96.18% Can True Love be Found from Online Dating? / Chapter 126: KM-Mer Loveteam

Chapter 126: KM-Mer Loveteam

With the shouts of the crowd saying, "KM-Mer Loveteam!", the Musical Director in the background was overjoyed. He asked himself, 'Why have I not thought about it then? Anyways, thanks for the crowd, we have a new loveteam now. And they looked together very well paired. Mero is also a good looking man. These two would click together, I believe. he he he.'

As the two finished bowing to the audience, the Musical Director grabbed his own microphone and went in front of the stage, announcing to the crowd, "We have a new loveteam now and it's initially created by you dear fans and I am officially confirming it now. Cheers to our new loveteam KM-Mer!"

"KM-Mer! KM-Mer!" cheered the crowd as they applauded continously.





"Clap clap clap!"

Different cheering words the crowd shouted and cheered them overjoyed. Some took a video of their performance and uploaded it quickly online.

They put it as #KM-Mer Loveteam, 1st live duet performance...

And many loves it, admired it and liked it. For in just few hours the people who likes it online went up to 1 million already. Some have even made a poll to vote of whether they like the new loveteam or not, and majority of them liked 98% had liked YES and only 2% had clicked NO.

Meanwhile, back to KM and Mero, after their promotional tour with the crowded fans that day, they went to KM's Music Industry Office. For their Musical Director have asked them two to sign some papers stating their official loveteam them, the KM-Mer Loveteam. It may seem not a contract to sign but it is for documentation and legal purposes that if and if there will be other parties who would possibly intervene.

KM and Mero then willingly signed it after they had the terms and conditions in the paper. And her Dad Karl was later informed by the Admin of this matter, which Karl had agreed too.

So now, it is officially documented their loveteam...

The next days, they continued on their promotional tours, and together hand in hand KM and Mero promoted her albums and also their loveteam. Some of the movie producers were already planning of making a movie of them two. And sooner they were finalizing of what would be the title and the story of their movie starring KM and Mero in it.

And while KM and Mero were just waiting for the outcome of the plans of the movie producers, they found a time to spendtime with each other and get to know each other a little bit deeper. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

They were in a restaurant away from the crowd or prying eyes. In a private room of a restaurant where only the two of them were sitting on 1 table, while the guards were outside the room but guarding them.

If one would look at them from a distance, the two seem are having a lovers date themselves. But for the two individuals, they were just having a dinner meal together to be acquainted and be comfortable with each other so that in the next times that they are together as loveteam, they won't feel unnecessary akwardness feeling towards each other.

As they were waiting for their food to be served. KM broke their silence and started a conversation to break the ice...

"So, how do you feel that you became popular as well? How do you feel about our loveteam then? Do you feel like backing out?" KM asked.

"Are you kidding me? I felt so overwhelmingly joyful and grateful to you KM! Thank you! I never expected this to happen, but I think it's fate that brought us together. A week and even months ago, I was just idolizing you and your Dad. And now, I'm here with you promoting your Albums with me singing with you in duet, and added to the series of events, we are a loveteam now, it's so mind-blowing to me, honestly! Words are not enough to describe how I am thankful to you. This is the greatest opportunity I've ever had in my life and I'm definitely NOT backing out!" uttered Mero in excitement.

"Good, good! Then we can work it out our loveteam together. Don't worry, I'll be helping and guiding you. All you need to do is to go along with my acts and you will be good on acting out as well." KM smiled in assurance to him.

Suddenly, the door opened and 2 waiters came in bringing their food they have ordered.

"Here's your order Ma'am and Sir. Enjoy your meals. If you need anything just wave us in the corner. We will be your exclusive servers tonight," the waiters curved their lips into a warm smile.

"Okay, thank you," smiled KM.

"Thank you," Mero smiled as well, trying to hide his little bit nervousness of all that's happening in his life overnight. He felt like he's in his cloud nine feeling that he hasn't grasp it all 100% 'coz he was still trying to figured it out his uprising popularity.

"Let's eat!" KM nudged.

"Yeah. I'm famished," Mero smiled shyly and proceeded to put some of the food at KM's plate.

KM allowed him to do so, for the sake of their loveteam. For she knew that those 2 waiters were actually watching them two and at the same time giggling softly for the pair.

So the two ate their meals to their hearts content.

And when they almost finished their meal, Mero gathered his courage and asked, "So what's your favorite food then KM? Are these foods we are eating were your favorites?"

"Some of these, yes, like the prawns. And of course for the sweets, I love belgian chocolates too. But, I mostly loved Chinese-Filipino cuisine since my Mom was of Chinese-Filipino origin and she usually cooks at home some Chinese-Filipino cuisine. In fact, just weeks ago, she taught me how to cook those at home."

"Oh, you're a good cook then." Mero was amazed.

"Not really good yet. I'm just learning to do so recently," humbled KM.

marjzach2012 marjzach2012

Sorry for not updating these past days for I have really been busy with my son lately. I will update soon. Thanks for being patient with me. ?

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  • Jenzalex


    No worries dear author, family comes first.

  • marjzach2012


    Thanks for understanding Jenzalex 😊

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