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The Chronicles Of The Legendary Bird [HIATUS] original

The Chronicles Of The Legendary Bird [HIATUS]

Author: IkaZainudin

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Chapter 1: CHAPTER 1 : My Mother Is Missing

My mother is missing and I don't know where she went. It still imprinted in my memories the day she went missing and I am not at home. I went to my girlfriend's house a few blocks away from mine. When my butler informs me she was reported missing I didn't take it as a serious matter because it is not the first time it happens.

My mother is a conservator and because of her job required her to travel all over the world and sometimes she lost track of time when she found some treasure or artefact which pique her interest, she will chase it until she satisfied. So it is normal for her to be missing. It is also not helping when she had an easily spook assistant. If he couldn't contact my mother for more than 24 hours, he will report her missing. I don't know why my mother kept him. In my opinion, he is incompetent and clumsy. When I voice out about him to my mother, she just brushes me off.

I thought I waited another couple of days before I need to worry but an encrypted email from my mother shocked me completely. Yes, I normally contact my mother through email. It is much convenient than a phone call or text. It is weird, huh? Well, that is how my mother preferred. After I unlock the email, which is a piece of a cake for me since I am a computer engineer myself, hacking and programming is just a child play for me. My hacker name is Faber1010 and my real name is Jordan Axton. I scrolled and slowly read her email and I couldn't comprehend anything she wrote on it.

Dear Jordan,

If you receive this email, It's mean I am in trouble. I need you to go to your father favourite room and look for a unicorn. The unicorn will help you find me.

Jordan please does not trust anyone except Bubu. If you need anything, Bubu will help you.


Mako Axton

What is on earth she was talking about? I don't have a father. She never mentions to me about my father at all. How am I supposed to know his favourite room? I grew up with only me and my mother. And who is Babu? The only creature he knows with that name is his dog.

"Where are you going?" Anita asked when I wore my shirt and grabbed my car key. Anita is my girlfriend and we have been together for almost a year now. She is Asian American with silky long black hair. She is tall but not taller than me and her curvy body entices me every time I am with her. She has a demonic beauty with a perfect pointy nose and pink petal lips.

"I had an urgent matter to attend. I'll call you later." I ran to her and give her a peck on the lips. Then, I rushed to the front door leaving her rooted to the floor and just blinked her eyes at my back.

I need to go back to the mansion. I am unable to comprehend the mother's message but at least I familiar with Bubu. I am just not sure how Bubu can help me in this matter. I hop on the yellow Mustang GT and it roars is the music to my ears. I love the vibration drum sound it makes. It always attracted the attention of girls. Yes, I know. Most of them just approached me for money but hey! I have that to offer, so why not? For them to throw themselves to me, I am delighted to oblige.

I drove smoothly with no rush even though I know my mother is somewhere waiting for me but my mother strict upbringing teaches me at least one thing; Always keep my calm to face any problem and I totally understand my mother point of view. Since I was small, my mother has always stressed on my learning a variety of martial art and self-defence technique. I don't understand the significance until someone tried to kidnap me to force my mother to give up one of the most valuable artefacts she has. Did I mention my mother is a conservator? A conservator is a person responsible to examine artefacts', both visually and using scientific tools such as x-rays, infrared photography and microscopic analysis, to determine the extent and causes of deterioration. To summarize, she is like a scientist but for artefacts.

She also sometimes acts as a curator. My mother obsessed with the artefacts' matter and she always on the search for it. When I was a kid, I once asked her about her job and I thought she was a treasure hunter. It was normal for me to think that way because she always travels and when she was back, she will bring back a weird looking object and we are rich. If I connect each dot, treasure hunter was my best guess.

So, when my kidnapper tried to abduct me, which is they succeed in the end but not as easy as they thought. I am able to give them a hard time at the same time gave my mother more time to save me.

I arrived at the mansion and Alex has greeted me with an emotionless face but he kept on touching the button on his sleeve. He looks at me wanted to say something but he bites his tongue.

"Get me Bubu," Upon hearing my order, he practically runs to the backyard to fetch Bubu for me.

"Auf! Auf!Auf!" Bubu barked eagerly to jump at me. Yup! Bubu is a dog. My Norwegian Elkhound dog. It was a gift from my mother after the kidnap incident. He is been my companion for a really long time.

"Oh, my boy! How are you doing?" I snuggled and rubbed its belly a couple of time. Bubu is a wolf-like dog and he is smart with a cheery attitude. Bubu enjoyed my touch and kept on laying on the floor face its belly to me asking for more. I stroke it a few times before starting to inspect his body for a clue but I found nothing unfamiliar with it.

'Hmmm, is this the Bubu my mother meant or there is another person with this name?'

"Alex, Do you know any of my mother acquaintances with the name Bubu?" he tilted his head to the side and his eyes looked upward as he tries to recall something. After a moment, he shook his head to me.

"No?" I raised my eyebrows to him as I push him to think harder.

"No, young master. The only Bubu I know is your dog,"

"Never mind… Get me a coffee. I'll be in my mother's office." without waiting on his reply, I climb the stairs and walked to the massive wooden door at the end of the hallway. Bubu followed me obediently and waited patiently when I push the passcode to enter.

My mother was obsessed with security for this mansion and especially the room in front of me but she let me have access for this room. I seldom entered this room because I have my own office in this mansion but sometimes when I need a few revision books for my work, to my surprise she always had it. This room is massive as it occupied half of the floor. It is full of book and artefact. The artefact was securely exhibited in the left corner of the room and there are also equipped with the latest invention for her work. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Auf! Auf! Auf!"

The barking from Bubu startled me. "Shut up, Bubu!" I scold him but he continued to bark at the artefact beside the bookcase.

"What is wrong?" I puzzled as I couldn't understand his action. Thus, I approached the weird bowl looking artefact and I scanned for anything unordinary to it. As I tried to pick it up but failed and this time I spun it to anticlockwise and again, I failed. Bubu still continued barking and it is starting to annoy me. This time I tried to turn it to clockwise and suddenly I heard a rustling sound from inside the artefact.

I was rooted to the floor, refused to believe what I saw in front of me. The artefact suddenly pops out an old wooden box in the middle of it. On the top of the box, there is a weird 'B' shape with four stars around it engrave on it.

I carefully took the box and open it slowly and again I was speechless. Inside it, there is only a gold coin with the same carving as the top of the box and a plain squishy red ball. I picked both of the items and inspected it. Nothing weird with the gold coin, it is just a gold coin with the 'B' and stars engraved on it but the squishy red ball piques my interest. There are no esthetical features on it. It is truly just a red rubber ball. I squish it expected nothing and put it in my pocket.

Then, I walked to my mother's work table and switch on her computer. As I waited for it to load, I heard a loud airy noise outside. It is sound like a helicopter landed on my backyard. Then, Alex suddenly barged in the room and pulled me outside. I was blank with his action. He wrapped his left arm around me and rushed me to the door.

"Did you alert the authority, young master?"

"What authority? What do you mean?" I really no idea what is going on.

IkaZainudin IkaZainudin

Dear readers,

I have this idea in my head for this story but I actually didn't dare to write fantasy as I find it quite difficult compared to romance I normally write (The Scary Yakuza Is My Husband).

But I'll take this as a challenge. Please bear in mind this is for the prompt contest 67. So, It will be a short story. It only consists of 10 chapters.

Please vote for me. Thank you.

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