33.33% Multiple Intelligences / Chapter 2: Learn Magic

Chapter 2: Learn Magic

"Hmm? Where am I?" That's what Vincent said when he realized after fainting for 3 days while sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Oh, you're awake already," said the magical book that had treated Vincent while he was unconscious.

"No, I'm still unconscious," he replied as he lay down and closed his eyes again.

"Come on, hurry up and wake up lazy!" The magic book said while trying to wake Vincent.

'Eh? Why do I feel like there is a hand that is ripping my body apart? ' Vincent murmured with a sense of confusion because there was a hand that shook his body. Out of curiosity he opened his eyes again.

"Waaaahh ... Wh-who are you? What are thieves? How dare you steal in my house!" Vincent said with surprise while ready to let go of his magic.

"E-eh, wait, wait a minute, it's me, the magic book." Replied the magical book while trying to convince Vincent.

"There's no way a handsome man like you is a book that doesn't take the form" Vincent said with the aim of taunting the magic book.

"You insult me? Okay, I'll show you my true form." Answer the magical book while showing its original form to Vincent.

After Vincent saw the original form of the book he believed, and the book magically explained why he transformed himself into a human.

"Eh? You turned into a human so you can help me at any time?" Vincent asked, a little confused.

"Yes, you haven't fully been able to control the power that I gave" replied the magical book

"Okay, then it doesn't matter to me. By the way when will you teach me about the magic you gave me?" Vincent asked again.

"How about today? After all, you're free today." Answer the magic book.

"Alright, the sooner the better, I will immediately avenge the death of my father and mother." Vincent replied with his feelings filled with resentment towards the nobles who had killed his parents.

"Think about it next time, now your goal is to learn the basics of magic and enter a magic academy." Answer the magic book while calming Vincent.

"Okay, then I'll get ready first ..." Vincent said with a very happy heart.

'It's a strange kid, it's fast changing his mood. But even stranger why when he finished chanting the mantra I gave him was not affected by anything, even though for centuries everyone who said the mantra I gave them, they immediately submitted to me, and by using them, I destroyed the whole world . However, at that moment suddenly a person called himself "Arthur" appeared. All my plans were broken because that person, he was the first person I couldn't paralyze with my magic, maybe Vincent had something to do with that person' murmured the magical book.

"Hey, bad book, let's hurry up later this evening," Vincent said with his impatience to learn about magic.

"Okay, alright. Let's go." Answer the magical book.

They went to a vast meadow. Arriving there the magical book that changed its shape to humanity began to teach him basic knowledge first.

"Well Vincent, do you understand the basic elements that can be learned?" Ask the magic book.

"Hmmm, elements of water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, and plants. Right?" Vincent replied.

"Yes, but there are two more elements that cannot be learned by anyone, namely the elements of darkness and light like yours, many people call them" Forbidden Elements "because they can only be mastered by people who have reached certain levels, and that is very It is difficult to master. Those who are able to master one of the two prohibited elements can destroy a country alone if they want to" Said the magical book while explaining to Vincent.

"But what about me?" Vincent asked.

"Well ... you could say you're an exception, you might be able to be someone who stands on the highest peak, who can't reach it besides yourself" Answer the magical book.

"Oh yeah, what did you mean by" certain levels "earlier?" Vincent asked again.

"Eh? You haven't studied the wizard levels? Well I'll explain about that. In this world witches are divided into several levels, namely. Training sorcerer, beginner sorcerer, dream sorcerer, rose sorcerer, emperor sorcerer, ruler magicians, legendary sorcerer , the sorcerer ancestor, and demigod. But so far no one has reached the level of demigod "Answer the magic book while explaining to Vincent.

"What about swordsmen? Do they also have their own levels?" Vincent asked again.

"Swordsmen determine their level through the swords they use. The first is the weakest flow, Swordsmanship, Samurai Sword Flow, Killer Sword Flow, Knight's Sword Flow, Black Knight Sword Flow, Holy Knight Sword Flow, Mixed Sword Flow, and of course still many more" Answer the magic book that is answering Vincent's question.

"Are each flow of power different?" Vincent asked the magic book.

"Of course, each flow varies in strength and that also depends on the wearer. The more the user is reliable in controlling a sword, he can develop his own flow" Answer the magic book.

"Oh ... that's how it is. Okay, now I understand" Vincent said happily.

"Well, then I'll teach you about magic spells" The word magic book.

"Finally what I've been waiting for. Hurry and teach me fast" Vincent said excitedly.

"Well, first I will teach you about spell recitation. There are 2 types of spell recitation, namely full pronunciation and short pronunciation. In general, your age will not be taught about short pronunciation, but I will teach you a little about it. You know about full pronunciation right? " The word magic book

"Yeah, I found out from the magic book I read. For example like this right. Combined elements, disaster magic" Vincent said while showing one of his spells.

Instantly, the ground around Vincent trembled, he hovered in the air, and his eyes suddenly emitted black flames, then a sword that glowed brightly before Vincent appeared, the sword was one of the legendary swords called Excalibur. Vincent holds the sword in his right hand, while in his left hand is used to cast magic, and also appears two magic books that surround Vincent's body, the other has the name Pseudomonarchia Daemonu and the other has the name Galdrabok. The two books are ancient magic books that have been forgotten. Then the magical book tried to stop Vincent and he immediately stopped the spell.

'M-impossible, how could he know how to activate one of the ancient spells in my book? It is impossible if he can learn it so easily. This child is truly terrible' murmured the magical book.

"What's the magic book? Didn't you tell me to give an example of one magic spell with full pronunciation?" Vincent asked, confused.

"Hey! Tell me, when did you learn the spell?" Ask the magic book with a little emotion.

"Well ... when I read your book, of course, I also studied other spells as well. Great isn't it?" Vincent replied with pride.

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"It is a forbidden spell to know! It is impossible if you can learn it as soon as possible, moreover you only read it for a while. The spell is very dangerous, anyone who gets hit by the spell will immediately disappear. Don't use that spell again! Remember that!" The word magic book with emotion.

"Yeah, sorry. I won't use any spells that can endanger the people around me," Vincent said, admitting his mistake.

"Alright, let's continue the lesson on mantra pronunciation" The word magic book.

"Okay ..." Vincent replied.

"Well, as you pointed out earlier, it is one example of a magic spell with full pronunciation. And also full pronunciation is quite time consuming to activate it, the higher the level of magic, the longer the magic can be activated. However, with your short pronunciation can immediately release the magic whenever you want, but mastering it is not easy, you need to practice hard in order to fully use short pronunciation. Let me show you one example" Said the magic book while explaining to Vincent.

"Wow, it looks interesting. Quickly show the magic" Vincent said impatiently.

"Alright, here it is ... Fire Ball" Said the magical book that was releasing magic.

"Wow ... I also want to learn it, teach me now a magical book" Vincent said with admiration.

"Next time I'll teach you, it's already late, let's go home. Oh yeah tomorrow there is a new student registration in the magic academy, you have to register there tomorrow" said the magical book.

"Eh? The registration starts tomorrow?" Vincent asked.

"Yes. Oh yeah, I also signed up at the academy and there don't call me a magic book anymore, but call me by the name Michael" Answer the magic book.

"Not that, Michael's name is too good for you?" Taunt Vincent.

"Never mind, what's important when at the academy call me by the name Michael" Answer the magic book.

"Okay, whatever you want" Vincent replied

When they got home, a surprising thing happened to Vincent's house, the house was destroyed and formless again, it was clear the mastermind behind the incident was the nobleman who killed Vincent's parents. Because, there is a ring with the emblem of the family of the nobleman.

"Damn you! Just wait for my retribution, stupid nobleman!" Vincent shouted angrily.

[1] Excalibur is the sword of King Arthur, according to legend the sword has magical powers.

[2] Galdrabok is a book that is said to contain magic spells collected from four of Iceland's legendary magicians. Some experts call this Galdrabok book consists of various kinds of spells, there are spells that give positive effects such as healing, but there are also spells made for evil such as killing.

[3] Pseudomonarchia Daemonum is a book that contains contradictions from magical science. Or it can be interpreted if this book contains a way to break witchcraft.

Gabriel_Alfando Gabriel_Alfando

In Chapter 3 onwards, the magical book will be called Michael.

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