100% Legend of Namikaze Mirei-Naruto fanfic / Chapter 2: Birth of the Legend (Part 2)

Chapter 2: Birth of the Legend (Part 2)

Minato was reading the bedtime story to his son Mirei when Mirei felt his spiritual energy growing leaps and bounds once again for no reason

Minato smiled when he saw the closed eye Mirei whose breathing is slowing down clearly going to sleep and leaned to kiss his forehead when he noticed the breathing was slowing down rapidly, their son was dying

He freaked. To be fair, any father would lose his shit when his son stopped breathing. But he didn't lose his wits. Hiraishin was used and Mirei was brought to the emergency room pretty quickly enough.

There was nothing abnormal in his lungs—no tumor, no puncture wounds, nada Just his spiritual energy that was so overwhelmingly strong that the poor kid didn't have the strength to breathe anymore


"Will he always be at risk of organ failure?" He heard his mother asking the medic-nin who'd attended. It was late into the night now. He did rather sleep now, But the sob in his mother's breath made him cling onto awareness.

Who made her cry? He was angry. Then he realized his condition—how he'd been so close to death—had been what drove her to the brink of tears?

His gaze flitted to his father. Minato's blue eyes were bright and worried in the darkened ward. He smoothed down Mirei's hair when he realized his son was awake, pressing a chaste kiss to the forehead.

"I'm afraid so," the medic-nin's grim reply did not ease up on Kushina's worries.

"I'm afraid we can't do much at this point. This is an unprecedented case unless we can locate the source of his excessive flow of spiritual energy and limit it, the boy will … it's out of our hands. We should leave it to Kami-sama." Kushina sniffled. Hearing her cry, feeling her pain, it hurt. "I apologize. For now, all I can suggest is to limit how much he moves. If he strains himself, his physical energy might be drained quickly."


3 Weeks later, Jiraya brought Neutral diagnosian, his name was...[Dr. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named] the doctor was best in identifying the sickness and give a cure, Of course, he was a just a mere civilian and roam here and there

"Sigh, As the young doctor said before me, the boy has far too much of excessive spiritual energy and his physical energy is weakening a lot if I am right the boy will not live more than 3 weeks maximum" Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com <a href="https://www.webnovel.com">www.webnovel.com</a> for visiting.

Kushina broke down crying and cling on Minato's shoulder, while Minato... where should he cling, he was feeling pain just like his wife but as the man of the house he has to endure and take care of his crying wife

"There is one way though"

At that, everyone looked at [Dr. He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named]


"Kushina calm down"

"But Minato he..."

"Calm down and let him finish", Minato turned to doctor and motion him to continue

"There is a plant known as Arctic plant...It's kind of poison, a very rare and extremely powerful poison"

"What you saying my son will live if he eats poison"

"Yes, the child's spiritual energy is overwhelming there is no way to protect him, but this plant while it can kill others in mere few seconds, it can never kill the boy instead it will allow him to live"

"I will get the plant where can I find it?" asked Kushina

"Please listen to me, while the Arctic Plant can save the boy but only few can eat it"

"What do you mean?", asked Jiraya

"Arctic Plant is protected by an icy beast no less powerful than Kyuubi itself, there is a rumor that the plant can increase the ice affinity to the level where you can master it really really fast not to mention making the ice so tough that it can not be broken or melt even through Bijju strength there is even a rumor that you can reach sage of the six path strength level after eating that plant"

"If there is such a powerful thing, why didn't anyone take it till now"

"Like I said the Plant is an extremely powerful poison that can kill in seconds, besides no one can find the Plant without having the acknowledgment of The beast and also take this poison one needs to fulfill conditions"

"What conditions?", Asked Minato

"First an Incredible amount and ever-increasing Spiritual Energy and second An Extremely High Ice affinity, without both conditions being fulfilled I am afraid the kid cannot take the Plant not to mention there is no other way to save him"

"But where could he get Ice affinity? it's not Yuki clan", said Jiraya

"Sensei- I have Wind affinity while Kushina have water affinity, It might be a possibility"


"I am not leaving my son to the hell's door no matter how slim our chances are", said kushina while she used chakra draining seal to withdraw some chakra from her son and pushed it onto chakra paper

Everyone watched as the paper was torn into 2, then become damp, then it got covered into ice, and the toughness of the ice made it clear that the boy's ice affinity was extremely high as well

"Where can we find the Arctic plant", asked Minato with now confidence in his voice like he has been revived

"In extreme north region, a place called the Arctic Mountain, please beware of The beast though If you can't get its acknowledgment I am afraid you can never find that plant"


*Huff*Huff Both Minato and kushina were on their knees with blood coming out of their mouth the beast didn't agree to their request asking the humans to leave

But to save their only child they brave the risk and fight, but the level of difference was far too much to handle they both got defeated without giving the bird a single damage

"I...refuse...to let Mirei...die", kushina stood up only to fell unconscious

*Huff*...Kushina...I think it's well of a fitting...we will die alongside our son as a family

The beast kept looking at them for some time, before bringing out a frost plant out of nowhere put it on the man's hand and cried a long screech


When Minato and Kushina opened their eyes they were in the forest of the death of Konoha, both looked confused and looked here and there but they couldn't differentiate head to tail

Minato widened his eyes to see a frost plant near him


Minato and Kushina were in Hospital waiting for the doctor to feed him the raw plant through pipes to Mirei

The moment he swallowed the plant everything inside of him begins to freeze at an extremely fast pace, in just a few more seconds he will die because of freezing

But a wave of ever-increasing energy collided against the ever-increasing cold as they both nullify each other allowing the little body to absorb the best of both


Minato and Kushina's eyes widened when an extremely cold and incredible amount of chakra flowed from their son's body

Everything around the child begins to freeze but it soon melted into nothing as the boy slowly opens his eyes once again


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