21.59% Food Wars: The Golden Hands / Chapter 38: You Don't Know who I am?!

Chapter 38: You Don't Know who I am?!

The next day, Alexander took off with his Motorcycle to meet with the 9th seat of Totsuki and the man who was behind his troubles at the training camp.

He is excited, he is hoping that this guy is someone who can give him a challenge. Once Alexander reached the place mentioned in the letter from yesterday, he parked his bike and headed to the front door, there he saw two guys sitting.

"Is this where Eizan is?" he asked.

The two boys look like your everyday mob boys, they eyed Alexander with sharp eyes and a mocking look like prey but once he returned their glare with a bite of pressure they lowered their eyes in fear and sweat on their forehead. People who fight on the street have a sense when offending someone can end you.

"Yeah..."One of them stood up and opened the door "Go to the third floor, you must be Saiba Alexander, he is waiting for you." Alexander passed by them and entered the building, it was a simple building with 3 floors. On his way to the third floor, Alexander met with people running with documents and files in their hands, it's like a mini version of one of his companies situations that he witnesses every time he is in one.

After walking through the corridors of the building, Alexander reached the top floor where Eizan is, he knocked on the door three times but didn't wait for permission to enter and just barged in.

"Excuse me," He said. Eizan who was looking at some salle statistics, he looked at Alexander with the corner of his eyes

"You're a bold one aren't ya?" Eizan smirked at Alexander "If this was someone else I would've kicked them off this school already" he said

Alexander didn't answer and sat on the chair in front of his desk

"And what prevents you from doing so?" He asked

Eizan put his papers down and adjusted his glasses "Because I'm interested in you" he said

Alexander rolled his eyes "Yeah, I hear that a lot lately!"

Eizan chuckled "I did a bit of research on you, from the first day in here you claimed to be the best, the second thing you did is solving a huge problem for your newly opened restaurant and destroying the cause of the problem in three days" Eizan's eyes never left Alexander's face as he wanted to see the shock on it but it never happens, Alexander just listened with his head popping back and forth

6 and avoided getting expelled. Got your arm broken but still managed to cook 201 meals and finished 2nd in your group." Eizan said with a slight smile, all of what said will make anyone feel amazed, especially at the Alumni part

"Just get to the point, I don't have Alzheimer so you can remind me of what I did!" Alexander put his legs on the mini table in front of him. He did come here so he can hear someone telling him what he did

"Join me, let's corporate, me and you together," Eizan said with a confident expression making Alexander frown "You have a large company and I have a vast network of connections. Xe can profit from each other." Eizan was confident in himself, his reputation as the Alquimista is large and known across japan and even beyond, he manages a lot of business at once and all of that at the age of 17 years old, people are confident that by the time he graduates from Totsuki he will be an unrivaled man through the cooking business world.

"And what about your previous boy, ah what was his name again? Miyamura or Miyamuri? I don't remember but I can remember that you and he had a business relationship." Said Alexander, his eyes looked deep into Eizan's

"Mayuri...He wasn't good enough..."Said Eizan, not bothered by Alexander's question "He didn't have any sense for business and heavily relied on me, at the first sign of problems he returned to me thus causing his downfall at your hand" Eizan took out document from under his desk and passed it to Alexander "This will be our business contract if you accept, I made sure to include all details about the profit that the both of us will receive." In Eizan's mind, Alexander was going to accept eventually, his contract is the best that he can get his hands on and he can give him a major help since the Red cloud Restaurant Chain is not that famous in Japan.

Alexander looked through the document "I have to admit, I saw many contracts in the past with many promotion agencies but this one is the best so far."

Of course! thought Eizan

"But...You know that The Red Cloud Is one of the biggest Restaurants out there, with my mother Alexandra Helmet being the head chef, and just with her reputation alone I can become the best Restaurant owner in Japan without your help" Said Alexander as he pushed the document back at Eizan

Eizan looked at his contract and he got a little bit angry but he calmed himself "That is right, you can do that but..."He smiled "...You never used your mother's reputation until now, that means you want to prove yourself, With my help, you can do so with ease."

Alexander looked at Eizan as if he was retarded, Prove myself? Me? to whom?

"Anyway, I won't join you in any way, you and I are enemies after all." Eizan was shocked

"What do you mean?"

Alexander looked at him like he a fool "You boys caused me trouble in the training camp and now you want me to join you? you must be taking me for an idiot" he said, he cleaned his ear and continued " I'm currently dealing with your big brother, he indirectly caused me harm, and he is sticking his nose in my business, and after that, I will see if should send you after him or not." He stood up to leave

When Eizan heard Alexander's words, he was shocked beyond anything.

'My big brother...Mafia!!' One thought came to him in an instant.

"YOU..."Eizan stood up sharply and shouted at Alexander who stopped in his track and looked back at Eizan "You're a Mafia member?!!" he questioned.

Alexander smiled "You're not aware of this?" He questioned

"Impossible!!! The Red Cloud is a Restaurant business lead by Alexandra Helmet, it has no relation to any Mafia business. Don't try to fool me!" Eizan shouted, he may be kind of though but one thing Eizan hates more than his brother is...Mafia, he absolutely detests all Mafia around the world, he sees it as the absolute corruption of this world.

"Of course it is, but My Group is called The Red Blinders...And I'm the leader of that group." Alexander chuckled he turned to leave the office "Make sure you don't follow your brother's steps or you will soon join him." he said, he closed the door gently behind him.

Eizan was still in shock and his eyes trembled. He clenched his teeth and scream and flipped the heavy desk

"EVERYWHERE I GO I AM ALWAYS SURROUNDED BY GANGS AND MAFIA!" Eizan shouted as hard as he can, his veins are popping up, his hair became messy, he put his hands on his head and sat down "When will I escape from them...From him...From everything." he said, his voice was low and had an unimaginable amount of desperation to escape from his parents' life and from his brother's life. But that dreams seem far away to obtain

While this was happening, in another place in Tokyo. the Mayuri household's manor.

9 black cars stopped in front of the large mansion. The car in the middle opened revealing a tall man with a strong and physically fit body in an Armani black suit. His hair was black and made in a spiky style with an undercut. His eyes are Golden. This man is no other than Alfie Helmet, Alexander's Uncle and the previous leader of the Red Blinders'

"Is this the place?" he asked.

Vlad who come out of the car too answered: "Yes, it is." He adjusted his glasses and said, "Should we break in or knock on the door?"

Alfie laughed it off and said, "Of course we should knock on the door dear Vlad, We are here with a gift after all."

Vlad bowed and snapped his fingers. 43 men came out of their cars and in front of them was a bloody boy with his face blue from how hard he was beaten, his Uniform is a well-known one, it was Totsuki's Uniform. The boy's eyes were dead, he didn't get any sleep for days. This is Mayuri Jintaro. All he can remember is that he was working on bringing back his dead restaurant to life befoe Alfie and his man took him and beat him to this state. He screamed and begged for his life but nothing worked, all he could do is feel the pain and hope he dies soon, but it seems they weren't planning on killing him.

Alfie leads the men with Jintaro between them and knocked on the front door, after a few moments a maid opened the door. when she saw the handsome man in front of her she was taken back a little before she noticed her bloody young master behind him, she screamed on top of her lungs causing the other servant to show up and the security guards.

A few of Alfie's men took the guards out easily as they knocked them out, Alfie entered the mansion "Please excuse my rudeness." He said. followed by Vlad and His men

"What is going on here!!" Mayuri's father came down the stairs with his two other sons.

"Oh! It is just us, Mr. Mayuri, we've come in peace." Alfie raised his arm.

Tanaka, Jintaro's father saw his son dragged by a man in a sorry state, his heart ached at the sight of his beaten son "WHO ARE YOU?? AND WHAT DID YOU TO MY SON?? WHAT DO YOU WANT??" he shouted, he reached Alfie and faced him, his two sons were afraid so they stayed on the stairs

"I've come to return your son, don't worry he is still alive. But I hope you don't mind us taking freedom in scolding your son in your place" Said Alfie.

"What?!!" Tanaka was furious, Alfie just admitted that he was the one who did this to his son "If you think you'll get away by this you're very mistaken!" he said.

"I am not planning on getting away by this, in fact, I encourage to call the cops now, it's been such a long time since we fought with any other power, it is getting boring here." Alfie caught Jintaro by his hair and said " But I am here for is because of this...Your son has 2 days to get out of this country or the next time we will visit I will put a bullet in his head." His Golden eyes are cold and unforgiving

'A bullet!!' Tanaka thought, there is no way anyone in Japan is allowed to have a gun, and it is very hard to import guns from outside of Japan, even the strongest gangs in japan deal with knives and other weapons. it is rare to find someone with a gun in Japan other than the police and the otherized officers

"Your Son dared to plot against my Sweet nephew and I didn't like that even one bit." Alfie brought out a gun from behind him and aimed at Jintaro's leg " This is my warning, the next time it's on the head"

With a loud bang! Jintaro woke up from his daze by a heavy assault of pain in his leg, he kicked around and screamed from pain, his eyes are crying streams of tears. His father, brothers, and servants are looking at him with horror

Alfie let go of him and brought his gun to his place "I hope I'm making myself clear."Alfie looked at Vlad and signaled for him to move, the latter brought a blue document from his suitcase and throw it at Tanaka who was trying to help his son, he was applying pressure on his wound and called for a servant who can do the first aide before he can call an ambulance.

Tanaka looked at the document then Alfie

"Read it before you decide to come after us." Alfie left him with these words and turned to leave "Let's go, boys, we still got that Etsuya boy to deal with." The Red Blinders left the Mayuri manor and Tanaka finally called for an ambulance.

He picked the blue document and skimmed through it, his heart fell down and felt his feet go cold 'I thought disposed of these?!'

The document contains all the shady things he did to raise up his fortune, all the blackmailing, murder, bribery and all sort of things he did in the past.

He had made sure to dispose of all the evidence but it seems all that was for nothing as the Red Blinders brought it out to light.

Their warning was clear, try anything funny and we will bring you down. If this information got out, his life would be spent in jail and his family will go out to beg for money on the street.

Tanaka looked at his bleeding son and thought what mess did he bring upon the family.

ll Tanaka could do is send his son away for the time being while he works the things between the Red Blinders and his family, the things in this document must not be spread around.


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    Big Harem

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    When you speak of Eizan being in despair being surrounded by mob bosses I kinda feel bad for him. Although his tactics in the show are pretty similar to a mob boss so I can’t really say much there. By the way when are we getting some advancement in the relationship between Erina and the MC, and equally important when is the MC going to meet Rindou senpai.

  • Ajoelina


    Flashback* In comes hitman reborn tutoring young Alexander how to become a mafia boss! 😂 Thanks 🙏 for the chapter.

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