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Chapter 44: Crazily Practices Sword Technique

When Yanyan reached the room's gate, she finally stopped, the small head couldn't bear not to turn around, "Yang Dingtian believe me, all that you see are illusion, you are exactly moving toward Yang Yunchong's dead end. I entreat you, as a wife, please don't do this, take the safe and full-assurance's road?"

Yang Dingtian took a deep breath, smiling toward Yanyan: "Sorry, I have chosen my path, and I believe it is right."

Yanyan's cheek went pale, she said: "Since the choice you believe are the bubble of illusion, but not the words of your wife. Then... from henceforth, the so-called husband and wife relation, thoroughly no longer exist."

Then, Yanyan's one foot staggered, swiftly escape toward outside.

Yang Dingtian's mouth inhaled the large amount of air, then he expelled it out, had been restore a slight peaceful feeling from the excited mood.

"What I had seen is not illusion, all real, the road I chose is right, I am right," Yang Dingtian said in a low voice.

Then Yang Dingtian couldn't bear to ask inside his heart: "Master, did you also see what I had seen and my practices of Sword Technique in that white jade stone's stage a moment ago?"

A brief silent, then Dongfang Niemie said: "No, I had seen nothing."

Yang Dingtian's body trembled, face complexion thoroughly white.

But Dongfang Niemie's voice immediately follow, "But, I believe your choice!"

This saying as if gave him a little hope and brought back some confident.

"So did I," Yang Dingtian said.

Then he looked for a steel sword, Xuwu Piaoyan advised him to practice the Sword Technique for 10,000 times. He can't waste a single a second, must not delay without enough time, immediately begin.


After had found the sword he needed and left the Merit Depository Pavilion, Yang Dingtian sought for a remote spacious area to practices the Sword Technique, but some people have blocked his way, a handsome big youth, he led one group of his peer.

"The toad that want to eat the heaven goose meat, dreamily wish to become Cloud Firmament City Lord, Yang Dingtian," the youth coldly said.

"Yes, I am Yang Dingtian, you are...?" Yang Dingtian said.

"Tang Jin, I am Tang Bozhao's son. The woman name Tang Xin you previously insulted is my Elder Sister," The youth pointed his finger at Yang Dingtian.

"Oh, what about it?" Yang Dingtian asked.

Tang Jin's corner of the lips showed a cruel smiling all together, "Nothing, I just want to warn you. In the Elimination Battle that 13 days later. I will not only making you tumble out Cloud Firmament City, but also must reduce you into one piece of limbless body. I will make you see, who is the true master of Cloud Firmament City."

Yang Dingtian's heart one cold, deeply looked at Tang Jin, then said: "Warning receive, if no other matters, then excuse me."

Yang Dingtian shoved open two youth before him, leaving the Merit Depository Pavilion's area.

"Yang Dingtian, I am One Star Profound Martial Warrior. 13 days later, I will make you regret ever enter the Cloud Firmament City," arrived at the hanging bridge, Yang Dingtian heard the gloomy and cold sound that Tang Jin broadcasted from behind.

Yang Dingtian ceased his steps, One Star Profound Martial Warrior was higher five levels compared than the scheduled goal, Six Star Profound Martial Artist, not to mention it also on different Rank. If want to defeat, perhaps will be impossible.

But what if he use the Swine Murdering Sword Technique, that heaven defying Number One Sword Under the Heaven?

"Just you wait," Yang Dingtian held up high the sword in his hand, then he said within own heart: "We already are neither run into the south wall nor turn one head to that beast(1), ten million must not make people disappointed."

"Tang elder brother, how we are not break his hands and feet now?" At this time, the nearby pretty youth said.

"Dare to begin in Cloud Firmament City, are you courting death?" Tang Jin coldly said: "If outside, you don't say."

"Hehe, understand," the pretty youth curled the corner of his lips.


In order to prove own choice is correct, Yang Dingtian was practicing Swine Murdering Sword Technique for the following time, without any sleep or rest, day by day, only stop to eat meals.

Yanyan had really not appeared again, didn't want to see Yang Dingtian absolutely.

Yang Dingtian practiced Swine Murdering Sword Technique at the back side of the isolated mountain everyday, has not gone home even just to eat, he solved it by brought the dry rations and drunk from the spring water. Afterward, he simply didn't eat.

At the beginning, he went back to his house to sleep. Then afterward, Yanyan's maidservant Lu'er simply locked the door that he lived, because Yang Dingtian never returned anymore, every day if extremely sleepy or tired, he casually looked for a ground to sleep.

He must practiced the Sword Technique 10,000 times!

From the beginning, he practiced the Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword have spent 5 minutes. If must practices 10,000 times, then it will require 50,000 minutes, close to 900 hours. In other words if without sleep or rest will takes slightly more than a month.

TN: (Precisely is 833,33333, or 834 hours, converse to days should be 35 days or 1 month 5 days if we assume one month is 30 days, not much different from 900 hours, which only apart 3 days more)

That certainly impossible, Yang Dingtian's time was not that many.

Not good, must have progress, must transformed Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword to its original state.

Yang Dingtian went all out to recall his experience in the white void, how Xuwu Piaoyan gradually demonstrated the unpolished gem regained its basic condition.

Dozens, 100, 200.

The time had passed for a whole day, Yang Dingtian still doesn't have any progress.

It still as before incomparably complicated, incomparably sophisticated Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword, still take five minutes like before.

He finally stopped, stared at the curtain of night, heavily said: "Master, how can it turn out like this?"

"Child, you shouldered too many matter, your mind have been full of concern." Dongfang Niemie said: " First must clear your mind, forget anything, I teach you one set of Stateless Heart Secret Art, this will help you enter the self-absorption condition completely.

Yang Dingtian took a deep breath, looked at the puddle in front of him, then he jumped fiercely.

Extricated himself from the cool water, Yang Dingtian began to study the Stateless Heart Secret Art under Dongfang Niemie's guidance.

Suddenly, as if sort of power fiercely seized everything within his brain.

First, it seized his unwillingness.

Second, it seized his anger.

Third, it seized his memory.

Lastly, it seized including Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword that he had practiced crazily.

"Good, now you practice the Sword Technique, doesn't have to think about the passage of time, doesn't have to calculate the number of times, just practices..."

Yang Dingtian leapt from the water, punctured to the ground the first Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword, Descend to Earth Sword!

"Master, starting now, I will enter the self-absorbed condition, thorough crazily practiced. When I have reached the 10,000 move, please wake me up. No matter how long the time passes by, as long as still less than 10,000 move, do not make me sober."

Advance courageously, forget all the consequences! I am rapidly move forward just like a crazed beast.

*Hū Hū Hū...* Yang Dingtian went out from the water's surface, his sharp sword brandished like the wind.

Several hours later, he finally advanced to the Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword's Second Layer. The nine moves practice's time, only takes two minutes.


The next day, Yang Dingtian still in the Second Layer, brandishing the nine moves as before, takes two minutes as before.

On this day he unceasingly practiced, had achieved 700 times.

On the third day, he managed to enter the Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword Third Layer, the practices time only needed one thirty minutes.

He practiced crazily without rest, has not eaten even his dried provision, he had reached 1000 times.

The fourth day, he didn't advance at all, still required one thirty minutes as before to execute the Nine Tribulations Sword, in the Third Layer, 1000 times as before.

But he had practiced the sword technique to 3000 times. Now remaining 7000.

The Yin and Yang festival that total eclipse had been less than eight days. Anything monster cores were yet to be hunted, the place for setting up the Yin and Yang five element also remained unknown.

Fifth day, still no progress.

On this day, still Nine Tribulations Sword's Third Layer.

If keep continued according with such a speed, by the time he had accomplished 10,000, Yin and Yang Festival definitely expired, because that total eclipse will soon pass away.


Yang Dingtian thoroughly entered the self-absorbed condition.

Everything had forgotten, times, problems, the Yin and Yang Festival, the Yin and Yang Five Elements Array, even the nine days later that Elimination Battle.

Enough five days and nights without stop and care for himself, Yang Dingtian's beard and hair turned long like a rag, his figure became thin and pale, very much resembling a hobo.

Probably around on the third day, some people accidentally discovered Yang Dingtian's secluded location. They saw that he was crazily practicing Swine Murdering Sword Technique, immediately became noisy like bunch of birds, returned to Cloud Firmament City and began to spread amusing propaganda.

The Nine Tribulations Sword's Third Layer already not very attractive. Yang Dingtian's performance with his Nine Tribulations Sword Third Layer, giving the bystander some strange feeling.

"Hear, hear, that idiot who wanted to be our Lord finally went insane, regarded a Treasure Swine Murdering Sword Technique unexpectedly, madly practicing it, I have looked it more than 1000 moves, the practice was getting uglier and worsen, simply didn't have anything good."

Then, the number of people who went to the back side of the mountain increased, they surrounded Yang Dingtian who practiced Swine Murdering Sword Technique in frantic, seeing the kill technique of that Sword Technique became the same with butchering the swine's movement, all people laughed till their belly full of pain.

"Hey, City Lord Yang Dingtian, your Swine Murdering Sword Technique was very fierce, I have been feel like full of enlightenment, how about I acknowledged you as teacher?"

Yang Dingtian current condition was in a complete self-absorption, therefore turned deaf to many people's ridicule.

But these people kept going at him.

Afterward, even children started to run over all over the place, throwing some dirty rock toward Yang Dingtian's spot.


Regarding the Cloud Firmament City's high levels, these crazy manner Yang Dingtian displayed made them quick think of a person!

Yang Yunchong!

That astonishing talent person who was in the apex of his life, but after had studying the Swine Murdering Sword Technique, he thoroughly went insane.

Some people did see Yang Dingtian entered the room without rank rare book, moreover the Sword Technique he practiced was equally weird compare with those lunatics. Therefore, they assummed Yang Dingtian really had picked Swine Murdering Sword Technique. Yang Dingtian went crazy, under the pressure beyond comparison, he decided to learn Swine Murdering Sword Technique, then he fell to the insanity's path.

Cloud Firmament City's high levels people were shaking their head with taunting smile.

"Pitiful person, take it at any other places could become an outstanding junior, why must insist in Cloud Firmament City?" Great Elder Yang Yan sneered.

Cloud Firmament City all people, including the few kilometers in surrounding are, quickly had known the matter.

Yang Dingtian went nuts! Like beforehand Yang Yunchong's craziness to be the same.



Yang Dingtian was practicing the Sword Technique as before, the beard on his chin grew half a finger long, then his hair was similar to the weed in general.

His original appearance completely under the transfiguration, his clothing ripped one after another, moistened completely the soil below, really the same like a hobo.

At this time, the people who were watching for fun finally returned to their own residence to rest.

Only moonlight, that accompanies Yang Dingtian to practice the Sword Technique.


Yang Dingtian's movement suddenly changed

*Sōu Sōu Sōu Sōu...* The Sword's strike became incomparably sharp, rapidly execute its motion.

Without a sign, without an omen, Yang Dingtian such entered the Swine Murdering Sword Technique's Fourth Layer.

Practices Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword shortened to 30 seconds, one hour can practice 120 times.

Gets down according to such speed, the remaining more than 6000 times, could be finish in 50 hours, that is two days.

But the distance from that total eclipse's event also less than five days, he needed within these five days, to hunt for five monster cores, moreover must killed the beast personally, then found the place to set up the formation.

Yet another pleasant news occurred in a mere two hours later.

Yang Dingtian entered Fifth Layer Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword!

It's the same as before, without omen, without sign.

Immediately the sword's wind shifted.

All profoundness, all magnificence, all mystery, vanished.

All moves, instantaneously become vulgar, simple and direct.

Here, Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword had the qualitative change, crossed the boundary directly, from Nothingness Nine Tribulations Sword, turned into Swine Murdering Sword Technique.

Naturally, the true Swine Murdering Sword Technique was in the highest, the Ninth Layer. But from here on could be called Swine Murdering Sword Technique.

Because the move of Swine Murdering Sword Technique Fifth Layer was direct, it required 12 seconds merely.

That means one hour was 300 sword. The remaining moves could be finish by the sunrise.

However, three hours later...

Yang Dingtian's sword wind once more changed. The Sword Technique became more vulgar, simple, quicker.

Yes, this is the Sixth Layer!

Practicing the Nine moves of Swine Murdering Sword Technique, only takes 9 seconds, one hour can practice sword 400.


After several hours, dawn.

Yang Dingtian's whole figure completely similar to a savage, not just any savage, a crazy savage. The steel sword in hand, the condition was very concerning, everywhere gap bending.

Yang Dingtian's Sword Technique turned such ugly and vulgar.

Then, a familiar old sound gently sneaked inside his brain.

"Child, 10,000."

Yang Dingtian shivered, soon restore his consciousness.

*Hū...* suddenly, his wrist incomparably hot, four limbs as if combusted, brain resembled scorching, a whole body like on fire in general.

*Bang...* The Sea of Qi deep inside of him fiercely made hole.

*Bang...* The Profound Veins blasted out fiercely, the entire body as if must soared to sky.

Within the body, as if innumerable fire fiercely ignited, the Profound Veins and Sea of Qi became fiery, roaring, showing their hunger and thirst to swallow Profound Qi from anywhere.

Yang Dingtian thorough sobered.

"10,001 st!"

Yang Dingtian mustered all of his strengths, all complicated mood, put it all up to the one almost broken sword in his hand as he swung it for the last time

Last practices of the Swine Murdering Sword Technique.

"First Move, pierce the throat bloodily !"

"Second Move, slice up the stomach!"

"Third Move, split the head!"

"Fourth Move, dig out the heart from the lung!"

"Fifth Move, clean up the stomach!"

"Sixth Move, stamp the four limbs!"

"Seventh Move, one cut two slices!"

"Eighth Move, remove the bone and flesh!"

"Ninth Move, sword into the chopping board!"

*Bang!* A great sword, scattered into fragment, the last sword, Yang Dingtian chopped fiercely above a giant stone.

*Dāng...* the steel sword in hand broke several cuns.

The final move, the last execution.

*Hū...* Yang Dingtian's Sword Technique, began its Seventh Layer all of the sudden.

Xuwu Piaoyan said that at least needed to practice hundreds of thousands times to begin the Swine Murdering Sword Technique's high-level realm.

But Yang Dingtian... only 10,001


"----------" Yang Dingtian bellowed fiercely, shouted while faced the sky: "Success! Success! I did it! I achieve it! I am right, you all wrong! Those who are insane are you!"

At the corner of his eyes, a beautiful unparalleled woman walked, her vision had been full of the concern, the gentle face quick must approached him.

TN: Who's that?

TricksterDrasvel TricksterDrasvel

We already are neither run into the south wall nor turn one head to that beast = Do not hit the south wall do not look back = I have stubbornly chose my path, have not listen to anybody.

Beast on the sentence above referred to the south wall.


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    Thanks for your work dont drop and dont die before finishing it

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    I will try, but if the chapter was rather hard, I may not be able to finish it in one day, unless I completely free (sadly, I am not) I also will translate only for five days, six at most, I need one day free after all, and to work my fic, check it out!

  • Thanks for the story. Update it daily pl if you have the time. Thanks again.

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