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Chapter 105: My Big Treasure!

Yang Dingtian rushed to the Law Enforcement Pavilion, saw one group of warrior he doesn't recognize, strictly guarding the place while armed to the teeth and wore ice-cold expression.

He found Ximen Ju in the pavilion backyard.

The Cloud Firmament City's manager, once deeply infatuated with Yanyan, and Ximen Wuya's adopted son who he thought most highly.

His face remained unemotional, doesn't appear slightly sad over the death of his fiancee.

Yang Dingtian honestly didn't want to deal with Ximen Ju; this person is very deceptive after all.

"You want to see Yanyan?" Ximen Ju said before Yang Dingtian opened his mouth.

Yang Dingtian nodded.

Looking at his eyes, Ximen Ju said, "OK."

He left the backyard and approached the Law Enforcement Pavilion big gate, then pulls out a key to open it, revealing a path toward the underground.

"Come," Ximen Ju said before walking inside, Yang Dingtian followed behind.

They walked down the stairs, neither both parties bother to chat.

In silent, Ximen Ju suddenly said without looking into his back, "Yang Dingtian, will you listen to my advice?"

Yang Dingtian slightly stunned, then he says, "Please."

Ximen Ju looked at him with deep and quiet eyes, says, "Don't be eager to prove yourself."

"..." Yang Dingtian went silent, doesn't know what response he should say.

But quick they met a thick iron door, Ximen Ju unlocked it and said, "She is inside, goes to see her."

Yang Dingtian pushed open the iron door and proceeded to enter.


Yang Dingtian entered the room; inside had the scent of a familiar fragrance.

"Who?!" a tender voice but full of vigilant greeted his ears.

"it's me," Yang Dingtian softly said.

"Elder Brother!" Yanyan said in a pleasant surprised tone.

She ran from her spot and clashed into Yang Dingtian's bosom.

Yang Dingtian sat on the ground, putting Yanyan horizontally on his leg, her face hides on his chest.

"Treasure, what happened? You told me the whole story," Yang Dingtian said.

Yanyan said in a low voice, "After you had walked yesterday, Tang Xin came to curse at people, her words were very virulent, I want to curse back but remembers her young brother Tang Li's situation, I didn't do it.

However, she started slandering you, says your five days breakthrough is unlikely a talent, but you had used an evil technique that steals woman essence and cultivation through perverted mean."

"But even if I did use it on you, we are married, why she makes a fuss over it?" Yang Dingtian's eyebrows wrinkled.

"No, she not only had slandered you steal my Profound Qi, but also Sister Ningning Profound Qi, and... and...," Yanyan said while shivering, anger bubbled in her tone, "also my mother."

Yang Dingtian immediately full of wrath.

"That cheap woman; deserve to die!"

Madame Ximen was Yang Dingtian's elder, Ximen Wuya's wife; the position is the same with Master-Wife, Yang Dingtian had regarded her the same as his mother in this world.

Tang Xin's slandering was very cruel; she destroyed Madame Ximen's fame and integrity, doesn't have any difference with killing her.

Also, this had sunk Yang Dingtian's moral in public eyes, encroaching own elder, let alone wife's mother was even below an animal; if this rumor doesn't prove to be false, then Yang Dingtian will never gain ground again in front of people, never mind becomes City Lord.

"Mother heard this rumor, immediately spat blood and fainted," Yanyan resentfully said, " I wished to hack Tang Xin to death at that time."

Yang Dingtian coldly said, "Even I want to tear her apart, lucky she had died."

Yang Dingtian suppressed his anger, then softly says, "Treasure, what happened next?"

"We cannot bear the ill stares from the people; therefore, we decided to move out after you have come back," Yanyan said, "We planned to live in Black Blood Castle until the next martial art contest."

Yanyan clenched her teeth, "Once you have won the contest, must expel these people out of the city, I couldn't bear the thought of living together with them. Father's heart was too soft; he should have utterly exiled them."

Yang Dingtian said, "I promise, once I have become Cloud Firmament City lord, there will be no more dirty people."

"Today, before the sun early shone, I have gotten out the bed to leave the city, must meet you halfway on the path, I somewhat don't dare to listen to Tang Xin's curse again," Yanyan suddenly became shy, "I, I also thought of you, want to be the first who tell you about our idea."

"Silly," Yang Dingtian's heart as if must melt, says in a soft voice, "when I have solved this matter, we will live in the Black Blood Castle later."

"Un," Yanyan said, "The sky still dark when I had hiked several miles away, suddenly, Tang Xin came out of nowhere to attack me, crazily brandishes her sword. I tried to fight back, but she as if turned fiercer several folds despite our cultivation are not far different. Afterward, a strange thing happened; she froze on the spot, then her sword fell onto the ground, the whole body straightly headed toward my sword.

I have tried to put aside my sword, but everything happened so fast, my sword had punctured her chest before she dropped down dead, I am thoroughly paralyzed and doesn't run away, even after Ximen Ju and Tang Bozhao appeared."

Yang Dingtian could feel a sinister scheme behind this case.

"Treasure, how is Tang Xin's condition at the time she attacked you? Was it full of hatred?" Yang Dingtian asked.

Yanyan shook her head, "No, far from hatred, more like desperate and fear."

"How deep your sword had punctured?" Yang Dingtian said.

"I don't know, but the moment its tip thrust her chest, I pulled out immediately," Yanyan said.

Yang Dingtian sighed, has confirmed this accident positively a plot.

Yang Dingtian's multiple success had threatened their plan to make Qin Shaobai as Cloud Firmament City Lord; afterward, they began a second plan, but he never thinks it will be this sinister.

Tang Xin may not be a good woman, but she still Ximen Ju's fiancee, Tang Bozhao's daughter, and they had ruthlessly sacrificed her life.

It's hard to believe, but it had happened nonetheless.

Then, is it the plan stop here? Yang Dingtian felt that it's far from over, believes the opposite party will soon tell him.

"My Big Treasure!" Yanyan suddenly shouted.

Yang Dingtian surprised, doesn't know why this girl called him with a different name.

"I will speak a few words, you listen calmly," Yanyan cautiously said.

"Alright," Yang Dingtian said.

"I know; they are using me to make you comply to their matter," Yanyan said, "They speak many words must execute me, but Qin Huaiyu is their lord, and he has a wild ambition to me; therefore, they won't dare to harm me, at most put me under house arrest.

Big Treasure, If they did ask you any matter, you must NOT comply!

You take mother and Elder Sister Ningning, leaves Cloud Firmament City; then we-ah!"

Yanyan immediately shouted before finishing her words; a crisp sound resounded from her buttock.

"As if I can do that," Yang Dingtian softly said, "Yanyan, did I have disappointed you? Like the previous time, let me handle this matter?"

Yanyan sighed, then buries her small head in Yang Dingtian's bosom, listening to his steady heartbeat.


Then suddenly she said, "Elder Brother, what do you feel seeing your ex-wife?"

Yang Dingtian trembled, bitterly says, "I beg you, do not use this 'ex-wife' word later, my body cannot bear to shiver. My meeting with her this time has made me discover that she is unlikely a person; perhaps only a beautiful sculpture without a life.

Stays another minute with her similar like suffering, but stays another minute with you, feels like a blessing."

Yang Dingtian had just finished his words, Yanyan swiftly hugs his neck, the supple and fragrant lips had planted on his mouth.

Yang Dingtian stunned for a brief before strongly returns her kiss while holding her bountiful body.

"Yang Dingtian, you in another world, definitely a bad boy! Frequently provoking girls with sweet words and honey phrases," Yanyan delicately laughed, "but you have experienced heavy matters in the world, turns into an honest person."

"Oh definitely, therefore you must sate me with your small mouth, big breast, and rounded buttocks; otherwise, I thoroughly become bad...," Yang Dingtian said with a smile.


"Alright, I must go to see those wicked wolves, finds out what they want from me," Yang Dingtian said.

"Un," Yanyan nodded, trades with before, she certainly must order Yang Dingtian to do this and that, but present her only gently complied.

"Treasure, I will save you, believe my words," Yang Dingtian kissed Yanyan's forehead, then carried her onto a bed before leaving the stone chamber.

When he passed through the iron gate, Yanyan immediately shouts from behind.

"Yang Dingtian, I love you!"


"Yang Yan, what do you want?" Yang Dingtian asked without politeness.

Hearing Yang Dingtian shouted his name directly, Yang Yan's eyes turned cold, says, "Watch your mouth; do not think I don't dare to kill you."

"Sure, kill me now if you want, but sadly, you need a justifiable reason," Yang Dingtian said, "What do you want? I am weak, but you know to negotiate, I am the most appropriate person."

"There is no leeway for this; the punishment still execution," Yang Yan coldly said, "Cloud Firmament City's regulation is iron-clad."

Yang Dingtian didn't comment much, merely sneers.

Who didn't know the so-called regulation only aimed at the lower and small individual, for example, that Qin Shaobai, how many innocent lives he had massacred in Northwest Qin Family? Does he ever receive severe punishment?

If Ximen Wuya still present, even Tang Xin's status was what kind of noble, and Yanyan murdered her, this Yang Yan won't even dare to say a word.

"Great Elder Yang Yan, do you often to play jokes like this? Who believe you reinforced any law?" Yang Dingtian lightly said.

"Dissolute!" Yang Yan's face turned red, "Yang Dingtian, one more impolite words, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Yang Dingtian went silent but coldly looked at the elder before him, waiting for the opposite party to start the real talk.

Seeing Yang Dingtian didn't the least bit care about his threat, Yang Yan's face became grim, turns around and says, "Yanyan may not be my descendant, but still part of my clan younger generation, City Lord Ximen also has restored Cloud Firmament City, even surpassed its former glory.

Ximen Yanyan is his only flesh and blood; I am also not cruel enough to kill her; moreover, she shouted Grandfather toward me before."

Yang Dingtian sneered inwardly but didn't break Yang Yan's drama rhythm; otherwise, he will explode with anger out of shame.

"Ximen Yanyan can redeem herself, but must perform a duty," Yang Yan said then turns around to face Yang Dingtian again.

"What duty?" Yang Dingtian asked.

"She leaves you and marries Qin Family Young Lord, guarantees Cloud Firmament City's security for dozen of years." Yang Yan said, "City Lord Ximen's incident had spread across the world, Cloud Firmament City each subject has been ready to make trouble, prepares to rebel, Northwest Qin Family is this land Overlord, the marriage between this two cities will extinguish the flame of rebellion."

"Bad idea," Yang Dingtian directly said, "Give me other condition!"

"You think this is a negotiation? I am ordering you," Yang Yan coldly said, "In brief, Ximen Yanyan wants to escape the death penalty, must marry Qin Huaiyu, and don't try any laughable attempt, no one stronger than me in this city."

Yang Dingtian coldly said, "So, this is irreversible?"

"Yes!" Yang Yan coldly said.

"Goodbye!" Yang Dingtian said as he turned around and left directly, making Yang Yan startled fiercely.

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I am so having fun dissing Yang Yan, stupid old man.

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