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Chapter 99: Meet Dongfang Bingling again

Yang Dingtian and Ximen Lie entered a magnificent and expensive pavilion, along the way they have received many hostile attitudes.

Dongfang Bingling in their mind was holy, and Yang Dingtian tried to woo her before, his action considered as blasphemy.

Let alone he had attacked Yin-Yang Sect's person at the manor's entrance.

However, Yang Dingtian dismissed those people's vision.

In the pavilion, several people were sitting together in the great hall. Their attire resembled with the people who lined up outside the big gate, but their gesture and manner exhibited a superior sense.

Without a doubt, they were Northwest Continent top people.

But no matter how high their status, must wait for Dongfang Bingling to call them unexpectedly.

Ning Ruohan brought Yang Dingtian and Ximen Lie into the great hall, these people slightly surprised, all eyes shot at Yang Dingtian's face.

Curious as they were, the people who gather here are those who owns more than a hundred li territory, and Yang Dingtian looks so young.

"Wait here; I'll go report," Ning Ruohan said without a slight polite behavior, doesn't even offer tea.

"Little friend, might we know who you are?" some people finally asked.

"Cloud Firmament City, Yang Dingtian."

Immediately the hall entered a strange silence; all people revealed a peculiar gaze toward Yang Dingtian.

They were high-rank people, will not mocking or satirizing Yang Dingtian like those outsides.

"Oh, really a young hero," a middle-aged person awkwardly said, then no longer talk again.

These people eyes tried to avoid looking at Yang Dingtian; in fact, they seemed afraid.

Yang Dingtian suddenly became confused; he won't think much about it if they revealed hatred or disdain, but fear, this is new.

At this moment, Ning Ruohan came back, says to Yang Dingtian, "Come!"

"Big brother, you look for a position to sit down casually," Yang Dingtian said to Ximen Lie.

Ximen Lie nodded, says, "If trouble arises, you shout, I will break in immediately."

The people in the great hall showed a satire expression, 'Like you have a chance, experts are like clouds here.'

"I know, thank you, big brother," Yang Dingtian said before following Ning Ruohan entered a hall, then went to a staircase.

Ning Ruohan's waist was very slim; sadly, her bottom barely has meat, making her curve was not explicit. However, when she climbed the staircase, it became very apparent, her waist swayed side to side resembled a willow tree in general.

Yang Dingtian treated it as if he doesn't see, moreover he doesn't like this woman.

Ning Ruohan suddenly stopped, says toward Yang Dingtian with knitted brows, "You take the lead."

"As if like I care about your stature, my wife is sexier than you 100 times, and her back curve is more desirable than you 1000 times," Yang Dingtian coldly said, "You can question my moral behavior, but not my taste."

Ning Ruohan's expression fiercely changed, clenching her jaws while continued walking upward.

They arrived at a gate, Ning Ruohan said without looking at Yang Dingtian, "Young Lady inside, watch your mouth when talking to her, don't even look at her, she's not for common people like you to see."

Yang Dingtian shrugged, doesn't want to lower himself at the same level as her, then he directly walks.


Inside the room also had a gate made of a pearl brocade curtain.

Yang Dingtian took a deep breath; truthfully, he wasn't quite ready to meet her.

Because this woman had trambled his dignity, almost killed him, and she was the cause of Ximen Wuya's tragic fate.

She was the master's daughter; Yang Dingtian couldn't treat her as an enemy completely. However, Yang Dingtian had set her as his highest match, only by defeating her that Yang Dingtian can gain back his dignity.

Taking another deep breath, Yang Dingtian lifted the curtain then walked inside.

Dongfang Bingling's graceful back directly greet his eyes.

This time, seeing her back, as if not real, she may present in front, but the real her as if standing on the summit of the ten thousand meters hill.

"Apprentice Brother Yang, I don't expect we quickly such meet again," Dongfang Bingling said, ice-cold voice but didn't hate to listen.

"I don't know, to me is like has been forever," Yang Dingtian said, "Young Lady Dongfang please directly says any matter to me."

Dongfang Bingling slowly turned around, pearless beautiful face, such as dreamlike and imaginary printed his eyes.

Was not his first time seeing it; moreover, his innermost feeling hates this woman, but still, Yang Dingtain marveled her beauty, admires the mysterious creator can make unusually beautiful.

So beautiful that he suffocated, making people ashamed to look at own vulgar face.

"Apprentice Brother Yang, I have heard your tale," Dongfang Bingling's beautiful eyes fell on Yang Dingtian's face, inside doesn't have many hostilities like before.

Maybe his component was not enough to create hostility, in her eyes, oneself is only bypassing person.

"I am curious because they say you have created a very great miracle," Dongfang Bingling said.

"You asked to come because of this?" Yang Dingtian wrinkled his brows.

"No," Dongfang Bingling said, "I also heard you practice a very mysterious sword technique, Swine Murdering Sword Technique, I want to have a look, please demonstrate it."

Yang Dingtian was immediately full of anger.

'I walk several hundred li to demonstrate you a sword technique?!'

Dongfang Bingling said, "Apprentice Brother Yang appease anger, your mysterious sword technique made me remembers another set of sword technique; these two might share the same origin."

"What sword technique?" Yang Dingtian asked.

"Hidden Sect sword technique, Female Cross Tribulation Sword!" Dongfang Bingling said.

Hidden Sect?

Yang Dingtian was shocked; nobody hears this name will not have the same response.

Because of Hidden Sect, was the world number one influence, an absolute supreme.

They freely isolated from the world most of the time, but when the world hit by a great disaster, Hidden Sect will come as the salvation.

Yin-Yang Sect and Profound Heaven Sect might be part of Three Sects Under The Heaven, same as Hidden Sect, but in fact, these two are not even comparable to Hidden Sect.

Moreover, Hidden Sect was Heavenly Path Alliance's leader, the world absolute ruler.

One word from Hidden Sect, anyone could rise to Heaven, or tumbled down to Hell.

When Myriad Annilihation Temple left Infernal Sea to open World Extinguishing War 200 years ago; Hidden Sect came out from seclusion and strife to save the world.

Then, they had never appeared again.

So long a person of Hidden Sect came out, no matter he was weak, immediately becomes Heavenly Path Alliance Leader.

Now, Dongfang Bingling said that Swine Murdering Sword Technique possibly related with Hidden Sect Female Cross Tribulation Sword, Yang Dingtian is impossible to not feel shocked.

This matter was positively important, now wonder Dongfang Bingling wants to meet him.

"Has Young Lady Dongfang seen Hidden Sect Female Cross Tribulation Sword?" Yang Dingtian asked.

"No, no one has ever seen," Dongfang Bingling said, "I heard people mention your sword technique was very difficult to practice; moreover, it had turned many practitioners into lunatic completely. But you, not only succeeded in practicing in but also defeated people stronger than you in Cloud Firmament City's Elimination Battle.

Majority sword technique only focused on strengthening Profound Qi, perhaps a bit of movement.

The only equal as your Swine Murdering Sword Technique was Female Cross Tribulation Sword; both focused on Profound Qi and movement.

Therefore, I suspect these two had the same origin, wish for Apprentice Brother Yang to demonstrate it."

Yang Dingtian frowned, her reason was fair, but he felt slightly uncomfortable.

Seeing his expression, Dongfang Bingling said, "Apprentice Brother Yang doesn't want?"

"I don't particularly hate it, just somewhat unwilling," Yang Dingtian said.

Dongfang Bingling nodded, she says, "I understand, then I told you the reason why I come here, Northwest Qin Family Lord Monarch wishes for me to preside over Heavenly Path Alliance northwest conference, the subject: expels Cloud Firmament City from Heavenly Path Alliance."

"What? Why?" Yang Dingtian was immediately shocked.

Heavenly Path Alliance was an influence create to resist Evil Way army. Once the war between them finished, this influence doesn't disappear but continues to exist by handing it down from generation to generation.

This is the world hugest influence, has the absolute authority to control the world.

For Cloud Firmament City, being a member of Heavenly Path Alliance was their most important dependence; otherwise, long time already faces total destruction.

Because of their status as Yin-Yang Sect's rebel, Cloud Firmament City couldn't obtain official status, but 200 years ago, this situation has changed.

At that time, Myriad Annilihation Temple had conquered the West Continent, especially the Northwest Continent.

Finally, Heavenly Path Alliance and Evil Way had a decisive battle in Cloud Firmament City's edge, while Northwest Qin Family thoroughly fell to the enemy's hand.

Cloud Firmament City resisted the Evil Way army, but the city's awkward status made majority influences doesn't come to rescue, afterward, Hidden Sect master ordered the world to save Cloud Firmament City, she said the contradiction between Cloud Firmament City and Yin-Yang Sect was an internal problem, doesn't have any relation with Evil Way army.

Then, Hidden Sect Master have hauled Cloud Firmament City as Heavenly Path Alliance member.

Precisely because of this status, that Northwest Qin family didn't dare to conquer Cloud Firmament City open board, even though this time Cloud Firmament City at its weakest.

If Heavenly Path Alliance dismissed Cloud Firmament City, then, Northwest Qin Family will have no barrier anymore.

"This conference had concluded yesterday, with a reason because of Cloud Firmament City's ruthlessness, has slaughtered too many people, all Northwest Continent members agreed to this resolution, including Cloud Firmament City," Dongfang Bingling said.

"What? But why we don't know about this? Who represents us?" Yang Dingtian said.

"Ximen Ju," Dongfang Bingling said, "He is the first one to agree actually."

"Bastard!" Yang Dingtian angrily said.

Ximen Ju was Ximen Wuya's adopted son who he thought very highly, such heartless and cruel, shamelessly kneels to lick Northwest Qin Family.

"Not only he agreed to this, but also agreed to expose Cloud Firmament City's bloody crimes, particularly Iron Sword Fortress, proposes must put death Ximen Wuya's descendant," Dongfang Bingling said.

Yang Dingtian controlled his anger, coldly asks, "So this resolution has fully effective?"

Yang Dingtian felt an incomparable sorrow as if back at when how the Paris Peace Conference ended after the first world war.

The enemies discussed must annex you, but without giving a chance for you to speak for defense.

This world, such law of jungle.

"Not yet, because of me," Dongfang Bingling said, "I am the president of the conference, Hidden Sect doesn't appear and Profound Heaven Sect gave me to handle this matter. Therefore, I have the absolute power to chose Cloud Firmament City's destiny, a veto to make it stay as Heavenly Path Alliance member!"

"Are you threatening me?" Yang Dingtian coldly said.

"Don't be mistaken," Dongfang Bingling said, "Northwest Qin Family Lord Monarch also proposed, once this resolution fully effective, you, as part of the criminal, will be given to Yin-Yang Sect, waiting for my decision, the charge: stealing Yin-Yang Sect Master Command Ring."

Yang Dingtian took a deep breath several times, regarding Northwest Qin Family Lord Monarch's method, he is already familiar with it.

"Then, what is your stance in this?" Yang Dingtian calmly asked.

"Apprentice Brother Yang, I do not have any hostility with you," Dongfang Bingling said, "today, you display before me your mysterious sword technique. If it indeed had the same origin as Hidden Sect, then nobody dares to dismiss Cloud Firmament City, because this means the city equal to have relations with Hidden Sect."

Yang Dingtian said, "But, nobody had seen Hidden Sect sword technique, how to identify it?"

"Through Alluring Sword Faction, I have invited Young Lord Yun Wanli to test your sword technique origin, whether it is the same with Hidden Sect," Dongfang Bingling said.

"Fine, I agreed!" Yang Dingtian said.

"Thanks, Apprentice Brother," Dongfang Bingling said before order to outside, "Invite Young Lord Yun Wanli."


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    thanks for translation, but this is it for me , the protagonist become p*ssy again, i was hoping as author said it will become intersting from ch 35 but now it is boring and my personal preference is not to read about p*ssy mc

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    Sinister b*tch

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