25% DEAD or DIE [A story about Death and Life] / Chapter 1: Dead or Die: Prologue
DEAD or DIE [A story about Death and Life] original

DEAD or DIE [A story about Death and Life]

Author: Chris_Vinalay

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Chapter 1: Dead or Die: Prologue


The very state where your soul ceases to exist to this mortal world. As your soul leaves your physical body and goes either a place of paradise or a place of suffering

Death can be achieved by damaging your body by either old age or a serious injury. Some deaths can quick and painless while others experience extremely slow and painful

Death is a constant reminder to all of life that they are in a borrowed time and someday they will join the several others that experienced death

Most people will try to prevent their death but some people just accept it with open arms to end their suffering and pain of the living. But no matter what they choose, both will experience death either way

Death is inescapable. Death always lingers in everyone's mind. Death is always right beside you, waiting for the marked date

"SHIT!" a man cursed as he ran towards his car. The night sky was dark as snow fell from the sky

He fumbled for his keys from his pocket and swiftly opened the car door

He started to car's engine for multiple times

"Come on! Come on!" turning his key several times in order to start the vehicle

A loud crash was heard behind him. The man turned around and saw the parked car behind him was completely destroyed by a dark figure with red crosses in its eyes. It stood atop the thrashed car wielding a giant scythe in its hand

The man let out a scream as he successfully got his car running as he slammed to the gas pedal. He drove off into the night, leaving the dark figure behind

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The figure stared at fleeing man with its red crossed eyes as it stood at the destroyed parked car

The man sighed in relief as he drove into a nearby city. He drove into a highway with several cars also driving the night

The opened his radio to ease his mind. He turned the radio to a station playing a cheerful melody. The man started to hum with the music as it continued to drive in the cityscape

Suddenly, the radio music turned into white noise. The man turned the knob in order to find another radio station

"yOu KnOw YoU cAn'T eScApE dEaTh, JoHn" a chilling voice of a girl escaped the radio

A loud thud was heard behind him

He looked at one his car mirrors and froze as he saw the dark figure in one of the roofs of the cars behind him, staring at his vehicle like a prey

"FUCK!" he slammed his foot to the gas pedal again and sped off, ignoring all traffic rules

The dark figure saw its target escaping to the sea of cars. It jumped off the roof of the cars, denting the top of them slightly

He sees the figure still following him, jumping roof by roof getting closer to him. He continued to speed up


He was so focused at the dark figure behind him that he forgot to look in front with an incoming car directly at him

He slammed his foot to the brake pedal but he was too fast to stop in time. He crashed into the oncoming car as his car rolled several times to the asphalt of the highway. The man screamed as several shards of glass surround him inside the car

His car finally stopped, stopping in the side of a building. He heard other cars in the highway stopping as well due to the highway being blocked by the crashed incoming car

He groaned as he kicked the car door open and step out his car. He was completely fine with a few cuts and bruises. He looked at the car he previously crashed. He saw the driver of the car was being saved by a dark figure, the driver was unconscious but still alive. The figure carried the driver and laid him in the side of the road safely

The dark figure looked at him with its red crossed eyes, seemingly even angrier to the man. He shivered in fear as he ran into a dark alleyway

The dark figure followed the man with its scythe. The man ran and ran to the maze of alleyways attempting to escape the figure

He toppled over several garbage cans in order to stop the figure from chasing him. The figure just sliced the incoming debris as it continued to chase the man

The man saw a door with light shining over it. He dashed for it as he grabbed the doorknob attempting to open it

"Boo" as the door opened it revealed the dark figure inside the door

"Wha-" before the man could react, the figure sliced both his legs with its scythe. The man collapsed to the ground as his legs detached from his body

The man shrieked in pain as blood escaped both his amputated legs. The figure just watched him writhed in pain

But the man was far from giving up as he tried to crawl away with his arms, leaving a blood trail. The figure slowly followed the man

"Why?! I just wanted to live!" the man exclaimed at the figure

The dark figure was shined by one of the alleyway's lights. It revealed the dark figure to be a teenage girl with red crosses in her eyes with eye bags beneath her eyes. She was wearing a school uniform with a black blazer over it with a grey skirt to complete her outfit. She's swaying her scythe back and forth with an intent to kill

"Why? Because you're already DEAD" she swiped her weapon, decapitating the man. She looked at the head tumble the snowy alleyway. The headless body flopped forward as blood pooled around the dead corpse

Her scythe glowed deep purple after the deed was done as her scythe retracted into a small black pen. She tucked the pen in the back pocket of her blazer. She sighed in exhaustion as she laid to the ground with the dead body. The blood of the man seeping into her, staining her clothes with blood

She chuckled slightly as she watched the snowfall in the sky.

"I wondered when was the last time as I was considered as innocent?" she asked herself as continued to chuckle slowly into the dark snowy night

2 weeks earlier...

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