65.87% Nine Yang Sword Saint (Fan Translation) / Chapter 83: Showdown With the Owl (1)

Chapter 83: Showdown With the Owl (1)

"Human, are you here to kill me?" Millennium Owl said.

Yang Dingtian slightly startled, but hardly shocked. He understood this kind of formidable monster beast also intelligent enough to talk in human's voice.

"You are waiting for your woman to come back with Deep-Sea Profound Poison."

This time, Yang Dingtian thoroughly astounded, 'How this monster beast knows? The seal should prevent it from overhearing my conversation with Sister Ningning.'

"You should have followed them running away," Millennium Owl said, "No matter how you insist on leaving the vault, your weak power won't be able to carry you out to the surface; now, wait for your death and be my delicious food for the first in 300 years.

I knew your constitution possessed high Yang Profound Vein; it will serve me well.

Relax, those lot of crap Terror Mountain Village's people will not skip my butchery; I rip them to shred and change them into bloody meat.

As for your woman, her tender and delicious meat, I will feast on them slowly, savoring each inch of them in delight."

Millennium Owl flapped its wings; the hundred meters body slowly rose from the red magma.

"Soon, a couple of minutes later, my power shall strengthen several times, I will kill you and break free from this hateful seal..."

"Soon, I will be free!"

The owl sent an ear-deafening roar, the whole abyss and the land overhead angrily vibrated, rocks dropped from above and magma below insanely violent. At the Outer sky, the dark had consumed the Twin Suns more than half.

"Hahahahaha, Lowly Human, your time of death soon arrive!"

*Bang!* The stone gate on the top of their figures smashed open; a flying beast pierced through the dusty smoke while carrying a shadow of a graceful person.

Yang Dingtian looked up; at the instant, his mouth couldn't bear to shout, "Sister Ningning!"

She came!

At this final seconds, she fulfilled her words and returned to him.

"Little Tian, I made it in time, I made it in time..." Ningning said with anxiety on her face, two gentle water-like eyes filled with blood threads and two-stream of water had fallen from the corners.

She jumped from the monster beast and entered Yang Dingtian's bosom; her skin transpired a complete ice-cold.

"Bless the Heaven; Elder Sister thought will be late despite trying to fly back hurriedly," she sobbed into his chest.

Then she said anxiously, "Deep-Sea Profound Poison inside my bosom, I don't have any strength left, you quickly take it out!"

Yang Dingtian extended his hand and entered the cloth over her bosom then taking out a white jade box.

A medicine pill with gleaming and glassy carving greeted his eyes; this was the spirit pill, Ningning mixed it with the Deep-Sea Profound Poison and planned to deceive the Millennium Owl to eat it; because monster beast always drooled on the spirit pill.

Yang Dingtian sighed, "Elder Sister, Millennium Owl knew our plan."

"What?!" Ningning trembled, beautiful pupil stared in disbelieve, "But how?"

"Does it matter?" Millennium Owl smiled, then it said aloud, "Little miss, your effort is useless, I have grasped your deception, I won't eat your scam pill, I will eat your tender meat instead, haha..."

Millennium Owl ran out from the magma and exposing own more than 300 meters large body; two thick-Cold chains tied up the owl's two back legs.

Ominous and ugly, swift and terrifying, the owl's figure surpassed the size of a soccer field.

The owl cheered its soon-to-be-free celebration, went flying around the vault while wreaking havoc the stone wall and magma sea.

Hundred to thousand jin giant stones rained down, and the magma wave surged upward; almost hit Yang Dingtian and Ximen Ningning.

"I am free; I am free..."

Millennium Owl's top of the head started to condense a bright ray, and it continued going more brilliant by moments.

It's the sign of the owl's energy gradually increased.

At this moment, Ningning robbed the spirit pill from the worried Yang Dingtian, then she clamped the pills between palms and closed her eyes; reciting a mysterious mantra silently.

The spirit pill crumbled, leaving only a green fluid to float in the air.

It's the Deep-Sea Profound Poison, it behaved akin to a living creature, struggling unceasingly in the air as if wanted to escape.

Under Yang Dingtian's doubtful observation, Ningning's mantra gradually developed faster.

Meanwhile, the ray on the top of the Millennium Owl's head also grew richer; eye-catching light shot out generally like a sun.

The land began to split, the entire sea of magma created kilometer monstrous tides. The firm-strong vault started tearing.

A purplish energy shield manifested around Millennium Owl; the seal vivaciously retained the owl from breaking free.

Then the condensed ray on the Millennium Owl's head shifted to jet black; changed into an enormous sword then hit the seal.

*Bang!* Together with the loud sound, the land trembled and widely separated.

The purplish shield dimmed one-third; two more strokes before the owl wholly burst free.

The thick ice chains on the owl's back legs became red, gradually melting.

Ximen Ningning lifted her hands; she read the mantra out loud, which Yang Dingtian incompetent to understand. She let out a green-ray that got more abundant for each second. The Deep-Sea Profound Poison insanely surged between her hands.

*Hu...* the Deep-Sea Profound Poison turned into a green flame!

*Bang!* The Millennium Owl's black-enormous sword struck the purplish seal for the second time, producing a huger earthquake on the land. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.


Ningning's green flame turned into a human form; the shape resembled a slender and beautiful female, then it flushed toward Millennium Owl.

Abnormally beautiful and charming green flame, speeding up and wildly shot at the owl.

Then, it drilled into the back of the Millennium Owl!

"No------!" the owl shouted with an unwilling and frightened tone, almost bleeding Yang Dingtian's ear.

In a pace under human's sight, the owl's enormous figure, inch by inch started to solidify; the poison turned each its fiery red body into a dim green.

The fearful Deep-Sea Profound Poison, such quickly suppressed fierce monster beast; from the tail, arrived at the back, then to the neck, finally its head, all turned green.

The owl had effectively frozen.

Looking at Millennium Owl, the green poison had infringed its head, soon arrived at the monster core spot.

The total eclipse's arrival also less than five minutes left.

"Kill it now before the poison does it, or the monster core will be useless!" Ningning hurriedly said.

Yang Dingtian looked at Ningning's body covered in green smoke, worriedly said, "Sister Ningning, what's all this about?"

"I am fine! Go now!" Ningning pushed Yang Dingtian.

"Right, must not waste any more time!" Yang Dingtian grabbed the nearby Profound Ice sword box then he took out the top-grade Black Blood Gold sword, he leaped from the edge of flagstone.

Advancing the sword steered downward, Yang Dingtian strove to hit the owl's top of the head.


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