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Chapter 79: Kill the Millennium Owl?

"Brother Yang, Millenium Owl officially yours, I hope you succeed," Zhao Mu said.

"Thank you," Yang Dingtian said, "in the future, I will regard Terror Mountain Village and Brother Zhao Mu as my ally. Unless you rebel, I will never harm you."

"Deal!" Zhao Mu stretched out his palm.

"Deal," Yang Dingtian accepted his palm.

Zhao Mu said, "Normally, I should entertain Brother Yang and this miss; since you are my honored guest. However, Northwest Qin Family had a lot of spies, they certainly suspicious if I treat you like an honored guest. Therefore, I can only put you two at great inconvenience for a while, after I settle the proper arrangement, then I let you out."

Zhao Mu planned to look for a woman similar to Qin Hongmian then chopped her head, later sent to Qin Shaobai.

"It's fine, I plan to stay here and observe the Millennium Owl anyway," Yang Dingtian said.

"I exit first, quickly will handle the processing of this matter. Say the words if you want to leave, however, should stay inside the tower for some time before everything's ready," Zhao Mu said, "I'll deliver three meals a day."

"Thank you," Yang Dingtian said.

"Farewell!" Zhao Mu said.

"You go ahead and take Young Village Master to the exit," the Scarface elder said, "I chat with Mr. Yang for a bit."

"Yes!" one of the black robe figures held Zhao Mu, floating upward into the tomb tower's entrance.

Once all people leave, the Scarface elder slowly said, "You lie."

Yang Dingtian's facial expression slightly changed.

"Village Master Zhao Wuji didn't die in that cavern or murdered by its protector, he died in your hand or his death related with you," the Scarface elder's red eyes closely stared at Yang Dingtian, he coldly said, "perhaps you deceive others, but not me. Fire Cloud Demon Cave's entrance had already collapsed five years ago!"

Yang Dingtian's heart went cold, he had sure everything he told didn't have a flaw, How this Scarface elder discover his lies?

Ximen Ningning's eyes also turned cold, she gathered her Profound Qi and prepared to use Spiritual imprisonment technique.

"Five years ago, I had gone to Fire Cloud Demon Cave, that's why I know," the Scarface elder said.

"Doesn't mean I killed Zhao Wuji," Yang Dingtian said.

"You have formidable talent and Village Master is an envious man, he will kill you the first time you met. But you lived and he died, although I don't know what method you use, his death still related to you," the Scarface elder said.

Yang Dingtian's innermost feeling shocked, this Scarface elder had guessed correctly despite he was not at the scene.

However, instead of exposing it in front of everyone, he waited after they all left, including Zhao Mu.

"Senior has what intention by saying all of these now?" Yang Dingtian slowly asked.

The Scarface elder arrived before Yang Dingtian, looked at Ningning from the corner of his eyes, "Miss, your talent also superb, but your Spiritual imprisonment will not work on my rank."

Ningning startled then showed a faint smile, she took back her Profound Qi, "Senior might as well speak frankly, don't frighten younger generation like this."

The Scarface elder grabbed Yang Dingtian's hand and sensed his pulse, drilling own Profound Qi into Yang Dingtian's body, then he immediately startled, "Good talent! Immeasurably deep, no wonder Ximen Wuya and Dongfang Niemie settle on you."

Few people in the world could detect Yang Dingtian's Profound Vein talent and this Scarface elder was one of them!

"Who are you, Senior?" Yang Dingtian said with amazement.

The Scarface elder continued saying, "Reason I am not exposing you earlier because you have not lain aside from Zhao Wuji's matter, your demeanor in handle things also good, the agreement you made with Zhao Mu is sincere.

If I have not guessed it wrong, you don't treat Zhao Mu's cold poison with any special Qi, but directly cured him with your blood."

Yang Dingtian slowly nodded, "Yes, in fact, I can cure Brother Zhao Mu completely right away."

"No, the five-times treatment also OK." The Scarface elder said, "Nothing we can do about Zhao Wuji's death, it probably also the result of his misdeed, that person is a lunatic after all. However, you best not forget your agreement with Zhao Mu."

"I won't, senior," Yang Dingtian said, "once I become powerful, certainly ask justice for Brother Zhao Mu."

"Good, and please liberate Terror Mountain Village from Northwest Qin Family's hand," the Scarface elder said.

Yang Dingtian widened his eyes and nodded, "I try."

"Un, Northwest Qin City won't wait for you to become formidable, once they know your talent, they will use any means to get rid of your existence," the Scarface elder said.

Northwest Qin Family currently considered Yang Dingtian as a waste lunatic, didn't possess any threat, even perhaps served them some benefits.

"Zhao Mu is a good child, you may have killed his father, but I hope it doesn't implicate your relationship with him, he will not disappoint you, please treat him honestly," the Scarface elder said.

"I will," Yang Dingtian said.

"I believe you," the Scarface elder said, "Ximen Wuya and Dongfang Niemie were outstanding heroes, I believe their vision. As for the Millennium Owl, I also helpless, you can only count on yourself, I wait nearby."

The Scarface elder slowly floated to the tower, "Farewell."

"Senior may I know your name?" Yang Dingtia loudly said, looking at the elderly figure almost went out of the abyss.

The Scarface elder stagnated in mid-air, he slowly said, "Zhao Wudan."

"Zhao Wudan?!" Yang Dingtian startled, this person hadn't died?

"When Zhao Wuji tried to snatch the Village Master's position in the past, he didn't want to kill me but abandon my Martial Arts and imprisoned me for a lifetime. Northwest Qin Family instead killed entirely my village's expert and threw me into the rock magma. I was half burned when Zhao Mu rescue me, he secretly mended my wound with innumerable medicines," Zhao Wudan said, "therefore he is a good child, please don't disappoint him."

"Yes, senior!" Yang Dingtian said while bowed his body.

Zhao Wudan swayed his hand, the stone gate above his head opened, he leaped out, and the stone gate once more shut.

"Zhao Wudan, really somewhat unexpected," Ningning said, "he is away from Grandmaster powerhouse merely one pace, if Zhao Wuji didn't invite enemy's influence to snatch the Village Master's position, perhaps Terror Mountain Village now become the third powerful influence, next to Northwest Qin Family and Cloud Firmament City."

"Yeah, he obtains the position but also reducing Terror Mountain Village's influence into a subject, idiot," Yang Dingtian said.

No matter any city, influence, or school, as long they had Grandmaster Level powerhouse, the influence would have a qualitative transformation, perhaps can become one of the Number One Under the Heaven and others.

Because of practitioners who arrived at Grandmaster powerhouse were not many, so long they marched into this powerful Rank, everyone in the world will recognize their status.

"Each generation always has talented people," Yang Dingtian sighed in praise, "For part of Three Sects, Nine Families, and Twenty Seven Faction, Terror Mountain Village surprisingly doesn't have a single Grandmaster level powerhouse."

Ningning said, "Prominent families monopoly the list of influences in Three Sects, Nine Families, and Twenty Seven Factions, each generation inside the influence's list not necessarily always formidable and powerful."

Yang Dingtian said, "If Zhao Wudan become Village Master and successfully promoted into Grandmaster level powerhouse, would he be at the same rank as Uncle-Master Ximen?"

"No, only at Grandmaster level." Ningning said, "Adoptive Father is Great Grandmaster Level expert, because low-key, up to the previous war on the sea, people thought he only Grandmaster level expert.

Great Grandmaster level is this world's top powerhouse. Between the Grandmaster Level and the Great Grandmaster Level has a very great distance, most Grandmaster impossible to achieve this rank."

Yang Dingtian asked, "How many Great Grandmaster in the world now?"

"Hmm, world justice path had four people; adoptive father, Sect Master Dongfang, Zhu Qingzhu and Hidden Sect Master," Ximen Ningning said, "Adoptive Father's Profound Vein talent is the weakest among these four but most likely become the World Number One Expert. If not for his bitter experience; five years later, Zhu Qingzhu will not be his match; ten years later, Sect Master Dongfang possibly not his match; twenty years later, perhaps Adoptive Father can contend with Hidden Sect Master."

Yang Dingtian's heart twitched, Ximen Wuya's future into becoming Number One Under the Heaven extinguished earlier to save his life.

"Uncle-Master Ximen, I will complete your mission and dream, no matter at what cost. Millennium Owl, you are my first step," Yang Dingtian drilled his sight at the sea of magma below, the Millennium Owl submerged completely inside the magma.


"Master, how should I kill the Millennium Owl?" Yang Dingtian inwardly asked.

Dongfang Niemie went silent then he said, "Heaven somewhat funny, obviously you only needed elementary lightning type monster core, yet it gives you formidable Millennium Owl instead; this monster beast even more fearful than Great Grandmaster level."

Yang Dingtian also didn't know should laugh or cry.

Dongfang Niemie said, "although the owl was in the seal, it had an invincible defense like usual, the outer layer much harder than any metal because of lightning's tempering. Almost all weapons are useless."

"The owl Profound Qi, although weakened by the seal, the strength still overbearing, at least over a million jin, enough to instant kill Grandmaster level powerhouse," Dongfang Niemie said.

Yang Dingtian immediately depressed, instant kill Grandmaster level? What about his Enlightened level? Perhaps died more than a thousand times.

"Master, is there truly no method to kill this Millennium Owl?" Yang Dingtian helplessly asked.

"You can kill it!" Dongfang Niemie said, "but need two requirements."


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