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Chapter 37: Test of Talent

A moment ago Yanyan kept proclaiming she will no longer pay attention to Yang Dingtian, not going to see him again, but less than an hour, she appeared in front of Yang Dingtian.

"If before, I will definitely not gonna manage you, wish to never see you again, disincline to even speak a word to you," Yanyan looked at the torrential river water below, "However, that kind of irresponsible child's behavior is like the clear running water below, will not flow back. Yang Dingtian, both of us did not have the authority to be artificial, Yao Rao's Yin-Yang Devouring Great Technique is the only way to get you quickly become formidable."

"I know," Yang Dingtian said, he know this even better than Yanyan.

"I have a plan, first our Yin and Yang combined by sexual intercourse, I deliver you my Profound Qi. After you have completely refine it, I will look for you a second wife, then make she and you have another sexual intercourse, she gives you her Profound Qi," Yanyan said without slight fluctuation: "She is far formidable than me, and rest assure, she is a beauty, more gentle than me, more virtuous, you certainly will not have a loss."

Immediately, Yang Dingtian was astonished till he became speechless. He never thought that Yanyan must not only give her own body to him, but also drew another woman.

"Right, it's unfair to her," Yanyan said: "She is one of father's adopted children, Ximen Ningning, his another daughter. I and she is ripe even more than a real sister, we once even joked, must marry the same man."

Yang Dingtian took a deep breath, he said: "Yanyan, if I comply, then what self-respect I need to keep? This is between you and me, also I absolutely won't agree to have sexual intercourse with you."

Yanyan's face blushed, "What you want to say is before obtaining my heart, you will not move my body?"

Yang Dingtian lowered his head, tacitly gave his response.

"Don't you know? There is this saying that in order to obtain a woman's heart, the shortest way is actually to pass through her... chastity," Yanyan threw her unnatural changed beautiful pupil to the side while her cheek completely turned red.

"Therefore, please drop the act, goes back with me," Yanyan extended her small hand, the beautiful pupil bloomed ray of warmness and gentleness, she said: "Rest assure, I will try hard to learn to love you. Believes me, soon I have you in my heart."

Yang Dingtian's chest heavily fluctuate, "Yanyan, do not force me, I cannot achieve."

Yanyan's beautiful cheek twitched in anger, then she as if must get angry, she said: "You listen to me, if I don't give you my Profound Qi, it will eventually be waste in vain, most two years later, my Profound Qi will disperse cleanly, I will turn to a normal human, a woman with complete lack of strength to truss up a chicken."

"Huh, why?!" Yang Dingtian startled.

"You don't need to manage," Yanyan said: "In brief, giving you my body Profound Qi is the best result and must only result. Now, tell me, complies or not?"

Silent for long time, Yang Dingtian shook his head: "Sorry, but I choose the same as before."

"Yang Dingtian, you this artificial man!" Yanyan could not bear act crazy finally, small finger such as jade pointed at Yang Dingtian, coldly saying: "False! Fake! My bad and good words had been exhausted completely, I am done playing nice! You comply to have sexual intercourse with me! You dare to say no, I will immediately jump, I am a woman who live up to one's words!"

On Yanyan's small face has filled with renounce, the eyes such closely staring at Yang Dingtian. She is very serious, will truly committed suicide right before him.

Yang Dingtian deeply took a breath, neither showing agreement nor rejection, direct lightly said: "Fine, you jump, I jump! Fall together as if a happy married couple to be the same."

Immediately, Yanyan's anger flared up, the entire tender body trembled, her face thoroughly red, her eyes glared in a big way, mouth as if soon must spout a fire.

"Yang Dingtian, do you know? I wish with my sword hacking you thousand of times, you such a loathful man I very rare to see, cross 100 years, I will still not going to like you," Yanyan jumped down from the the hanging bridge's rope, then directly walked ahead of him. After took several meters away, she suddenly turned around, spouting abuses: "What do you want to make by standing silly there? Goes with me to Merit Depository Pavilion to train, I am curious you are actually want to make anything, If it doesn't work, you obediently rests me, don't waste on many idle talk."

Two people passed through several hundred meters hanging bridge angrily, arrives at the top of butte, stood before the Merit Depository Pavilion.


Quite huge, grandiose Merit Depository Pavilion. Although the floor had nine, but the space enough 200 meters, most bottom floor enough about ten thousand square meters.

"Merit Depository Pavilion is so important, why no people seems guarding it?" Yang Dingtian asked.

Yanyan does not want to manage him, but after a while she said with ill mannered tone: "Who said no one guarding it? Elder Mu Ye guard Merit Depository Pavilion specially, you haven't seen him in Elder Assembly. In Cloud Firmament City, he cultivated next to my father, but his duty specifically to guard the Merit Depository Pavilion, is unable to leave this mountain peak."

Previously, when Yanyan spoke with Yang Dingtian, her manner was stiff, has been full of the politeness thoroughly. But after their last quarrel, Yanyan's manner is very bad toward Yang Dingtian, it's all about anger, but perhaps this... was a very moving transformation.

Yang Dingtian understood now why there was an absent elder when the Elder Assembly's meeting.

"How many floor can we go?" Yang Dingtian asked.

"Naturally only the First, you are not even Trainee Martial Artist, how can go to higher floor?" Yanyan's tone is not good as before .

Then she entered Merit Depository Pavilion First Layer's Great Gate directly.

Yang Dingtian followed, has passed through a blue light screen gate. the energy first prevented him gently, then let him pass smoothly. The First Layer's gate, processing anyone who had passed the initiation time to enter.

The First Layer space is huge, over ten thousand square meters area, ten rooms built in circular arrangement within the hall.

In the rooms' gates, each had separately written name; Rank One Merit Law Room, Rank Two Merit Law Room, Rank Three, Rank four... to Rank Nine. But the gate of the final room was blank.

The central area was about 100 square meters open space, Nothing within in the area except a floating group of sparkling and translucent pure water, that group of water probably one foot square, distance from the floor about one five meter, frequently changed irregular shape. Inside the water, one group of blue flame burned in tranquil.

"This group of water and fire are the test of Profound Vein talent," Yanyan said: "How much of the rank your Profound Vein talents will decide which several Merit Law Room you can enter, the talent is higher, the grade of the rare book you can study is higher."

Yang Dingtian knew he is Nine Yang Divine Vein, but master Dongfang Niemie told him, never tell anybody about it.

"How much the rank of Profound Vein talent are divided?" Yang Dingtian asked.

"I don't know!" Yanyan said: "The highest grade that had been presented since millennial years ago are only Rank Nine, altogether possessed by nine people, these people was promoted to Martial Saint realm. However, most recent Rank Nine Profound Vein had a distance more than 300 years ago, therefore the world more than 300 years have not presented a Martial Saint powerhouse."

Then Yanyan knits her brows: "Extend your hands, I must have a look the person who Uncle Dongfang and father regarded important had what kind of talent." As she was saying this, Yanyan's small mouth brought unwillingness and refusal to accept.

"Oh yeah, what is the rank of my master, then how about Uncle-Master Ximen?" Yang Dingtian asked.

"My father's Rank is Eight Middle Grade, Sect Master Dongfang's Rank is Eight High Grade, but even so, my father's cultivation actually almost not inferior to Sect Master Dongfang, therefore he is the world strongest person," Yanyan shot a look then small mouth honked: "Hmph, did you know? that previous fiancee of yours, Dongfang Bingling, has Eight High Grade rank, but this High Grade is higher than Sect Master Dongfang, she is a recent person who are regarded as one step away from the Rank Nine Profound Vein by the world."

"Then how about you?" Yang Dingtian also asked.

In Yanyan's beautiful pupil ignited a blazing flame, the small fist clenched altogether, grit own teeth saying: "Rank Eight Middle Grade, very near to reach High Grade, compared very little with your cruel and merciless ex-wife."

Yang Dingtian slightly startled, he has not thought Yanyan's Rank unexpectedly so close to Rank Eight High Grade Profound Vein, almost join the fame with Dongfang Bingling, the most peak of this world.

But why the disparity of her cultivation with Dongfang Bingling was so huge, she couldn't even hit Ximen Yan, why is this?

"You want to ask why my Profound Vein talent is so high, but my cultivation is so weak, including Dongfang Bingling's small finger cannot hit, right?" Ximen Yanyan loudly said: "I told you, my present cultivation had been backup more than nine time of my original cultivation. I had an accident at the age 15, then no matter how hard I practice, my cultivation will never raise again, no matter diligent I tempted, two years later I will not have slightest military force again."

"Now you finally know why I am willing to give you my Profound Qi! Because it also going to be wasted in my body. You this hypocrite, if I hadn't been injured in the past, why I must spent so much effort to convince you to have sexual intercourse with me? Why also need you to inherit Cloud Firmament City Lord? Originally I am Cloud Firmament City's 300 years most outstanding disciple!" This should be Yanyan saddest past events, past events that she was not willing to remember.

At this time could be said that was equal had ripped open the scar of her most deep memory wickedly. She didn't burst to cry, but heart inside already wept.

Saw that the corner of Yanyan's mouth seeped out a bloodstain, she had extremely clenched her teeth. Her white fist grip tightly in the same place, her nail punctured the fresh-soft palm, blood had dripped from the slit of her fist.

"Yang Dingtian, is not just you who have painful and pitiful past, is not only you that had been betrayed," Yanyan stared at Yang Dingtian saying: "Please, drop this act of yours, for Cloud Firmament City, for my father's mission, has sexual intercourse with me, accepts my Profound Qi..."

Yang Dingtian walked to go forward slowly, holding her white fist, slowly opened the palm that almost stiff, he said in a soft voice: "Is unfair to Yanyan, my understanding to you is very few, so little. However I asked you to give me an opportunity, gives me the permission to act on my own?"

"No, the time is not enough, my Husband!" Yanyan every single word said: "We only have half a month."

"Gives me a chance, gives me opportunity, otherwise my whole life will have no means to stand up," Yang Dingtian said in a firm and warm visage, finger wiped gently the blood on Yanyan's corner of the mouth, said: "I believe that you were once proud, therefore you knew the pain when it was broken."

Yang Dingtian's last spoken language finally moved Yanyan, Yes, once she is similar to Dongfang Bingling, extremely full of pride. However now her Martial Dao's cultivation is rotten, the high prestige vanished completely, almost faded from the memory of world thoroughly, only remaining peak beautiful appearance.

"Good, I give you ten days," Yanyan stared at Yang Dingtian saying: "In ten days, if you break through Profound Martial Artist, you have proved that you can depend upon your own strength to walk. But If you don't, means that you are not good. Then we uses my method, accepts my and Sister Ningning Profound Qi through Yin-Yang Devouring Great Technique."

"Said and meant it," Yang Dingtian said slowly: "Now let us see, the person who was regarded as important by master, who was settled by your father, how fierce his Profound Vein talent?"

Then, Yang Dingtian also said: "What do I need to do?"

"Just put your both hand in water," Yanyan looked at the flame in water, she said: "This flame is the purest Profound Qi energy, when your hand extended approaching it, Profound Vein within your body will attract it. Your bloodlines grade is higher, attraction is bigger, this blue flame is bigger."

"When the flame's volume occupied one tenth of this group of water, explained that your bloodline is Rank One. In similar theory, the flame's volume surpasses eight tenths, is Rank Eight, surpasses nine tenths is Rank Nine," Yanyan said: "Dongfang Bingling's flame volume occupied eight point eight tenths, only misses two from Rank Nine."

Yang Dingtian turned very quiet, although he knew one are Nine Yang Profound Vein, the innermost feelings couldn't help somewhat intense, does not know perhaps Nine Yang Profound Vein is a Top Grade, or could it be that Rank Nine?

Yanyan probably more anxious than Yang Dingtian, because all her hopes pin on Yang Dingtian.

Yang Dingtian both hands slowly entered the water. The group of flame as if felt an attraction, began to elongate slowly, approaching Yang Dingtian's palm. The flame is getting longer, is getting bigger. Yanyan was staring at this flame, in the instant unable to breathe.

TricksterDrasvel TricksterDrasvel

Question: first Yanyan said the most recent someone with Nine Rank profound vein talent was more than 300 years ago, logically she should say more than 300 years there had been no one achieve saint level.

But in raw, she said 400 years, did I have mistaken or the Author wrote it wrong?

Second, Yanyan's profound talent was Rank 8 near high grade, so she should be mid grade right? Why she says she close to Dongfang bingling's which is almost reach Rank 9


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