84.25% Lyricist: Her Revenge / Chapter 107: It's not going to be easy

Chapter 107: It's not going to be easy

"Mr. Sen!" a young boy in a dress code uniform entered the scene. A bunch of young policemen and policewomen were being lectured by a sturdy man, with a great physique.

"Mr. Sen!' the boy yelled again, gasping for breath, "The young master ran away this morning."

The man put down his pen and pulled out his glasses, keeping them on the table. He turned around with a frown and stood up, "What did you say?"

"Young master ran away!" the boy was panting while the people in the class were exchanging weird and confusing glances.

"Vivek!" an old butler type man entered, gasping for breath, "Vivan ran away. He even beat up the maids and servants in the house, while escaping."

"Mr. Rai", he glared at the supposed butler, "What is all this? How did he escape? What triggered all this?"

"Oh! That's..." Rai stuttered as he nudged at the young boy, indicating him to explain.

"That's a maid who was watching her music video. He heard it or something", the boy tried to be as calm as possible.

"How is that even possible?" Vivek Sen yelled.

His terrible scolding made the young people behind his back flinch with fear. As they had heard, this Vivek Sen was truly scary.

"The maid was in the garden, sitting in one of the benches. The garden is overlooking his room. So...", Mr. Rai said.

"His window was open? Like any other day?" Vivek asked with a stern voice.

"Yes, Boss!" the young boy replied.

"Well...", Mr. Rai was hesitating, "Recently, he had even sent out a strange gift box when you weren't at home. Probably to her because the address mentioned the agency."

"What?! How dare you hide that from me? Alice is in terrible danger!"

Gauging the hold of the situation, the young boy gave a start when he saw the Mighty Vivek Sen and his butler run at a tremendous speed.


Pink Villa

Alice retreated slowly as the intruder slowly made his way towards her with a devilish grin, hidden under his shades. His grin was that of a hungry predator, ready to devour his prey at any given time. His lustful eyes made her flinch. Even, if she had to die today, she would make sure that he went down with her. She stepped where she knew had CCTV cameras installed. The intruder didn't follow, instead, he sat down on the swing by the swimming pool. She took a deep breath and her frown deepened.

"What do you want?" she asked in a mellow and subtle tone.

"You", he chuckled, "Whatever, if you want to offer something..." Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Alice held her breath with disgust. 'Nope, It's not going to be easy.'

"Who are you? What do you want?" Alice spoke emphasizing every word in inverted commas.

"It doesn't matter who I am. Bring me some fried tortillas."

Her frown deepened, "Jerk!"

"Alright", he raised his hands as if surrendering and he stood up from the swing, making it sway gently, "How about a kiss?"

Alice back straightened as danger lurked. She backed a little as he gradually stepped forward with his devilish grin under the moon. She was taking baby steps because she knew there was the swimming pool behind her. Who knows if the intruder was planning to drown her? She couldn't trust anyone, but herself.

Seeing her retreating, he quickened his steps. His sudden movement made Alice startle as she stumbled backward. That was it. She was gonna fall in the water now! She closed her eyes, ready to face the impact. Moments passed, but nothing happened. Instead, an arm wrapped itself on her waist, "Did you like the gift I sent days ago?" She opened her eyes and it met his eyes. Realization struck and her eyes widened.

Right now, she saw his face blurred under the moonlight. His amber eyes showed nothing, but deep concern. His face was delicate and fair. His eyes had innocence. She was shaken to the core, She felt her soul being sucked as she clutched at her heart with her palms.

He didn't try steadying her. Instead, Alice felt his face gradually come closer. Before, he was under his hoodie, but she could now peek under it. Her lips parted as his cool breath tickled them.

When his lips were at a threatening distance, an angry voice rang through the air, "Stop, right there!"


Due to fear, the guy released his hand and Alice went straight into the pool of water.

Asmita_Mukherjee Asmita_Mukherjee

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~Chapter 108 teaser~

A peal of clear laughter rang out from the opposite of the dimly lit living room.

"What are you doing?" Cath tried to squirm out of Aaron's strong arms as she was still giggling from impact, "Stop tickling!"

"Why? I thought you could concentrate no matter what", he was referring to her baking cupcakes at that moment.

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    The teaser was lovely 😍😍

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