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Chapter 84: Showdown With the Owl (2)

Yang Dingtian leaped from the flagstone, then aimed the top-grade Black Blood Gold sword at the head of Millennium Owl.

He had fallen three kilometers.

Then five kilometers.

Eight kilometers.

*Puchi!* his body and the sword pounded on the owl's head, the tip of the sword punctured the owl's past wound and submerged into its thick skin completely.

Millennium Owl which petrified by the poison sent out a long-depressed hissing; it wildly struggled after receiving the incomparable pain but unable to break loose.

The pair of giant red eyeballs profoundly rebelled, yet slowly closed down as before.

Three breath times were the limit to wield this top-grade Black Blood Gold sword before the Sword Spirit regained consciousness and attacked the wielder. Therefore, Yang Dingtian must quickly dig out the monster core.

But at this moment, he heard Ningning's anxious cries.

"Little Tian, run!"

Yang Dingtian declined his head and discovered the Millennium Owl's eyes had widely opened, but the eyeballs didn't have other colors besides red.

What most astonishing, the owl surprisingly recovered its movement!

How the hell it get rid Deep-Sea Profound Poison's effect?!

"Millennium Owl intends to perish together with you; it has shattered own blood vessels to erase the poison forcefully, run now!" Ningning loudly said before she also leaped from the flagstone.

"Sister Ningning, no!" Yang Dingtian immediately frightened.

*Bang!* at the same time, Millennium Owl's body split into half, revealing torn meat and fresh blood. Then countless flames burst from the gap and turning the owl akin to a demon.

Yang Dingtian opened his arms to catch the fast-falling Ningning; then they firmly clasped onto the back of the owl.

The flaming demon Millennium Owl lunged into the air; own strength increased several folds in response to Profound vein and Sea of Qi self-ignition.

Breaking off the cold chains on its legs, the owl flew toward the vault's wall.

*Bang!* Millennium Owl smashed the firm rock wall, directly forming a large hole. It passed through the hole and soared to the sky.

Yang Dingtian and Ximen Ningning laid on the top of its head.

"Do you think killing me will be easy? Haha, dream on!" Millennium Owl roared with a tone full of hate.

Then, it flapped the huge shark-like fins which also combusted in flame, hovering above the Terror Mountain Village before spouting one group of enormous blue lightning.

*Biri-Biri* the lightning struck the complex architectural building on the ground, immediately crushing houses at the several hundred meters distance. The ground's surface experienced a broad fracture and smell of scorch trailed in the air.

*Biri-Biri* another group of lightning bolts went killing spree, striking the entire dozens mu forest and changed them into a bunch of pyre woods.

*Biri-Biri* a giant pond deteriorated, rapidly burning black.

The might of Millennium Owl, frightening to this degree.

Meanwhile, Twin Moons had almost blocked the Twin Suns completely, perhaps a couple of minutes left before the total eclipse arrived.

This moment was his last chance to set up the Five Elements Yin-Yang Array; otherwise, the opportunity will lose forever.

That also means the loss of his future.

The world engulfed in darkness; star sparkled in the sky. The flame demon Millennium Owl turned bright the surrounding dozens li area.

The owl had lost its intelligence, even ignoring two humans who stuck on the top of its head. It only wanted crazily vent, pouring all hatred and anger because of being imprisoned for 300 years.

Yang Dingtian held top-grade Black Blood Gold sword, slashing and cutting the owl's head to dig out the monster core. But its act of renounce caused transmutation on the owl's outer layer, increasing its density; thus, Yang Dingtian's cut advanced very slow.

By now, Millennium Owl finally turned into one group of giant flame, the heat spread onto its head, heading toward Yang Dingtian and Ningning's location.

The owl also unceasingly spurt lightning into the village, land utterly destroyed and scorched, the once lively Terror Mountain Village transformed into one group of ruin.

"Roar!" Then, the event steered for the worst, the Black Blood Gold in Yang Dingtian's hand suddenly felt hot and discharged a tremendous strength at him.

It's the brutal sword spirit!

The moment it regained consciousness, domineering aura whooshed out, and the entire sword started fracturing inch by inch.

*Bang!* finally the top-grade Black Blood Gold sword also combusted in flame.

"Go, we should go now!" Ningning loudly said, "or both fires from the owl and the sword spirit will kill us!"

Twin Moons had blocked 95% of Twin Suns, the final opportunity for the last seconds!

The owl's Profound Fire merely several meters away from him, but Yang Dingtian already felt the fearful heat.

The sword spirit each second bloomed fearful ray, soon must launch an attack to its user.

"Little Tian, we must go now!" Ningning held his waist, then prepared to jump together.

"No! Sister Ningning, this is my final opportunity, I, I," Yang Dingtian was also incomparably anxious.

"Clever, listens to Elder Sister?" Ningning hurriedly said, "the top-grade Black Blood Gold sword must explode soon, destroy mutually with its 1000 years old monster core. Millennium Owl also the same, it soon must discharge own Sea of Qi, destroy thoroughly along with own monster core. Our time is not enough; the total eclipse must arrive, even you have lightning type monster core, the time is not enough for setting up the array."

Yang Dingtian immediately felt he had positively lost the opportunity.

Right, Five Elements Yin-Yang Array hadn't set up, lightning type monster didn't have, moreover, no longer able to wield the top-grade Black Blood Gold sword; otherwise, the backlash would kill him.

Is this the end for him?

Such give up?

But Yang Dingtian as if noticed something, he stood up from the owl's head, looking at what's left of Terror Mountain Village, then, he fiercely yelled, "I know what to do!"

"Little Tian, doing what?" Ningning confusedly said.

"Setting up the formation!" Yang Dingtian said then he pulled out four monster cores from his bosom.

He remembered Ningning's layout of Terror Mountain Village from several days ago; the village had a tower on its five spots that formed a star-shaped formation, hence securing the entire village as natural Yin-Yang Five Elemental Array!

Also, Millennium Owl at this moment had been flying around the village several times.

They passed through the metal type corner.

"Go!" Yang Dingtian threw metal type monster toward it; the core coated in white light before sprang to that corner, then accurately stopped and floated above it.

Millennium Owl flew in a circle, continued ravaging the earth. The Profound Fire on its head merely 8 meters from Yang Dingtian, also the top-grade Black Blood Gold sword had shone to its peak.

The total eclipse was less than a minute!

"Go!" Yang Dingtian threw ice type monster core as they passed through the ice type corner.


"Go!" Yang Dingtian threw flame type monster core as they passed through the flame type corner.


*Bang!* the Profound Fire arrived at their location and the sword spirit sent out a batch of flames toward them.

Total eclipse, half a minute left.

In the last moment, one monster beast and two humans arrived at the top of the wind corner; Yang Dingtian threw the last monster core in his possession.

"Jump!" Yang Dingtian held Ningning and leaped away from the owl's head; meanwhile, the Profound Fire had burnt down his clothes, but Deep-Sea Profound Clothes guaranteed his life.

A flying beast flew toward them and caught two people in the air.

The Twin Moons had blocked 99% of Twin Suns; the final time had arrived.

The Millennium Owl which had turned into one group of fireballs, sending a crazy roar while spurting lightning as before.

The fire figure began to crack, the owl Sea Of Qi soon detonate.

At this moment, the owl glared at Yang Dingtian and fiercely said, "Die! Everyone perish together!"

Then, it opened the enormous mouth, prepared to discharge the last lightning.

The Griffin Beast who caught Yang Dingtian and Ximen Ningning flew to the tomb tower. Millennium Owl spared this tower as the last dish because the owl hates this tower the most, also must ruin it together with Yang Dingtian.

Yang Dingtian jumped down onto the tomb tower's peak, immediately sitting in cross-legged. His both eyes shut, and both hands tweaked to execute the Secret Art.

"Five Elements Yin-Yang Secret Art Invocation!"

Marvelous and mysterious chant breezed from Yang Dingtian's mouth.

The sound echoed like Heaven's blessing yet also a sound of thunder.

Intoxicating people to immerse, resembling a powerful tsunami.

*Shua!* metal type monster core glowed in a golden-yellow color.

*Shua!* ice type monster core glowed in a snow-white color.

*Shua!* flame type monster core glowed in a blood-red color.

*Shua!* wind type monster core glowed in glass-blank color.

"Die, perish together!" Millennium Owl roared while spouting the last lightning.

But at the same time, the owl flew toward the last corner.

The lightning type.

*Shua!* from the top of the owl's head, electricity-blue color brightly shone!

*Bang!* Millennium Owl exploded, the incomparable giant body met a cruel death in the sky, dropping from the clouds resembled a meteor.

And now...

Twin Moon had blocked 100% of Twin Suns!

Yin-Yang Festival, officially starting!


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