'WTF WHERE IS IT?!' alex thought to himself..

"I CANT LIVE WITHOUT IT!!!!!" Until Alex start shouting about his mug gone missing and go to each of his companion desk to search for his beloved mug.

"its you isnt it.." he pointed to a guy who is wearing a weird glasses and that guy shocked with Alex and he didnt even know what his mug looks like.

"i know its you dont acted dumb, i know its you who stole it...PRAY FOR YOUR LIFE BITCH" Alex pull that guy collar and put his face near him with his CREEPY FACE while threatning him to give his mug back before he go beserk.

As soon as the guy saw that Face he shout "HELLPPPPPPP!!!! THIS GUY IS CREEPY HELPPPPPP!!!" everyone that saw and heard kiota shout felt worried because they can only pray for his life when they saw the attacker was Alex.

Alex looked at them with a face that showed 'WANNA BE PART OF THIS DUMBASS?' they all turned to their computers and acted like nothing happened.

"guys help me" kiota felthelpless cause he just got a job here yesterday..

"HEHEHEHEHE..NOW DIEEEEE!!!!!" As soon as Alex said that..Charles came out from his room with a mug that got that quote on it and said " you still here Alex? i thought you already left with teary eyes" he sip his coffee from the mug and Alex eyes started to on fire as he let go of kiota.

"SO IT WAS YOU WHO TOOK MY PRECIOUS BABY...CHARLES" as he said that Charles felt a slight chills on his body and he looked at Alex with fear.

"wha..what do you mean your precious baby? arent you a Alex?" Charles took a step back one at a time to his room.

When he already arrived at his office door he quickly turned the handle to opened the door and as soon as he walked in he felt a hand on his shoulder. Charles turned around and see Alex Evil smile and his eyes look like he can end your life, when Charles saw that he quickly said something "A..Alex my buddy, how you doing?i wont fired u anymore plz dont leave" and he trying to take Alex hand off his shoulder but its useless.

"Charles~ why is my fav mug is on your hand?" Alex

"ouhhhh because...umm how should i say this" and he look at the monstrous face infront of him.

Everyone that saw this scene felt sorry for their Chief. They have been working with Alex for 2 years now and they all know what Alex can do when he's mad. Because one time a guy was badly injured just because he drew on Alex's favorite mug. Since then that guy became friendly and live a happy life...

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now back to Charles's life that almost end..

"Tell me the truth Chief i really need to know the reason behind all of this~"

"i take it back and he ran away towards the lift and said im sorry Alex" Charles go god-knows-where he go and hide from Alex until he calmed down.

" you old Man!!!if i saw you again i'll beat your ass Old Man and he go straight towards the kitchen and clean his mug from Charles saliva.

**a few minutes later**

Alex put his cleaned mug on his box and went straight to the exit door.

he finally out of the building with a big smile on his face and shout "FINALLY IM OUT FROM THIS PRISON WITH THE PEOPLE IN IT WHO ALWAYS STEAL MY PRECIOUS MUG!!!"

he called a taxi after he finished his shouting making everyone in the street to look at him in disbelief that why did this handsome young man shouted like that.

**30 minutes later**

Finally Alex was in his house. he put the box on his kitchen table and take out his precious mug.

"no one will ever touch you again baby" Alex right now talked to his mug like a crazy person.

he brought the mug to his room and throw his body on his bed. 'what should I do after I got fired? I have accomplished my mission and now what?' Alex thought to himself and he continue his babbling with this 'my life is so damn boring...I wish that my life was like in the story of one piece where the pirates can kill people and fight and all..I want to do all of that adventure thing than staying home or watching my uncle with his friends doing their yakuza kind of work..I think..I wanna join their club or group if that what they called it is but when I think about it again, their work is a pain in the ass cause all they do mostly is staying at my uncle's dojo waiting for someone to mess with them and stuff..that's boring, they don't have the ADVENTURE that I want' Alex thought all of that and he could just dreaming of his dream and fell asleep on his bed.

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    Lmao straight cancer

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