100% DEAD or DIE [A story about Death and Life] / Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Your Best Friend

Chapter 4: Chapter 3: Your Best Friend


The Executioner Eye or also called "X-Eye", is a special augment that all reapers possess. The X-eye are located inside the eyeballs of the reapers, giving them the signature red-X in their pupils when activated

The X-Eye can increase the processing speed and reflexes of the reaper. It is also more accurate than a normal human, the user can see a 1km radius without any sight-improving devices when the X-Eye is activated

The special feature of this eye is that it enables in detecting souls of the living beings and used by reapers to judge if they are deviant soul or not, increasing the efficiency of a reaper in scouting their soul targets

Although, it has a certain side effect whenever a reaper uses their X-Eye. When a reaper activates their X-Eye, feelings like remorse, mercy or any kind of pacifism are considerably dulled or even completely removed. The X-Eye also increases aggression, insanity and many violence inducing emotions. All locked emotions of the reaper are completely released if they used their X-Eye


Soukyo High School, 4:54 pm…

It's snowing outside. The students of the school are currently listening to their teacher's lecture despite the weather. It was that kind of day where you prefer to be indoors than outdoors

Although, some people beg to differ…

"Mrs. Yuki!" her teacher exclaimed, snapping Bell awake

"Y-Yes?" Bell drowsily responded, her eyes had bags on them. Her appearance became even gloomier due to her lack of sleep after dealing with nighttime duties of a reaper

"Is my discussion too boring for you to stay awake?" her teacher questioned

"No, sensei" Bell quickly replied

"Then listen carefully. This is going to be in the exams" her teacher continued her lecture

Bell rubbed her tired eyes, losing sleep each night just to find deviant souls are really taking a toll in her

"I still need to find 3 more souls to avoid punishment" Bell thought as she looked outside, still snowing steadily. She notes the fact it's going to be a lot harder to find in a cold dark night

Bell also discovered that she doesn't have body heat anymore. That means she can literally freeze solid if she stays too long outside in a snowy night. A side effect of being a reaper is quite troublesome

She finally heard the bell of the school ring a familiar tune, signaling the end of class. She heard her teacher reminding them about homework but Bell is too tired to even care. She quickly grabbed her things, wanting to leave school as fast as possible in order to plan for the next night

"Should I look again in Saido District?" Bell thought of the place where she's going to find more deviant souls

"No, after that explosion the deviant soul caused, they will be going to be fewer people in that place for a while" Bell remembers the explosion that she dodged while chasing that woman

Bell suddenly got blocked by a person, as she bumped against the person. Bell looked up to see only to stare in terror

"T-Trixy" Bell started to tremble in fear as she saw her bully in front of her

"Hi, Bell. I haven't seen you in a while. Where you have been?" Trixy asked in an innocent tone but Bell knows that's she's definitely furious

"I-I been busy to-" Bell tried to explain before she was punched Trixy into her gut. Bell's mouth spilled a bit of blood as she wrapped her arms to her stomach

"Where the fuck have you been? You think I wouldn't notice you been avoiding me?" Trixy threw another punch towards Bell's stomach

"T-Trixy… Please stop…" Bell pleaded. The burning pain in her gut is overwhelming her

Trixy was disgusted at her pleading figure, "Bell, I will never stop" Trixy said in anger

"Even if you try to redeem yourself in any way. The fact you ruined my life will never change" Trixy continued

"Trixy… I'm sorry…" Bell started to remember her childhood with Trixy. The wonderful times where they considered themselves as friends

"…I'm sorry that I didn't save you that day" Bell replied. Trixy eyes widen in anger as she kneed her face, bruising Bell's face badly

"Don't remind me!" Trixy said angrily as she continued to beat up Bell. She yelped in pain to call for help

But nobody came. Her cries echoed the empty hallways, the students already left the school long ago. Even the teachers are too busy to care for a bullied girl like her

All alone

Yet the snow keeps falling without care


Soukyo West Ward, Koko de' Nomu, 8:54 pm…

Emilia is wandering the city. She looked at the bar named "Koko de' Nomu". She huffed as she opens the door into the bar. There are only a few people in the bar, most of them are salarymen

The bartender looked at the visitor and immediately smiled as he saw the familiar blue-haired girl. Emilia took a seat in front of the bar's counters

"Well, well. How was your day Emi-chan?" the bartender asked. Emilia frowned as she was called by her nickname

"Stop calling me that, old man" the blue-haired girl insulted

"Yikes, still prickly as ever" the bartender commented, "You want the usual?" he offered

"Sure" Emilia replied, as the bartender nodded and started to prepare her drink

Emilia looked around and noticed most of the customers of the bar are reapers. Koko de' Nomu is considered as a hideout/bar for supernatural entities like her. Most go here to relax and unwind after their duties

"There's a lot at this time around, huh" Emilia said. The bartender sighed in response

"Of course there's a lot of stressed reapers these days. After all, Soukyo is full of misfortune. Misfortune tends to cause death" The bartender said. Emilia nodded in agreement

"Hey, Kuuji-san. I heard you were stuck dealing with a new reaper lately" A blonde man beside Emilia said

The blue haired girl sighed in annoyance, "Unfortunately" she said in an irritated tone

This caught the bartender's attention, "Oh? Did Emi-chan made a new friend?" he teased

"Shut up. She's definitely a newbie with no skills whatsoever, plus she was a human" Emilia said as she remembered the cowardly, soft-hearted girl. It really made her angry that Bell thinks she can do things to her way

"Hmm, sounds like she isn't a normal kind of reaper" the bartender commented

"Well, I can't deny that. She had… an interesting soul" Emilia narrowed her eyes as she recalled the time she tried looking at Bell's soul

"Really? What's so interesting about her?" the blonde asked

"Red" Emilia said simply

"Red?" he questioned

"Her soul. It's pure red" she continued saying

"I've been a reaper for 12 years and I never saw a soul that is pure red" Emilia still remembered how did Bell's soul look like. It looks like a snowflake with a crimson aura. It was shaking intensely like it was going explode at any moment

"Me either. Your friend may be something more of a reaper" the man said as he drank more of his beer

"Maybe" Emilia said with slight doubt in her tone

The bartender placed Emilia's drink in front of her, "Here you go. One lemon drop with ice" he said

Emilia grabbed the drink and took a sip. The sweet-sour taste of the drink calmed her a bit

"So, about this girl. Do you think she'll be a reaper?" the bartender asked

Emilia looked at her drink, the ice clinked inside. She thought about Bell's actions, personality, and power

"No, she'll definitely die" she replied with a straight face. The ice of her drink clinked again


Soukyo Downtown, 11:31 pm…

The snow earlier began to fall even faster. The number of people out of streets are extremely low due to weather, lowering Bell's chances

Bell is slowly limping the streets of Soukyo, in hopes of finding a deviant soul. Trixy beat her badly, her uniform messed, her new bag completely gone. Despite having reaper regeneration, she still has a lingering pain through all out her body

"Trixy…" Bell muttered as she limped. She shook her head to forget her bully and focused on her task tonight

Bell still needs 3 more deviant souls to avoid her punishment this week. Both her physical and mental health is in shambles

"Why? What did I do to deserve this?" she asked herself. It's only been 3 days since she became a reaper, and she already experienced a lot of traumatizing things

"I still need to find a deviant soul" Bell reminded herself

She looked around, a lot of people walked by. Bell activated her X-eye and scanned the crowd of people. The snow starting to freeze Bell's body, she needs to find a deviant soul fast or she'll freeze to the snow of the night

"No matter what, I'll definitely find one this night!" Bell said to herself


Someone bumped into Bell, knocking her to the ground

"Hey! Watch where you going!" The man bumped to her said angrily

"S-Sorry" Bell quickly apologized

"Tch, Just be careful next time" the man walked away with an irritated look on his face

Bell looked at the man walking away as her eyes widen in surprise. Inside the man that bumped into her has a green spiky soul emanating inside him

"That man, it's a deviant soul" Bell thought as she saw him walk away. She unconsciously made a small creepy smile before she slapped herself to regain her sanity

"I need to follow him" Bell reassured herself as she grabbed her pen from her pocket and hid behind the crowd of people as she stalked the man

Her red X-eye glowed as she followed the man into a secluded area. The people in the area started to dwindle in number due to the increasing snowfall. A perfect opportunity for Bell to strike. The man remained oblivious to the girl with murderous intentions as he walked calmly

"Kuroyuki" Bell's pen turned into her scythe, raising it above the man's head

"Goodbye" Bell said before she swiped her scythe downwards

The man heard Bell and immediately dodged the incoming scythe, hitting the pavement with a metal ting. The man reacted with a kick, Bell grunted as the kick cracked a few of her ribs. Bell jumped away from the man

"So you're a reaper" the man said, Bell's black scythe glinted with a dark metal shine

A spike extended from the man's hand, "You, I'm not going back to hell!" he exclaimed as he thrust his spike-like sword

"Kesshoyuki!" the young reaper said quickly as her scythe was covered with ice

Bell gritted her teeth as she deflected the spike with her harden scythe. Bell swiped her scythe again, aimed at the man's chest

"Piasuyuki!" Bell said as her scythe gained icicles in the tip of her scythe

But instead of her scythe piercing through, a green plate appeared in the man's chest and acted as a shield. The ice in Bell's scythe shattered on impact, reverting it back to a metal scythe

"W-What?" Bell said disbelief

The man took the opportunity to stab Bell with his spike. The green spike penetrated Bell's torso, she cringed in pain. She immediately stepped back to remove the spike

Bell tried to slice the man with her scythe again only to be blocked by that green shield that appeared earlier

"Shit! I can't break through!" Bell thought

The man chuckled in response, "How do you like my THORN? It can block any attack from every direction! You scythe is practically useless now!" the man taunted

Bell swiped her scythe repeatedly only to be blocked, as the man stabbed Bell again with his spike. She coughed some blood, her wounds aren't healing fast enough due to the decreasing temperature of the surroundings. The snow intensifies, Bell is started to feel ice building up her extremities

"How am I supposed to hit something that blocks every attack?" Bell questioned herself

She tried to pierce the man again, the green shield appeared again to block her scythe

The man smirked, "What did I tell you? It's useless!" the man taunted. Bell kept her scythe lodged into his green shield

"KOYUKI!" Bell shouted, the shield started to freeze, the whole shield turning to brittle ice

"What the!" the man saw his shield cracked

The shield finally shattered as Bell's scythe pierced through slicing a bit of the man's sides before being blocked by the man's spike

Some blood spilled to the snow-covered ground, staining it red as it froze to the cold temperature

"Why? Why? Why am I so…" Bell eyes shook as blood spilled to the snow. This feeling felt very very familiar

"What the fuck? What are you?" The man stepped back as he saw Bell's expression

"Ha… Ha… HEE! HEE! HEE!" Bell started to giggle uncontrollably

"Why am I so thrilled right now?!" Bell thought as she mouth curved into a big smile. The smile of an insane killer was plastered over her face. She can't stop the feeling euphoria of slicing her enemies

Bell finally came to her senses as she dropped her scythe, grabbing her own head and shaking it violently to regain control of her sanity

"What am I doing?! Control yourself damn it!" She told herself

The man immediately bolted out to escape the Bell. It was clear to him that he couldn't win this battle

Bell noticed the man escaping, "W-Wait! Come back!" she grabbed her scythe and chased the man

The man continues to run, Bell's reaper speed clearly faster than the man. He noticed this as he clicked his tongue as he went towards to a more populated area

"What is he planning?" Bell thought as she increased her speed

"Koyuki!" Bell froze the ground in front of her and began to slide to the ice path she made instead of running to gain more mobility and speed

The man looked back and as he ran faster. He saw a car incoming and looked at the driver. The driver seemed oblivious to the chase that is happening besides him

The man stabbed the car's door with his spike and ripped it off to the driver's surprise. The man jumped into the car, the driver was extremely confused and scared at the guy who ripped his car

"Huh?! What the hell?!" the driver exclaimed

"Move!" The man pushed the driver out of the seat, as he was thrown out of the car and tumbled to the road

The man slammed the gas pedal as he sped up the car, outrunning Bell's speed

"No!" Bell shouted as the car went further away from her. She saw the man smirking a prideful smile

But Bell was far from giving up. She stopped freezing the ground and took a big jump towards the car. Bell stabbed her scythe in the back of the car, hooking her to the back of the car with a thud

The sound of the thud alerted the man and saw the black-haired girl hooked on the back of the car

"I won't let you escape!" Bell screamed as she slowly climbed her hooked scythe

"Get off!" the man exclaimed as he swerved the car side to side to shake off the hooked reaper. Bell gripped her scythe even tighter to stay on

"Persistent brat!" the man said as he drove into a highway full of cars. He began slamming the car against the traffic barrier of the highway

Bell kept slamming against the barrier but she still able to stay hooked. Her body completely battered but still strong enough to hold on

"K-Koyuki" Bell said as her scythe started to freeze the back of the car. The ice began to cover the back of the vehicle. Until ice froze the back wheels, losing the car's ability to accelerate

But since the wheels are frozen, the tires lost its grip on the road causing the car swerve violently. The man tried his best to regain control but the car began to slide sideways

Bell saw a van coming towards them. Her eyes widen as the car is going collide to the van



Bell a felt terrible pain in her body. She slowly opened her eyes and saw the crashed vehicles burning in the middle of the highway. The snow still falling

She tried to stand up but a sharp pain stopped her from getting up. Bell looked at her legs and saw both her legs broken rendering her immobile. It's slowly healing due to her reaper body so she needs to wait a bit to walk again

"I feel terrible" Bell groaned

She remembered the man she's been chasing as she looked around the area. She saw the man slowly limping away the crash site

"W-Wait! C-Come back!" Bell tried to stand up again but failed. The man looked back and immediately sprinted away from Bell's view

"N-No…" Bell uttered as she lost her target. She failed her task

Bell suddenly heard bells again, signaling the end of the night. Bell paled in terror

[Bell Yuki: Weekly Quota Status: 2 out of 5 deviant souls captured]

[Weekly Quota: FAILED]

"AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!" Bell felt the unbearable pain again, a reminder that she need to kill more to avoid this cruel punishment


Bell's House, 5:23 am…

The sun started to rise, as Bell opened her eyes. Completely tired to the events of last night. A wave of memories last night crashed into her mind

She remembered limping towards her home in the middle of the night. Her right arm complete frozen due to freezing weather last night. And when she finally arrived, she spent the entire night thawing her arm out I front of her heater while using a hair blower to speed up the process

"I can't believe I failed to capture that deviant soul" Bell said to herself

Bell looked outside through her window, it's still snowing. The whole city is blanketed with white snow

"If I had prepared more, maybe I could've have killed him" Bell unconsciously said

"Wait, why did say that?" Bell was shocked at she said


"Why am I not bothered by killing a person?" Bell asked herself

Bell recalled her experience with the man last night. When she sliced the man, she felt happy, thrilled even

The blood splattered gave her ecstasy to stab the man even more. She had a craving to see more blood, she wanted to see the man writhe in pain as Bell sliced his body to many pieces

"I want to see it…" Bell eyes shook as she imagined the man's dead corpse with his guts wide open. A large smile appeared in her face






She immediately covered her mouth and ran quickly to her bathroom and vomited in the toilet multiple times

"What was that feeling?! It's disgusting! I don't want it!" Bell felt disgusted that she felt the feeling of excitement when imagined the grotesque image

Bell is starting noticing the signs ever she became a reaper. She became more irritated and uneasy if she hasn't activated her X-eye. Her thoughts about violence suddenly became a norm to her. Bell felt like she was turning into something different. It slow but something is definitely changing

She got out of the bathroom, slightly disoriented as she stumbles across the room. She grabbed the table her side and accidentally knocking over a picture portrait. The portrait broke as it fell down to the floor

Bell looked at the fallen object and saw the portrait of her and her aunt. She picked up the picture out of the broken glass frame

"Auntie… What should I do?" she said as looked at the picture

Bell sighed, as she put the picture in on her blazer's pockets

"I need to go school" she said in a tired tone


Soukyo High, 11:35 am…

Bell's school day has been rough lately. She got scolded after sleeping in the middle of the class. Her focus is way off due to lack of sleep. Her skin got paler after being frozen last night

"Are reapers nocturnal or something?" Bell asked herself

She was suddenly blocked by her bullies again. She saw Trixy in the bunch, with a cheeky smile

"Bell won't hang out with us again?" Trixy said

Bell got scared again and tried to run away. But one of the bullies grabbed Bell's hand and pulled her inside the bathroom with them

Bell laid in the bathroom floor, completely beaten up with uniform a mess. Her face full of bruises and her arm got dislocated.

Trixy and her friends finished punishing her. Apparently, they want to copy her homework but Bell forgot to make it after her reaper crusade. They got angry and thrashed Bell even more than usual

"Next time, try being useful for once" Trixy threaten as she stomped at Bell's hand.

"HHHNNNNNGGG!!!"Bell yelped in pain as tried not to scream

Trixy's friends laughed in response. Those 2 can be a bitch sometimes but not bitchy as Trixy

They started to leave the bathroom, leaving Bell in the middle of the bathroom floor

Bell accidentally activated her X-eye due to the pain. And what happened next stopped Bell's world for a bit

"Three" Bell said as her eyes glowed red

She saw Trixy and her friends as deviant souls.

Trixy had an orange soul while the other 2 had blue souls. Their soul emitting the same menacing aura

"No… It can't be real" Bell's eyes shook

"Trixy can't be a d-deviant soul" Bell tried to deny it

"I can't kill her! She's my only friend! I just can't!" Bell yelled at herself

Bell became silent after yelling the word "friend"

"I mean why not? She escaped hell right?" Bell started to giggle

"I'm a reaper and she's a deviant soul, its my duty right?" Bell giggles slowly turned into insane laughter


"WHY AM I SO HAPPY?!!" Bell uncontrollably laughed. She tried to stop her insanity by bashing her own head to the floor

She bit her own lip causing blood to drip out to stop her insane laughter. She started to cry, sniffling on the bathroom floor

"no… no… no… no" she chanted as she continued to sob

"I won't kill her. She's the only one left… The only one left…" Bell said

"My only friend left"

"My best friend"


"Bell!" a small girl with orange pigtails called out to a short black haired girl. They're both 7-years old

"I'm here Trixy!" Bell smiled as she went to her best friend. Trixy was been her friend since childhood. She may a bit mean to others but she's a nice girl

"Come on Bell! You need to see this!" Trixy ushered as she grabbed something inside her pocket

Trixy pulled out 2 bell-shaped keychains, one is colored gold and another one is colored silver. Bell stared with awe

"I bought these so we can have matching set" Trixy said, "Here you go" she handed the silver colored one to Bell

"Thanks, Trixy! I'll always treasure this!" Bell said with a smile

Trixy smiled at her, "Sure! I promise to you, I'll never leave you alone Bell!" she replied

I believed you. And you did keep your promise, you left me alone. But I never thought it would be a bad thing in the future

A pair of girls walked towards the school. They look more grown up, 12 years old to be exact. Trixy tied her hair into a side ponytail and Bell's black hair is slightly longer, enough to reach her shoulder. Their bell keychains hanged to their bags, shining in the sun

"Hey, Trixy, why do you need to beat up those kids earlier? Aren't they innocent?" Bell asked. Trixy has been more violent when she got older, to the point where she became a delinquent and bully to others. But Trixy doesn't hurt Bell yet, she still considered her as friend and Bell also did

"They're friend pissed me for some reason. So I had to kick their assess" Trixy said nonchalantly

"But, they were just protecting their friend. That so mean, Trixy. Most of them are innocent" Bell said

Trixy sighed in response, "Listen Bell, people who weaker than me are nothing annoying bugs to me. You need to have dominance to those people to keep them in line. And if got killed in the process, then they're just weak" she said cruelly

"Trixy… you need to stop hurting people. You're starting to scare me" Bell said in concern

"Ha! Don't worry Bell! You're my friend, I would never hurt you" she said in a reassuring smile

Bell sighed in response as they crossed the street as she walked across the street

I wonder if I saved you from that time, things would be different

"BELL! WATCH OUT!" Trixy pushed her away from the speed truck coming towards Bell

"Huh?" Bell managed to say before she landed on the side of the road. She saw Trixy got hit instead, as blood splattered all over the truck and her body thrown across the road. The golden bell on her bag crushed on impact

Bell stared in shock, as her best friend was bleeding on the road


I should have saved you

Trixy got into a coma after getting hit by the truck. She stayed at the hospital for a full month, I always visited her every day. It was my fault that she got to the accident after all

When she finally recovered, Bell was glad. But she changed. Trixy became more violent, crueler to everyone. Including me

Bell chased Trixy as she angrily walked away from her. It's been weeks since Trixy recovered. Bell tried to talk to her ever since, but Trixy kept brushing her off saying she was fine

"Trixy! Wait!" Bell grabbed her shoulder

Trixy turned to face her, "The fuck do you want?!" she exclaimed swatted Bell's hand

Bell was surprised for a bit, she wasn't this violent to her

"What's wrong with you? I'm just want to help you" Bell said with concern

"And why do care?!" Trixy snapped back

"Because I'm your friend" Bell replied

"Friend? What a joke! After all, you're the reason why I got run over by that truck" Trixy said in anger

Bell felt terrible, she was right. It was her fault

"Trixy…I" Bell reached out her hand

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" Trixy threw a punch to her, causing Bell to fall down to the ground. Trixy stomped at the downed Bell, as she felt her ribs crack


That was the time, where she became my bully. Every day it got worse, she kept beating me every day with her new friends, taking advantage to me, spreading bad rumors to lower my reputation

I could've stopped her by telling aunt or my teachers. But I can't. Because she's my best friend, one of the only pieces left from a broken childhood

If I lose Trixy, I would lose my only friend. I don't want to be alone. I don't care if she doesn't consider me as her friend anymore. I don't care if she keeps bullying me

As long she's there, I'm okay


That's what I thought in the past. What a joke…

















"AH!" Bell immediately woke up to her dream. She gasping for air, clenching her heart in fear

"No, I won't kill her!" she told herself, Bell denied her dream. Her head is throbbing hard, the pain is unbearable

Her eyes flickered red but Bell forced herself to revert it back to normal black. Her bloodlust is becoming more uncontrollable the longer she doesn't satisfy her reaper tendencies

Bell finally controlled her mental stability. She sighed in relief as she looked around. Bell is still in her classroom but nobody is there. The class was already finished, the sunset is obscured by the snow

Bell must have fallen asleep during the class again. I guess her teacher ignored Bell's sleeping and let her sleep through the class. Her classmates and her teacher already left long ago. The school is empty

Bell stood up her desk and took her bag, "Time to go home" she said as she left her classroom

She walked the empty hallways, her steps echoed the vacant school. The snow started to fall faster, making surroundings even colder

But Bell's body is incapable of feeling the cold, she more concerned about freezing solid because she doesn't have body heat ever since she became a reaper

"I still need 3 more deviant souls" Bell said to herself

Her mind immediately recalled Trixy and her friends as her eyes switch to red X's. Bell immediately shook her head quickly to regain her composure

"No" she told herself again

Suddenly she heard people talking in hallways. Bell came closer to the source and saw Trixy and her 2 friends still loitering after school. Bell's eyes widen in shock

"No! Not this time! I still can't control my reaper instincts!" Bell thought as she walked away slowly, hoping they wouldn't notice her

All of a sudden, she started to feel dizzy. Her head throbbing even harder than before, pain course through her body causing her to scream. She grabbed her head to ease the pain. Her X-eye fully activated as it glowed red in with the intent to kill

Trixy and her 2 friends turned their heads when they heard Bell's shriek

"What the hell was that?" One of Trixy's friend asked

"Don't know, let's check it out" Trixy replied as they came closer to Bell

Bell notice them getting closer, her control is starting waver. As the pain in her head increased even further

They finally saw Bell gasping for heavily, her X-eyes glowing bright crimson. Trixy was a bit shocked that she saw the eyes of a reaper

"Bell? So a reaper after all, huh?" Trixy said

"No! Trixy! Wait! I can explain!" Bell quickly replied

"You were just waiting for the right moment to kill us, huh? Well, let me show you that you're wrong!" Trixy exclaimed

"Ikkatteiru!" Trixy's nails start to extend her THORN into 6 orange claw-like spikes

"6 Thorns?!" Bell stood in shock as she remembered Emilia saying that the more spikes that a deviant soul had, the more dangerous they are

The other 2 surrounded Bell as well



Trixy's 2 friends activated their THORNs in their wrists. The first had blue thorn while the other one had a yellow thorn

"Trixy…" Bell muttered in fear as she was surrounded by her bullies. Now that she discovered that they're deviant souls, they become more dangerous in Bell's eyes

Trixy chuckled, "You know the best part of this? I could kill you now that you're a reaper!" Trixy pounced towards Bell with her claws ready to slice her up

"Kuroyuki!" Bell quickly took out her scythe to deflect Trixy's claws. Trixy continue to slash her in a blinding speeds

"Kesshoyuki" Bell said as her scythe as covered with ice, increasing her defense. Trixy's claws are unable to damage Bell any further due to the thick ice

"Trixy, please! I didn't want to kill you!" Bell tried to reason with her

"You liar!" She shouted back. As looked at one her deviant friends

"Candy! Show this reaper bitch some heat!" She told to her friend with a yellow thorn

"Laser Ray" She began to shoot a deadly beam of light directly at Bell. The black-haired reaper screamed in pain as the laser broke her ice and burnt her flesh

Bell used her scythe to temporarily deflect the laser giving her chance to jump away and avoid the beam

"Piasuyuki!" Bell's scythe gained sharp icicles as she swung it towards the yellow deviant one

"Force Pound" The blue deviant soul named Betty came to punch Bell with their enhanced strength, deflecting her attack. Bell took the blow causing her to spit blood, her scythe shattered and reverted back into a pen

Bell stumbled as she was stunned to the punch that she received earlier. Trixy dashed to her, with her claws glowing bright orange

Bell didn't have to time to re-summon her scythe, so she put her arms in front her to block any damage

"Slasher Fever!" Trixy's claws glowed bright orange as she mercilessly slashed Bell multiple times. Her claws burnt Bell's flesh in every slice, the speed of her attack increased even further. Bell shrieked in pain as the claws no only sliced her body but scorched as well

After slashing Bell, Trixy kicked her away as Bell thrown towards the wall with a loud thud. Trixy continued to her assault as she continued to punch and kick Bell

"Weak! Even if you're a reaper, you're still weak as ever!" Trixy insult as she landed another punch to Bell's gut

"T-Trixy… Please stop… This isn't you…" Bell weakly replied. Her body full of cuts and bruises, most of her bones are broken

Bell started to cry, tears started to fill her red X-eyes

"I-I don't want to kill you! You're my best friend!" Bell said, as she sobbed

"Best friends? You stopped being my friend after you caused me to die in that accident!" Trixy exclaimed

"If I didn't save your sorry ass from that truck, I wouldn't have died and gone to hell!" Trixy continued to berate her

"And now? You became a reaper to bring me back to that place. I maxed out on your bullshit Bell!!!" Trixy screamed as she grabbed Bell to her neck

Trixy saw the window beside the hallway and threw Bell through the window. The window was shattered as Bell fell down to a height 2nd story building, her body hit the ground with a loud thud

The snow fell down to her fallen body. Bell is still conscious and she crumpled her hand into a fist. Her mind surged with memories of Trixy's accident

"So that's it, huh?" Bell thought

"BELL! WATCH OUT!" Trixy pushed her away from the speed truck coming towards Bell

She saw Trixy got hit instead, as blood splattered all over the truck and her body thrown across the road. The golden bell on her bag crushed on impact

"What was I doing?" Bell said to herself

She grabbed her pen, as she slowly stood up. The snow flowing to the strong breeze, her eyes glowing brighter than before

Why am I protecting a person...

"Kuroyuki" Bell's pen turned into scythe again



"Hey Trixy, weren't you a bit savage to her? I mean, I can understand that she's a reaper but wasn't Bell your friend?" Candy said, one of Trixy's friends

"Shut up! It's us or her! And why are you defending her? Do you want to get killed too?" Trixy threatened, her claws pointed at her. The deviant soul stood in fear

"N-no" she replied nervously

"Good. Now, let's check her body to loot her scythe" The 3 deviant souls went the window and looked outside

"What the?" they saw nothing but a blood stain in the snow below

"She's still alive!" they all readied their THORNS to defend against any attacks

They waited for any response from the black-haired reaper. Their THORNS glowing bright, ready to strike in any moment

"Stay alert! She can be anywhere!" Trixy warned her friends

"COME OUT BELL! WE KNOW THAT YOU STILL HERE!" Trixy tried to provoke Bell

"Hey, isn't it getting cold in here?" Betty commented

"The window is broken, of course it would get colder" Trixy said. The snow outside fell faster, almost a blizzard. The temperature of the environment got colder and colder

"Look!" Candy pointed at the floor. The floor started to freeze, frost began to spread across the whole hallway

"What is that?" Betty questioned

Trixy continued to stare at the growing ice. A single crack appeared as Trixy finally had a realization on what going on

"GRAB ONTO SOMETHING!" Trixy warned as she grabbed the broken window sill

The floor's crack immediately spread and turning the whole floor into brittle ice. The whole floor of the hallway finally shattered causing it to collapse under them

Candy managed to grab to the side for safety. But Betty wasn't so lucky

She fell down as the floor collapsed, screaming as gravity pulled her down

Bell was seen under the floor waiting, as debris fell down. Betty managed to look at her before Bell jumped upwards and slashed her in mid-air with her scythe

Betty stared in horror as she was sliced into 2 pieces. She gave a loud scream of agony as 2 pieces of her body fell down along with the debris. Blood splattered everywhere as her guts were squished under the debris

[Bell Yuki: Weekly Quota Status: 3 out of 5 deviant souls captured]

[Weekly Quota: PENDING]

Trixy and Candy, hanging for the side of the destroyed hallway looked in shock as one of their friends were brutally killed

"That bitch froze the floor under us!" Trixy said as she explained what happened earlier

Bell looked at them with her red-X eyes, her scythe dripping with Betty's blood

"What do we do?!" Candy nervously asked Trixy

"Shoot her with your laser!" Trixy commanded her in response

"Heat Shots" Candy pointed her finger at Bell as began to shoot beams of light at Bell. Bell dodged the incoming laser blast and hid behind the debris for protection

"Where is she?" Candy looked across the debris


"Huh?" Candy heard Bell's voice


"Candy!" Trixy shouted as her friend was impaled with icicles shot towards. 2 in her stomach and one in her head killing her for sure

Her body slumped as she fell down only to be skewered by more icicles below. Bell's scythe was full of icicles, she stabbed Candy's corpse for good measure. She must have thrown the icicles earlier to impale Candy from a distance

[Bell Yuki: Weekly Quota Status: 4 out of 5 deviant souls captured]

[Weekly Quota: PENDING]

Bell pulled out her scythe from the body. Her expression is covered with dark surroundings

"BELL!!!" Bell saw Trixy falling towards her with claws pointed at her

Bell quickly swung her scythe to block the attack. Trixy managed to stab one of her claws to Bell


"No, she'll definitely die" Emilia replied to the bartender with a straight face. The ice of her drink clinked again

"Well, only if she keeps resisting her reaper side" Emilia continued to sip her drink

"What do you mean?" the bartender questioned

Emilia sighed, "To be a reaper, you need to be a killer" she said

"I call it 4 stages of a killer" she said as her drink clink again


Bell jumped backward as she continued to slash at Trixy. The orange-haired girl blocked Bell's attacks and proceeds to lunge forward

"YOU'RE DEAD!" Trixy exclaimed

(First, you reject it)

Trixy slashed Bell again with her claws, searing her flesh even further

"Kesshoyuki!" Bell's scythe begins to be covered with ice, stopping Trixy slash

Bell immediately made a counter-attack as she slashed at Trixy, cutting arm a bit. Bell begins to become unhinged at the sight of blood unlike the other 2

(Secondly, you get used to it)

"Die!" Trixy exclaimed

Trixy made a big thrust, stabbing her claw right into Bell's chest. Bell remained unresponsive as she continued to slash like she didn't feel the pain

Bell stabbed her in the shoulder, her expression stared to become deranged

"Koyuki!" Bell shouted at Trixy's shoulder started to freeze into ice. Her claws dispelled as she felt the freezing effects

Trixy kicked Bell in her chest, removing the freezing scythe out of her shoulder. The bully began to show signs of weakness

(Then, you started to accept it)

The 2 fighters stopped for a moment to look at each other. Trixy panted as the snow came inside from the broken wall of the former hallway

"You know Trixy, I've been very sad for a long time" Bell said

"No matter what I did, I always found sadness at everything" she continued

"It was cold to be alone, Trixy" she said

Trixy stared at her mixed with anger and confusion

"But now…" Bell's faced Trixy

(And finally, you begin to CRAVE for it)



Bell's eyes glowed bright red as she laughed madly. Her sanity is completely gone, her former shy and weak persona is no more as Trixy stared in terror at the insane reaper

"Hey… Trixy" Bell moved forward as she gripped her scythe even tighter

"WILL YOU SHOW ME EVEN MORE HAPPINESS?" Bell asked as she dashed forward

"Bell…" Trixy managed to say

"KOYUKI!!!" Bell screamed as she froze the ground and started to slide in extremely fast speed

But Trixy was far from giving up, as she reactivated her claws and began to chase the black reaper

Bell continued to laugh insanely as she blocked Trixy's slashes. She swiped her scythe to Trixy's side causing blood to come out

"More! More! More! MORE! I want to see it! I want to see it all!" Bell exclaimed as she froze the ground even more, causing Trixy's feet to freeze to the floor

Trixy tried her best to remove her feet off the frozen ground. But Bell swung her scythe before she could react, stabbing her deep into Trixy's chest

"Got you!" Bell smiled wildy

"Umph!" Trixy cringed as the blade went into her right lung, causing her to wheeze with blood in her breath

Trixy tried slashed the scythe out her chest, only for her claws to shatter into pieces, "Impossible! My claws can cut anything, including a reaper's scythe! Why can't I break it?!" Trixy said in disbelief


"Wait!" Trixy shouted, interrupting Bell from freezing her entirely

"You wanted to stop this, right? We already met our limits. Let's end it here. You said you don't want to kill me, so let's stop here. I promise I won't bother you anymore" Trixy pleaded to Bell with a genuine intention

Bell's X-eye faded for a bit, as her expression turned into solemn one

"Take it as a favor from a best friend" Trixy smiled

Bell's eyes tensed as she heard "best friend". Her X-eye reactivated again. As she plunged her scythe deeper to Trixy. Her expression turned into a serious one

"My best friend…" Bell's scythe began to emanate extremely cold wind. Trixy began to shiver both fear and cold

"…already died in an accident" Bell finished her sentence. Her scythe began to glow red with her eyes

"YUKI NI YORUSHI!!!" Bell shouted as she swung her scythe multiple times to Trixy's body. Trixy screamed in pain as she felt every single slash tearing her body to piece

Bell ended her assault with a final stab to the forehead. The stab echoed across the broken hallway

Trixy's body began to crumble away into red snow, she whole body pulverized and froze into snow

"Why?" she asked Bell before she explodes into blood and red snow. Bell stared at the remains of her former best friend

"Why? That's simple" Bell said

"BECAUSE YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD" Bell said to the red snow remains of Trixy

[Bell Yuki: Weekly Quota Status: 5 out of 5 deviant souls captured]

[Weekly Quota: COMPLETE]

Bell kept staring at the scene she caused. The entire hallway was completely destroyed with a large gaping hole on the side of the building, there are 2 pieces of a girl among the debris, another one is impaled with icicles, and her best friend is literally reduced to snow

"I see, this is what it means to be a reaper" Bell said monotonously

"It doesn't matter if they're a girl or a boy. Old or young. Rich or poor"

"All that matters is to kill them" Bell continued

Bell remained standing there unmoving. The snow outside kept falling down, night already came




"What am I doing?! Why am I resisting myself?" Bell said to herself

"I'm a reaper now. I can kill whatever I want! I am free!!!" Bell swung her scythe around as continued to destroyed at the broken hallway

"I can kill who ever hurt me!"

"I can kill those who despised me!"

"I can kill anyone I want!"

Her crazy laughs echoed the whole hallways of the empty school. Snow and ice covered the whole school

During her rampage, a piece of paper slipped away from her blazer. Bell stopped laughing as the paper attracted her attention

She picked up the paper and snapped out her insanity. Tears filled her eyes, losing their red glow

"W-What am I doing?" Bell said to herself again in a more sad tone

The paper revealed to be the picture of Bell and her aunt from a broken portrait earlier

"If there's something troubling you… I'm here to help" her aunt said with a reassuring smile "Promise me you'll never do that again, okay?" the memory of her aunt flashed inside her mind

"Auntie" Bell collapsed her knees as she let's go her scythe, turning it back to a pen

"How could I forget? I promise Auntie to change for a better, yet I was blinded with anger and lost control" Bell said as she sobbed

Bell wiped her own tears, "But I need to accept that…"

"I'm no longer human" Bell said to thought

Bell laid to the broken ground of the former school hallway, "First, I need to become a proper reaper to gain favor to Elizabeth" she noted

"Then maybe, I could find a way to revert me back into a human" Bell said

She looked at the picture again, "I promise that Auntie. Even if I'm not human, I'll become a better person" Bell promised as she tucked the picture back into her blazer

And that was the day where Bell's unnatural life began


1 week later…

Somewhere in Soukyo…

"yOu KnOw YoU cAn'T eScApE dEaTh, JoHn" Bell's chilling voice escaped the radio of the car of the man

Bell is currently on the pursuit of a man who escaped from parkway earlier. This man is the same one that escaped in one her failed task. The green shielded one. She began to jump roof by roof to approach his car

He looked at one his car mirrors and froze as he saw the dark figure in one of the roofs of the cars behind him, staring at his vehicle like a prey

"FUCK!" he slammed his foot to the gas pedal again and sped off, ignoring all traffic rules

"What the hell is he doing? He'll crash in this rate!" Bell saw the car increase speed


"Oh, shit" Bell jumped to another car to avoid the crash. She saw the truck driver is going to slam against another car. Bell grabbed the driver and saved him from the crash. She laid the driver on the side of the road for safety

"That idiot!" Bell glared at the man with her red X-eyes as she saw the man escape to the alleyway

Bell followed the man with its scythe. The man ran and ran to the maze of alleyways attempting to escape the figure

He toppled over several garbage cans in order to stop the figure from chasing him. Bell just sliced the incoming debris has continued to chase the man

"Wait" Bell stopped chasing the man and went inside of a nearby building

She waited for the man to open the door from the other side

"Boo" Bell said simply

"Wha-" before the man could react, Bell sliced both his legs with its scythe. The man collapsed to the ground as his legs detached from his body

The man shrieked in pain as blood escaped both his amputated legs. Bell just watched him writhed in pain

But the man was far from giving up as he tried to crawl away with his arms, leaving a blood trail. Bell slowly followed the man

"I almost feel bad killing him" Bell thought as she looked the man in pity

"Well, almost"

"Why?! I just wanted to live!" the man exclaimed at the figure

"Why? Huh?" Bell thought

"Why? Because you're already DEAD" she swiped her weapon, decapitating the man. She looked at the head tumble the snowy alleyway. The headless body flopped forward as blood pooled around the dead corpse

Her scythe glowed deep res after the deed was done as her scythe retracted into a small black pen. She tucked the pen in the back pocket of her blazer. She sighed in exhaustion as she laid to the ground with the dead body. The blood of the man seeping into her, staining her clothes with blood

[Bell Yuki: Weekly Quota Status: 5 out of 5 deviant souls captured]

[Weekly Quota: COMPLETE]

"That takes care of my weekly quota" Bell thought

She chuckled slightly as she watched the snowfall in the sky

"I wondered when was the last time as I was considered as innocent?" she asked herself as continued to chuckle slowly into the dark snowy night

Unaware to Bell. In a nearby alleyway, a hiding boy looked at Bell chuckling figure. His mouth turned into a grin

"Innocent, eh?" the boy said, wearing a grey sweater with a hood on

"I wonder about that" the boy quietly snickered as he exited the alleyway


Character Info

Bell Yuki


SCYTHE: Kuroyuki

GIFT: Cold


GIFT: Cold

- Bell's special ability is to lower temperature in a very short time. She can freeze anything that she touches. She can use this ability in several different ways and she can amplify her GIFT with her scythe. The only limit of this ability is that Bell needs to touch the object/target to use this GIFT

(Note: This doesn't mean Bell is immune to cold temperatures and still vulnerable to ice damage like any human)


- Bell's scythe. It turns into a black pen when not in use. It can amplify Bell's GIFT, Cold. Its blade is wide enough to block attacks and deals a decent amount of damage to enemies


- Piasuyuki (Piercing Snow)

Bell's scythe gains icicles on the blade which she can use to penetrate weak armors or throw for long range attacks. The icicles unfortunately are very fragile to blunt attacks

- Kesshoyuki (Crystallized Snow)

Bell's scythe gets covered with ice which she can use to harden and block heavy attacks. It's very easy to break if hit in a certain angle

- Koyuki (Freezing Snow)

Using Bell's GIFT, she freeze anything that her scythe touches, including the ground. She can use this ability to slide at the ground she froze

- Yuki ni Yorushi (Death by Snow)

Bell's attacks become so fast that she pulverizes anything that she slashes. At the same time, she also freezes the object, resulting the target turning into small ice crystals, more commonly known as snow

Trixy Hime

SOUL: Orange

THORN: Ikkatteiru

GIFT: Flame Claws


Candy Yasashi

SOUL: Yellow

THORN: Hitobimu

GIFT: Heat Beam


Betty Seijin

SOUL: Blue

THORN: Kyodoken

GIFT: Strength Boost


Gerald Otoko (The Man) Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

SOUL: Green

THORN: Aomigame

GIFT: Shield


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