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Chapter 161: What Is Your Motive?


Livnah drew closer to Simon who was been kick by a vampire. She shoots the vampire which trying to kill Simon. The vampire then burned into ashes.

Livnah help Simon to get up but as soon as they stand up, another two vampires popped out from the big machine tube. They used their long nails, swinging it to Livnah and Simon. Realizing that they are in such dangerous situation, Livnah didn't have any choice but to kick at Simon at his stomach to give a big distance between them.

This make the attack from the vampires left in avail but didn't mean they didn't have any trick under their sleeves. Both of the vampires quickly attack Livnah and Simon. Because they were fast, they able to make Livnah and Simon injured. Livnah was injured at her right shoulder and Simon only gets scratched at his face.

Livnah hold her wounded shoulder and then she look at the vampire in front of her. Just when she is ready to confront the vampire, huge explosions emerge from one of the machine. This causes whoever near the explosion thrown far away.

"Livnah!" Elvin saw Livnah blown into one of the big tube before she dropped into the floor. He drew closer to her and helps her. When Livnah moaned in pain, Elvin realised she was wounded and help her to lean over the big tube.

Another vampire appeared from nowhere and ready to attack Livnah and Elvin but Elvin kill them with his guns.

Elisha and Sammy saw Simon conditioned and they help him. Another explosion happen but didn't big enough to effect these Hunters.

"Simon, are you okay? ... Argh!" Just when Sammy finished his words, a group of vampires popped out from nowhere and one of them dragged Sammy by legs before disappear from nowhere. Elisha and Simon couldn't help Sammy because they were fighting with the rest of the vampires.

"Damn it!! Sammy!!!"

The situation already in chaos even though the Hunters just entered this building for about ten minutes. The sounds of gun shooting and explosion could be heard from every corner of the building. The vampires come from every available door of the building. The Hunters doesn't have any choice but to fight.

The explosion keeps appearing in every direction. No one realised the dangerous gas from of the big pipes had leak out.

Dale was near the big pipe and did not realize about it all. He was having a hard time fighting with the vampires since he have not enough armour. Dale looked at Willy who was standing just next to him. "We need to find that mother fucking Queen immediately or we all going to die here!"

Willy gives Dale a short glance before he focused on killing the vampires again. "Let's find Captain."

Before they could go anywhere, their way were block by the vampire again. Dale become angrier and he take out his bomb from one of the small bag. After he pulls out the pin, he throws it regardless of which direction.

Unfortunately, the bomb was thrown into the dangerous gas area and in no time, a big explosion happened.

Lyeon, who was nearer to the explosion site, were thrown away by that explosion. Symantha quickly help him before the vampire reach him. On the other side, Danelio also thrown away by the explosion and Chellyne help him.

Fire start to grow bigger and bigger, destroying everything near it.



THE outside feels so quiet and empty. The rain hasn't stop pouring. The wind blew from time to time, giving chill to the deep of the bones of the every Hunters who guarding outside.

"Did that Queen was here? I don't think so," Rivera was standing beside Suzy while she was staring at the rain dropping from the edge of the rooftop from the building where they used as shelter.

"You believe that Queen was here? This is likely a trap for us because Jina want us to be here. I know we should stop Captain to come here before it's too late," Suzy snorted at Rivera while she was still leaning over the wall while crossing her hands onto her chest.

Rivera pouted her lips and subconsciously bowed her head down. "I was just saying if she was here. I don't really think she would be here. This is all wrong. We know Jina lead us here because of the trap. Dee, shouldn't we do something about this?" Suzy mocked angrily before she turned her head to Dee who was standing far away from Rivera.

Dee didn't shift her attention to Suzy and opened her mouth: "I don't know too. All I think for now is about Becky's safety. We need to keep her alive. We cannot let them kill her."

"At this time you still want to think about that little bitch's problem?"

The three of the girls look onto the person who suddenly cut in to their conversation. Bruno walked out from the dark spot toward the girls. A line of mocking smile appear on his lips when he mentioning about Becky earlier.

"What do you want, asshole?" Suzy adjusted her position from leaning into standing straight. She looks at Bruno with a dark impression.

Bruno smirked when he saw all the dark and unhappy impression on the girl's face. "No wonder you guys want to defend Becky so much, you guys must have something to do with that Queen too, right? You have the same motive like Becky? Say, ladies… what is your motive?"

This time, it was Rivera's turn who gives the same evil smirk to Bruno. "Same motives like Becky? Which motives did you want us to mention? Are you thinking that we are working for that Queen? Sorry, but you are wrong. We are never working with that Queen in the same place. You are looking for the wrong person."

"Oh, you guys don't want to admit that you guys are really working with Queen Marrie. If so, why did you guys care much about Becky? She doesn't deserve anyone empathy at all," Bruno never like Becky. He never likes her ever since when they had been recruited. That little girl always compare her strength with him, making Bruno sometimes lost confident in himself.

"She doesn't need your empathy or anyone else. We care about her because she is our friends. Don't say anything more about Becky or you might regret it that you talk about her like this," Dee didn't want Bruno keep insulting Becky and she also did not want her friends and her losing their calm here. They were in a mission now in it is better to keep a good teamwork. Fighting won't help them either.

"I don't care if I will regret it or not. That little friend of yours is really a disgrace in our team. She claimed she was a Hunter and will kill every vampire and yet she betrayed this group and working together with that Queen. She better die than become a Hunter," Bruno snorted again, enough to provoke the three girls in front of him.

Dee narrows her eyes toward Bruno and didn't break the eyes staring between them. "Get lost, bastard. We will see soon who the one who is working with the Queen."

Bruno laughed madly as if he just heard something funny from Dee. "Yeah, whatever you say. But remember this, if I know that little friend of yours is really working with that Queen, I will kill her with my own hands!"

"Go away!" Rivera snorted as she gives him a sharp gaze.

Bruno laughed in sarcastically again. "Why do you guys mad about? Don't say that you guys really have something to do with that traitor to?"

"Whether we have something to do with Becky or that Queen, you are nobody to ask us about that. Now go back to your current post. Don't make a scene here," Dee waved her hand while she looks away as if giving him a signal so that Bruno can leave them alone. Dee knows Bruno trying to make them lose control here by only insulting Becky. Dee cannot make Bruno get want he want and that is why she quickly wants Bruno to leave this place.

"I'm nobody? I'm also one of the members of this Ranger Team… Why should I listen to your order? I just want to say the truth here and yet you guys suddenly turn mad as if you guys were the one I provoked… or is all what I said is true?"

This time, the three of them turn their heads toward Bruno with a hostile gaze. Upon seeing the gloomy face on each face of the girls, causing Bruno's smirking face getting even big.

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