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Chapter 38: Amazing Talent! Rare Book

The flame surpassed one tenth, two tenth, three tenth...

Yanyan thought her heart as if must jump out from her chest cavity in general.

The flame moved toward Yang Dingtian's palm, it was not hot, instead vibe a very mysterious feelings, this group of flame was like having self-consciousness.

Suddenly, that group of flame fled, rising from the water!

"Heavens..." Yanyan exuded to cry out in alarm immediately, unable to believe looking all of these.

After that group of flame touched Yang Dingtian's palm, it turned incomparably hot in the instant, its length thickened, made a form of a blue flame sword, pierced through the entire group of water, punctured toward Yang Dingtian's forehead, the flame sword sharply increased its length, but this group of water was only one foot square.

The flame sword reached about one meter long!

Yang Dingtian loudly cried out in alarm, Yanyan hurried to throw a rescue. However when the flame sword had close to Yang Dingtian's forehead, it swiftly shrank, as if become obedient, the flame inside the water getting smaller.

"Yanyan, my Profound Vein is... what rank?" Yang Dingtian looked at that flame with surprise.

Yanyan was looking all of these with dull face, long time afterward she shook the head while said: "I don't know, I don't know, how do you think I should measure it? The flame directly ran out of the water, this never happen before, at least in my experience."

"But, now I know why my father and Uncle Dongfang will regard you such as important persom, will pin all hopes on you," Yanyan's vision somewhat complex looked at Yang Dingtian, she hesitated slightly, "Later in any place, do not carry a Profound Vein Test in the front of bystander, much less your enemy."

At this time, suddenly outside resounded a footstep, a person walked across the energy gate.

Yang Dingtian quickly pulled his both hands from the water, the flame transformed to its original condition, burned in water peacefully.

"Do not bother, I had seen," a girl wore purple-red cloth walked in, checked out Yang Dingtian then saying: "Are you our Princess Ximen's husband?"

"zé zé..." The girl made a sound with her tongue, she shook her head, said toward Yanyan: "Cousin, this is your vision? This man look nothing great in addition his talent is mediocre, Rank Three, merely only Rank Three."

"A person with Rank Three Profound Vein, but you elected him as your husband unexpectedly, hope to make his break through Six Star Profound Martial Artist in 15 days unexpectedly, after one-and-a-half years, defeats all Cloud Firmament City's expert, wish to make him the new Cloud Firmament City Lord, truly absurd, greatly deceive the world," that purple-red girl said with a smile: "My side these two boys are my new student, same just passed the initiation time with your husband, want to pick a choice of rare book. However they are only several years old, your husband but 20 years old."

"Ximen Yanyan, you since child till 15 years old are laughably arrogant, claimed only then a Martial Saint powerhouse, only then heaven apex person who can be sets up to be your man? Now how such waste you also hooked, really a woman who not concerned about face," The girl continued mocking Yanyan.

This girl also grew beautiful, the figure was very tall, two legs were very long. Has a fine oval face, sadly the lips slightly somewhat thin, although she did use a lip fat to cover it up, if she not open her mouth to talk, no one will ever could notice it, this slightly thin lips were her barricade from becoming one of the First Grade big beautiful woman.

Yanyan's eyes turned cold, her face became dignified, "Tang Xin, aren't you turn hostile too soon? I remember six months ago you were trying to flatter me in every possible way, still facade a smile even when the gift you gave me were thrown out."

"What about that?" The girl who called Tang Xin said: "Now your father is gone, you are no longer Cloud Firmament City's princess, your Top Grade Profound Vein had gone four years ago, you are now only remaining appealing cheeks, remaining a pair of big breasts, remaining one group of big buttocks."

Yanyan's tender body trembled, she very much speechless all of the sudden.

"One-and-a-half years later, you must disgracefully remarry the Qin Family's Young Lord, perhaps become a Madame is impossible, can only be a lowly concubine," Tang Xin said with a smile: "Oh right, I forget to tell you, your incomparable previous blind pursuer Elder Brother Ximen Ju, has sought a marriage alliance to my father."

Yanyan slightly surprised, Ximen Ju truly was infatuated with her, 30 old years still hadn't married.

"My Elder Brother Ximen Ju, compared with your husband, the difference is like between Heaven and Earth," Tang Xin looked at Yanyan: "Cousin, I am sympathize with you. Before, you were so rampant, after your father died, you lost everything, thoroughly become pitiful person, now also get this fate, really is the retribution..."

Hearing the opposite party mentioned unkindly about Ximen Wuya, Yanyan's pupil finally flashed an anger, the small hand held the sword within the waist then prepared to draw it out, quick must kill the present woman.

However she has not done it, choose to bear it stiffly, although she was cunning and unreasonable fierce, in fact she was innocent and romantic girl, didn't have much quarrel compares at the present virulent girl Tang Xin, therefore she could respond with trembling body.

Yang Dingtian grasped Yanyan's icy cold wrist, standing between her and Tang Xin, then looked at the opposite party several times.

Tang Xin held up proud her head, let Yang Dingtian viewed her as he like, she is a big beautiful woman, she has the authority to be proud.

"Wow! The appearance is very good, height is very tall, especially the both legs, unusual long," Yang Dingtian opened his mouth: "Ximen Ju, youth person with an extraordinary ability, really match to be together with you."

Hearing Yang Dingtian's praise, Tang Xin's surface revealed a smug visage, she said: "Cousin, previously Elder Brother Ximen Ju's infatuation was false to you, who he truly love is me, now your father gone, he doesn't hesitate to change into my bosom immediately, you are being jealous to spit blood also useless."

Yang Dingtian didn't pay attention, his eyes fell on the chest of Tang Xin, "Chest big, buttocks also curl upwards, the stature is very good..."

Immediately, Yanyan's complexion became very ugly, stared maliciously Yang Dingtian.

Then Yang Dingtian's previous smile exposed a sneer: "What a pity, your chest big but fake! Your buttocks round and curl upwards but fake! All because you have wore pads inside your cloth. Then I am worried for you very much, how Ximen Ju will react when see it in the nuptial chamber?"

"Naturally most bring to attention is your mouth, thin and wide, with the mouth in your lower part perhaps is a twin..." Yang Dingtian halted his speech immediately, because he must bore a pain from his waist which had been maliciously pinch by Yanyan.

Yang Dingtian endured his suffering, narrowing his eye: "Looks at Yanyan! Whole body not a single imperfect. Whether she threw a tantrum because of anger, or she threw a tantrum to act like a spoiled brat, she is compared with you charming 10,000 times..." Yang Dingtian made another shout, Yanyan now pinched him with two hands.

"Do not think because of City Lord Ximen's issue, you can immediately transform into becoming a princess. Do not have a dream, Cloud Firmament City always has its princess, that is Yanyan. Do not so impatiently must retaliate a person you previously flatter, an expensive person has self-awareness! You persist to act like, the first who will butcher you are not others, but is your Elder Brother Ximen Ju."

The cheek of Tang Xin distorted as she went mad, because Yang Dingtian's words have stabbed completely her sore spot, she had used everything to conceal these shortcomings, but all was actually looked by Yang Dingtian, moreover exposed greatly.

"I will kill you!" immediately, she drew out her long sword, Tang Xin's anger caused her whole body to tremble fiercely, she punctured toward Yang Dingtian.

"Enough..." suddenly, a shout came from outside, it was Ximen Ju sound.

Tang Xin stiffened, as if coagulated in general. Ximen Ju didn't enter, but said: "Tang Xin, why you don't settle what business you probably have?"

"Yes!" On Tang Xin's face immediately feared, lest Ximen Ju heard Yang Dingtian's exposing her shortcomings, Ximen Ju cold snort had made her tremble astringently, obviously her like for him is quite extreme.

After listening to Ximen Ju's words, immediately led her two students to enter a Rank Five Martial Skill room, closed it gate cautiously.

Ximen Ju had not come in as before, but coldly said: "Only a clown who will show off his tongue, do you come to Cloud Firmament City to be a clown?"

He had not been called Yang Dingtian's name, obviously disdained to disregard in extreme degree.

However, Yang Dingtian revealed a sunny bright smile: "Man must protect his woman at any time, but I am too weak, cannot hit your woman. Therefore can only fight with my mouth, making you laughed."

"Hope half a month later, your tongue can also defeat your match," Ximen Ju coldly said then go far away, not intended to stay.

Yanyan was leaning her small head, vision stared at Yang Dingtian as she strangely said: "Do you know about woman's body very much? Blocked by such a cloth but you can see Tang Xin's body?"

Yang Dingtian made an effort to rub his waist, "Has not eaten pork, but has seen the pig run."

Yanyan also said: "furthermore, what do you say earlier meaning that I am only a vase flower with face?"

"Yanyan, you are oversensitive, even if the looks is beautiful, also what kind?" Yang Dingtian said.

Then Yang Dingtian gently sighed: "But I swear, I will not fight other in the future with my mouth, will not protect you in the future with my mouth."

Yanyan ferociously glared at Yang Dingtian, "Good to know. Moreover, Tang Xin is also a pitiful woman."


Now should choose the rare book to learn, any rank grade of Profound Vein, can study any grade of rare book.

At present, altogether has ten rare book rooms, from Rank One to Rank Nine, and one without rank.

"Yanyan, which one I should enter? What kind of rare books I can learn?" Yang Dingtian asked.

Ximen Yanyan said: "Follow me."

Yanyan brought Yang Dingtian to the one of the room, she opened the door that had Rank Eight rare book, not Rank Nine.

Yang Dingtian slightly surprised, but eventually tagged along with her.

In Rank Eight Martial Skill's room, its layout was several hundred square meters, there were only three bookshelf to visit, the first one had five scroll.

The second bookshelf, altogether had three scroll.

The last bookshelf, had a scroll merely. To sum it all, this room had nine volumes of rare books.

"Why the rare books are so few?" Yang Dingtian.

"The Grade is higher, the fewer rare book that is available," Yanyan said: "Rank One Martial Skill room, enough several thousand rare books. Even Rank Seven Martial Skill room, had 80 rare books. But the Rank Eight Martial Skill room, had nine scroll. I had no idea what kind of your talent, but should be very high, Martial Skill that you have to learn must chooses among these nine scrolls."

"Remember, once has chosen a rare book, lifelong will unable to change. A martial artist can only study one Martial Skill, from first level to Ninth level. Therefore, you must be very carefully selective, it will decide your future achievement completely," Yanyan said seriously: "then I am going to introduce that each rare book, afterward you must make a choice."


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