100% Cultivation Paths Online / Chapter 2: Family

Chapter 2: Family

Ji Xuan wake up with a splintering headaches. The feeling of being squeezed and shoved inside a compact tube was horrible; an experience one does not want to feel twice. He groggily trying to open up the game forums, the last sentence the systems has said to him is too shocking to be ignored.

The game forums was in chaos, it seemed like everyone has had the same experience. Even family member that has registered together has been randomised, albeit they stay together as a family. It seem like the UEF have spoken the truth, this will be a new start for everyone.

Ji Xuan get off the forum quickly, there is no use in thinking about the outside world right now. He have to worried about himself first, before he can begin to worry about other people.

He is currently lying in a great grass plain. The rolling green hills seem to stretch on forever, spreading beyond the horizon. The tall blades of grass sway slightly, as the waves of wind brushed over them. As the brilliant sun rise above the horizon, it warm rays cover every single blades. The vast and mighty sky seem to enhance the sun effect. With fleeting clouds parted aside revealing the sun in the back, it painted an incredible scene.

As Ji Xuan is engross in observing the beautiful scenery, he can feel warm air brushing down his back. Staring upward, a horse snouted greeted his eyes. The horse is gray with random orange patches covering its back. It blue eyes stared gently at Ji Xuan, looking at him with loving light. It was currently lying down right now, which was quite an uncommon sight for Ji Xuan to see.

At closer observation, the horse is a mare. She must be extremely tired for her to be lying on the ground. Ji Xuan slowly observe the large creature in front of him, it did not take him long to find the patch of blood and fluid dampening the grass. Staring at the messy patches on the ground, Ji Xuan head are filled with complicated emotion.

It does not take a genius to figure out what just happen. Ji Xuan does not know how to deal with all these complicated thoughts. He was always proud of his own calm temperament, but now he is extremely confuse. He does not know how to deal with all of these new feeling. He want to vent, want to shout, but he did not do any of that. He just stared.

Soon, Ji Xuan was dragged out of his thought. The mare sensing his trouble has reached out to soothe him. After a few minute, Ji Xuan reciprocate the gesture. Once inside the mare embraced, Ji Xuan let out all his pent up emotion of twenty years. Even though his brain is telling him that this was not real, Ji Xuan does not care; slowly sinking in the embrace. To him this was not a game anymore, this was akin to real life. With the help of Cultivation Paths Online, Ji Xuan has resolved one of his inner demons.

<<System Notification: Congratulation to [Mortal] Ji Xuan for fulfilling requirement of the "Accepting your new family units" quest. Reward shall be +20% synchronisation>>

A cold metallic voice awaken Ji Xuan from his mother embraced.

A pillar of white light soon descend from the heaven, enveloping Ji Xuan. His mother was quite terrified by this natural phenomenon; she neighed fearfully at the pillar of light, waiting for her son. The light seeped through every pore of Ji Xuan body, circulating around it. The warm feeling that accompany the light was quite delightful, as it relax his every muscle. Soon enough the pillar of light faded, and the warm feeling disappear.

<<World Notification: Congratulation to [Mortal] Ji Xuan for completing a Unique quest. Reward shall be one cultivation technique of one choosing>>

<<World Notification: Congratulation to [Mortal] Ji Xuan for unlocking the Synchronisation Leaderboard. Rewarding 10x Bone Cleansing Pills, 10x Flesh Tempering Pill, and 10x Organs Recreation Pills. Please check the Leaderboard to see your progress>>

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The whole world is currently experiencing an uproar at the announcement. The game was just launched ten minutes ago and somebody has already finished an Unique quest. This was unprecedented to say the least.

The forums is currently flooded with comments, people are trying to find out who the mysterious entity is. There are even players offering money to find Ji Xuan, while some offer money to hunt him down. The whole world was revolving around this mysterious player.

Suddenly a small thread appear on the forums. It started out small, but it gain traction immediately and took off. The title of the thread was simply "What race is Ji Xuan"

The back and forth between the player of both race was like a war of word. Both side want to claim the mysterious player as their own. The argument slowly grew from what race Ji Xuan is, to which race should reign supreme. The fighting seem to have no end in sight.


Ji Xuan is also facing his own problem. He was so engrossed in the prospect of having a mother, he ignored two other life form close to them. It was during the end of the Synchronisation that he noticed them. Two small foals, too weak to stand up correctly. One was pitch black like the night sky itself, while the other white as snow.

Siblings, Ji Xuan did not know how to react. His life in the orphans have teached him how valuable it is to have siblings, but he never expected to be a brother; better yet a big brother. Ji Xuan study his sibling carefully, they look so weak and helpless; somebody need to protect them. Is this what it meant to be a big brother? To look out for your little siblings? If it was the case, then Ji Xuan will take on the responsibility willingly.

<<System Notification: [Mortal] Ji Xuan has received a Heavenly Orb. The comprehension and skill creation will be depended [Mortal] Ji Xuan. May you face prosperous encounter>>

Vahone Vahone

Please read Chapter 1. I have rewritten that Chapter, and you may not understand the plot if you miss out.

Hopefully you're enjoying the story.

Please, have a nice day.

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