote many poems that can be her songs in the future."

Answered Suyeon to Minseong while still smiling.

"I'll do my best to support her, too."

Said Minseong to Suyeon as he looks at her and then raise his fist as a sign of 'fighting'.

"Gamsahabnida (Thank you), Minseong."

Thanked Suyeon to Minseong as she looks at him and smiled.



Yelled Micha from the other line of the video call in Yeonae's phone.


Asked Danica to Yeonae furiously as she shoves Micha away from the camera for Yeonae to see her.


Yelled Hayden to Danica as he shoves her away from the camera, too.


Yelled back Danica to Hayden as she tries to push him away but failed.

"Goodbye then."

Said Yeonae to them as she slowly presses the end call button in her phone.


Yelled Danica to Yeonae but didn't finished her sentence because Yeonae already ended the video call. Danica called back Yeonae and she answered it with a smirk on her face.


Yelled Danica to Yeonae again but didn't finished her sentence again because Yeonae ended the video call once again. Danica called back again and Yeonae answered the call once again.

"I won't stop ending the call if you continued yelling at me, you dumdum."

Said Yeonae to Danica and then she pouts at her.

"FINE. I'll stop yelling at you."

Replied Danica to Yeonae as she crosses her arms and looks away from Yeonae.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)~"

Greet the seven from behind Yeonae to Danica happily.

"Annyeonghaseyo (Hello)~"

Greet back Danica to the seven joyfully.

"Are you guys at the usual?"

Asked Jimin to Danica as he looks closer in Yeonae's phone.

"Of course! And with Jaeho, too!"

Answered Micha to Jimin's question as she pushed Danica away from the camera.

"Jin-jja (Really)!? Where is he!?"

Asked Yeonae excitedly to Micha.


Answered Danica to Yeonae's question as she moved her eyebrows upward and downwards.

"He has a surprise for you!"

Answered Micha to Yeonae's question excitedly.

"And now you ruined it!"

Yelled Danica to Micha disappointingly.

"Mwo (What)!? I only told her that he has a surprise for her!"

Said Micha to Danica puzzled.


Replied Danica to Micha as she points at her.

"Give me that phone you two."

Said Hayden as he took the phone from both Micha and Danica and then walks around the usual.

"Hayden! I miss you so much!"

Said Yeonae to Hayden happily.

"Not as much as you miss Jaeho. Yeah, I know."

Replied Hayden to Yeonae as he looks at her and smiled at her.

"Where is he?"

Asked Yeonae to Hayden as her eyes becomes teary.

"Somewhere in here."

Answered Hayden to Yeonae as he continued smiling at her.


Called Yeonae to Hayden, making him giggled.

"Just look at the usual first."

Said Hayden as he shows the usual to them.

"Purple haven..."

Said Taehyung and Jungkook at the same time as soon as they saw the usual.

"Jaeho did this only for you."

Added Hayden to what he said to Yeonae earlier as he continued showing the usual to them.

"It's beautiful..."

The only words that Yeonae able to speak as they all saw Yeonae's eyes sparkle.

"Is purple your favorite color?"

Asked Yoongi to Yeonae.

"Ne (Yes)."

Answered Yeonae as she continued looking at her phone while Hayden still walks around in the usual with the phone.

"And Jaeho knows it so damn well!"

Yelled Danica at the background so proudly.

"Shut up Danica!"

Shout Micha to Danica trying to shut her up. And that made the eight giggled.

"But where is Jaeho?"

Asked Namjoon to Hayden as he faces the camera to himself once again.

"Right here."

Said Jaeho as Hayden made the phone faces Jaeho who is smiling joyfully.

"I miss you so much Yeonae."

Said Jaeho to Yeonae as his eyes becomes teary.

"I miss you so much, too, Jaeho."

Replied Yeonae to Jaeho as she started crying once again. Jungkook quickly wipe Yeonae's tears on her cheeks as soon as he notices Yeonae's tears.

"I have one more surprise for you."

Said Jaeho to Yeonae excitedly as he pulls out his phone.

"What is it?"

Asked Hoseok to Jaeho as the eight of them waits for Jaeho.

"Look at this."

Said Jaeho as he shows his phone with the app where he and Yeonae started writing their work.

"Aigoo (Oh my)... your work had 10,000 readers already!? Why didn't it happen to me when I'm still working on it!?"

Complain Yeonae as she becomes a little furious about it.

"Ya! It's our work, you crybaby!"

Shout Jaeho to Yeonae as he points at her furiously.

"It's your work now, Jaeho."

Replied Yeonae to Jaeho satisfied as she smiles at him so proudly.

"Life sure is unfair, Yeonae."

Said Seokjin as he touches Yeonae's shoulder.

"It sure is. But I'm very happy that your work has many readers already. I knew it since the day you asked me if I'm writing stories, I already knew that you'd become a wonderful author."

Said Yeonae as she stares at Jaeho on her phone while still smiling so proudly of Jaeho.

"Jin-jja (Really)?"

Asked Jaeho to Yeonae as his eyes gets teary.

"Jin-jja (Really)."

Answered Yeonae to Jaeho as she continued staring and smiling at him.

"Thank you so much for helping me to become the author I always wanted to be, Yeonae. I'm very lucky to have you in my life."

Said Jaeho to Yeonae as he started crying because he was touched by Yeonae.

"I'm very lucky to have you in my life, too."

Replied Yeonae to Jaeho as she started crying once again, making both Taehyung and Jungkook comfort Yeonae.

"And we're very lucky to have you guys as our friends!"

Said Jimin joyfully to cheer them all up.

"Oh no! We're not friends! We're best of friends!"

Shout Danica so suddenly on the background as she makes herself visible to the eight.

"You oppas (older guys/brothers *female to male*) are like part of our second family!"

Said Micha so suddenly on the background, too as she also makes herself visible on the video call.

"I'm moved~"

Said Hoseok to them as he touches his chest while smiling at them.

"Why are you girls so sweet?!"

Asked Seokjin to them as he acted like he's a volcano erupting while his face turned red.

"I think I'm gone cry!"

Said Jungkook to them as he acted like he's already crying.

"You guys are part of our family as well, too."

Said Yoongi to them while smiling and messing Yeonae's hair, making her giggle.

"Group hug!"

Said the maknae line, Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin to all of them and the seven started hugging Yeonae. And so is the three hugged Jaeho.

"Oh, Yeonae."

Called Jaeho to Yeonae as they released their hugs on both Yeonae and Jaeho.

"What is it?"

Asked Yeonae to Jaeho, curiously.

"Have you made a new poem?"

Asked back Jaeho to Yeonae.

"Well, yes. Yes, I have."

Answered Yeonae to Jaeho's question happily as she nods.

"Can we hear it?"

Asked Namjoon to Yeonae excitedly.

"Please, Yeonae~"

Said Hoseok to Yeonae as he acts cute in front of her.

"Let us hear it, Yeonae."

Said Yoongi to Yeonae, helping Hoseok and Namjoon persuade her to read her newly made poem.

"Okay, okay."

Said Yeonae as she giggles because of the persuasion of Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi.


Said both Taehyung and Jungkook joyfully as they sit still beside Yeonae, ready to listen carefully.

"Reaching my dream isn't as easy as it seems

It will be hard

It will have many obstacles

But I know that it'll be worth it in the end

I won't give up

I'll keep moving forward

I'll do my best every day

So that the people around me will be proud

I won't stop

Someday I'll be at the top

With my friends by my side

I have nothing to worry about

Falling may be painful

The obstacles may be difficult

But I know that they'll be proud of me

And that they'll support me

Reaching our dreams may be hard

But once we've achieved it

Once we've overcome the obstacles

It'll be worth the journey..."

Read Yeonae to them and ending it happily as she looks at her left and right and the looks back at the five while smiling.

"So motivating. I love how your mind works."

Compliment Yoongi to Yeonae as he looks at her while smiling and giving her a thumbs up.

"Gamsahabnida (Thank you)~"

Thanked Yeonae as she bows to Yoongi while smiling and then she looks back at her phone to see Jaeho's wide smile.

"That's more like it."

Said Jaeho to Yeonae, making Danica, Micha and Hayden give her a thumbs up, too while smiling.


Said Jungkook as he looks at Yeonae with wide eyes.

"What do you mean by that, Jaeho?"

Asked Jimin to Jaeho confusedly but then before Jaeho speaks, Yeonae looks at them shyly.

"I uhm... I often write sad poems before... that's... what he meant by that, oppas (older guys/brothers *female to male*)."

Answered Yeonae to Jimin's question shyly. Jaeho smiled.

"We're glad that you became more cheerful writing your poems than before."

Said Seokjin to Yeonae as he touches Yeonae's shoulder to make her feel that they're proud of her.

"Me, too."

Said Yeonae as she touches Seokjin's hand, too and smiled at him happily.

"Suyeon eonni (older girl/sister *male to female*) is calling."

Said Namjoon as soon as he took his phone from his pocket and answers Suyeon's call.

"Ya. Why can't I reach Yeonae's phone?"

Asked Suyeon to Namjoon from the other line of the call.

"Her friends from Korea called her."

Answered Namjoon to Suyeon's question.

"Oh, is that so? Then tell them that Yeonae's video has been successfully published in wetube!"

Announced Suyeon to them joyfully.

"Mwo (What)!?"

Said Yeonae shockingly as she looks at Namjoon with wide eyes and a wide smile.


Yelled Micha from the other line of the video call.

"Panuorin ko na nga (I'm going to watch it)!"

Said Danica as she took her phone.

"Ako rin (Me, too)!"

Said Micha as she took her phone, too. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


Said Taehyung looking at Yeonae's phone and the others confusedly.

"What are they saying?"

Asked Jungkook to them confusedly.

"We have no idea, too."

Answered Hayden to Jungkook's question while scratching his head.

"They're both Filipinos."

Added Yeonae to what Hayden said to them as she smiled at them shyly.

"I'll watch it later."

Said Jaeho to Yeonae while smiling endlessly at her.

"Mwo (What)?Wae (Why)?"

Asked Yeonae to Jaeho as she uses her puppy eyes at him to persuade him to watch her video now.

"Can we ask something?"

Asked Seokjin to them both.

"Who's the person that asked you yesterday, Jaeho?"

Asked Namjoon to Jaeho curiously.

"The one you guys heard from the background?"

Asked back Jaeho to them.

"Ne (Yes)."

Answered the seven to Jaeho's question at the same time. Guess who's curious, too.

"She's ajumma (auntie) Myeongjun, Jaeho's eomeoni (mother)."

Answered Yeonae to Namjoon's question happily as she smiled at them.

"Mwo (What)!?"

Said the seven as they look at Yeonae with a shocked expression in their faces.

"She treats me like one of her daughters even though that accident happened."

Answered Yeonae to them with a sad tone as her smile slowly fades away.

"What accident!?"

Asked Jimin to Yeonae worriedly as he touches Yeonae's hand.

"When did the accident happened... Is Jihun with you guys?"

Asked Namjoon to both Yeonae and Jaeho as he looks at them both worriedly.

"Ne (Yes)."

Answered both Yeonae and Jaeho to Namjoon's question at the same time with a sad tone in their voices.

"Let's not worry about it right now! Let's celebrate the successful publishing of Yeonae's video in wetube!"

Said Jungkook trying to cheer them all up as he and Yeonae looked at each other and then smiled at each other.

"Ya. Why watch my video later?"

Asked Yeonae to Jaeho as soon as she remembers what Jaeho said. He just giggled at her.

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A/N: If the WORDS or PHRASES are being CAPITALIZED, it means that they are ACTUALLY SPEAKING IN ENGLISH at that time.

I'm terribly sorry for making you guys wait for this chapter! I've been busy with school these past few days and I'm trying my best to finish this chapter.

And please rate and vote my story. If you have any suggestion that can help me improve my work, feel free to comment, too. Thank you very much! Lots of love!

Be whoever you wanna be, your only limitation is yourself.

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