76.53% Trapped with the CEO. (BOOK 1) / Chapter 75: Became a Hit

Chapter 75: Became a Hit

Lola picked a room with a balcony, took out a four-piece bedding set from the wardrobe, and made the bed for herself. She also put the set of newly bought cosmetics in the bathroom. After finishing all the work, she felt the rumble of her stomach. All the pots and pans in the kitchen were well-prepared. The point was... She can't cook! Reluctantly, Lola took her handbag and went out, trying to find a place to have dinner. 

When eating the "Hot and Sour Rice Noodles", Lola was still pondering whether she was so stupid that she got herself instead of Yolanda out of the villa! 

Before going to bed, she took a look at her cell phone. But there were no short messages or WeChat messages at all... Only on Weibo, she saw a lot of private messages sent from netizens, none of which were sent from Harry. Forget it, whatever, that's it, go for sleep! 

The next day, Lola, who were dressed in a white suit and a black long jacket, went to the studio to meet the director. 

Howard Chen, the film director, became famous overnight only a few years ago for making a movie about earthquake. Today he is one of the biggest names among directors. He is forthright but hot-tempered by nature. 

Upon seeing Lola coming, the director was kind of satisfied. "This is the script. Read it. Your part in the play is not much, just some dialogues in the first few episodes. You are a green hand. Let's see how you do today, and I will give you the next play."

Lola nodded her thanks and went aside to read the script. 

After a short while, a woman came up. She wore a business suit and looked in her thirties. Upon seeing Lola, she said, "Miss Li, I'm Mona Chen, Howard Chen's sister. I'm your agent from now on!"

Lola stood up and shook hands with Mona. "Mona, nice to meet you!"

Mona gauged Lola and nodded her head approvingly. Even though being brought in by those on high, Lola was modest and easy-going. 

You cannot be certain about the performance of an actress without an audition. But that doesn't seem to matter, does it? 

"After you finish the script, I'll take you to the company for the following work." Mona sat down next to her, in case she might want to ask some questions. The two people got along very well. 

Mona briefly introduced this costume drama. The leads were Joseph Li and Yolanda Mo. Joseph Li? Yolanda Mo? What a small world! 

Lola thought through her part in the play. She would play opposite Yolanda in two episodes, and Joseph in three episodes... But, fortunately, she would act as an imperial concubine named Ling Ning, who did not make it to the end... 

Of course, Joseph played the emperor, and Yolanda became the queen... 

The shooting had begun for three days, but the original actress for Ling Ning had to quit because she was involved in a traffic accident on her way. 

Lola got only one line today. When she and other imperial concubines were admiring the flowers in the Imperial Garden, she only had to speak to the emperor, "Long live the Emperor." She has done for today, and her next episode was ten days away. 

When Joseph arrived, he had already put on the emperor costume. His usual wicked look turned so dignified that the fans and the actresses all secretly blushed upon seeing him. 

Lola tried to hide her face behind the script. Fortunately, Joseph, with all his attention paid to Yolanda, never looked at her. But when she raised her head while sending best wishes to the emperor, she found herself spotted by Yolanda, who flashed an ironical smile at her. 

Undisturbed, Lola took her exit and returned to the company with Mona. 

Mona told Lola that she had just arranged an advertisement for her. The company was a major one in the industry and their advertising ideas are creative. If Lola took it, it couldn't be a better chance for her entertainment career. But they didn't prefer green hands. 

So Lola and Mona went to negotiate with the company for a whole afternoon. The company agreed to sign a contract considering that Lola was good-looking and her appearance and manner matched the character in the advertisement. 

It was just the beginning, and Lola was not too busy. She returned to the apartment after discussing the advertising cooperation. Having had instant noodles, she held the script and started reading with relish. 

As she only had a few scenes in the costume drama series, Lola began to work on the advertising the next day. 

Lola spent the whole day taking publicity photos, in which her facial expressions and emotions were perfect. As she was easy-going, everyone was satisfied and willing to talk with her. 

Lola busied herself with the advertising for a week, during which Harry did not come to her. Shaking her head, Lola cleared Harry's image from her mind and focused on the advertising effect. 

Just as everyone expected and desired, Lola shot to fame for this eye shadow advertisement. 

It was in an advertisement push on his mobile phone that Harry saw Lola wearing orange eye shadows, with eyes slightly closed and lips slightly open, and a male model was about to kiss her from above. 

Then for the next few days, Lola became a hit and appeared on the silver screen everywhere. Harry felt that there must be someone behind her popularity. Raymond Entertainment Company? He probably knew who it was! 

After eleven o'clock in the evening, the exhausted Lola returned to the apartment. 

As a newcomer of the industry, she hadn't got used to being woken up at any time in the early morning and ending the day around eleven or twelve o'clock at late night. She told herself every day that she would succeed if she kept pressing on steadfastly. 

Opening the apartment door, she just wanted to take a good bath and sleep. She would continue the act of imperial concubine Ling Ning tomorrow. 

Lola threw her handbag onto the sofa and entered the bedroom. "Ah!" The man lying on the bed startled her, and all the fatigue ran away. 

After composing herself, Lola went straight to the bathroom, and locked the door from inside, without casting a second glance to him. 

Harry was not in a hurry, just waiting for her to walk out after shower. 

A soothing bath took Lola almost an hour. She came out from the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel and went directly into the neighboring room. 

Once again, she locked the door and did not intend to let Harry come in. 

Having waited for more than ten minutes without seeing Lola, Harry got up to look for her. He found that the neighboring room was locked from inside, and understood what was going on in a flash. 

Harry got the spare key from the study drawer and opened the door directly. 

Lola was making the bed. Seeing Harry coming in with a gloomy face, she was speechless for the moment. Why did Harry always have the key? 

Though being ignored by Lola, Harry pulled her into his arms and glared at this disobedient little wife. "When are you going to stop?"

Lola didn't answer him and struggled to free herself from his arms. Harry held her tightly, refusing to let her go. 

How could she be so stubborn as to leave home for a week! Good! Very good! 

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    I'm totally hooked.

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