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Chapter 42: Sword's Training, Shock!

In the instant, Yang Dingtian's whole body, heart, even his soul entered the Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword's deep inside universe.

"First Tribulation, Descend to Earth Sword!"

Yang Dingtian dropped from the clouds, resembling a meteor, his shade like sword pricked the hard ground fiercely.

*Bang!* His strand of Profound Qi's strength swiftly shot out, the White Jade flagstone vanished in a puff of smoke, the wind blasted fiercely in all directions.

He pulled the sword light, overflowed with brilliance colors as if imitated a Milky Way.

It cut the quarry stone and made it splash in all directions.

*Bang!* Innumerable stones met a cruel death, change into particles.

"Second Tribulation, Living Beings Sword!"

*Sōu Sōu Sōu Sōu Sōu...*

The long sword quaked, and the sharp end produced a burst of countless rays at the speed of lightning, resembling the stars had covered densely.

In the blink of the eyes, dozens of swords, several hundred of swords!

More than a hundred cold star sparkled.

*Hū...* The sword tip stroke, rolled, created these hundred point of cold stars. Then they made a thick sword glow together, akin to a strike of lightning in general.


The ground exploded.

The innumerable jades trashed in all directions.

"Third Tribulation, Heartless Sword..."

*Hū...* Cold ray coiled, making the sword shade partly visible.

Jolts wandered about, in search of the location of sword shade.

Suddenly, the cold ray jumped together, as if must reveal the luminous stars.

*Shuā...* The sword light swept.

*Pēng Pēng Pēng...* ripped open the air 2.5 cm

The lion head from the distance place shut off silently.

The heartless sword, neither friendly nor aloof, seemed recreate a picture of merciless ice-cold.

"Fourth Tribulation, Ecstasy Sword!"

Air circulated, the sword shade momentary depicted a graceful image, constantly changed straight or crook, unceasingly transformed cold or gentle.

The sword howled, as if weeping and complaining.

Looking at this form, as if a lonely wild goose, as if a curled in spiral lonely mist.

Pacing back and forth without prediction, spry and lively encircling.

Such as tender water, such as movement of delicate mist.

*Shuā...* immediately the gentle sword's rainbow turned swift and fierce, locked up in the overwhelming feeling of joy or sorrow.

"Kills Kills Kills!"

"Extinguishes Extinguishes Extinguishes!"

The sword shade went pale, the dust had settled(1), the surrounding ground was all gone, already turned into a powder.

"Fifth Tribulation, Boundless Sword!"

A heart is without a boundary, it's also the same with a sword. Considering it like that, then the Murderous Qi mean to be boundless.

No place without murder, no place without extinguish.

"Sixth Tribulation, Without Self Sword!"

From where I come, to where I go?

If without-self, where the sword will return?

If the day is heartless, why should have my existence?

"Seventh Tribulation, Great Sorrow Sword!"

Winning is sad, losing also sad.

Living is sad, dying also sad!

The sorrow of sword broke one heart, the sword broke a person soul!

"Eighth Tribulation, Extinguish Sword!"

Heavens destroyed, Earth destroyed.

Life is short, but to request somewhat demand, but to think somewhat submit.

What to fear, at the worst condemned by heaven and earth!

"Ninth Tribulation, Without Tribulation Sword!"

The world doesn't have a peak.

No limit need to fear.

Calamity further resided, bound for generation oneself's life, neither sad nor happy, did not fear any tribulation!


Put away the sword and laying down

For a very long time, Yang Dingtian's body and soul was unable to break free.

*Hū...* suddenly, the smog that had been surrounded Yang Dingtian fiercely diverged, fell to condense Xuwu Piaoyan's form on the ground.

At this time, the entire piece of the ground was chaotic, several hundred meters to kilometer away stage utterly ravaged by Yang Dingtian's sword.

"Wake up," Xuwu Piaoyan said gently.

Yang Dingtian's sight gradually cleared until he finally sobered, he looked in dull at the surrounding piece of mirror image, then showed an inconceivable expression.

What have happen here? How I completely do not remember what I just did a moment ago?

"What do you feels?" Xuwu Piaoyan asked.

"Like, as if being separated from the world," Yang Dingtian said: "Very exquisite sword technique, sees what one never saw before, hears something never heard before(2). After Swine Murdering Sword Technique, the world will no longer have sword! However..."

"However?" Xuwu Piaoyan asked.

"Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword that I just displayed somewhat different from the one that Senior had demonstrated," Yang Dingtian said.

"It doesn't have to be the same," Xuwu Piaoyan said: "Sword is not stereotype, people are different, the sword naturally also different. Otherwise, it's a dead sword. Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword, what pursue is the essence, not the appearance."

Then, Xuwu Piaoyan said: "Will you hear my appraisal?"

"Ask Senior advice!" Yang Dingtian said.

"Your talent, is very rare," Xuwu Piaoyan said: "A moment ago when you displayed the first Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword, it made anyone who later sees it feel a deep despair. But this not only the result of your talent, your anger, your joy, your gratitude, and your grudges with rival in love. Your age is still young, yet you experienced so many matters, therefore your sword, has been full of the endless story, becomes incomparable profound and distant. However...

Your mind extremely heavy, you can easily offend someone who can take your life. The Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword is the most complicated, profoundest, grandest, and most mysterious. However, its ultimate goal is eventually want the jade to return to its initial form, must come back to the Swine Murdering Sword Technique's vulgarity. Do not put too much pressure on oneself, if everything extremely exhausted, destiny will earlier end. If ought to be empty, then must be empty!" Xuwu Piaoyan said slowly.

For a long time, Yang Dingtian lost in thought, he said: "Senior, although I don't understand, I will try to comprehend your words, also do I need to practice the second?"

Xuwu Piaoyan shook his head saying: "No, things like Sword Art, in any rare book must be learn one time, can learn exactly how many that look at opportunity. You can comprehend again after you leave this world of illusion. At any rate, how is your body feel right now?"

Yang Dingtian said: "There is a portion of vigorous energy want to set out, as if demand a passage to shoot out and go beyond."

Xuwu Piaoyan said: "Any rare book in the world contained a pure written vitality energy, it cleans up the Profound Vein the moment it began to be studied, allowing practitioner to swallows wantonly the world's Profound Qi, also enhance their Profound Vein and Sea of Qi. That's why we can break through the first time study Martial Skill. A common rare book can help break through One Level, An excellent rare book can help break through Two Star. But by the mystery of Swine Murdering Sword Technique, adding up by your talent, it can help you break through Four Star. After returning to reality, your Sea of Qi will have a fierce breakthrough, and when it finish, perhaps you will become Four Star Trainee Martial Artist, perhaps possibly higher."

"Really?" Yang Dingtian's face filled with wild joy.

"Of course," Xuwu Piaoyan said: "But, such opportunity only happen in one time, lifelong has one time."

Yang Dingtian hopefully said: "Senior, whether I can break through Six Star Profound Martial Artist by half a month?

Xuwu Piaoyan startled, then shook his head, said with regrettable tone: "No, it's impossible, 10,000 years ago Martial Dao are more prosperous than the current time, but they unable to achieve. Most Peerless talent will require three months of time from Enlightened to Six Star Profound Martial Artist."

Yang Dingtian's heart turned cold.

At present this person, is not the world any Grand master, but 10,000 years ago incomparably formidable Saint.

If even he said it was impossible, then Yang Dingtian will certainly have no mean.

"Is it really without any means? Was ten thousands years long history don't have any record?" Yang Dingtian said with unwilling voice.

"Without any means, this has violated the human body and world's nature completely," Xuwu Piaoyan said.

Yang Dingtian desperately exhaled his breath.

"Wait, what today is this?" Suddenly, Xuwu Piaoyan asked.

"Base on Twin Suns, it should be September 1 st," Yang Dingtian said.

"This is Heaven's Will..." Xuwu Piaoyan stunned while unconsciously muttered.

Yang Dingtian's heart jumped fiercely, said: "Senior Xuwu, do you have a mean?"

Xuwu Piaoyan said: "12 days later, in September 13, it's a 300 years time for Yin and Yang Festival. It's a moment when the Twin Moons positions intersect with the Twin Suns, the world will completely in darkness, cannot see anything including the five fingers. The Yin and Yang blend, Profound Qi in the world will become very pure. You know, usually, a martial artist will swallows greatly profound Qi to cultivate at the earlier morning, because at that time, Profound Qi is quite pure. But even so, swallowing as many as ten cup and refining all kind of it, later it won't remain a single one, precisely because Yin and Yang exists simultaneously, the Profound Qi become impure, both positive and negative attribute exist together. Swallows too many instead will endanger the practicioner's life. But the total eclipse moment at the Yin and Yang Festival, making Profound Qi instantaneously become pure. Profound Qi at this stage, almost doesn't need to be refine, immediately can be use to cultivate. Therefore, swallowing Profound Qi for that only a moment of time, the result is far effective compare to common time over a hundred fold."

Yang Dingtian said: "At that time, can I break through Six Star Profound Martial Artist?"

"No, it's still not good," Xuwu Piaoyan said: "Although at that time the interval to swallow the profound to cultivate has effect surpassing the common time hundred folds, but the time to prepare it is extremely short. Moreover, you also needs to organize Great Array, which is called Yin and Yang Five Elemental Array, have you heard it?"

"No," Yang Dingtian shook his head, Dongfang Niemie also has never heard it, this definitely one of the product that lost when the Great Extermination come.

"When a person swallowed profound Qi to cultivate, most can absorb the surrounding Profound Qi only a zhang. But Yin and Yang Five Elemental Array, slightly help to swallow the Profound Qi in dozens li perimeter of the area to greatly absorb several hundred li of Profound Qi," Xuwu Piaoyan said.

Yang Dingtian's warm blood was boiling. He needed 15 days in September to breaks through Six Star Profound Martial Artist, but 13 days later, also happen the Yin and Yang festival under the once 300 years total eclipse, could it be this is truly a Heaven's Will?

"Then I can break through Six Star Profound Martial Artist, right?" Yang Dingtian asked.

"You can, but extremely difficult," Xuwu Piaoyan said: "In my era, some people once used the Yin-Yang Five Elemental Array in Yin and Yang Festival, broke through 13 level, finally he became the Number One Under the Heaven powerhouse. Your talent is very astonishing, but 16 levels are also astonishing."

Yang Dingtian said with firmness: "Even only a little hope, I must make an effort to try. Please Senior, what do I have to make? How should I arrange this Yin and Yang Five Elemental Array?"

Xuwu Piaoyan said: "You need to find a particular round land, it bore half negative and half positive Qi, the negative has the positivity, the positive has the negative, but both very distinguish. Then, arranges five pointed star in this round land, each five spots placed separately a monster core. Lightning type on the top, ice and fire on the sides, metal and wind below. Then you have completed the Array. Afterward, when the formation are condensing more and more Profound Qi, you placed yourself in the formation's eye location, at the moment the Twin Moons intersect with the Twin Suns, inexhaustible Profound Qi energy will pour onto the top of your head in the instant, the energy will incomparably pure, it can directly be taken into Sea of Qi, could be use immediately. At that moment, you only need to circulate the Swine Murdering Sword Technique unique Swallow Profound Secret Art, refining these Profound Qi into Sea of Qi."

"I have remembered, Senior," Yang Dingtian excitedly said.

"Remember, these five monster cores must you hunt and kill the monster beast personally, cannot borrow others hand. Because the monster beast before the point of death, your energy, your aura and impression will instill into the monster core. If not hunt and kill personally, the formation wouldn't work, and the consequence is dreadful, that inexhaustible pure Profound Qi will tear you to shred."

"I have remembered, Senior," Yang Dingtian said.

"Good, you exit, return to the real world now, the time should have pass very long. I soon must disappear..." Xuwu Piaoyan said.

Immediately, a cool feeling flood into the top of his head, Yang Dingtian gradually sobered, returned to the reality.

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Sees what one never saw before, hears something never heard before: Seeing something very rare.

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