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Chapter 30: A Job As A Hunter(1)

At the hall, there are many survivors wandering there and here. Some of them were queuing in front of the big and large table while the Hunters who were in charge at the table, gave them two or three boxes to the survivors.

Suzy and Livnah were doing their job, checking out the survivors if there some of them still have injuries that have not been treated yet.

On the other side, Becky was also checking out the survivors and helping the Hunters to give the boxes.

They seem so busy that they didn't have time to rest.

While all the Hunters were working, suddenly a scream echoing through all the hall right from the center of the crowd. Because of that, all the people in the hall make a circle hole in the center. At the center of the circle, there are four survivors who were fighting with each other. One of them is a little girl who was crying while pulling one of the man's shirts. He seems like the father of this little girl.

"Your daughter has already been bitten by a vampire. She should have been killed now. She will kill us all if we don't kill her!!" shouted the man with a red shirt. He looked at the little girl with a terrified expression on his face.

"Yeah, she is a vampire. She must have been bitten last night! Quick, someone kill this bitch!!" shouted the other man with black jacket.

"Nonsense!! My daughter is fine!! She hasn't been bitten!! Don't talk nonsense!!!" shouted the father.

"Don't lie to us, you old man!! Then, explain to us why your daughter has a red spot on her neck...!!???" shouted the man with the red shirt again. He pointed out his index finger to the little girl, and wanted to show everybody about the red spot he was talking about.

"What else could it be??!! It must be a vampire's bite! She has turned into one of the creepy creatures.... Kill her!! Burn her!!!" shouted the other man.

The father quickly pulls his daughter to his back for protection while pleading to the two men so that they can just let his daughter go." Please, gentlemen.. My daughter is innocent.. She hasn't been bitten.... Please believe me!!"

When everyone hears that the little girl has been bitten, they become shocked and start to feel anxious. Some of them also feel furious. They keep whispering and talking to each other.

The man with the red shirt suddenly kicked the father in his chest. The kick was so hard that it caused the father to fall onto the floor. While the other man grabbed the little girl's collar and pulled her toward him.

The little girl screamed when the man pulled her. She reached out both of her hands toward her father who was now laying on the floor and holding his chest.

"No, my daughter!! Please give her back!! She's not guilty!" shouted the father. He tried to take back his daughter but the red shirt man kicked his chest again, making the father fall onto the floor. Even though it was painful, he didn't want to give up. He must get her daughter back.

"Father!!!" screamed the little girl.

The crowd just looked at the scene and no one dared to step in. This is because they didn't know which one they should believe in. The father with his daughter or the other two men who kept shouting that the girl was a vampire?

The man with black jacket showed the red spot on the little girl's neck.

When the crowd saw the red spot, they became more shocked. Some of them even fainted.

"That is a vampire's bite!!"

"Yes,that's true."

The father of the little girl started to cry and kept pleading for the man to release his daughter. "Please.. That is not a vampire's bite. It was her birth mark. She has had it since she was born!!"


"Don't lie to us, old man! There is no way this red spot was her birth mark! Are you trying to blind us with your fake story!!??"

The man with black shirt pulled out his knife from his pocket. He put the knife on the little girl's neck. The little girl screamed in fear when she saw the knife.

"No.. Don't kill her!!!"

When the man in the black jacket wanted to kill the little girl, someone came from behind and grabbed the man's hand which was holding the knife. The man looked at the person who stopped him and saw a young teenage girl glaring sharply at him.

Becky quickly twisted the man's hand which was holding the knife. The man shouted in pain and the knife fell off from his hand to the floor.

Becky quickly kicked the knife far from them. Becky then twisted his hand again to his back.This time, Becky pushed the man hard onto the floor and locked his hand.

The man screamed again. Shit! How come this little girl has so much strength in her? I cannot beated her back. Who is this girl!?? Why did she was so damn fucking strong?

The little girl who was released quickly ran to her father and hugged him.

The other man saw his friend in danger and he quickly came to help. But Becky was faster than him and kicked the man right on his head, causing the man to fall hard on the floor.

That man groaned in pain and for a moment, he could see stars spinning around his head.

The man with the red shirt didn't seem to give up easily and he quickly got up. He wanted to beat up Becky again when suddenly someone grabbed his hand, twisted it harder to the back.

The man screamed in pain. "Arrhhhhhhhhh!!"

"You shouldn't make trouble here!!"

Becky looked at Carlos who was now holding the man in the red shirt while she was still holding on to the other man.

Carlos looked at Becky again and their eyes locked to each other.

Becky gave a smile to Carlos and Carlos just nodded in reply.

"Sir, are you okay??" asked Suzy while she was checking on the father's condition.

While Livnah was checking the little girl's condition.

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you. But please check my daughter's condition," said the father with a concerned face while looking at his daughter.

"She is fine, sir... There is no serious injury," said Livnah, wiping the little girl's tears.

The father sighed in revealed and then he nodded. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

"Let me go!! That girl must be killed. She is a vampire!!" said the man with black jacket.

"What happened here!!??" asked a man's voice.

Everyone turned their head to the owner of the voice and saw Lyeon, along with two other Hunters walking toward the crowd.

The man in black jacket looked at Lyeon and shouted, "That little girl is a vampire, sir!! Kill her!!"

Becky gave a hard press on the man's back, warning him to be quiet. "It is not your position to accuse other people as a vampire. We are Hunters, let that job be done by us!!"

Lyeon looked at Becky with an amazed feeling. She looks just like a real Hunter. He smiled for a little before Lyeon looked at Carlos again. "Bring them to the Detention Room."

"Roger that." Carlos ordered the man in red shirt to stand up. Other Hunter quickly replaced Becky and brought the other man to the Detention Room.

"Good job, everyone. Now, let's continue our job. There are no vampires here. The security here is very strict. There is no way vampires would enter this place. Now, people... Please be secure, you are safe here," said Lyeon.

Other Hunters nodded for the order from Lyeon and they continued their jobs. While the survivors who were watching a while ago started to do their own work. They did not have to worry anymore about the vampire since Lyeon convinced them that the security in Royal Organisation is very strict. No vampire can enter this place.

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