42.85% Dark Spine - Envoy Of Darkness / Chapter 3: 1000 Years Later

Chapter 3: 1000 Years Later

1000 Years later.

Inside a luxurious throne room, three people are sitting. One person is seated on the throne while the other two are seated a little below the throne.

The person seated on the right is Herselim. Herselim is now 1000 years old, and he has grown into a really wild looking handsome man with crimson eyes and hair. He looked towards the person seated on the left as he was hinting him to start a conversation.

The person seated on the left is Absolon. Unlike Herselim's wild looks Absolon looks like a royal prince with matching black eyes and hair.

Absolon glanced back at Herselim and ignored him.

It made Herselim pissed.

"Who the hell do you think you are, you bitch just because you are born 2 hours before me you think you can treat me like this." Herselim jumped from his chair and started shouting.

"How noisy, Stop shamming your ancestors' little brother. " Absolon replied like he was talking to his kids.

"Absolon, how dare you to talk about my ancestors. I will cut your tongue off," Herselim replied in a harsh tone.

"Herselim, just admit it I am the older one here how long are we going to continue this fight about who is big brother it's been 871 years for god sake. Sigh~ After I was born I helped you break out of your egg what a shame now you are treating me like this." For an Oviparous coming out of their eggs without someone's support is their first step and challenge of life.

"..." Herselim had nothing to say he turned red from embarrassment.

"Heh, I knew this would work." Thought Absolon.

'Enough both of you.'

Suddenly the person sitting on the throne spoke, Both of them stopped and turned towards Bastien.

'Its time to start our plan we have been lagging quite a bit.'

Both of them Nodded.

"Indeed Lord we have been waiting for a long time."

"Lord just command us I mean me," Herselim spoke even though he was annoying, but his loyalty for Bestien was clearly visible from his face.

'That's what I expect from my servants. Now listen.'

'As you have known, our purpose for coming here is not that simple, and a little miscalculation can cause our whole plan to crumble. My servants that's why I want to create a strong chain which will prevent our plan from failing. To create a chain we need pieces.'

Herselim and Absolon seemed to understand what he was talking about.

"Lord are we going to use humans?" Asked Absolon.

'Yes, indeed Absolon I know what you think of humans. Humans are selfish parasites who will feed on each other when they are forced to that's what makes them perfect pawns. But we have to use only those people who are below the stellar false god stage because they are hard to fool." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Whatever the ruler wishes" Absolon replied with a beaming smile.

'Okay, so let's get to the main point now. There is a middle-level realm known as Yellow Serpent realm which is about two days away from our domain. The ruler of that realm is known as Avril, and he is a soul mutation stage Practitioner and soon might become a Stellar Stage Expert not that it matters, but I want that person before me as soon as possible.'

"Ruler if you want he will be in front of you within minutes," Herselim spoke with full confidence.

'No rush Herselim... No, you know what you right go and bring him here Herselim.'

"With respect or ?"

'Ask him with respect first but if he doesn't ... just drag him here.'

"As you wish My Lord." Herselim Kneeled in front of Bastien and then he exited the throne room.

"Lord was it okay to send him he is a little bit hotheaded." Asked Absolon.

'Don't worry there is a reason behind why I sent him. Why you want to go as well ?.'

"We..ll I was getting a little bit bored here so..."

'No worries next time I will send you. Absolon for now go and guard the domain.'

"As His Majesty commands."

After Absolon left the throne room, two blue eyes appeared behind Bastien's throne. The eyes came closer and closer to the throne.

'Your Majesty, What's the reason you sent Herselim not Absolon?' The figure behind the throne spoke.

'What do you think the reason is Dion?' Asked Bestien.

'I don't know your majesty that's why this lowly one is asking you.'

'Hmm, This Avril guy is not someone who can be tamed easily, Dion.'

'Dion, There is 70% chance he might survive and get his ass dragged over here with few broken bones after pissing off Herselim, but there is 0% chance of him surviving after pissing off Absolon that's why I sent Herselim, not Absolon.'

'So it is true... I also felt it during training him.'

'Yes, I don't know who is stronger between those two, but I can tell you this that Absolon is more savage than him.No ! he is the most savage among us.'

----------Current Characters------------


Bastien - > Race: Unknown - Blue eyes & 5'9" & Age = Uknown & Hair = Black & Ancestors = Cosmic Beings

Herselim - > Race: Dragon - Red eyes & 6'0" Age = 1000 & Hair = Red & Ancestors = True Crimson Flame Dragons

Absolon - > Race: Dragon - Black eyes & 6'0" Age = 1000 & Hair = Black & Ancestors = Hell Dragons

Dion -> Race: Dark Lord - Blue eyes & 5'9" & Age = 1000 & Hair = Brown & Ancestors = Bastien


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