81.25% The Legendary Ruler / Chapter 13: Greenwillow Village

Chapter 13: Greenwillow Village

Henry stepped on the tree branches as he speeded through the forest, his Qi seemed to boil in excitement, making him go even faster. The Chaotic God Cultivation Technique transformed his body into an unbreakable and tireless machine.

In these eight years, Henry learned how to guide the Qi smoothly through his body, so, right now, his energy loss was almost non-existent.

"To complete the Third Chapter and step into the Lumen Realm, I need to refine and condense my Qi into an illusory image of the universe. It needs to be like a mirror, copying every detail, even all the laws in existence."- Henry thought as he kept running forwards.

He had already begun the refinement of his Qi since the Qi Condensation Realm. However, the volume and purity needed to start the formation of his illusory image were too excessive. Henry knew that his cultivation technique was abnormal and demanded an absurd volume of Qi, but in return, it gave him an absurd fighting capability. 

It allowed Henry to fight enemies stronger than him by hours, besides that, the technique enabled him to gain one of the strongest bloodlines in the universe.

Henry was heading to a village located deep into the Million Monsters Mountains. A couple of months ago, some rumors started to spread through the Capital saying that a powerful beast was lurking near the Greenwillow Village and had already killed hundreds of merchants and villagers.

" I just hope that the rumors are true"- Henry mumbled as he ran.

He really needed some training and a power-up and this beast would help him greatly with this. Henry traveled for five hours until he finally arrived at his destination.

The Greenwillow Village was small, with only fifty families living in it. They survived mostly from hunting beasts and collecting herbs around the village. The houses of the village were made of wood and the people wore furred clothes made from different kinds of beasts, it was the epitome of simplicity.

Henry stood outside, eyeing the short and fragile wood wall. 

"They are so silly. A powerful beast can destroy this little barrier in a second"- He muttered and shook his head.

Henry stepped into the Village with gentle and small steps, walking directly towards one of the biggest buildings, the Village Head's house.

"I need to gather information about everything that happened in these last months"

Henry knocked lightly on the door and waited a couple of seconds until an old woman wearing torn linen clothes and a white cooks cap came to open it.

"What can I do for you, little man?"- The old lady smiled kindly as he looked at the strange purple-haired teenager in front of her.

Henry could feel the pure and sincere feelings of the old woman towards him.

"Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Henry...I am here to discuss something with the village head"- Henry beamed and introduced himself while bowing his head.

"Oh, come on in! It's quite surprising to see a traveler around here. The last one was about a year ago"- The old woman said as she pulled Henry into the house.

The house's interior was as simple as the facade. There were no luxurious items and Henry could feel a delicious smell of meat being roasted. When he arrived at the dining room, Henry sighted a muscular white-haired old man, who wore a brown bear fur coat.

The man was holding a big piece of meat, ripping and biting it like a ravenous savage beast.

"Take a seat and join us"- The old woman touched Henry's back as she said.

The supposed village head didn't even raise his head to look at him, however, Henry didn't care as he kept looking at that succulent and juicy piece of meat and couldn't help but swallow in desire. 

"There was no shame in accepting the request of an old and fragile old lady. He would just help her finish all the food so that she wouldn't have much work in cleaning everything"- Henry thought as he rapidly took a seat. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

The old man didn't even raise his head, he just kept eating and eating as if it required all his attention. Henry didn't mind it and as the old man, he took a large piece of meat and began chewing it. He was even more barbaric than the village head, not resembling at all a person of his status.

The old woman seeing this smiled widely as her eyes became watery. After so long, it was really good to have another person at home, principally, an energetic teenager like the one in front of her.

After some minutes the plate was clean. There wasn't even a grain left, as the young and the old licked their fingers.

"It was so good, thank you!"- Henry thanked the old woman while praising her.

"It took me years of hard work to get on this level, not even those cultivators can compare to me"- She jokingly said with a happy smile plastered on her face.

"What do you want, kid?"- The old man said as he finally took notice of Henry.

Noticing the suspicion hidden in the man's eyes, Henry gave a slight smile and introduced himself.

"I am Henry, a low-level mercenary"- Henry said as he held out his hands.

Henry had already utilized this identity numerous times as disguise. Although he didn't need to hide his face while in this backwater place, he still couldn't announce himself as a prince.

The old man looked at Henry for some seconds. It was quite difficult to see a mercenary as young as Henry, so the old man still held some suspicions, however, he still shook the teen's hand.

"I am here to know more about the incidents that happened in these last months"- Henry said, beginning his research

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Hey guys, author here!!

And, again, thanks to everyone who voted and subscribed into the novel. I am really glad that you are enjoying my novel, and, please, tell me what you are thinking in the comments. ( where should I improve?)

Thanks for the support!!!

See you later!!!!

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